Fox News Pundit Immediately Blames Obama For Steven Sotloff’s Beheading

By September 02, 2014

This is getting ridiculous, just like her Joe the Plumber-esque foreign policy advice.


By September 02, 2014

So there’s this new thing called a wizzle…

Fox News Host On Cat-Calling: “Let Men Be Men”

By August 29, 2014

The ladies of Fox News weigh in on cat-calling, and it’s everything you feared it would be.

Please Feel Free to Shut the F*ck Up About Obama’s Tan Suit

By August 28, 2014
President Obama Makes Statement In The Briefing Room Of White House

You’d think he walked into the press room with his fly wide open and a streamer of toilet paper stuck to his shoe. It’s just a tan suit, people!

If You’re Not Rooting For Sean Hannity In This Interview, You Have a Serious Problem

By August 28, 2014

Sean Hannity knocks it out of the park. Wait, what?

Gay, Black Michael Sam Sacks and Mocks Cocky White Male Johnny Manziel

By August 26, 2014

Football is awesome sometimes.

Genius Pizza Guy Delivers Fake Murder Mystery To Avoid Getting Fired

By August 21, 2014

It’s amazing he was delivering pizzas in the first place and not say, smashing atoms in a particle accelerator.

Atheist Candidate Has Perfect Response To Anti-Abortion Extremists

By August 21, 2014

Anti-choicers get owned by a letter, and a little something extra.

The Whole World Can Now See Why Black America Is Angry

By August 20, 2014

Septic, institutional race related fear of black people caused the white people to pack up their tennis bats and muffin mix and leave Ferguson in their Volvos. And it’s fear that brings them back with their zip ties and gas masks in their tanks.

YouTube Video Captures Kajieme Powell Shooting in St. Louis

By August 20, 2014

A video has appeared on YouTube showing the shooting of Kajieme Powell by police officers in St. Louis on Tuesday.

Cop In Ferguson Who Threatened to “F**king Kill” Journalists Is Suspended Indefinitely

By August 20, 2014

Thankfully, this lunatic is no longer patrolling the streets.

We Should Cut Some Slack For CNN’s Rosemary Church Who Suggested Using a ‘Water Cannon’ In Ferguson

By August 20, 2014

Allow me to parse Rosemary’s not-so-sage words at this thyme.

Ice Bucket Challengers, Try To Remember Why You’re Pouring Ice On Your Head

By August 06, 2014

We need to splash a bit of cold water on these peoples’ faces to snap them out of the craze-driven hypnosis they’re in.

Bill O’Reilly Jumps On the “War On Whites” Bandwagon Driven By Mo Brooks

By August 06, 2014

Bill O’Reilly joins the League of Extraordinary White Gentlemen who think the race is under attack.

LISTEN: Fox News Covers House Benghazi Report Vindicating Obama

By August 05, 2014

We promise you’ll want to hear this.

ReaganBook Is the Perfect Social Network For a Party With Nothing Left To Offer

By July 31, 2014

Out of ideas in the present, the Republican Party instead offers Reagan, and soon even that will lose its appeal.

Israeli Official Nut-Punches Brazil With World Cup Insult Over Gaza

By July 25, 2014

There’s responding to criticism, and then there’s just being a dick.

Fox News’ Unbelievably Shitty Report on NYPD Chokehold Death

By July 22, 2014

The last refuge of racist police brutality-enablers is the plaintive cry to “watch the whole tape,” or in the case of Fox News’ coverage of the man who died last week following an illegal NYPD chokehold, “don’t watch the second tape.”