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This Woman Is, Apparently, Perfect

Holy cow. And I did the research for you here. It's hard work.

Scoop: Football, huh? So is it a passion, or do you just like it more than every other sport?

Ahni: With football it's a passion. You have to understand, I'm the girl that does nothing but watch football on Sundays. Everything is planned around the games on Sunday. I put on my jersey, everything. If people are throwing functions and want me to make appearances and try to schedule me on Sundays during the football season, I'm like, "I can't make it."

Scoop: So you're telling me you're turning down money to get your football on?

Ahni: Oh yeah. All the time. It's just something about football. It's more exciting than any other sport. I try to never miss any games.

Scoop: How'd you get hooked?

Ahni: My grandmother. She's a die-hard Redskins fan, and she used to sit me down and I'd watch every Redskins game with her. She also taught me the game.

Scoop: So that means you hate the Cowboys?

Ahni: Hate them.

Scoop: So how did you feel when Tony Romo muffed that hold?

Ahni: I actually felt bad for him. I mean, for him to come in, in what, Week 5 or 6, and do so well for the Cowboys and then for that to happen, and for him to carry all of that weight … I really felt bad for him. But only him. Not the Cowboys.

Scoop: Redskins jerseys?

Ahni: I have three: Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Art Monk.