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THE MORNING BANTER: Attack on al Qaeda, Cutting Up “American Psycho,” Everybody Hates Chez, and Nietzsche Writes for Upworthy

By April 21, 2014
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Welcome back to Monday. Here are a few internet goodies to soften the blow of having to climb back into the hamster wheel.

Snowden Appears on RT, Asks Putin a Softball Question About Russian Surveillance

By April 17, 2014

On a televised question-and-answer session with Vladimir Putin on the Russian state-controlled RT network, Edward Snowden made an appearance via video and asked Putin about whether Russia engages in mass surveillance. That’s a generous explanation of what happened.

THE MORNING BANTER: Controversial Muslim Surveillance, US Airways Reasonability, Apocalyptic Pastors, and Aaron Sorkin Supercuts

By April 16, 2014

Happy Wednesday! Your taxes are all wrong! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

THE MORNING BANTER: Ukraine Civil Wars, Attorney General Youthful Experimentation, Michelle Malkin’s History of Hatred, and Robert Downey Jr.

By April 15, 2014
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Happy Tuesday! We’re halfway done with April! Whoa! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

Kim Jong Un Is Now Using Flamethrowers To Kill People

By April 10, 2014

It’s been less than two months since the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights (COI) released a report that described Korean leaders employing murder, torture, slavery, sexual violence, mass starvation and other abuses as tools to prop up the state and terrorize “the population into submission.”

Yet this guy still finds a way to surprise us.

THE MORNING BANTER: Russian Secrets, Angry Jon Stewart, ESPY’s Drake, and Saturday Night Live

By April 10, 2014

Happy Thursday! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

THE MORNING BANTER: Security Bugs, Russia Warnings, Geocentric Theories, and 20-Year Old Offspring

By April 09, 2014
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Happy Wednesday! Ten deep breaths and tons of coffee! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

THE MORNING BANTER: Ukraine Deja Vu, Dumb Americans, New Yorker Covers, and Super Mario

By April 08, 2014

Happy Tuesday! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

So Apparently The State Department Is Now Trolling Terrorists on Twitter

By April 04, 2014
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Using the handle @ThinkAgain_DOS, the State Department has been using a few of the million dollars they had allotted for just such occasion to “find users sympathetic to enemies of the state, and troll them until they see the error of their ways.”

Quote of the Day: Russia Tells the U.S. To Chill

By April 03, 2014
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Redefining what it means to be smug.

UN Super Villains Threaten World With Doomsday Plan

By March 31, 2014
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The notorious super villains of the United Nations scientific panel have released a threat to the rest of the world that soon our planet will be no more. While it’s unclear exactly what they want in exchange for holding the world ransom, the report released Monday morning claims that because of a weapon they have dubbed “Global Warming,” all of humanity is now on a collision course with disaster.

THE MORNING BANTER: Pope Meetings, Wikipedia Entries, Sherlock v. Hamlet, and Louis CK on SNL

By March 27, 2014

Happy Thursday! We’re almost there! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

THE MORNING BANTER: Virtual Reality, Drunk Secret Service Agents, Affluenza, and Puff Daddy

By March 26, 2014

Happy Wednesday! The exclamation points make it feel like it’s real. Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

Michelle Obama Sends Chinese Students A Trojan Horse of Truth About Internet Freedom

By March 24, 2014

While most of our collective American-red blood is currently boiling because of our old nemesis Russia and the relatively new dictator on the block, Kim Jong Un, there’s a sleeping giant on the interweb, and Michelle Obama is preparing for the digital world to shake when it wakes up.

Why I Poked You, Mr. Pierce

By March 21, 2014

“Well, damn. Apparently, being a snarky little bastard and mouthing off at one’s betters gets attention.”

How the Cold War at RT is Being Hijacked to Create a Real One

By March 21, 2014
RT cold war 3

The fractured relationships in the RT studio between past and present employees are now being used by other media outlets to create narratives that fit their own ideological ideals. It’s a story that, depending on who you believe, pits on you either Russia or America’s side. It is a mini cold war being used to fight a real Cold War.

US Has Condemned Russia, Now it Must Condemn Israel

By March 18, 2014
U.S. President Obama and Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu shake hands while they hold a joint news conference at the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem

As the world concentrates on Russia’s flagrant abuse of the Geneva Conventions, Israel just placed 10,589 housing settlement units on Palestinian territory and killed 56 Palestinians – only eight months after intensive negotiations began between the US, Israel and Palestine.

Award-Winning Journalist Thomas Ricks Goes to War Against Greenwald

By March 18, 2014

Greenwald and Snowden have been called out for their hypocrisy on Russia and, as we’ve observed, Greenwald definitely isn’t the sort of ego who concedes anything to anyone he perceives as his enemy — and that includes anyone who tweets challenging questions to him, the ranks of which now include two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and national security journalist Thomas Ricks.