The Vatican Finally Admits Catholics Don’t Care What It Says About Birth Control

By June 27, 2014

The Catholic Church finally knows what the rest of us have for a long time: No one follows its advice on birth control.

Christian Pastor Calls Women Who Use Birth Control “the Wreckage of Humanity”

By June 27, 2014

She also runs a “pregnancy medical center” whose sole function is to persuade pregnant women not to get abortions.

No, the Mafia Isn’t Going to Whack Pope Francis For “Excommunicating” Them

By June 24, 2014

The mafia murdering the pope would be like Kim Jong-un dropping a nuclear bomb on Seoul. It would invite their immediate demise.

Hillary Clinton’s Choice of Most Influential Book Reeks of Presidential Posturing

By June 16, 2014

Clinton’s response to a question from the New York Times Sunday Book Review is a necessary component of any presidential candidacy.

For the Love of Allah, Why Can’t Some Liberals Acknowledge Islam’s Role in 9/11?

By June 10, 2014

A Salon writer says using the phrase “Islamic terrorism” to explain the September 11 attacks is “problematic,” thus repudiating reality as we know it. But he’s just the latest to take umbrage at the truth.

Don’t Believe in God? This Court-Martialed Navy Chaplain Knows What Your Problem Is

By June 09, 2014

Move over, Thomas Aquinas. Gordon Klingenschmitt has got it all figured out.