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Why The Right Doesn't Get It

Discussing yet another international poll showing a dim view of America, conservative Rob Port observes:

all this anti-Americanism is media driven anyway

While it's a classic conservative Republican response to the issue, it also illustrates everything wrong with the right. So convinced are they of their own dogma, and surrounded by media outlets that parrot that dogma right back at them, that anything that deviates from it just has to be considered the enemy. It's just not easy for Port and others like him to take an honest consideration of why we're in such low regard since the Bush presidency and the resulting disasters both in foreign and domestic policy. The idea that George Bush just isn't a good president is so alien to his cultish programming, that it's got to be something else that's at fault here. So it's no longer the policy that's to blame, or the incompetent implementers of the policy - but the way in which the press reports on the policy that's to blame.

If I were to apply this same logic to other venues, clearly the press is to blame for the Redskins having yet another lackluster season. The players did fine, the media just reported that they lost eleven games in a brazen act of treachery.