Happy ‘Mission Accomplished’ Anniversary: A Look Back At the Defining Blunder Of G.W. Bush

By May 01, 2015


UK Politicians Are Still Clueless on Drug Policy

By May 01, 2015

While US politicians are responding to changing opinions on recreational drug use, UK politicians are still stuck in the Dark Ages.

No, Texas, the U.S. Military Isn’t Planning To Take You Over, You’re Just F*cking Crazy

By April 30, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 8.47.21 PM

Here’s where I point out that what I’m about to tell you isn’t a joke. I am not making this up.

In Defense of ‘Baltimore Mom’ Toya Graham

By April 29, 2015

Until we’ve walked a mile in Ms. Graham’s shoes, and until we’ve faced down the same crisis, it’s unfair to condemn her for what she did. Today, her son is alive and free, and some day, perhaps he’ll be wise enough to thank her for it.

MEMBERS ONLY: Remembering the 1980 Miami Riots, 35 Years Later

By April 29, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 3.06.54 PM

In May of 1980, for days on end, Miami burned. This is the story of the incident that started one of the deadliest and most devastating racial riots in U.S. history. It’s a story that’s all too familiar.

Reality Check: Bernie Sanders Might Be Running, But He’ll Never Be President

By April 29, 2015

I seriously doubt he personally expects to win the nomination. And at the end of the day, what Sanders will want more than anything else is to convince the eventual nominee, and especially the eventual nominee’s voters, to adopt some of Sanders’s positions.

Bernie Sanders Is About To Make Hillary Clinton Miserable

By April 29, 2015

The senator from Vermont is in a unique position to hit Hillary Clinton on a litany of issues.

Hillary Gets It: Calls For Mandatory Police Body Cams

By April 29, 2015

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s unambiguous call for federally funded, mandatory police body cameras makes this reform a political reality in the 2016 race.

Head to Head With Conservatives on Baltimore, Gay Marriage and Gardening

By April 29, 2015

Banter Editor Ben Cohen went toe to toe with conservatives on Baltimore and Gay marriage on Thom Hartmann’s show ‘The Big Picture Rumble’. Check out the bust up!

Trump, Conservatives Blame President Obama for Baltimore Riots, Looting

By April 28, 2015
trump hair

Remember, this is the same crowd that’s quick to remind us how Obama has nothing to do with job creation whenever a new jobs report drops. They also insist that Obama has nothing to do with the economic recovery, the record-high stock market, precipitous unemployment numbers or the hunting and capturing of Bin Laden.

Anti-Gay Republican Outed After Sending Explicit Photos Through Grindr

By April 28, 2015

The Republican’s name is Rep. Randy Boehning (R-Fargo). That’s right, Randy Boehning.

There Is No Race War in Baltimore, But Right-Wingers Seem to Want One

By April 28, 2015

Just ask Matt Drudge: the racial apocalypse is coming, and you bet he’s ready.

The Profound Unfairness of the Baltimore Riots

By April 27, 2015

There’s something grossly, profoundly unfair happening in Baltimore and across the country tonight.

Dear George Bush, Kindly F*ck Off and Leave Foreign Policy to the Grown Ups

By April 27, 2015

Dear George Bush, It has come to our attention that you have been expressing views on foreign policy again, 7 years after you left the White House. Apparently you think president Obama’s deal with Iran was a bad one, and as the New York Times reports, “Questioned whether it was wise to lift sanctions against… Read More

New Wealth Inequality Statistics Prove Conservative Economics Do Not Work

By April 27, 2015
golden ferrari

After 5 years of conservative rule, wealth inequality is getting out of control in the UK. Surely it is time to abandon conservative economics once and for all?

Ted Cruz: Gay Activists and Marriage Equality Supporters Are ‘Liberal Fascists’

By April 27, 2015

We’ve been over and over the marriage issue recently, but this is the first time in a while someone has resurrected the “liberal fascism” myth and hamfistedly crammed it into this debate.

President Obama Brings Out Keegan-Michael Key To Be His “Anger Translator” at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

By April 26, 2015
Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 9.12.52 PM

The most amazing thing about this clip is watching President Obama use the bit as cover to genuinely speak his mind on the dangerous stupidity of those Republican lawmakers who still deny the science behind global climate change.

MEMBERS ONLY: Ted Cruz Is Totally Cool With Gays… Who Give Him Money

By April 24, 2015

Ted Cruz would like you to know that he really doesn’t hate gays. He just hates gays that don’t want to write him a check.


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