THE MORNING BANTER: Security Bugs, Russia Warnings, Geocentric Theories, and 20-Year Old Offspring

By April 09, 2014
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Happy Wednesday! Ten deep breaths and tons of coffee! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

Eric Holder to Louie Gohmert: ‘Good Luck With Your Asparagus’

By April 08, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder appeared before the House Judiciary Committee today and successfully hit Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) with a couple of well-deserved zingers. It doesn’t matter that Gohmert is such an easy target, any jab at that self-important, mush-mouthed buffoon is always entertaining.

Anatomy of a Media Attack: ABC News, Fox News, and CNN on White House and Equal Pay

By April 08, 2014

On this Equal Pay Day, it is instructive to see how the mainstream media constructs an attack on the White House, and disguises it as good old-fashioned adversarial journalism.

THE MORNING BANTER: Ukraine Deja Vu, Dumb Americans, New Yorker Covers, and Super Mario

By April 08, 2014

Happy Tuesday! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

Republicans Unwittingly Vote for Obamacare Improvement; Boehner Fecklessly Skulks and Spins in the Shadows

By April 08, 2014

Congress, with plenty of Republican support, passed H.R. 4302 “Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014,” or what’s known as the “doc fix,” which eliminated an impending cut on Medicare reimbursements to doctors. Contained within that legislation was an amendment altering the Obamacare deductible cap on group health insurance policies, making it easier for small businesses to afford to cover employees by offering higher deductible, lower premium coverage.

Gallup Survey Shows About 11 Million Fewer Uninsured Americans Under Obamacare

By April 07, 2014

Today’s survey shows that the rate of uninsured Americans fell from 18 percent at the end of the third quarter of 2013 to 15.6 percent for the first quarter of 2014. That means about seven-and-a-half million people, slightly more than the number of enrollments reported by the Obama administration last week, but well short of what you might expect when you factor in the Medicaid expansion, which HHS says has increased Medicaid enrollment by more than 3 million.

Jimmy Carter: George W. Bush Didn’t Win in 2000

By April 07, 2014

President Carter told Thom Hartmann, “I don’t think that George W. Bush won the election in 2000 against Al Gore because I think that he probably lost Florida, and also nationwide. But, you know, when the Supreme Court rules in our country, that’s what we have to accept.”

Whoops! Christian ‘Family Values’ Congressman Caught on Video Cheating on Wife with Staffer

By April 07, 2014

Rep. Vance McAllister (R-LA), who was elected on a family values, conservative Christian platform, was apparently caught on video by The Ouachita Citizen newspaper embracing and passionately kissing a female staffer, Melissa Peacock.

David Ortiz, Barack Obama, and the Samsung Selfie Scandal

By April 07, 2014

David Ortiz snapped a #selfie with President Obama last Tuesday while the Red Sox were being honored at the White House. And while on this surface this isn’t news, the details and motivations behind it are.

Surprise! Tony Blair Wants to Intervene in Syria

By April 07, 2014

Tony Blair hasn’t learned much from his catastrophic mission in the Middle East. One would think that after the decade long bloodbath in Iraq and an equally disastrous carnage in Afghanistan, he may have tempered his views on foreign interventions. But no, the most despised prime minister in British history is back at it again and beating the drums for more war in the Middle East.

Dispatches and Debunkery from the Trenches of the Obamacare Debate

By April 07, 2014

I spent several hours of my Saturday debating conservatives about Obamacare on Facebook. It turned out to be a case study in both the efficacy of Republican and Fox News misinformation, but also in just how fantastically pissed off some people are about the idea of a law that helps Americans to acquire affordable healthcare.

Kochs Should Stand By Their Words Or Get Out Of Politics

By April 06, 2014

Count me among those confused by the conservative reaction to criticism of GOP financiers Charles & David Koch. People on both sides of the aisle have regularly vilified the big-pocket donors on the other side. In the 1990s liberals heard about Richard Mellon Scaife’s project to take down the Clintons, after that we heard about… Read More

So Apparently The State Department Is Now Trolling Terrorists on Twitter

By April 04, 2014
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Using the handle @ThinkAgain_DOS, the State Department has been using a few of the million dollars they had allotted for just such occasion to “find users sympathetic to enemies of the state, and troll them until they see the error of their ways.”

TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES: Would You Rather Vote in Your State OR Vote in the Corporation You Work For?

By April 04, 2014

This seems like the perfect opportunity to try something new out here at the old Daily Banter: Let’s just toss this up as a discussion topic, and we can all have a little fun with our own answers in the comment section.

The Daily Banter Mail Bag! The Supreme Court’s Campaign Finance Decision, the Gun Control Debate and the Inevitable #CancelBanter Hashtag.

By April 04, 2014

In this week’s edition of The Daily Banter Mail Bag, Bob, Ben and Chez discuss the Supreme Court’s campaign finance decision, the gun control debate and the inevitable #CancelBanter hashtag.

10 Questions With…Tommy Christopher!

By April 04, 2014
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As part of our “10 Questions With…” interview series, we chatted with him about journalistic biases, stand-up comedy, and live-tweeting a heart attack.

Worried About Government Spying? Try the ‘Justice Cap.’ (Not Made of Tinfoil, but Close.)

By April 03, 2014

Yes, it’s an actual hat however, no, it’s not made of tinfoil. The Justice Cap contains a series of LED lights on the brim which the manufacturer claims will white-out your face when it’s captured on a surveillance camera.

Fort Hood 2 and Gun Control: Frustrating or Demoralizing?

By April 03, 2014

We’ve reached a point where our gun massacres have sequels. Yesterday’s mass shooting was the second-deadliest in Ft. Hood’s history, but also only ranks third in the history of Killeen, Texas.