The Bob & Chez Podcast: The Most Vile Fox News Segment Ever and Lindsey Graham’s “Girlfriends”

By June 30, 2015

Our Tuesday show. Blow Blow Blow: The Most Vile Fox News Channel Segment Ever; Chris Christie is Running; Donald Trump Fired by NBC; Lindsey Graham Talks About His Girlfriends; Ben Carson is Bored with His Own Campaign; Bobby Jindal Wants to Eliminate the Supreme Court; Farewell, Chris Squire; and much more.

How Jeb Bush Proved His Own Willie Horton-Style Ad Was a Lie

By June 30, 2015

Current Republican presidential frontrunner Jeb Bush was once accused of one-upping his dad’s Willie Horton ads, but in Jeb’s case, not only did the ad not help him win, it also made a liar out of him when he eventually did win.

Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign is Now Officially F*cked

By June 29, 2015

NBC released a statement saying that the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants and “The Apprentice” will no longer air on the network. This means Donald Trump is officially f*cked.

The Hilarious Hubris of Donald Trump: After Mexico Disaster He Insults All Hispanics, then China

By June 29, 2015
Donald Trump

UPDATE: NBC has now severed ties with Trump over his derogatory statements about immigrants. One of the major problems egotistical leaders have is their inability to accept reality. While ego may get them to the top, lack of self awareness can often lead to their downfall. From Napoleon Bonaparte to Adolf Hitler, history is littered… Read More

This Interview Shows Why Bernie Sanders is Losing African American Support

By June 29, 2015

Bernie Sanders is pretty sure black voters will come around, but not if he doesn’t think up a better explanation for his anemic support among non-white voters.

CNN’s Hilarious Dildo Flag Gaffe is Yet Another Example of the Decline of American Journalism

By June 29, 2015

We salute your dildo blindness, CNN. But at the same time, it’s more than a little distressing that, yes, here we are again, with a major news outlet reporting a story before it’s been properly vetted for accuracy.

At Long Last: South Carolina Poised to Remove Confederate Flag

By June 26, 2015

After a week’s worth of reflection, my anger remains intact because the gift of life was ruthlessly and arbitrarily taken away by the worst of sins. However, my anger has been reoriented with a healing gene due to the strengths of the family members of loved ones lost.

WATCH: President Obama’s Emotional Eulogy for the Pastor Slain in Charleston Massacre

By June 26, 2015

Wait for it… He sings “Amazing Grace” toward the end.

The Bob & Chez Podcast: SCOTUS Upholds Obamacare, Scalia is Nuts, Chuck C. Johnson Fading Away and Christie is Running!

By June 25, 2015

With Guest Co-host Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs; Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson’s Continued Descent into Obscurity; Bobby Jindal is Running; Chris Christie is Running; Good News for Donald Trump; Obamacare Upheld by the Supreme Court; Scalia is Insane; Plus, all about Charles Johnson’s Music Career and Entry into Political Blogger; and much more.

Humiliated Donald Trump Gets a Lesson in Mexican Pride

By June 25, 2015
Donald Trump idiot

The Donald gets smacked down by some righteous Latin pride.

Why Hillary Clinton is Wisely Resisting Bernie Sander’s Political Strategy

By June 25, 2015

The media really wants Hillary Clinton to worry about Bernie Sanders’ white voter-fueled surge, but so far, she’s keeping her grip firmly on the Obama coalition.

No, it is Not Okay to Heckle the President, Even For a Good Cause

By June 25, 2015

There are many ways to raise awareness of important issues facing the country, but heckling the President is rarely one of them – a fact Jennicet Gutiérrez has now discovered.

WATCH: Bill O’Reilly Explodes When Asked if He Has Any Black Friends

By June 24, 2015

Democratic Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers really jammed O’Reilly in a segment about racism in the United States.

The Bob & Chez Podcast! Confederate Flags, Chez in Vegas, Obama’s N-Word and Much More

By June 23, 2015

Fox and Friends Host Hits a Guy With an Axe; Chez Live from Las Vegas; Obama Says the N-word, Outrage Ensues; Fox and Friends Can’t Say Marc Maron’s Name; Why is the Confederate Flag Still an Issue; Haley Barbour and Lindsey Graham Defend the Confederate Flag; Lindsey Graham’s South Carolina Skeet City; Trump is in Second Place; Gohmert Jokes About Running; and much more.

WATCH: Fox & Friends Co-Host Hits a Guy in the Arm with an Axe

By June 22, 2015

We’re not making this up.

Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson is Suing Everyone While Totally Screwing Himself

By June 22, 2015

Whatever hell he’s inviting upon himself with these lawsuits simply won’t be hellish enough.

Mitt Romney Needs to Just Go Away Already

By June 19, 2015
Mitt Romney

Romney’s armchair, fictitious presidency filled with I told you sos and what I’d do differently, shows a man who’s the ultimate illustration of a sore loser, a person who can’t let go, putting self before country.

Presidential Candidate Martin O’Malley Just Flopped Badly on Racism and the Charleston Shooting

By June 19, 2015

In the wake of the racist terror attack on the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, this Democratic presidential candidate was cringingly unprepared for a question about race.


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