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Jimmy Carter & Israel

Unlike conservatives, I'm not very good at faking outrage something I don't have any outrage about. I tend to just not blog about them for lack of a deep and abiding passion for the issue. I write about stuff I really really care about.

That said, just kind of watching this whole ongoing controversy about Jimmy Carter's new book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" is pretty interesting. The main problem I can see is that Carter has allowed his passion to overwhelm the factual information of what happened and who offered what piece of useless land to who and when for what reason. I see too many of my fellow liberals do this, allowing their sympathy to the Palestinian people to take over everything else.

The problem is, the people on the side of Israel do not make the issue any easier by being insane.

I watched this weekend a Q & A session with Alan Dershowitz at Brandeis University on the Carter book and he just comes across like a little warmonger who sees the spectre of Adolph Hitler behind everything. He reminded me of this profile of ADL's Abraham Foxman in the NY Times, where his rhetoric of an impending holocaust makes him just look like the boy who cried wolf one time too many. I certainly don't like the sway that pro-Israel folks have over American politicians, where only those on the fringe dare even mildly question Israel's actions and everyone else just lines up to kiss ass.

Before 9/11 I wrote a blog post about how I thought the peace process was just a mess and it would be best if we just disengaged. Then 9/11 happened and I figured we needed to be involved. But now I don't know though I'm erring on the side of just ditching the crazies. Religious extremists are the worst kind of extremists and that's the two sides to the Israel/Palestine issue. Nobody's really going to ever move from their base position because to do so would be to allegedly deny their religion. I may live by my own personal Jesus, but he doesn't really condone blowing up people or launching rockets into neighborhoods over a piece of sorry ass land in the desert.