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THE WEEKLY MILLENNIAL: Explaining ISIS, Syria, and Rick Perry’s Indictment To Apathetic 20-Somethings

By August 26, 2014
Demotivated students sitting in a lecture hall with one girl napping in college

“Where there is shouting, there is no true knowledge.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Killing ISIS, Neocon Dreams, And The One Thing That Bush Got Right

By August 25, 2014

The resurgence of radical Islam in the form of ISIS (or ISIL or Islamic State or whatever those asses are calling themselves this week) shows that we must continue to focus on fighting this brand of terrorism in any way we can, but that we have to be wise about using our powers. The Far… Read More

Everything You Should Know About These Crazy ISIS F**kers

By August 24, 2014

A helpful guide to the insanity of ISIS.

Vengeance and the Beheading of Another American Journalist

By August 19, 2014

Here we are, once again, engaged militarily in the Middle East and, once again, another American journalist has been captured and his head sawed off on video by Muslim extremists.

BREAKING: ISIS Releases YouTube Video Showing Execution of Missing American Journalist James Foley

By August 19, 2014

Earlier today, a video was uploaded to YouTube called “A Message to #America (from the #IslamicState)” in which a man on his knees who is identified as “James Wright Foley” tells the camera that it is the United States’ fault that he will die and is then executed.

THE WEEKLY MILLENNIAL: Explaining Ferguson, Gaza, and Ebola to Apathetic 20-Somethings

By August 18, 2014
Demotivated students sitting in a lecture hall with one girl napping in college

A weekly round-up of the news catered to Millennial readers’ limited knowledge base and incalculably small attention spans.

Glenn Greenwald Links Police Militarism in Ferguson with Israeli “Police Tactics”

By August 18, 2014

Over the weekend, NSA author and journalist for The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald posted a tweet in which he claimed the St. Louis County police chief visited Israel “to learn about police tactics from the Israelis.”

In Her New Video, Sarah Palin Opposes Ground Troops in Iraq, Also Supports Ground Troops in Iraq

By August 15, 2014

Whisked into her usual word-omelet of rah-rah bumper-sticker patriotism, Palin explains that she doesn’t want boots on the ground, but that she also definitely wants boots on the ground.

The 7 Ballsiest Leaders In History

By August 13, 2014

And we don’t mean balls as in 2 (or more) testicles inside a scrotum, but metaphorical balls built on grit and fortitude, tenacity and a sheer “don’t give a fuck”-ness.

Hillary Clinton Should Keep Quiet on Foreign Policy

By August 11, 2014

Sorry Hillary, if you voted to go into Iraq, you have next to no credibility when it comes to foreign policy.

Lindsey Graham Wants America To Re-Invade Iraq So He Can Look Like A Tough Guy

By August 10, 2014
Immigration Reform

They have learned nothing. Absolutely nothing. One half of the Warmonger Twins, Sen. Lindsey Graham, appeared on Fox News without his blood brother John McCain and pushed a foreign policy solution that was effectively a re-invasion of Iraq. According to Graham, ISIS in Iraq and Syria somehow represents a threat to America – not Americans… Read More

Righties Now Say We Won The Iraq War They Lost

By August 08, 2014

Conservatives, obsessed with rewriting the history of the Iraq War, despite most of us having lived through it, now have adopted a curious tactic with the rise of ISIS. They are claiming they won the war. But the Iraq War was lost moments after George W. Bush ordered “shock and awe.” Before America invaded Iraq,… Read More

Iraq Air Strikes And Back To Normal

By August 07, 2014

President Obama’s announcement that America has bombed ISIS elements in Iraq in order to secure innocents prompted some predictable, but still silly responses. From the far left, any use of U.S. Military assets is always up for debate, no matter how limited or humanitarian. For these folks, there is no responsibility attached to the great… Read More

Republican’s Immigration Plan Forgets One Major Thing About America

By August 07, 2014
Rigoberto Ramos

As usual the GOP finds itself in the awkward position of standing in the way of progress while at the same time trying to co-opt certain facets of said progress for their own political survival.

CNN Lets Ben Shapiro Back On To Lie About Israel Again

By August 07, 2014

The douche is loose once again.

Discredited Wingnut Ben Shapiro Slams CNN On CNN For Being Too Pro-Hamas

By August 05, 2014

Discredited pro-Israel fanatic Ben Shapiro whines that CNN is drawing equivalencies between Hamas and Israel.

With a Friend Like Netanyahu, Who Wants a Friend In the First Place?

By August 04, 2014

Unwavering support from the Obama administration no matter what Israel does hasn’t been enough to satisfy Benjamin Netanyahu, who’s intent on slamming one of the few friends he has left.

Glenn Beck’s Middle East Conspiracy Theory Is About 1,400 Years Late

By August 02, 2014

Glenn Beck says all the violence in the Middle East right now “is a game for the Caliphate,” but where the hell’s he been the last millennium and a half?