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Mitch McConnell: Idiot, Liar, Or Both

In the context of discussing the resolution against President Bush's escalation, Sen. Mitch McConnell - the Minority Leader in the Senate says this:

And you know, in the Senate, I don't know why anyone would be whining about a 60 vote requirement in the Senate. That's the way it's been for many decades, and certainly a matter of this importance will be dealt with in a 60 vote context, like virtually every other important matter in the United States Senate.

Which leads me to ask: has Mitch McConnell ever heard of a guy called Bill Frist? Just months ago Frist was McConnell's leader in the senate when he embarked on a certain crusade to eliminate the requirement of 60 votes for the senate to conduct business because the GOP wasn't getting its own way.

To be frank, I support the need to get 60 votes to move forward in the senate. I believe it promotes compromise and negotiation as a counter to the 51% rules that govern the House. But the remedy to this for Democrats is not to rewrite the rules like Frist wanted to and McConnell has so conveniently forgotten, but for us to have at least 60 Democratic senators (and I mean Democratic senators, not 59 Democrats plus Independent Joe Lieberman).