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Way To Fit The Stereotype

Just at the minute when you've refuted the caricature of liberals as elitist snobs lacking humor, someone on Daily Kos pens an awful screed bemoaning the supposed horrors of the NFL. These are the people who see fun in nothing, who piss and moan at the fact that people are voluntarily giving up money to be entertained for four hours at a pop. That while the stadium game is a con, it happens because people love their sports team and make the lives of their local politicians hell if they do anything to jeopardize the relationship. The wet blanket who wrote this entry is one of those types who bawls that in a world with war, bad politicians, and hunger, there's just no room for football.

Please, shut up. It's possible to be a good progressive American, donating money and time to making the world better, and simultaneously take 4 hours on a Sunday to see a defensive lineman beat the snot out of a quarterback -- and you're no less of a person for it. And you aren't a humorless walking stereotype.