Best Of Banter: Islam Isn’t Sacred, Noam Chomsky Burns Out and Clinton’s Poll Numbers

By May 08, 2015

Here’s the week that was, at The Daily Banter. For the One Millionth Time, Criticizing Islam Isn’t Bigotry Banter senior editor Mike Luciano pens a harsh rebuttal of the wave of vitriol directed at anti-Muslim fanatic Pamela Geller in light of news that two would-be Islamic assassins died attempting to break into her recent “Draw Mohammad” event: Whatever… Read More

Best of Banter: Baltimore Burns, Fighting Stereotypes and the Fight Of the Century

By April 30, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 3.11.26 PM

Here’s the week that was, at The Daily Banter.

Best Of Banter: Elizabeth Warren Is Lying to You, Dual Homeowners Suck and Spongebob On Weed

By April 23, 2015

Here’s the week that was at The Daily Banter.

Best Of Banter: Hillary’s Running, Pink Isn’t Fat, and We Get An Apology Out Of a Conservative

By April 16, 2015

Here’s the week that was, at The Daily Banter.

Liberals Need To Stop Tripping About Gwyneth Paltrow and Food Stamps

By April 15, 2015

If we really care about food stamps, liberals need to be better at picking their battles. Shaming Gwyneth Paltrow and some GOP state legislator won;t feed anyone.

Ted Cruz Warns Christian Homeschoolers About the Looming Gay ‘Jihad’

By April 13, 2015

Nothing weird about that, not at all.

MEMBERS ONLY: Dear Billionaires Telling People They Don’t Need College: Shut the Fuck Up

By April 10, 2015

Who needs college when you already know you’re the next big thing?

Best of Banter: Rand Paul’s Presidential Disaster, Police’s Race Problem, and Rush Limbaugh’s Hypocrisy

By April 09, 2015

Here’s the week that was, at The Daily Banter.

MEMBERS ONLY: Top Ranking Democrats Wants To Censor the Internet

By April 03, 2015
Courtesy of Andy Wiltrout https://www.flickr.com/photos/talkradionews/5954636471/

Dianne Feinstein knows that the threats facing the Americans of the future are the hippie handbooks of the 1970s.

Best of Banter: Indiana Hates Gays, Ted Cruz is Popular and Why TV News is “F*cking Bullshit”

By April 02, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 1.05.14 PM

Here’s the week that was, at The Daily Banter.

Outraged Liberals Actually Missed the Dumbest Part Of This Tom Cotton Interview

By April 02, 2015

Yes, he said something dumb about gay people, but solely focusing on that misses his broader “point.”

Best Of Banter: Ted Cruz’s Biggest Obamacare Lies, Bone Broth Is Dumb, and Dick Cheney Is Back From the Undead

By March 26, 2015

The week that was at The Daily Banter.

Pope Francis Did Something Really Creepy That Was Deemed a ‘Miracle’

By March 23, 2015

This is just plain weird and morbid.

There Has To Be a Better Way Than Alcoholics Anonymous

By March 20, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 11.07.04 PM

We, ironically, depend on Alcoholics Anonymous in this country rather than allowing for more progressive and scientific treatments and remedies for addiction. Our judicial system depends on it. Pop culture has made it iconic. We aren’t willing to truly consider the possibility that there are ways to save even more lives and help people overcome alcohol abuse and addiction even more effectively than what we’ve been doing for nearly a century. We just take it for granted now that A.A. is how you get sober, when maybe it’s not and maybe some who abuse alcohol don’t need to get sober at all.

Best of Banter: Ted Cruz on Gay Marriage, Melting Ice Caps, Chuck Norris and Staking Out the White House

By March 19, 2015

From the river of B.S. spilling out of Ted Cruz’s mouth to the apocalyptic news that melting Antarctic ice sheets will cause 10-foot sea level rises by the end of the century, Banter staff have you covered with enough paddles to navigate your way through the deluge. Here’s the week that was, at The Daily Banter. What Ted Cruz Said… Read More

See What Goes Into Making President Obama’s March Madness Bracket

By March 17, 2015

The President made his March Madness picks today, but our White House reporter found out it takes more than an easel and a whiteboard to get it done. A lot more.

MEMBERS ONLY: 2016 Is Coming and I’m Absolutely Mortified

By March 12, 2015

Do we really have to have another presidential election?

Best of Banter: The GOP’s Crazy Letter To Iran, London Is Too Expensive, and Patton Oswalt Mansplains To Salon

By March 12, 2015

Here’s the week that was, at The Daily Banter.


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