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Pushing HRC To Victory

I've had a theory I've discussed with my one friend who could be conceivably called a Washington Insider. If Sen. Clinton makes it through the Democratic primaries and caucuses, she will win the general election. Why? The Republican Noise & Hate Machine cannot resist attacking her, usually going over the line. One must remember that the seething white hot rage they hate Bill Clinton with is magnified 10,000x for the senator.

They cannot restrain themselves, they go over the line of decency in their attacks on her (like Ed Klein's book that was championed by the right) and it ends up softening her and bringing people to her defense. Senator Clinton has had her highest moments of approval when the Republicans have just gone too far. In 2008, if she becomes the nominee, the disagreements on the left with her on vital issues like the war will pale in comparison to the movement to "get" Hillary.

Chief among these operatives is Matt Drudge, who is pimping a video of Clinton in Iowa singing the national anthem. The goal of this is to promote eye rolling versus Clinton, to slam her for not sounding like pre-crack Whitney Houston. But as Eat The Press points out the video humanizes her. Any average American who's been to a sporting event and sung the anthem knows that 99% of us can't carry a damn tune but we sing along anyway, and that's exactly what Sen. Clinton is doing here. It's the first of thousands of these sort of misguided attacks coming her way, and all it does is increase her chances of being president.

Heck of a job, wingers.