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Oliver Willis has been a blogger since 2000 and has one of the most visited sites in the liberal blogosphere. A widely followed Huffington Post contributor and employee for Media Matters, Oliver is one of the major voices on the progressive Left. As the Boston Globe notes,

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GOP Rep. Christopher Lee Caught Trying To Cheat On His Wife On Craigslist

Insert comment about family values here. Rep. Christopher Lee is a married Republican congressman serving the 26th District of New York. But when he trolls Craigslist’s “Women Seeking Men” forum, he’s Christopher Lee, “divorced” “lobbyist” and “fit fun classy guy.” One object of his flirtation told us her story. On the morning of Friday, January… Read More

Report: Obama Planning To Cut Energy Assistance For The Poor

This better be a big ass joke. President Obama’s proposed 2012 budget will cut several billion dollars from the government’s energy assistance fund for poor people, officials briefed on the subject told National Journal. It’s the biggest domestic spending cut disclosed so far, and one that will likely generate the most heat from the president’s traditional… Read More

Republicans Invite Hate Group "Scholar" To Tesify On The Federal Reserve

The Keystone Kongress hasn’t been in charge for very long, and yet they’re already scraping the barrel on people they invite to testify. The ranking Democrat on a House panel overseeing the Federal Reserve on Wednesday accused a witness invited by Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) of being affiliated with a “hate group.” The first meeting… Read More

Maryland Is #1 In AP (Advanced Placement) Success For 3rd Year In A Row

Congrats to Maryland’s students. From the College Board: The top 10 states with the greatest proportion of their seniors from the class of 2010 having at least one successful AP experience were: Maryland (26.4 percent), New York (24.6 percent), Virginia (23.7 percent), Connecticut (23.2 percent), Massachusetts (23.1 percent), California (22.3 percent), Florida (22.3 percent), Vermont… Read More

Keystone Kongress Strikes Again

The Boehner led GOP is continuing to show us how not to run the House of Representatives. “The House yesterday failed to extend the life of three surveillance tools that are key to the nation’s post-Sept. 11 antiterror law, a slipup for the new Republican leadership that miscalculated the level of opposition,” the AP writes…. Read More

Christine O'Donnell To Build Addition To Home, In Totally Unrelated News She Has A PAC

Ok, I’m joking, but just a little bit. Christine O’Donnell has announced a new PAC to go and investigate “the left.” This PAC will be run out of her home, apparently, and considering her history of using campaign funds to pay things like her rent – this seems to be the continuation of a very… Read More

Olbermann Will Be Chief News Officer For Current TV

On his conference call announcing his new venture, Keith Olbermann has announced that he will be chief news officer for Current TV, with a tv show debuting later this year. Olbermann says it will be “news that is produced independently of corporate interference.”

VIDEO: Superman Classic Is AWESOME

I want this. Like, all the time. Please. (via)

Poll Shows Republicans Are Apparently Delusional

The topline story everyone is taking away from this CNN poll of Republicans is that a majority of respondents favor a candidate that “can beat Barack Obama” over one who “agrees with you on issues.” This is supposed to tell us that GOP voters will be pragmatic. But if you look at the same poll,… Read More

Jerry Jones Reminds Us That Dallas Sucks

Has it ever happened before in NFL history that an owner has to compose a letter discussing (not quite apologizing) for the seriously crappy job they did of hosting the Super Bowl? And yet, here is Jerry Jones doing just that. Dallas sucks, proven once again.

Doctors Taking A Stand Versus Treating Unvaccinated Children

The problem of non-vaccination is reaching a crisis point, and doctors are reacting to this by turning away patients who aren’t vaccinated: “If an adult caregiver or parent decides not to vaccinate their children, we feel that they’re taking an unnecessary risk, so we wanted to take a strong stand and say this is so… Read More

Glenn Reynolds Attacks NAACP, Continues Beclowning Himself

I’ve pointed out numerous times just how pathetic, dishonest, and thin skinned Glenn Reynolds (aka Instapundit) is. But he must be feeling his irrelevancy increase, because now he’s decided to join his fellow conservatives in stupid race talk. In this instance, Reynolds whines about the NAACP not directly responding to the idiotic Daily Caller’s attempt… Read More

Ding Dong The DLC Is Dead, But Third Way Is Its Zombie Offspring

It’s an unvarnished good news story that the DLC is closing up shop. The effort by corporate lobbyists to shift the Democratic party to the right was far too succesful, which set in place a lot of the deregulation that helped the economic crisis occur. That’s the DLC legacy. Sadly, right wing voodoo economics still… Read More

Conservatives Acted As Mubarak Stooges By Pushing Muslim Brotherhood Storyline

For a few days now, conservative media figures have pushed the idea that the spectre of the Muslim Brotherhood – despite considerable evidence to the contrary – was somehow behind the continued uprising in Egypt. Now there seems to be some evidence that when they promoted this information, conservatives were just acting as Mubarak stooges… Read More

Universal Flu Vaccine Being Tested

Thankfully, science keeps marching on. A universal flu vaccine has been successfully tested on humans with the disease for the first time, it was reported Monday. The U.K.’s Guardian newspaper said that unlike existing vaccines, this one, which was tested by scientists at Britain’s Oxford University, does not need to be changed every year to… Read More

Super Bowl XLV Prediction

Steelers by 10. For some reason, I don’t think the game is going to be very good, despite the long history of both teams that are playing. And now, the last time I actually cared about a Super Bowl’s outcome: ALSO: Deion Sanders in the Hall of Fame? Fail.

Obama Triggers Blackouts? Again, Not True

Obama Triggers Blackouts was trending on Google today, and Fox Nation was pushing the Alex Jones (9-11 truther) story behind it. The White House blog debunks this latest conspiracy: Some are trying to blame these blackouts – which the industry has already provided explanation for – on Clean Air Act standards under consideration to curb… Read More

Sarah Palin Trademark Refused. Why? She Didn't Sign The Application

PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s bid to trademark both her name and that of her daughter Bristol ran into trouble at the Patent and Trademark Office because the application forms were not signed, government records show. Applications to trademark the names Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin were filed on November 5,… Read More


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