Erick Erickson Responds to My Article About Hillary’s Age and Still Doesn’t Get It

By April 23, 2014

Yesterday afternoon, a meme began circulating among far-right trolls on Twitter. Erickson himself picked up on the meme and posted an article in Red State today, though he failed to credit or acknowledge the meme at all and wrote a straight-up response to my post here.

Sean Hannity’s Far Right Love Triangle with Alex Jones and Cliven Bundy

By April 23, 2014

According to Dr. Hannity, property rights are conditional — at least in cases where the property is owned by the government — on whether the owner has plans to build something on it. This is a groundbreaking interpretation of property rights that lesser minds like say, John Locke, were too limited to envision.

Ack-Blay: Rand Paul Blames Chicago Gun Crime on ‘Thuggishness’ and ‘Sickness of Spirit’

By April 23, 2014
photo via screengrab

As Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) ably demonstrated, just because you don’t say “black” doesn’t mean we can’t hear it. On Tuesday night’s The Kelly File, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and host Megyn Kelly artfully avoided the word “black,” while expanding Ryan’s criticism of the black community to include “thuggishness” and a “sickness of spirit,” as well as an ability to tell right from wrong.

NYPD Starts #myNYPD Twitter Campaign; Twitter Hijacks It To Show Examples of Police Brutality

By April 23, 2014

On Tuesday the NYPD’s Twitter page, @NYPDnews, asked users to tweet pictures of positive interactions between the public and city cops with the hashtag #myNYPD. Surprisingly, with all of their intelligence equipment, they forgot that while everyone loves the idea of the “New York policeman”, everyone actually hates cops.

The Latest Plot to Undermine Obamacare and Prevent Millions From Enrolling in Medicaid

By April 23, 2014

The Republicans are so maniacal about blocking the very popular expansion of Medicaid, they’re each lining up to sign recently passed legislation that would block future Democratic governors from expanding Medicaid without the approval of the solidly GOP state legislatures in each state.

THE MORNING BANTER: Sotomayor Dissents, Russia Responses, American Middle Classes, and Apocalyptic Angel Armies

By April 23, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 7.52.09 AM

Happy Wednesday! Hope you didn’t binge too much on that silly cheap post-Easter candy! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

Roberts Supreme Court Pretty Much Ends Affirmative Action

By April 22, 2014

This is why you must always vote, always, even when your loudmouth brother-in-law insists that there’s no difference between the two parties. In yet another 5-4 decision, the John Roberts-led Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision, and upheld Michigan’s right to end affirmative action via ballot initiative. Aside from the ramifications for affirmative action policies, which are now sitting ducks for aggrieved white majorities, this ruling makes you wonder what this court will do next.

Worst Person in the World: Erick Erickson Says Hillary Clinton Will Be ‘Old’ in 2016

By April 22, 2014

But that’s not the worst of it. Erickson, who’s guest-hosting for Rush Limbaugh this week, remarked out loud, “I don’t know how far back they can pull her face.”

THE MORNING BANTER: Biden Warnings, Ku Klux Klan Professional Racism, Game of Thrones Maps, and Louie CK

By April 22, 2014

Happy Tuesday! Easter candy is silly cheap at grocery stores today! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

BundyFest Might Be the Best Idea Ever

By April 22, 2014

It’s called BundyFest and, at first, I didn’t think it was anything more than a clever joke in reaction to the ridiculous gathering of rebellion cosplayers and militia hooples at the Bundy Ranch to defend a millionaire scofflaw. But it looks like it’s shaping up to be a real thing.

Snowden’s Advisers Confess: The Putin TV Appearance Was an Epic Blunder

By April 21, 2014

The Daily Beast published an explosive article on Sunday, titled “Snowden’s Camp: Staged Putin Q&A Was a Screw-Up,” detailing how Snowden’s advisers acknowledge that the RT appearance was badly botched. Some highlights…

Are Plunging Ratings at “Meet the Press” Taking a Psychological Toll on David Gregory?

By April 21, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 10.27.27 AM

The Washington Post reports that while NBC is still insisting it’s got David Gregory’s back, the network brought in a “psychological consultant” to examine his friends and family last year. This might lead one to wonder whether NBC is concerned about the pressure Gregory’s been under since MTP began its downward spiral.

Kansas Student Tries to Block Michelle Obama Graduation Speech on Brown v. Board Anniversary

By April 21, 2014
First Lady Michelle Obama attends the commencement ceremony at George Washington University on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., Sunday, May 16, 2010. Mrs. Obama delivered the commencement address after students made good on her challenge to do 100,000 hours of service in exchange for a graduation speech. (Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton)

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Oliver Brown, et al. v. Board of Education of Topeka, et al., better known as Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark Supreme Court decision that ended segregation in public schools. To commemorate the occasion, the Topeka, Kansas Unified School District has invited First Lady Michelle Obama to speak at the district’s graduation, and some Topeka residents have decided to mark the occasion by trying to block her from doing so.

Antonin Scalia Suggests a ‘Revolt’ Against the Government in Response to Tax Hikes

By April 21, 2014
Antonin Scalia

During a speaking engagement last week at the University of Tennessee College of Law, Scalia discussed how it’s constitutionally permissible for Congress to impose taxes on citizens. Fair enough. However, Scalia added, “if it reaches a certain point, perhaps you should revolt.”

Media Research Center Would Really Like To Talk Smack About Chelsea Clinton

By April 20, 2014

The right wing Media Research Center would really like to talk smack about Chelsea Clinton, who recently announced that she is pregnant. Here is Tim Graham, the center’s Director of Media Analysis (also race-baiter and ghost writer for founder Brent Bozell) lamenting a Washington Post opinion blog noting that his side of the aisle has been… Read More

Shock! Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Tells Big Fat Lie About Obama Signing Statement

By April 19, 2014
photo via screengrab

On Friday, President Obama signed a law that would block Hamid Aboutalebi from entering the U.S, as Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations. Shockingly, Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly told a huge lie of omission (several, really) when she reported on the President’s signing statement, and chewed it over with right-wing fanatic and New Black Panther Party case “whistleblower” J. Christian Adams of PJMedia.

Bundy-ful GOP Lawmaker Says Feds Can’t Show Up Armed and ‘Expect the American People Not to Fire Back’

By April 18, 2014
photo via screengrab

The Bundy Ranch fiasco is the gift that keeps on giving wingnuts a chance to come out of the woodwork. On Friday night’s All In with Chris Hayes, host Chris Hayes did a live remote with Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who says she’s been camped out with the Bundy mob for six days now. Amid the usual cable news talkovers, Fiore posited a rather stunning maxim: that armed federal officers can’t expect citizens not to “fire back.”

Jay Carney Strikes Back at Carney Derangement Syndrome

By April 18, 2014

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, not surprisingly, has few fans among the conservative media, but for most of his tenure, has managed to avoid the sort of unhinged reactions that his predecessor, Robert Gibbs, provoked. This week, though, a charming little style-section profile in Washingtonian Mom set the conservative blogs frothing over everything from Carney’s apparently overflowing pantry, to his magical book collection, to his home podium setup, but most of all, his… anti-Nazi decorations? Why do conservatives love Nazis?