Israeli Ambassador Makes Insane Comment At Equally Insane Christian Conference

By July 22, 2014

Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. said that the Israel Defense Forces laying siege to Gaza should be given the Nobel Peace Prize.

Someone Replaced Benjamin Netanyahu’s Wikipedia Page With a Huge Palestinian Flag

By July 22, 2014

At around 7:19 p.m. GMT, a vandal sympathetic to the Palestinian cause replaced all of the text on the Wikipedia page for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a gigantic Palestinian flag.

Woops! Different Court Upholds Obamacare Subsidies Hours After Being Struck Down

By July 22, 2014

The contradictory rulings make it even more likely that the Affordable Care Act will go before the Supreme Court once again.

A Federal Appeals Court Just Dealt a Huge Setback To Obamacare

By July 22, 2014

On Tuesday morning, a U.S. appeals court tossed out the IRS regulation that governs subsidies, dealing a huge blow to the Affordable Care Act.

The 11 Most Ridiculous Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

By July 22, 2014

In honor of the 45th anniversary of the stupendous Apollo 11 mission, which, yes, actually delivered two astronauts, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, to the surface of the Moon, let’s debunk the top 10 theories that claim to prove the landing was a hoax.

Guess Who’s the Recipient of the Latest Grant Money from First Look Media?

By July 21, 2014

Yes, Glenn Greenwald’s husband is the first recipient of the Press Freedom Litigation grant money.

It’s Never Okay to Use Death Photos to Score Political Points

By July 21, 2014

If you can’t make your case in a convincing way without shocking your audience, you probably need to hunker down and work on your writing skills. If you can’t sufficiently explain why your cause is important, dead children shouldn’t be your fallback position.

Republicans Run Detroit Like a Corporation, Disaster Ensues

By July 21, 2014
detroit water

Detroit doesn’t just have a budget crisis. It has a Republican crisis.

You Won’t Believe How Bill O’Reilly Wants to Secure the U.S.-Mexico Border

By July 21, 2014

Bill O’Reilly suggested that it’d be a fantastic idea to build a wall along the entire length of the U.S.-Mexico border — just like the Berlin Wall.

Surprise, Surprise: Greenwald Was Wrong About Why NBC Pulled an Egyptian-American Reporter Out of Gaza

By July 21, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.39.07 PM

So, between Greenwald’s theory and the one that takes into account the way television news actually works and sometimes doesn’t work, which do you think wound up being correct?

Here’s How Women Can Get Some Respect From the Men On the Supreme Court

By July 20, 2014

This just might be the only way women can get the Supreme Court to back off their reproductive rights.

Google Explains The Mayday PAC, “The Super PAC To End All Super PACs”

By July 19, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.43.57 PM

Larry Lessig’s Mayday PAC is claiming that it will end all Super PACs and win the battle over campaign finance reform for good. Google helps us explain how they’ll get there…

Ronald Reagan Is Dead, Let Him Be

By July 18, 2014

Conservatives invoke the name of Ronald Reagan as if he were simply on sabbatical, out of the public eye on his ranch having deep thoughts on the future of America. President Reagan is dead. He died ten years ago and left the political scene in America almost a decade before that. Yet in the world… Read More

Snowden Opens His Mouth Again and, Like Always, Something F*cking Nuts Comes Out

By July 18, 2014

This week, The Guardian‘s Alan Rusbridger and Ewen MacAskill flew to Moscow and conducted a seven hour interview with the world’s most famous NSA fugitive. Seven hours is a massive window of time through which a bounty of crazy things can emerge.

Joe Biden’s Twitter Feed Got Downright Weird On Thursday Night

By July 18, 2014
Joe Biden

We have some questions for Joe Biden and imagine the President will too.

The Daily Banter Mail Bag: Malaysia Airlines Tragedy, the Gaza Crisis and WTF?!

By July 18, 2014

In this week’s edition of The Daily Banter Mail Bag, Bob, Ben and Chez discuss the Malaysia Airlines crash, the Israeli-Palestinian conundrum and WTF?

The Worst Thing America Could Do Would Be to Take Military Action in Ukraine

By July 17, 2014

The worst possible U.S. response would be to engage Putin militarily in Ukraine. A considerable chunk of that solidarity and, more importantly, the moral high ground would be wiped away.

MSNBC Gets Burned By “Howard Stern” Prank Caller While Covering Ukraine Crash

By July 17, 2014

While the guy who did this is a jackass, it’s beyond amazing that he was able to lie himself past what should be some pretty tight vetting.