Idiotic GOP State Senator Defends Fracking: The “Indians” Loved “the Burning Waters”

By August 13, 2014

State Sen. Randy Baumgardner, a Colorado Republican, was asked about fracking by a right-wing activist named Gordon “Dr. Chaps” Klingenschmitt. His moronic response?

PZ Myers Says It Was ‘Nice of Robin Williams to Create Such A Spectacular Distraction’

By August 12, 2014

Myers posted a rather crass and tone-deaf article in which he pitted the news about Robin Williams against the news about the shooting of Michael Brown and the subsequent tensions in Ferguson, Missouri.

Hillary Clinton Stars In ‘How To Lose an Unloseable Election 2: Electric Boogaloo’

By August 12, 2014
patrick warren

For a candidate who’s supposed to be an inevitability for the Democratic nomination again, she sure looks like she’s repeating the same mistakes she made in 2008.

Rush Limbaugh: Robin Williams Died Because Liberals Are ‘Never Happy’

By August 12, 2014

Rush Limbaugh included Williams’ depression into his disgusting rant today, illustrating how badly ignorant he is about it.

Holy Shit! Obama Said “Horseshit!”

By August 12, 2014

Commence media freakout in 3…2…1…

Right-Wing Scam Artist James O’Keefe Sneaks Across Border Dressed as Bin Laden — Or Did He?

By August 12, 2014

O’Keefe and his crew traveled to Hudspeth County, Texas where O’Keefe filmed himself wading across the Rio Grande (or is it?) as both himself and wearing an Osama Bin Laden costume.

Coming Soon: Chemtrails, the Movie

By August 11, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 3.33.01 PM

America, fuck yeah.

Hillary Clinton Should Keep Quiet on Foreign Policy

By August 11, 2014

Sorry Hillary, if you voted to go into Iraq, you have next to no credibility when it comes to foreign policy.

David Gregory Gets the Heave-Ho On ‘Meet the Press,’ Which Will Continue To Suck Anyway

By August 11, 2014

‘Meet the Press’ can play musical chairs with the moderator seat all they want, but it’s still going to be terrible.

Obama: Democrats Are “Generally Fact-Based, Reason-Based” While the GOP Denies Science

By August 11, 2014

The discourse has grown so utterly dysfunctional and incoherent — so up its own ass in reaction to every minuscule social media blip and every hyperbolic political headline, it’s difficult to find an actual “fact-based and reason-based” discussion anywhere.

Righties Now Say We Won The Iraq War They Lost

By August 08, 2014

Conservatives, obsessed with rewriting the history of the Iraq War, despite most of us having lived through it, now have adopted a curious tactic with the rise of ISIS. They are claiming they won the war. But the Iraq War was lost moments after George W. Bush ordered “shock and awe.” Before America invaded Iraq,… Read More

Sarah Palin’s Latest Video: A Word-Salady, Incoherent Response to Elizabeth Warren

By August 08, 2014

As one of the first videos for her newly launched “Sarah Palin Channel,” the former GOP vice presidential nominee decided to post a response to Elizabeth Warren — and a timely one, too, considering that Warren’s address was nearly a month ago.

The Daily Banter Mail Bag: Airstrikes in Iraq, Joan Rivers is Crazy, and Our Dates with Political Opponents

By August 08, 2014

In this week’s edition of The Daily Banter Mail Bag, Bob, Ben and Chez discuss airstrikes in Iraq, Joan Rivers on Gaza and dating political opponents.

Most Ethically Challenged Congressman Wins Primary, Making His District the Shame Of America

By August 08, 2014

“Family values” congressman Scott DesJarlais’ long record of personal indiscretions — including affairs with patients, pressuring abortions, domestic abuse, threatening gun violence, and drug use — was once again no big deal for the voters in Tennessee’s fourth.

President Obama Authorizes Humanitarian Relief, Airstrikes Against ISIS Forces in Iraq

By August 07, 2014

Tonight in a televised address to the nation, President Obama announced that he’s authorized airstrikes against ISIS terrorists in Iraq, along with humanitarian relief efforts.

GOP Governor Brownback Wins Primary by Almost 30 Points, Blames Obama for ‘Close Election’

By August 07, 2014

A tea party governor received fewer votes (but still won in a landslide) because Kansas voters are pissed off about Obama?

Republican’s Immigration Plan Forgets One Major Thing About America

By August 07, 2014
Rigoberto Ramos

As usual the GOP finds itself in the awkward position of standing in the way of progress while at the same time trying to co-opt certain facets of said progress for their own political survival.

Surprise, Surprise: The NRA Deletes Ridiculous Guns-for-the-Blind Video

By August 07, 2014

Without any fanfare or explanation, the National Rifle Association removed from YouTube a video in which commentator Don Raso makes a case for allowing blind people to carry firearms in public.