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Oliver Willis has been a blogger since 2000 and has one of the most visited sites in the liberal blogosphere. A widely followed Huffington Post contributor and employee for Media Matters, Oliver is one of the major voices on the progressive Left. As the Boston Globe notes, ‘When Oliver Willis talks, the blogosphere cares.’

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Make The Call: Drones, Soldiers Or Do Nothing

Drones are not perfect. Their use is based on data collection, human intelligence and other factors. When a drone strikes a target, there is always the element of randomness in its mission. Drones have killed innocent civilians while targeting terrorists and Taliban elements. Yet, of the options on the table, they are the least bad… Read More


The Right Is Going To Elect President Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton takes the presidential oath of office on January 20, 2017, her victory will be partially thanks to voters, volunteers, donors and… the right wing. The very concept of Hillary Clinton running for the presidency, let alone winning it, seems to have the same effect on the right as waving a red flag… Read More


The Republican Party Is A Corpse

The Republican Party, as we know it, has ceased to exist. To be sure, there is a national party with the brand “Republican” that fields candidates across the country for national, statewide and municipal elections, but at a real, practical level it is just a corpse that is pulled around by the real men (and they’re almost all men) with power and fat check books.


Liberals Need To Get Happy

Middle of the road. Not bold enough. Not progressive enough. These are all charges that have been leveled at President Obama. They were also leveled at Lyndon Johnson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Bill Clinton. American liberals have a hard time being happy with what they’ve got. We don’t live in a system with viable third parties,… Read More

Redskins Super Bowl Ring 1987

The Washington Redskins Should Change Their Name

First, some caveats. I am a life-long Washington Redskins fan. I am not a sports fan or football fan, but I am a Redskins fan. I bleed burgundy and gold. I own several Redskins jerseys, including Gus Frerotte, Doug Williams and a custom Redskins jersey with my own name on it. I have Redskins posters… Read More


The Religious Right Is In Full Retreat, Same Sex Marriage Edition

The religious right is in complete retreat across the cultural battlefield. In truth, they have been in retreat for some time but the unfortunate success of the Bush campaign in 2004 was incorrectly viewed at the time as a great success of the movement, rather than its last gasp. Like segregationists in the south in… Read More


Does The Religious Right Think The Bible Is Profane, “Destructive & Damaging”?

The ninnies at the far right anti-gay “American Family Association” sent out an action alert on Monday night, urging their lemmings — er, supporters, to jump all over Chevrolet and make annoying phone calls to local Chevy dealers because of this mildly amusing commercial. Their objection to the ad is its punchline, where the announcer… Read More


Leaked Documents Reveal America’s Greatest Military Secret

Illegally obtained documents leaked to this publication have revealed, for the first time apparently, the greatest military secret in the history of the United States. We can reveal, exclusively, that the United States has … a standing army. The details of this program, described as “the U.S. military” are laid out in documents obtained by… Read More


Conservatism In The Real World: W. VA Complained About Coal Regulation 3 Months Ago, Now There’s An Epic Chemical Spill

Look, silly government red tape is useless and a hindrance to legitimate business — but some things need to be regulated, specifically fuel sources that are an environmental hazard in their production and use. Why? BECAUSE PEOPLE CAN DIE.


Conservatives Rewrite History Again, Bill Clinton Edition

In order to cover up for their historic obstruction to enabling the basic functions of government under President Obama, conservatives have decided to do one of the things they do best: lie about history. In their retelling, Republicans were pleased to work side by side with President Bill Clinton, which resulted in the economic boom… Read More


The Iraq Warmongers Are Back

It’s one thing to have been dead wrong about Iraq in 2003, but if you hold the same views in 2014 you’re an idiot. And yet here we have the same people – almost to a man and woman – banging the drums for U.S. Intervention in Iraq or lamenting the fact that there aren’t… Read More


If Someone Is Watching, Should It Be The NSA?

Over the last few months I’ve honestly wrestled with the implications of Edward Snowden’s national security leaks. The part I’m unambiguous about is that he clearly broke the law, exposed American security to enemy elements and is a traitor — not a whistleblower. I feel that I’m on pretty solid ground when it comes to… Read More


Did Fox News Inspire The White “Knockout Game” Attacker?

Conrad Alvin Barrett of Katy, TX, has been charged under the federal hate crimes laws for a “knockout” attack on a 79 year old black man. Police found out about the crime after Barrett showed the video he had taken to an officer. According to the FBI, he describes it as a “knockout” attack on… Read More


7 Astronauts Died, Beyonce Uses Them As Background Noise

A friend passed on this new Beyonce video, XO, to me. I didn’t like the song but what was really jarring is that Beyonce uses the audio from mission control from the Challenger disaster as part of the intro. “Obviously a major malfunction” is what was said minutes after the shuttle exploded, taking the lives… Read More


I Just Had One Of The Weirdest Conversations In The History Of Twitter

A late night Twitter conversation devolves quickly into world-class weird and I was in the thick of it. This started out when I gave Fox News a hard time for asserting that Jesus and Santa Claus were white. Megyn Kelly Wants Kids At Home To Know That Jesus And Santa Were White MMKAY —… Read More


Conservatives Slam Revolutionary Who Used Violence To Achieve Goals

Conservatives slammed George Washington as a violent revolutionary who achieved his goals by spilling human blood. “This man ordered the deaths of hundreds of English servicemen,” said radio host Rush Limbaugh, “and now liberals want to honor him by naming streets, bridges, even an entire city and state after him. Unbelievable!” Others pointed to Washington’s… Read More

The Sermon on the MountCarl Bloch, 1890

What If Today’s Right Wing Media Covered Jesus’ Life?

An influential man preaching income redistribution, peace, love and understanding? If today’s right wing media had been around in the time of Jesus, I don’t think they’d be welcoming him with open arms. “Loose Woman Claims ‘Virgin Birth’ In Bethlehem” “Radical Cleric John The Baptist Promotes ‘Jesus’” “Far Left Radical Claims Poor Will Be Rewarded… Read More


Third Way: The Republican Wing Of The Democratic Party Attempts Another Takeover

When I first became involved in progressive Democratic politics, it was the worst of times. Bush won election with the help of the Supreme Court, and Democrats were running scared. The Democrats were further shocked into paralysis after 9/11 and were decimated in the 2002 midterm elections. Not coincidentally, this was a great time for… Read More