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Oliver Willis has been a blogger since 2000 and has one of the most visited sites in the liberal blogosphere. A widely followed Huffington Post contributor and employee for Media Matters, Oliver is one of the major voices on the progressive Left. As the Boston Globe notes,

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Conservatives Have Free Reign In Kansas. It’s Failing.

In Kansas, they can’t (honestly) blame liberals for the state’s economic downturn. They’ve been given a free hand. They were able to enact whatever they wanted, and it has been a miserable failure at a time when other states – including very blue Democratic states like here in Maryland – have been recovering from the Bush recession.


Area Crappy Journalist Wonders: “Why Are You So Ideological?”

An area journalist has been asking you and other people she knows why you’re “so darn ideological.” In between arranging her social calendar and deciding which cocktail parties she’ll go to, the journalist for a political blog on a mainstream newspaper website was completely befuddled by your possession of a system of beliefs and core… Read More


Ron Fournier Cheerled For Bush While Covering Him, Now Tells Press To Attack Obama

You shouldn’t take National Journal‘s Ron Fournier as a serious character. He’s a creature of the perverse D.C. media culture and now basically exists to write trollish articles attacking President Obama in the hopes that Matt Drudge will pick them up and give the insular D.C. publication a little juice at regular intervals (I verified… Read More


The Story of Barack Obama (As Told By Conservatives)

Barack Obama was born in Kenya. His father was the communist Frank Marshall Davis, who taught the young Barack the ways of Communism. And that’s just the beginning…


Did Janet Reno Really Call For “The Prohibition of Firearms” In 1993?

In the middle of a discussion about guns on Twitter a conservative who I am friendly with showed me this graphic with a purported quote from then-Attorney General Janet Reno. In the quote Reno supposedly says, “Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of firearms is the goal.” The… Read More


The Secret Of #myNYPD: New Yorkers Love Their Cops

If you were to use this past week’s failed entry into social media, #myNYPD , as a barometer for how New Yorkers feel about the police, you’d believe that most in the city distrust the cops and that the popular view of corrupt, aggressive law officers was the dominant opinion. You would also learn a lesson… Read More


Please Talk About Me! Bill O’Reilly Thinks Beyonce Is Responsible For Pregnant Black Teens

Bill O’Reilly is a weird guy. In this round of activity, Bill — while playing video of Beyonce writhing on the camera for Fox’s target audience – rails against Beyonce’s influence, as recently highlighted in Time magazine. Oddly enough, Bill chooses in the exchange  — with a black female pundit — to argue that Beyonce… Read More


Media Research Center Would Really Like To Talk Smack About Chelsea Clinton

The right wing Media Research Center would really like to talk smack about Chelsea Clinton, who recently announced that she is pregnant. Here is Tim Graham, the center’s Director of Media Analysis (also race-baiter and ghost writer for founder Brent Bozell) lamenting a Washington Post opinion blog noting that his side of the aisle has been… Read More


The Almighty Liberal Media, The Most Powerful Force Known To Man

If you listen to conservatives, you’d be at a loss to describe what exactly the liberal media can’t do. According to them: The liberal media has controlled the outcome of every election, except for 2004, 2000, 1988, 1984, and 1980 when it apparently went on vacation. The liberal media has chosen every losing Republican presidential… Read More


Yes, But What Does The Klan Guy Think?

In our ongoing efforts to include all voices in our great national discussion, I propose that we must include the voice of the Ku Klux Klan. Several people have argued that we are approaching an era of excluding voices, no matter how absurd they may appear to be, from these discussions. They have argued that… Read More


This Website Tricked Dumb People With Fake News, And Is Making Money Doing It

So here’s a new entrant in the morally sketchy, but probably financially rewarding sweepstakes that is the online content dash for cash. Meet, a website with fake news stories and poorly written satire. The motivation behind the site appears to be in line with The Daily Currant, a poorly written news satire website that… Read More


Kochs Should Stand By Their Words Or Get Out Of Politics

Count me among those confused by the conservative reaction to criticism of GOP financiers Charles & David Koch. People on both sides of the aisle have regularly vilified the big-pocket donors on the other side. In the 1990s liberals heard about Richard Mellon Scaife’s project to take down the Clintons, after that we heard about… Read More


Charles Koch & The New Conservative Wimp Culture

STOPPPPPP YOU’RE HURTING MY FEEEEEELINGS is apparently the new clarion call of the conservative movement. I’m still a little shocked by it. The latest whiny conservative is multi-billionaire conservative financier Charles Koch, who has written an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, the official outlet of the poor put-upon 1%, to complain that he’s actually… Read More


#CancelColbert And Why Some Liberals Need To Grow The Hell Up

In instances like the entire #CancelColbert nonsense, the advantage with youth on the left side of the aisle can often feel like a liability. The real world is decidedly not a college campus, where the act of protest against college administrators often becomes enough of an annoyance or hindrance to daily operations that it results… Read More

Executive Vice President of the NRA LaPierre holds a 300 Remington Ultra Mag that was auctioned off after he gave the keynote address at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Perverse Reality Of Modern Gun Culture

I will concede that the left has been on the losing side of the battle over guns for some time. The right is unified, as it often is, while Democrats are afraid of their own shadows on the issue. Even when polling supports a position, the side of extreme gun advocacy — the NRA —… Read More


None Of These Men Will Ever Be President

I wish that the next presidential campaign was a long ways away,but it sadly isn’t. The race to succeed President Obama is already in extremely low gear, and as the 2014 elections end the mad dash will be accelerated. While I think that Democrats will be the favorite going into the election, there are some… Read More


“True Detective” & Embracing The Light

The following contains some slight spoilers for the finale of True Detective. I started on True Detective a while after everyone else, as usual, and I watched the whole run over the last four days. When I got to the finale, I was shocked that it had been so negatively received online. I’m a huge… Read More


Republican Voldermort: None Dare Speak His Name

In the Harry Potter books and films, the residents of the magical world fear the black wizard Voldermort so much that even a casual mention of his name is frowned upon. Instead they use “You Know Who” to refer to the man responsible for the deaths of many magicians and regular humans. George W. Bush… Read More