Obama Could Have Fought Harder for Health Care Reform

By December 17, 2009

Glenn Greenwald spells out why Obama should have fought harder for serious reform: >

Libertarians for Socialized Medical Care

By December 17, 2009

Every now and then, I check out Reason.com to see how libertarians are spinning the latest economic news. Usually, it's a mixture of paranoia, obsessive fixations on everything 'private' and an unhealthy aversion to government in all its forms. The economic crisis wasn't about lack of regulation, it was about too much regulation! (Bankers have… Read More

Pissed Off About Health Care Reform

By December 16, 2009

Bob Cesca is pissed: I'm pissed off. I'm pissed off at health care reform. I'm pissed off at this endless process of emotional highs and lows and exhilaration and dejection and history and infamy. I'm pissed off that President Obama "thanked" the independent senator from Connecticut even though the senator nearly killed health care reform… Read More

Bernanke is Person of the Year?

By December 16, 2009

Time Magazine shows how utterly clueless it is by awarding the man who helped engineer one of the biggest financial meltdowns in human history 'Person of the Year'. The article is reads: "How the mild-mannered man who runs the Federal Reserve prevented an economic catastrophe". Bernanke did help stave of a catastrophe, but firstly, he… Read More

America No Longer a Technological Innovator

By December 15, 2009

George Monbiot looks at what US secretary of energy Steven Chu would describe as amazing American environmental innovations and points out that Europe is decades ahead when it comes to energy saving technology : Professor Chu went on to explain two amazing new discoveries: a camera which can see how much heat is leaking from… Read More

New Huff Post Column – Tony Blair Must Be Charged With War Crimes

By December 14, 2009

My new Huff Post column as promised. Please spread the word with digg/reddit/facebook!

Tony Blair: “I Would Have Invaded Iraq Anyway”

By December 14, 2009

A stunning admission by the former British Prime Minister: I'll be writing a piece for the Huff Post on why Blair must be charged with war crimes, so stay tuned.

Matt Taibbi Vs American Prospect

By December 13, 2009

A very interesting back and forth between Matt Taibbi and Tim Fernholz on Taibbi's article 'Obama's Big Sellout' in Rolling Stone. Taibbi's piece in Rolling Stone essentially argued that the Obama administration has completely sold the country out to Wall St, and more specifically, Goldman Sachs. The article is extremely well researched and provides specifics… Read More

Apple Vs Nokia Heats Up

By December 11, 2009

Don't you just love it when mega corporations fight? From Tech Crunch: In a very concise statement, Apple has let the public know that it has today filed a counter suit against Finnish handset maker Nokia, who at the end of October 2009 took the Cupertino company to court over alleged patent infringement for technology… Read More

Unemployment Numbers are Still Awful

By December 11, 2009

Paul Krugman wonders why people are getting excited about the unemployment numbers: It was truly amazing the way last week’s employment report was hailed by many people as a sign that our troubles are over. Here we are, having suffered huge job losses, and needing to make up the lost ground — and a report… Read More

The Death of Health Care Reform

By December 10, 2009

Matt Taibbi sums up the monumental efforts in Congress and the Senate to basically do absolutely nothing about serious health care reform: The old system of inefficient bureaucracies and artificially high prices has basically been completely protected. What we’re left figuring out is exactly how to pay for a hugely expensive new program without taking… Read More

Blinded By Obama’s Charm

By December 09, 2009

I've maintained for a long time that the Left must not become obsessed with the image of Obama, and must constantly hold his feet to the fire when it comes to enacting progressive legislation. Too often, Obama supporters refuse to criticize Obama because, well, he appears to be a nice and reasonable chap. Glenn Greenwald… Read More

Megan McArdle: Scrap Expansion of Medicare Because is isn’t Profitable

By December 09, 2009

The Atlantic's resident idiot libertarian explains that allowing 55 year olds into Medicare is a bad idea because it wouldn't be profitable: What is a Medicare buy-in going to do if the check gets lost in the mail, or someone forgets?  Insurance companies cut you off.Medicare is going to have a hard time telling some… Read More

Don’t Believe in Global Warming!

By December 08, 2009

A very silly, very funny anti global warming vid (via Bob Cesca):

Is Trig Palin Fair Game?

By December 08, 2009

Andrew Sullivan went on The Joy Behar Show last night to talk about his disillusionment with the Conservative movement. As is always the case, Sullivan ended up talking about Sarah Palin (I'm not blaming him though, given her prominence in the GOP). Sullivan has been somewhat obsessed with the bizarre circumstances surrounding Trig Palin's birth,… Read More

Gordon Brown Lays Out Big Spending Cuts

By December 08, 2009

New Labour is continuing in its schizophrenic Keynesian/Monetarist policies in an attempt to be all things to all people. Gordon Brown has laid out 12 billion pounds in 'efficiency cuts' that proposes to 'streamline government' at a time of crisis. At the same time, Brown is proposing to increase spending across Britain in an attempt… Read More

Tax Structure in U.K to Change: Poor Will Benefit and Rich will Pay

By December 07, 2009

Some good news from the Independent: The best-off will see their spending power cut by as much as 9 per cent, almost £5,000 a year, the most vicious assault on their living standards in three decades. The impact of swingeing income tax and national insurance hikes, VAT increases, expected moves back to more normal mortgage… Read More

Sarah Palin: “God’s Hand of Protection Manifest in American History”

By December 07, 2009

A truly scary interview with Sarah Palin on God’s role in American history. If you ever needed proof that this woman should never be allowed anywhere near public office, check below. Be afraid. Be very afraid:


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