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Europe’s Crazy Modern-Day Dictator You Probably Never Heard Of

By July 02, 2015
Viktor Orban

If you thought the days of European dictatorships were gone, think again.

Bill Kristol Really Needs To Shut the Hell Up On Foreign Policy

By May 21, 2015

Just go away already.

German Aerospace Experts Debunk North Korean Submarine Missile Photos

By May 20, 2015

Retro fashion mogul and all round psychopath Kim Jong Un has yet again made his country the laughing stock of the world with another photoshopped photo of North Korea’s military prowess. In keeping with a long history of botched propaganda photos (more on that below), Kim claimed his country had successfully launched a ballistic missile… Read More

Lindsey Graham Blames Obama for Iraq, not Bush. Yes, Seriously.

By May 19, 2015
Immigration Reform

Lindsey Graham may well have taken first place in the annals of Chutzpah with this truly awesome bending of reality. Speaking to WMUR.com, the South Carolina Senator said: “I blame Obama for Iraq, not Bush.” Just let that sink in for a second.

It’s Official: Kim Jong Un is More Insane than Kim Jong Il

By May 14, 2015
kim jong un

Kim’s brutality is shocking even hardened North Korean elites used to regular purges, random executions and extreme torture.

Is This The Next British Prime Minister?

By May 12, 2015

In the wake of Labour’s colossal defeat at the polls last week and Ed Miliband’s rapid exit, the shadow business secretary, Chuka Umunna has now confirmed he will be standing for the Labour leadership.

The Conservatives May Have Won in Britain But Their Days are Still Numbered

By May 08, 2015

While the Tories have clung onto power in Britain, they should be under no illusion that their days in power are numbered. Labour’s spectacular flop at the polls had little to do with the success of the Conservatives who ran a campaign built on ludicrous falsehoods and fear.

Why Russell Brand Changed his Mind on Voting Days Before UK Election

By May 06, 2015

Former movie star turned political agitator Russell Brand has made a name for himself for his stance on voting. “I don’t vote,” said Brand at the MTV Awards in 2012. “I believe democracy is a pointless spectacle where we choose between two indistinguishable political parties, neither of whom represent the people but the interest of powerful business elites that run the world.”

Brand has not wavered from this stance until now, days before the UK general election.

Sam Harris Exposes Noam Chomsky as a Pedantic Contrarian Unwilling to Debate Seriously

By May 06, 2015
chomsky harris

The email exchange between Noam Chomsky and Sam Harris was a truly ugly encounter that saw Harris attempt to engage Chomsky civilly, only to be rebuffed with relentlessly high handed dismissals and an astonishing refusal to engage Harris on some important issues that would have been enlightening for admirers of both men.

Happy ‘Mission Accomplished’ Anniversary: A Look Back At the Defining Blunder Of G.W. Bush

By May 01, 2015


UK Politicians Are Still Clueless on Drug Policy

By May 01, 2015

While US politicians are responding to changing opinions on recreational drug use, UK politicians are still stuck in the Dark Ages.

Dear George Bush, Kindly F*ck Off and Leave Foreign Policy to the Grown Ups

By April 27, 2015

Dear George Bush, It has come to our attention that you have been expressing views on foreign policy again, 7 years after you left the White House. Apparently you think president Obama’s deal with Iran was a bad one, and as the New York Times reports, “Questioned whether it was wise to lift sanctions against… Read More

New Wealth Inequality Statistics Prove Conservative Economics Do Not Work

By April 27, 2015
golden ferrari

After 5 years of conservative rule, wealth inequality is getting out of control in the UK. Surely it is time to abandon conservative economics once and for all?

8 Year-Old Writes Michelle Obama Demanding the President Bomb Syria and Send Troops To Ukraine

By April 21, 2015

Thankfully for the current GOP presidential field, he’s ineligible to run for another 27 years.

Dear Obama: Screw Turkey’s Denials and Recognize the Armenian Genocide Already

By April 21, 2015

President Obama should let truth prevail this week instead of politics.

President Obama Says Immediate Sanctions Relief For Iran Is On The Table

By April 17, 2015

At a joint press conference Thursday, a little-noticed bit of news was made as President Obama made it pretty clear that at least some immediate sanctions relief for Iran is on the table in the ongoing negotiations for a final nuclear deal.

France Gives Big Gay Middle Finger To Pope Francis

By April 16, 2015

Pope Francis’ famous “Who am I to judge?” comment now seems like a lifetime ago.

Corker Iran Nuke Bill a Flawless Victory For President Obama

By April 15, 2015

The compromise approved Tuesday by the Senate foreign Relations Committee is being reported as a victory for opponents of the Iran nuclear deal, but all they really won was what they already had.


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