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Activism vs. Commentary

The whole episode of Sen. Edward's bloggers and Amanda Marcotte's resignation brings to mind a concept I've put forward here before. I think too many on the liberal side of the blogosphere are interested in being activists over commentators. While there certainly is a value involved in working for a campaign, at a certain point the line between the activist and the campaign gets too blurry. Then, you open yourself up personally and your cause to yet another area of attack. Sure, a lot of it is noise and bluster ginned up by the noise machine (in this case Donohue, Malkin and Fox News) but sometimes there's enough "there" there to be of honest news value to the mainstream press.

So what is the alternative model? Conservatives have an entirely separate culture of conservatism that exists in the wild but is "tamed" in the form of the Republican party. Outside of the GOP, commentators like Limbaugh, Hannity, Instapundit, etc. are freed of being tied to the party since they operate at an arm's length, but at the end of the day are instrumental in bombarding the mainstream media with commentary friendly to the Republican party. The interesting part is that on the web the GOP is moving in the Democratic position with the good chance it's going to blow back on them in a similar fashion.