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Oliver Willis has been a blogger since 2000 and has one of the most visited sites in the liberal blogosphere. A widely followed Huffington Post contributor and employee for Media Matters, Oliver is one of the major voices on the progressive Left. As the Boston Globe notes, ‘When Oliver Willis talks, the blogosphere cares.’

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The Washington Post’s First, Disgusting, Post-Sale Front Page

It is terrible, and everything wrong with the media today. This is part of the attitude that has led the Post to be sold for a relatively cheap price, same for the Boston Globe and Newsweek.

We Don’t Need Media Shield Laws

The debate over just how to put together a media shield law illustrates why we don’t need them, and in fact the danger within. It isn’t the job of Congress to determine who, exactly is a journalist. Already the definitions being offered in the Senate should send up huge warning sounds. Paid, unpaid, size of… Read More

Denial Of Reality & Conservative Cognitive Dissonance

Earlier this week I listened to several men with somewhat distinguished military careers regurgitate a lot of nonsense. In this instance it was an admiral, a general, and a former CIA operative who were joining up with a whack job conservative group to create a “citizen’s commission” to probe the Benghazi attack. As best I… Read More

Why Hillary Fans (And Everyone Else) Need To Slow Their Roll A Little Bit About 2016

I’m sure the Ready for Hillary people and the establishment Democrats backing the effort are excited about the prospect of Sec. Clinton running, especially since she is better positioned than anybody on earth to be the party’s next nominee and the country’s next president. But chill, a little.

Medicare/Medicaid Funding Proposal Would Hurt, Kill Dialysis Patients

On July 1, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services proposed a reduction in funding for dialysis treatment. This is particularly idiotic and cold-hearted. My mother has end-stage renal disease and has been on dialysis since September of last year. At her dialysis center, the vast majority of the people getting treatment are middle to… Read More

The Nate Silver Effect: Political Media Tries To Protect The Horse & Buggy Industry

The New York Times public editor has written an interesting story that lets us in on some of the hatred traditional political writers at the paper had for Nate Silver’s statistics-based approach to political coverage. It echoes a lot of the whining from Politico and their media writer Dylan Byers last year, who were still… Read More

The Left Waits For Crisis, And That Has To Change

For a long time I have lamented the fact that the left is stuck in reaction mode. As the right has set itself up for an assault on our society at the state and national level, the left’s victories have often come in reaction to right-wing encroachment. Look at the recent victories in favor of… Read More


Meet The Bikini Video Director Team Glenn Beck Is Touting As The Next Steve Jobs

Glenn Beck’s Man in the Moon event in Utah this past weekend featured big ticket speakers like Republican congressmen Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Chris Stewart, right-wing figures Michelle Malkin and David Barton, and Charles Adelman, a technology guru so brilliant and visionary presented as someone who would make Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg look like “morons.” If you’re wondering “who the hell… Read More

Brent Bozell & The Conservative “Not Me” Game

L. Brent Bozell, the ego-heavy character behind the right-wing Media Research Center started promoting his new book on Tuesday, which promises to tell the tale of how the mainstream media “stole” the 2012 election on behalf of President Obama. Bozell’s book follows his most recent book, a 2004 tome on the “coming meltdown” of the… Read More

Your George Zimmerman Trial Commentary Is Stupid

For a trial that is only a few days old, the amount of commentary on the George Zimmerman murder trial has been overwhelming. It has also been mostly stupid, whether it is conservatives making up excuses for Zimmerman’s actions or liberals writing about the racial/social implications of a trial as it is in progress. For… Read More

Snowden Asylum Applications Reveal More Stupidity

Via Wikileaks, NSA leaker Edward Snowden has just released a list of countries where he has applied for asylum. Snowden laughably claims that he risks “persecution” in the United States. You know, because he released classified information, some of it worthy of revelation, much of it done to shame the country and reveal national security… Read More

Little Eddie Snowden Doesn’t Wanna Play Whistleblower No More

Edward Snowden’s statement by way of Wikileaks is hilarious and sad. I don’t know if it was Glenn Greenwald, Julian Assange, the Russian government or someone else who whispered sweet nothings in his ear as he went undercover to leak national security secrets to the world, but he sounds like he’s all tuckered out. It… Read More

DOMA, Voting Rights and the Bigot’s Last Gasp

Bigotry is dying in America. Unfortunately, it isn’t a quick death. But bigotry, at least as far as institutionalized bigotry enshrined by American law in the most shameful manner, is dying. Even as the conservatives on the Supreme Court did their best to defang the Voting Rights Act, the same court came to the logical… Read More

Will Immigration Break Boehner?

It still seems impossible that comprehensive immigration form may actually pass in the Senate on a bipartisan basis, but the question is what the hell will John Boehner do now? A combination of a minority of Republicans and a majority of Democrats could pass the bill, but could it be a bridge too far for… Read More

The Tea Party & The Inevitable Return Of The Stupid Party

If you are part of the conservative movement that supports dead-end, reactionary, doomed to fail policies and legislation this has been a great week for you. The most vibrant sector of Republican politics, the Tea Party, is largely composed of people who are going to die relatively soon. They aren’t growing, and they can only… Read More

Edward Snowden, Childish Simpleton

Two separate dispatches from Edward Snowden on Monday have continued to unravel the wannabe whistleblower and show him to be something of a simpleton in the way he views the world. First, his latest leak published by The Guardian. Snowden has revealed the shocking fact that the American government spies on people. Not just any… Read More

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Review: Man Of Steel

It’s pretty hard to make a globally recognized 75 year old icon appear new and fresh, but somehow Man of Steel manages to do it.

NSA Leaks, Nuance & Me

I’m a pretty bad person to argue in favor of nuance. Historically, I’m more likely to take a hammer to an issue, rather than a scalpel. But for a second, I’d like to amble on over to Nuanceville. I think that leaking classified information is clearly a crime, punishable by jail time and even worse… Read More