MEMBERS ONLY: The Unfortunate Bernie Sanders Paradox

While liberals don't like to accept it, America is still a deeply conservative country, so much so that Donald Trump is now president. To win the country back, the left must build a unified coalition under the leadership of someone who can reach out to all elements of the party. That person is not Bernie Sanders.

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MEMBERS ONLY: The Sad Spectacle Of The "Intellectual Dark Web"

The "Intellectual Dark Web" is distinctly libertarian, distinctly atheistic (Shapiro asides), and firmly embedded in the notion that Judeo Christian civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement. It has Alt-Right overtones (despite the site creator's insistence that it doesn't) and has been embraced by the same Trump supporting zealots who supported the president over Hillary Clinton in 2016.


The GOP Hall of Fame

Most halls of fame have very high standards. Then there’s the GOP Hall of Fame, where standards are notably lower due to Donald Trump being president. Nevertheless, here is the definitive list of Republicans who are worthy of the nation's respect given their opposition to the Orange One.


MEMBERS ONLY: My Depressing Conversation With Matt Taibbi

Taibbi has now twice retweeted the work of crack pot conspiracy theorist Caitlin Johnstone -- a "journalist" who believes 9/11 was an "inside job", and that the CIA is funding The Washington Post and directing it to print false stories about the Seth Rich murder. I challenged him on this, and his response was depressing, to say the least.