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DNC Winter Meeting Superlatives

So I attended the DNC Winter meeting this morning (I saw Jerome from MyDD there). Some thoughts:

Best speech: John Edwards. He really hit the audience's sweet spot, and showed the difference between a candidate restrained by the senate and one who just lets go and talks like a normal person. Sen. Obama brought his "A" game as well, but Edwards beat him fair and square.

Worst speech: Dennis Kucinich. A dark and morose story about dead children in Lebanon may have all the political resonance in the world, but it's no good as any kind of stump speech.

Best tactics: The Juggernaut. Senator Clinton's team lived up to their reputation as the killer team of political operations. Team Clinton operatives were omnipresent handing out signs and stickers to give their candidate visibility. The Edwards folks had t-shirts and signs too (and the Obama people struck out big time there) but it was a sea of blue Hillary signs.

Most awkward moment: Hillary getting heckled. She left herself open to it by just not having a good position on the war and ending it - something every other candidate hit hard on.

ALSO: I've got nothing against them, but I can't think of any strong justification for Dodd and Clark running. Nice guys, but why?