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MSNBC Falls for Worst On-Air Prank Call Ever, Continuing Proud TV News Tradition

By March 05, 2015
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It’s fucking ridiculous that something like this could happen to a network like MSNBC and to a roomful of people who are supposed to be pretty smart. I’d like to say that I’m angry at the guy who called in but I’m absolutely not because he never should’ve gotten on the air.

David Gregory Accidentally Shows Why He Sucked At Hosting ‘Meet the Press’

By March 05, 2015

Former ‘Meet the Press’ moderator David Gregory tries to go off the record in front of thousands of people.

An Open Challenge To The Media: Can You Stop Using These Irritating Clickbait Headlines?

By March 04, 2015

If you get most of your news from your Facebook feed these days, you probably get the feeling that you’ve no idea where the articles you read actually come from anymore. Regrettably, this is entirely by design and completely predictable outcome given the digital media’s obsession with getting clicks. The problem is now so bad that… Read More

Crazy Person Responds To Jimmy Kimmel: Calling Someone “Anti-Vaxxer” Is Like Racism and Gay-Bashing

By March 04, 2015
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There is no vaccine for this kind of stupid.

MEMBERS ONLY: It’s Time To Stop Giving a F*ck

By March 04, 2015
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The feeling of having nothing left to lose, while daunting, is also liberating. Think about the times in your life when you’ve put in your two weeks at a job and life has handed you one of those rare occasions as an adult when you can truly stop giving a fuck because your actions don’t really matter anymore anyway. Maybe you didn’t go completely off the deep end and start telling everyone you ever disliked at your workplace to go eat a bag of dicks, or set the break room on fire because you’d spent years dealing with a snack machine that ate your change. But being a lame duck brings with it certain privileges…READ MORE…

After an Endless Series of Catastrophes, a Major Shake-Up at the Top of NBC News

By March 04, 2015
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There’s word NBCUniversal has had enough of watching its storied news division be made a laughingstock. Some people may soon be out. And someone from NBC News’s glory days may be back in.

Glenn Greenwald Smears The BBC And British Television Regulator With Comically Inept Journalism

By March 03, 2015
greenwald vs bbc

At the risk of canonizing The Daily Banter’s reputation as a perpetual Glenn Greenwald debunking outlet, The Intercept’s latest article is so rife with comical school boy errors it would be irresponsible of us not to unpack it for the farcical piece of nonsense it is. In Greenwald’s latest screed against vast and pernicious western governments, he decries… Read More

Guy Fieri Made a Giant Pile of Nachos in a Trash Can, Because Your God Has Abandoned You

By March 03, 2015
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Somewhere there’s a little-seen version of the Bible that translates the prophecies of Revelation 6 not as horseman with sackcloth and blood but as a millionaire douchebag in Oakley shades and a multi-colored goatee making 250 servings of gastroenteritis in a garbage can.

MEMBERS ONLY: A Greenwald/Snowden Critic’s Review of ‘Citizenfour’ (It Was Actually Damn Good)

By March 03, 2015

I realize the deep irony in such a review given how I’ve been slamming the reporting surrounding Ed Snowden since day one (I stand by all of it), as well as Glenn Greenwald’s national security reporting for several years prior to that, but I tend to give filmmakers far more latitude because while documentaries can be journalism, they don’t have to be in order to be great.

Jimmy Kimmel Drafts Real Doctors To Say, “Get Your Goddamn Kids Vaccinated”

By March 03, 2015
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If you believe vaccinations cause autism or that children’s bodies simply can’t handle multiple vaccination shots, there’s a pretty good chance nothing the host of a TV show can say will convince you otherwise (unless maybe that host is Jenny McCarthy). That’s why last week, Jimmy Kimmel brought on some real-life doctors for a PSA aimed at getting people to vaccinate their children.

MEMBERS ONLY: The Bob & Chez Show After Party: Greenwald, Citizenfour, and the Oscars

By March 02, 2015

Chez Counts Down His Favorite New Songs; Bob Corresponds with Greenwald; We Review Citizenfour; JFK is an Awesome yet Insane Movie; Cocaine in Hollywood; The Oscars Recap; Better Call Saul; The Latest from Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Sequel; and more!

Stephen Colbert Discusses His Favorite Things About Being Catholic (VIDEO)

By March 02, 2015

One of the many things I admire about Stephen Colbert is that in spite of the anti-religion and vocally anti-Catholic leanings of a large portion of his audience, he owns his Catholicism.

This Year’s CPAC Speakers: Three Generations of Stupid

By March 02, 2015

This year, whether by design or coincidence, CPAC successfully covered all its bases by featuring dumbstupids spanning three generations. Who were these multi-generational representatives of the increasingly marginalized far-right brand?

Reporter Ken Silverstein Confirms What Critics Have Said About ‘The Intercept’ From the Beginning

By February 27, 2015

If journalist Ken Silverstein’s tell-all article published today in Politico Magazine is to be believed, critics of The Intercept have been vindicated.

Somebody Should’ve Knocked Bill O’Reilly on His Ass Years Ago

By February 27, 2015
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Imposing presence or not, the reason Bill O’Reilly is now threatening reporters and shouting insults at critics and engaging in ad hominem attacks against those questioning his reporting history is that enough people behind the scenes played his enablers. Maybe it was upper-management forcing his immediate staff to treat him with kid gloves or maybe those who were able to talk tough to him simply accepted the idea that his quick temper and fits of insane rage were just Bill being Bill. Either way, he never should’ve been allowed to be a one-man wrecking ball throughout a good portion of his career.

There is No Spoon or Dress: How to React to #TheDress

By February 27, 2015

You are presented with a choice. A series of choices, honestly, with the recent distraction of the color-changing dress that has taken the Internet by storm like a Grumpy-Cat-Star-Wars-Kid-Bill-Cosby-Meme-Uma-Thurman-Did-Something-To-Her-Face blitzkrieg of complete and total but absolutely momentary domination.

As Bill O’Reilly’s Lies Expand, So Does His Audience

By February 27, 2015
bill oreilly liar

Disturbingly, as O’Reilly’s lies get bigger and bigger, so too does his audience.

Leonard Nimoy’s Final Public Words Perfectly Sum Up the Beauty of Life

By February 27, 2015
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He lived long. And he prospered. That’s all any of us can ever hope for.