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So I have a family history of diabetes. A strong - in a bad way - history. My mother has it, as do my grandparents on her side, as well as one of my cousins. So it was no surprise when I recently went to the doctor that he said I too was diabetic, and pretty badly so.

I take medicine for it now and after I started taking the pills I realized I was having trouble reading text. I'm nearsighted, so the fact that I was having trouble reading a book just a couple inches away from my face scared me. One of the known side effects of diabetes, of course, is loss of vision. I worried that either that was the case or that my contact lenses needed a change in prescription.

My blood sugar was still too high, according to my doctor, so he increased my dosage of medicine. So yesterday I went to work and when I get there I can't even read my monitor properly it's so blurry. I figure I have to go to get my prescription fixed ASAP.

Then it dawns on me. Something weird is going on here. I take out my contacts when I get home.

I can see. In fact, the contacts were having the effect of putting on someone's way too strong prescription glasses on and distorting everything. I've been wearing glasses since I was about 9 years old - 20 years - and for the first time in a long time I can see things properly without them. I can see the tv. I can see the computer monitor. I can read relatively small type over several feet away (it's not Superman-level telescopic vision but it's better than looking at letters in blobs).

I realize now that this is a side effect of my now-lowered blood sugar level, and I still need my vision corrected but I've had about 70% improvement in my eyesight over a three week or so period.

This, friends, is pretty freaking cool.

Clearly the next step is super powers of some sort. Perhaps I'm having an origin.