Peyton Manning Is the Stoner Pizza King Of Colorado

By September 18, 2014

Peyton Manning is rolling in the green from his extensive pizza investments in Colorado, which cater to people rolling another kind of green.

How Badly Are You Allowed To Injure a Woman When You Hit Her?

By September 17, 2014

The question sounds absurd, but apparently some people are prepared to accept the premise and answer it.

Fox News Channel’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck Connects NFL Scandals to Benghazi

By September 16, 2014

No, we didn’t make this up. She really did it.

MEMBERS ONLY: The Ugly Side of Football and How Fans Continue to Let The NFL Get Away With It

By September 15, 2014

America’s Sport is polluted with lies, cheating and crime — and more than its share of assholes. Yet it’s been, up to this point, immune from serious damage.

NFL Fans Defending Beating A Child’s Scrotum Are Scum

By September 13, 2014

The NFL’s Adrian Peterson beat his child until he bled. The NFL’s Adrian Peterson beat a child on his scrotum. The NFL’s Adrian Peterson didn’t think this was a big deal but hid it from doctors anyways. If you are an NFL fan defending this behavior in any way possible, you are a scumbag. I… Read More

BREAKING: AP Reports the NFL Received Ray Rice Elevator Punch Video In April

By September 10, 2014

Late Wednesday, the Associated Press reported that a law enforcement official says he sent a video of Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee Janay Palmer to an NFL executive three months ago.

The Ultimate Guide to Everyone Who F*cked Up The Ray Rice Investigation

By September 10, 2014

We only got to this ‘happy ending’ in the most convoluted, messed up way possible, which involved a lot of people making some pretty big mistakes.

Jezebel Editor Scolds NFL Fans While Collecting a Paycheck Funded By NFL Sponsors

By September 09, 2014

Jezebel says NFL fans who support women are hypocrites because they still watch the league. But let’s see which NFL sponsors are funding that website.

Ravens Coach John Harbaugh Doesn’t Get It, Says the Second Ray Rice Video “Changed Things”

By September 09, 2014

On the same day the Ravens and the NFL punished Ray Rice for doing exactly what they knew he did months ago, Ravens coach John Harbaugh tries to explain what “changed things.”

After Ray Rice’s Suspension, We Have a Question We’d Like To Ask the NFL

By September 08, 2014

The Ravens released, and the NFL indefinitely suspended Ray Rice for doing the very the thing they knew he had done months ago and already punished him for.

Gay, Black Michael Sam Sacks and Mocks Cocky White Male Johnny Manziel

By August 26, 2014

Football is awesome sometimes.

Former NFL Referee Takes An Ethical Stand Against The Redskins

By August 22, 2014

It’s not often there’s a good enough excuse to write about the brighter side of the sports world here on the Banter, but on Wednesday, the Washington Post published an interview with Mike Carey, and he made a bold admission.

Republicans Freak Out For the Gazillionth Time About Obama Golfing

By August 22, 2014
US President Obama waves from a golf cart in Kailua

This is basically the unofficial Republican guide to when Obama shouldn’t go golfing.

Can We Just Admit That the Little League World Series Sucks?

By August 19, 2014

Frequent errors, mental mistakes, poor baseball fundamentals, and crying make this an unwatchable event.

The NFL and ESPN Have An Impotency Problem

By August 14, 2014

The NFL and news outlets like ESPN are doing their best to keep a dirty secret about the league under wraps.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Says Women Shouldn’t “Provoke” Men To Domestic Violence

By July 25, 2014
stephen a smith

Stephen A. Smith wants to remind everyone that the ladies should be sure not to “do anything to provoke” violence from men.

Tony Dungy Has a Very Cowardly Reason Why He Wouldn’t Have Drafted Michael Sam

By July 21, 2014

Despite his reputation as one of the NFL’s good guys, Tony Dungy again reveals his true anti-gay colors.

Stuart Scott and Michael Sam Speeches Were No Jimmy V, But They Were Close

By July 17, 2014

In between randomly assigned awards, there were two amazing speeches given at ESPN’s ESPYs last night, one by Michael Sam who won the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage, and one by Stuart Scott who was honored with the Jimmy V Award.