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Oliver Willis has been a blogger since 2000 and has one of the most visited sites in the liberal blogosphere. A widely followed Huffington Post contributor and employee for Media Matters, Oliver is one of the major voices on the progressive Left. As the Boston Globe notes, ‘When Oliver Willis talks, the blogosphere cares.’

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Barack Obama

Conservative Anger At Obama For Being Boring

Barack Obama is a mainstream, center-left Democratic president. On the key issues of the day, there isn’t a whole lot of daylight between Obama, President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, Hillary Clinton or John Kerry. There are slight quibbles here and there and the glaring issue of the Iraq War, but besides that… Read More


Just Another Example Of Why We Need Regulation

This is slightly more wonky than I usually get, but its worth noting and revisiting this for a second. We’ve all forgotten about it by now, but last October there was a multi-state meningitis outbreak that killed several people. The outbreak happened because a steroid solution created by a medical compounding center had become infected… Read More


More Proof “Stand Your Ground” Is Perverse Red State Madness

I’m on vacation here in rural Georgia at my aunt’s house and the following story has popped up locally. It is yet another example of just how screwed up “stand your ground” style laws are in actual execution: For now, the state has not filed any charges against Joe Hendrix, who admits to shooting a… Read More


Former Secret Service Agent Turned GOP Grifter Dan Bongino Answers His Own Question

Dan Bongino ran for Senate in Maryland and got clobbered by Democrat Ben Cardin in a nearly 30% drubbing. Since then he’s made the rounds in the conservative grifter circuit, and is now selling a book to the rubes while also planning to run in an upcoming congressional race (which he’ll likely lose). In the… Read More


Conservatives Say Obama Has Lost More US Troops Than Bush. That’s Crazy.

In the middle of one of my regular arguments with conservatives on Twitter, I was surprised to see several of them make the assertion that we had lost more U.S. troops in combat with President Obama than we did under President Bush.


Lee Harvey Oswald Shot & Killed President Kennedy

For a long time I was one of these people who really truly believed that there were many hidden mysteries to the JFK assassination. I watched Oliver Stone’s movie, read several books on the topic, and knew – just knew – there was “something” there. There isn’t. I was just like many other conspiracy theorists,… Read More


Batkid & The Triumph Of The Superhero

The entire phenomenon of Batkid on Friday was amazing. It was a shared moment, both on the ground in San Francisco, and online across the world thanks to Twitter, Instagram, and the rest of social media.

It was also another milestone in the ongoing triumph of the superhero. From the inception of Superman 75 years ago this past June to week after week of Hollywood blockbusters, this is a world many of us could have never imagined.


5 Reasons Pro Wrestling Is Better Than The Mainstream Media

Professional wrestling, particularly World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) – the dominant brand in the business – often gets derided because of over the top characters and predetermined outcomes. But in many ways the work of the WWE Universe is far superior to what the mainstream media – particularly those covering politics – offers up on a… Read More


How To Completely Obliterate A Presidential Candidate

This doesn’t always work. While there is a method to political destruction, the best practitioners of the dark arts cannot win an election for a fatally flawed candidate. It may seem hokey, but voters prefer to vote FOR someone instead of AGAINST another. The best run campaign cannot overcome the basic shortcomings of a flawed… Read More

Why Conservatives Aren’t Learning A Damned Thing From Losing All These Elections

According to the right, here are just a few things that taint the fact that Terry McAuliffe won Virginia’s gubernatorial election: -          If Cuccinelli would have had just a few more days, he would have won. As if the election was suddenly sprung on anyone. -          Obamacare narrowed the gap they claimed was fake a… Read More

Election Day 2013 Prediction

Today’s elections are considerably less exciting than last year’s, naturally. On one hand the fate of the entire planet, on the other hand New Jersey and Virginia. That said, the two elections show the problems facing the GOP. Chris Christie isn’t a moderate, but he fakes it well. Oddly enough, hugging Barack Obama may have… Read More

An Important Lesson I Learned About Confidence Vs. Desperation And Winning Elections

There was once a time when Democrats were lousy at winning elections, especially at the federal election. Us old timers refer to this period as 2001-2006. As the 2004 election approached some of us liberal bloggers had a debate about what, exactly, was the best attitude to have as an election approached. The mindset I… Read More

Conservatives Are The Boy Who Cried “Death Panel”

Remember back in 2010 when Obamacare secretly had death panels that would pull a Kevorkian on your grandmother? And then it was going to balloon the deficit, and it was a stealth plot to force single payer, and it was going to lead to a doctor shortage, and it would have doctors reporting on your… Read More

The Most Important Thing Liberals Need To Know About How To Change The World

Over the last couple of days I had an Excel chart I generated go somewhat viral. It’s been retweeted over 900 times and it got written up in The Huffington Post and in the UK Guardian. Also, Wil Wheaton retweeted it. So I’ve got some serious geek credits built up. But I want to address… Read More

Yeah, But What If The Founding Fathers Were Alive Today? What Would They Think?

People often like to frame today’s issues through the eyes of America’s Founding Fathers, but if they were really alive today it would probably work more like this: “What are these lighter than air metal beasts?” “50 states, you say? But what of the Spanish and French settlements?” “The exposed flesh of all these harlots… Read More

Brian Schweitzer Can’t Be The Democratic Nominee For President

Montana governor Brian Schweitzer is a good public speaker and has the right amount of folksiness to charm audiences. In fact, his speech at the 2008 Democratic Convention was one of the more impressive displays. That said, he can’t be the Democratic nominee for President in 2016 for at least two reasons. First of all,… Read More

The Media Is Hurting The GOP, But Not The Way You Think They Are

The media is hurting the GOP in their quest to regain power and standing in America. Not in the way you traditionally hear about it, however. It isn’t that a vast liberal conspiracy is conspiring to conspire against Republicans and conservatives in order to marginalize them. Far from it. As studies and rational analysis have… Read More

The Right’s Crisis Of Infinite Ragegasms

Imagine if you will that an alien life form has come to your planet, taken it over, made you into some sort of subservient being along with people that look like you, but somehow some people were just fine and dandy with it – they don’t react to the seven-tongued alien sloth that has subsumed… Read More