Republican Candidate’s Debate Anecdote Is Officially the World’s Worst Touching Story

By October 31, 2014

And it might not even be true.

The Daily Banter Video Mail Bag: The Taibbi First Look Bombshell, Tim Cook and Halloween

By October 30, 2014

This week, Ben Cohen, Chez Pazienza and Bob Cesca discuss the bombshell story about Matt Taibbi and First Look Media, as well as Tim Cook, Halloween and basket-weaving.

“Bayghazi”: Yes, Michael Bay May Be Directing a Movie About Benghazi

By October 30, 2014
Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.46.35 AM

Because God hates us just that much.

Chris Christie’s 10 Prickiest Moments

By October 30, 2014
shut up

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is making a career of being the guy who’s screaming at you out of his car window on the Parkway, but an objective media shouldn’t enable and encourage him.

I Received This Menacing Letter From the Democratic Party Trying To Shame Me Into Voting

By October 30, 2014

The New York Democratic Party takes a page out of the Mafia’s playbook to get out the vote.

Eric Holder on Press Freedom: “No Reporters are Going to Jail as Long as I’m Attorney General”

By October 30, 2014

Deal or not, Holder seems pretty unequivocal when he twice stated that no journalists will be going to jail on his watch.

Fox News Doctor Prescribes Insane ‘American Jihad’ To Cure the World

By October 29, 2014

Cue-balled witch doctor Keith Ablow cooks up a pungent nationalist potion to give to the world.

If the News Media Wants Better Access to the White House, It Needs to Grow the Hell Up

By October 29, 2014

If the president’s suit color is worthy of above-the-fold press coverage, it’s baffling how anyone can seriously argue that the press deserves more access to the behind-the-scenes minutia inside the White House.

Sarah Palin Might Run for Office Again — Just to Troll Democrats

By October 28, 2014

Idiocracy isn’t too far off.

Republican Candidate’s Pro-Redskins Campaign Ad Is Totally Incoherent

By October 28, 2014

This is the perfect ad for when your campaign is all out of ideas.

The GOP’s New and Subtly Racist Anti-Obama Attack Ad Will Scare You To Death

By October 28, 2014

The Republican Party’s closing argument in the 2014 midterms: Have You Crapped Your Big-Boy Pants Yet?

NRA Kills Pennsylvania Bill That Would Ban the Slaughter of Dogs and Cats for Food

By October 27, 2014

The gun industry lobbyist group successfully convinced lawmakers to bury the legislation in the state house. Why? Because an amendment in the bill would have banned the cruel and gratuitous tradition of “pigeon shoots.”

Once and For All, There’s No Such Thing as “The War on Whistleblowers” and Here’s Why

By October 27, 2014

On Friday night, James Risen of The New York Times appeared as a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher and, among other things, repeated the tired meme that Obama is Worse Than Bush when it comes to press freedom and whistleblowers.

Herman Cain Insults Black People, Calls 50% ‘Clueless’

By October 24, 2014

While Cain isn’t exactly the GOP’s brightest hope, he is an African American and at least projects some sort of image of inclusiveness in the notoriously white party. Sadly, Cain is incapable of keeping his foot out of his mouth.

Louie Gohmert Believes Our Troops Can’t Fight Because of Alleged Greek-Style Gay Massages

By October 24, 2014

Gohmert thinks that because it happened in, you know, 334 B.C., it must be happening now.

Apparently, Guns For Domestic Violence Offenders Is a Mainstream Conservative Cause

By October 24, 2014

The NRA specifically argues in favor of a domestic abuser’s right to retain illegal guns.

Romney Says He Lost Hispanic Vote Because He Didn’t Spend Enough Money Bullsh*tting Them

By October 23, 2014

Mitt Romney gets the answer to this easy question so wrong, he’s almost right.

PODCAST: Bob and Chez Discuss the White Trash Palins; The Death of Journalism; and the NRA Hipster Douchebag

By October 23, 2014

This week’s show: Audio Recording of the Palin Family Brawl; Expensive Fashion Accessories; Charles Bowen’s Fair-Use Guide for Bloggers; The Palins and Their White Trash Stretch Limo; Remembering Ben Bradlee and Real Journalism; The NRA Hipster; Guns are ‘Bits of Plastic and Metal'; and much more.