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2008: The Senate Matters

Almost as important as the presidential race, the Democrats have a chance in 2008 to get a real solid lock on the Senate. There are 21 Republican seats currently up for grabs and of the 12 Democratic seats the only ones that would give me slight concern are South Dakota, Louisiana and New Jersey (while NJ is a safe Dem state, Lautenberg regularly gets low approval ratings). There are several GOP seats ripe for the picking, and if Mark Warner were to throw his hat into the ring in Virginia I'm almost certain he would win John Warner's seat.

With Joe Lieberman (I) announcing that he could very well throw his support to the GOP in 2008 and with the Republican minority blocking important legislation like minimum wage and health care, we should all look forward to limiting the GOP to their southern base and pushing the Democratic majority towards a filibuster proof 60 votes for the next Democratic president (and the inevitable Supreme Court nominations he or she will submit).