It’s Against Ben Carson’s Religion to Eat at Popeyes

By October 10, 2015

Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Status update

By September 23, 2015

If you ever want to feel like women have made tremendous progress, just watch any random 30 seconds of The Love Boat.

MSNBC Morning ‘News’ Show Shuts Out Hillary Clinton Polling Surge

By September 21, 2015
hrc poll

If you weren’t watching CNN Monday morning, you didn’t know that Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers have rebounded significantly.

Racist Trump Supporter Calls Obama Muslim, Guess What Donald Trump Does?

By September 18, 2015

If you guessed “immediately corrected the man and told him to sin no more,” you’re only three-thirds wrong.

Status update

By September 13, 2015

Captain James T. Trump

Status update

By September 12, 2015

My favorite @TheRevAl clip of all time. Here it is, your moment of Rev:

Status update

By September 10, 2015

And now, your moment of zen…

Trump Will Pay For Saying Fiorina Is An Uggo and Ben Carson Is An ‘Okay Doctor’

By September 10, 2015

This time, Donald Trump has gone appropriately far!

What Fox News Didn’t Tell You About Their Planned Parenthood Poll

By August 29, 2015

Fox News spent all this money on a Planned Parenthood poll, then forgot to tell its audience the most important part! Because we care, we’re here to help.

What Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire Lead Means For Hillary Clinton

By August 13, 2015
Hillary Bernie

Now that he’s opened up his first polling lead of this presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders is finally getting some respect from the media

Shep Smith Goes Wildly Off Message, Slams Coca Cola and Climate Change Deniers

By August 12, 2015

Sadly, Smith’s truth telling is newsworthy because it comes from a network dedicated to doing the exact opposite.

Dear Progressives, Your White Supremacy is Deeply Problematic

By August 12, 2015

“White progressives, I urge you to rekindle your shame and help ‘de-center’ yourselves and divest from whiteness, and support ‘re-centering’ Blackness and the leadership of color. And when you think your shame cannot get any deeper, remember that it is never deep enough.”

Here Are The Craziest 19 Moments From the Republican Debate

By August 06, 2015

After cramming 7 minutes of entertainment into 80 minutes of kiddie-table debate Thursday afternoon, the main event is finally here: the first official 2016 Republican presidential candidates’ debate. Frontrunner Donald Trump faces off against the rest of the top ten in a death match to the death, and we will have all the highlights in near-real time.

Republican Kiddie Table Debate Highlights: Rick Perry Shouts Out to ‘Ronald Raven’

By August 06, 2015
kiddie table

They may not have made the main event, but these 7 Republican presidential candidates will have a chance to make their mark at the Fox News “Happy Hour” debate, and subsequent viral video clips. See them here first.

WATCH: Ted Cruz Cooks Bacon Using a Machine Gun. Yes, Really.

By August 03, 2015

Welcome to the Idiocracy.

Bernie Sanders Refuses To Say Hillary Clinton Is Honest and Trustworthy

By August 02, 2015

Apparently, Bernie Sanders thinks saying “Of course Hillary is trustworthy” amounts to a “personal attack.”

Quote of the Year: Yes Donald, You Can Definitely Win the Latino Vote

By July 09, 2015
Donald Trump idiot

This must go down as the quote of the year.

Freddie Gray Got His Spine Severed in Cop Car while Dylann Roof Got Burger King

By June 23, 2015
Freddie Gray Dylann Roof

When Dylann Roof was arrested for murdering nine innocent African Americans he was driven to a Burger King because said he was hungry. Freddie Gray was arrested for looking at a police officer, then was beaten and had his spine severed in the police van.


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