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Is It Christmas?


This is what Norv Turner's face looks like, win or lose, no matter what. He has one frigging expression and it's clear there's nothing going on up there. A perfect fit for Dallas.

There is a possibility that Norv Turner could be the next coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Long time readers and Redskins fans know that for his 7 years of mediocrity as the Redskins head coach, I have personally condemned Turner to football hell and wish him ill in all of his endeavors. Most recently Turner was head coach of the Raiders, and as Norval always does, he screwed the pooch there and got fired for being incapable of coaching football at a competent, let alone good, level.

So as a Redskins fan who wishes for the Dallas Cowboys, their owner, their stadium, and yes, their fans (among the league's most arrogant and least knowledgeable of the sport), to be wiped off the football map there is nothing that would please me more than to see Norv Turner on the opposite side of the field when the Cowboys come to town to play the 'Skins next year (you would hear the boos from Fedex Field echo through the very heart and soul of the NFL).

Nothing would make me happier than to see a professional serial loser like Norv Turner take down the godforsaken Dallas Cowboys into the fiery pits of football hell on his back.

Please, make this happen Dallas. Do it for the rest of us. Hire Norv Turner, and let mediocrity be your middle name.