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Guaranteed Democratic President

As a loyal Democrat I implore, beg, and beseech Jeb Bush to run for President. Make no mistake, when it comes to Jeb and his older brother Jeb is the smart one (not that that's saying much). But Jeb can actually pull a sentence together without sounding like an idiot, he's good with the media and actually speaks Spanish without  cringeworthy pronunciation (he beat the pants off of the Democratic lieutenant governor when I lived in Florida). Oh sure he's your standard issue conservative nutjob when it comes to social issues and he was at the head of the charge to prolong the suffering of the brain-dead Terri Schiavo. BUT, I want Jeb to run and be the nominee because it would lead to a landslide for the Democrat. It doesn't matter which Democrat. If the Republican nominee is a Bush, Dennis Kucinich is sworn in with Al Sharpton as his vice president.

Run, Jeb, Run.