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David Broder's Zombie Columns

David Broder really is something like the undead. Moving from one set of idiotic observations to another, Broder just wants to eat brains and leave the thinking to someone else.

Like President Bill Clinton after the Democrats lost control of Congress in 1994, Bush has gone through a period of wrenching adjustment to his reduced status. But just as Clinton did in the winter of 1995, Bush now shows signs of renewed energy and is regaining the initiative on several fronts.

The idea that George Bush is anything like Bill Clinton in the public imagination is as far off base as Broder's suggestion that Democrats hate the military. Clinton was simply never as roundly and consistently disliked by as many people as Bush is. Clinton suffered occasional setbacks, but he never totally lost the American people the way Bush has. But Zombie Broder just wants to eat brains and spew nonsense, and he's got a newshole to fill.

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