Hillary Clinton’s Statement About Barack Obama Will Help Her in 2016

By May 27, 2015

While Carly Fiorina was outside acting a fool, Hillary Clinton was reassuring South Carolina Democrats that the ghosts of 2008 have been busted.

Here’s How Stalking Hillary Clinton Is Working Out For This Republican

By May 27, 2015

Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina followed Hillary Clinton to South Carolina so America could see a female candidate talking to the media, and unfortunately for Fiorina, it worked.

Crazy Militia Wants to be the Official Army of Orange County, Texas

By May 27, 2015

So, sure, let’s add this to the tote board of completely batshit insanity happening way out in the American hinterlands, where Obama Derangement Syndrome and the market reach of conspiracy-mongering doesn’t seem to be shrinking.

The Bob & Chez Show Podcast: Chuck Johnson Banned from Twitter; Dan Bidondi’s Deli Meats; Huckabee’s Huckaboner; and More!

By May 26, 2015

Chuck C. Johnson Banned from Twitter; Good Guy Charles Johnson from LittleGreenFootballs.com Joins Us in Studio; Duggar Update; Josh Duggar’s Incest Joke; Jim Bob Duggar’s Views on Rape and Incest; Bionic Dan Bidondi’s Bionic Italian Deli; New Candidates Entering the GOP Clown Car; Who is Martin O’Malley; Mike Huckabee Redefines Judicial Review; and much more.

This Very Serious Person Defended Mike Huckabee’s Supreme Court Idiocy

By May 26, 2015

This is the media bias that really hurts, the obsessive need for both sides to “have a point” when they clearly do not.

Mike Huckabee Thinks the Executive Branch Can Ignore Supreme Court Rulings

By May 25, 2015

Bottom line: this is all about same-sex marriage and abortion. Nothing else. The conservative tea party wing of the GOP is surreptitiously attempting to manufacture another loophole to circumvent both Roe v. Wade and, at the same time, the judiciary’s rapid overturning of anti-LGBT legislation and ballot initiatives.

Whoops, Yet Another Republican Benghazi Fantasy Just Evaporated

By May 24, 2015

This latest Clinton “scandal” is a snoozefest, even by the standard of the last two years of interminable Benghazi hearings.

7 Quotes That Prove Jeb Bush is Not Fit to be President

By May 22, 2015
Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush, like his brother, isn’t particularly bright and a number of his statements highlight this lack of mental rigor, proving that he should not be allowed anywhere near the White House.

White House Takes Questions From Cuba National Television Reporter

By May 21, 2015
photo by Jeff Goldman via Twitter.com/MarkKnoller

Cuba National Television reporter Cristina Escobar made history on Thursday when White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest called on her at the daily briefing, and made the press corps proud by squeezing in extra questions.

Chris Christie Wants To Know Why Nobody Is Covering Hillary Clinton’s Emails

By May 21, 2015

Apparently, the governor slept through 100% of the coverage of Hillary’s email “scandal.”

Here Are the GOP Candidates Who Fox News Might Exclude from the First Debate

By May 21, 2015

One of the most tired lines in politics goes like this: “I’m not a member of an organized political party. I’m a Democrat.” Given the disastrous couple of weeks for the presumptive GOP frontrunner, as well as the over-stuffed clown car, the punchline for Will Rogers’ zinger could easily be changed to “I’m a Republican.”

Did Elizabeth Warren Just Suggest She’d Reconsider a Presidential Run?

By May 20, 2015
Elizabeth Warren

The media is so invested in their Hillary Clinton narrative that they completely missed Elizabeth Warren’s attempt to bigfoot Clinton into opposing President Obama.

Mike Huckabee Believes American Citizens Should Have Nuclear Weapons in their Homes

By May 20, 2015
Mike huckabee

Can someone tell this guy to stop speaking in public?

White House Says Elizabeth Warren Trade Amendment Could Hurt Financial Reform

By May 20, 2015

Elizabeth Warren says she’s trying to protect financial regulatory reform like Dodd-Frank, but the White House says she could actually be hurting it. Banter White House correspondent Tommy Christopher gets an explanation.

Debating Conservatives on the Minimum Wage and Saving America’s Intellectual Infrastructure

By May 20, 2015
Screenshot 2015-05-20 11.30.56

Banter chief Ben Cohen goes at it with conservatives Nathan Leamer and George Landrith on the Thom Hartmann show over the minimum wage and how to save what is left of America’s intellectual infrastructure.

Sadly, Bill O’Reilly’s Spousal Abuse Allegations Will Only Make Him Stronger

By May 20, 2015

There are days when I feel hopeful about where we’re headed, but that’s not today.

White House Graciously Refuses To Praise Hillary Clinton On Trade Deal Role

By May 19, 2015

In March, the White House had kind words for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s work on sensitive multi-party international negotiations, but on Tuesday, it was a different story altogether.

Bobby Jindal Tragically Launches a Presidential Committee Because He Has No Idea How Unelectable He Is

By May 18, 2015

Jindal is delusional if he think he can win the nomination.


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