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Oliver Willis has been a blogger since 2000 and has one of the most visited sites in the liberal blogosphere. A widely followed Huffington Post contributor and employee for Media Matters, Oliver is one of the major voices on the progressive Left. As the Boston Globe notes,

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Is This A “White” Trayvon? A Handy Chart For Conservatives

In recent weeks, conservatives have tied themselves into knots attempting to shoehorn horrible crimes into a framework which would allow them to attack President Obama and other prominent black leaders for ignoring a white analogue to the Trayvon Martin murder. Because I am a giver, I’ve created a handy flowchart to assist our friends on… Read More

Answering The Syria Question

To start, I trust Barack Obama more than I trusted George W. Bush, particularly on the issue of foreign policy and national security. I make note of that up front because it is the root of my decision making process on what should be done in Syria. A large part of the reason I supported… Read More

Give Miley Cyrus A Break, She’s Just A Modern Era Flapper

This is a 1926 article from the Dallas Morning News: Flapperism–bare knees, petting parties, jazz and the hip flask–is undermining American civilization. At least, that’s what many fathers and mothers believe who, while boasting that THEIR mothers knew how and when to blush and what to blush at, yet admit they can not control their… Read More


Martin Luther King Was A Liberal Progressive Who Favored Left Wing Causes & Don’t You Forget It

For years the right has sought to either de-politicize Rev. King or expunge his leftist sentiment from the public record. We are told time and again that King was somehow beyond ideology and that his quest for civil rights and justice didn’t deal in politics. Bull.


Bradley Manning’s Millenial Consequences

As we are now seeing with Snowden, it really feels as if we have a generation of Americans who believe that simply spewing out digital information because they’ve appointed themselves as the deciders, they should live without consequence.

10 Simultaneous Thoughts On The NSA, Journalism, And That Guy Who Publishes Leaks

I would like to note that it is possible to have several parallel thoughts on national security, detainment, journalism, and other topics in your brain at the same time. Here are some things I believe, all at once: I don’t believe in indiscriminate leaking of national security documents. I believe that our government over classifies… Read More

The Right’s Perpetual Victimhood

There isn’t enough room up on the cross for all the conservatives who act as if the slightest indignity they suffer or perceive is equal to Jesus. No matter the reality, righties act as if they and they alone are among the persecuted, despite the sometimes ridiculous lengths our society goes to treat their absurd… Read More

US Airways/American Merger: Government Has To Help Save Capitalism From Itself

The news that the Department of Justice is opposing the US Airways – American merger is good news, not just because you should never fly US Airways since they love to lose your luggage (happened to me TWICE) but because this type of behavior should never just get a rubber stamp of approval. Even if… Read More

Doug Gansler & How Not To Win A Democratic Primary In Maryland

Doug Gansler is one of several candidates running for the Democratic nomination in Maryland’s upcoming gubernatorial election, and the state’s current attorney general. This race is effectively the race for governor, as the Maryland GOP has been reduced to a rump party with absolutely zero real power to influence the direction of the state (thank… Read More


Your Logical And Perfectly Well Reasoned Argument For Renting Over Home Ownership Is Dumb

Surrounding President Obama’s recent speeches about home ownership, mortgages, and the like, I’ve seen a return of commentary arguing that he’s getting everything wrong in not prioritizing renting over buying.

The Washington Post’s First, Disgusting, Post-Sale Front Page

It is terrible, and everything wrong with the media today. This is part of the attitude that has led the Post to be sold for a relatively cheap price, same for the Boston Globe and Newsweek.

We Don’t Need Media Shield Laws

The debate over just how to put together a media shield law illustrates why we don’t need them, and in fact the danger within. It isn’t the job of Congress to determine who, exactly is a journalist. Already the definitions being offered in the Senate should send up huge warning sounds. Paid, unpaid, size of… Read More

Denial Of Reality & Conservative Cognitive Dissonance

Earlier this week I listened to several men with somewhat distinguished military careers regurgitate a lot of nonsense. In this instance it was an admiral, a general, and a former CIA operative who were joining up with a whack job conservative group to create a “citizen’s commission” to probe the Benghazi attack. As best I… Read More

Why Hillary Fans (And Everyone Else) Need To Slow Their Roll A Little Bit About 2016

I’m sure the Ready for Hillary people and the establishment Democrats backing the effort are excited about the prospect of Sec. Clinton running, especially since she is better positioned than anybody on earth to be the party’s next nominee and the country’s next president. But chill, a little.

Medicare/Medicaid Funding Proposal Would Hurt, Kill Dialysis Patients

On July 1, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services proposed a reduction in funding for dialysis treatment. This is particularly idiotic and cold-hearted. My mother has end-stage renal disease and has been on dialysis since September of last year. At her dialysis center, the vast majority of the people getting treatment are middle to… Read More

The Nate Silver Effect: Political Media Tries To Protect The Horse & Buggy Industry

The New York Times public editor has written an interesting story that lets us in on some of the hatred traditional political writers at the paper had for Nate Silver’s statistics-based approach to political coverage. It echoes a lot of the whining from Politico and their media writer Dylan Byers last year, who were still… Read More

The Left Waits For Crisis, And That Has To Change

For a long time I have lamented the fact that the left is stuck in reaction mode. As the right has set itself up for an assault on our society at the state and national level, the left’s victories have often come in reaction to right-wing encroachment. Look at the recent victories in favor of… Read More


Meet The Bikini Video Director Team Glenn Beck Is Touting As The Next Steve Jobs

Glenn Beck’s Man in the Moon event in Utah this past weekend featured big ticket speakers like Republican congressmen Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Chris Stewart, right-wing figures Michelle Malkin and David Barton, and Charles Adelman, a technology guru so brilliant and visionary presented as someone who would make Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg look like “morons.” If you’re wondering “who the hell… Read More