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When We Win They Get... Nitpicky

As my readers can easily tell, I have and will enjoy the hell out of watching the GOP deal with being in the minority (and will enjoy it even more when the Democrats recapture the White House). Today's bit of fun is Patrick Ruffini declaring that the Democrats hundred hours is a failure because they accomplished their stated goals in 42 hours.


That's right, things are bad because we delivered on what we promised the American people in even less time than we thought. We're ahead of the game, so we clearly screwed up.

In 42 hours the Democratic House:
* Enacted the 9/11 commission recommendations
* Raised the minium wage
* Voted for federal funding for stem cell research
* Pushed for lower prescription drug costs
* Cut interest rates for student loans
* Ended handouts to big oil and upped investments in renewable energy

But because it didn't stretch out to 100 hours, this is a bad thing.

That is, if you think like a Republican and not a normal person.