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Oliver Willis has been a blogger since 2000 and has one of the most visited sites in the liberal blogosphere. A widely followed Huffington Post contributor and employee for Media Matters, Oliver is one of the major voices on the progressive Left. As the Boston Globe notes,

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The One Time The Media Should Believe The Right, They Don’t

People don’t often change. Once they settle into patterns of behavior in adulthood, they often stay with them until they die. Sure, sometimes there are dramatic come to Jesus moments of clarity and self reflection, but especially with habits – bad habits – we as a species stick to them. Which is why its curious… Read More


Watch: Darrell Issa & The Washington Examiner Team Up To Lie About A Democrat

For the last year or so, Republican Rep. Darrell Issa, the chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee has selectively leaked transcripts, evidence and more in order to obscure just how fruitless his investigations into the IRS and Benghazi have been. Time and time again, Issa ends up with egg on his face as… Read More


Conservatives Think Private Charity Can Fill In For The Government, That’s Stupid

Conservatives often say that private charity can care for the needy without the tyranny of taxation imposed by government. This is stupid. Private charity is great, and provides life-changing services for thousands, maybe millions of people – but the funds it has available are miniscule when compared to the problems at hand. Before Social Security,… Read More


Ronald Reagan Is Dead, Let Him Be

Conservatives invoke the name of Ronald Reagan as if he were simply on sabbatical, out of the public eye on his ranch having deep thoughts on the future of America. President Reagan is dead. He died ten years ago and left the political scene in America almost a decade before that. Yet in the world… Read More


The Catastrophic Success Of Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel launched in October of 1996. As a business and ratings enterprise, Fox News has been an unqualified success. Its ratings far surpass MSNBC and CNN, and while the bulk of its advertisers are targeting octogenarians (catheters, reverse mortgages and gold are its staples), it has been a financial success for Rupert Murdoch… Read More


Carly Fiorina Leads GOP Women’s Outreach Campaign After Failing Everywhere Else

According to the gang of idiots over at Breitbart, who are reliable re-writers of conservative press releases, Carly Fiorina has been tasked with heading up a super PAC called “Unlocking Potential” (The UP Project)  focused on women’s issues. This is just the latest flailing attempt by the right to push back on the horrific PR… Read More


Department Of False Equivalence: Judiciary Branch Edition

So in the middle of the Supreme Court decisions being handed down from Mount Olympus this morning, I remarked on Twitter that in my experience, liberals don’t question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court when things don’t go our way the way that conservatives so often do. As always happens when I am blunt about… Read More


The Conservative Boys Who Cried Wolf: The Fake “Scandal” Obsession Of The Right Marches On

Last night Darrell Issa took his IRS show into prime time. The guy who wants to be the Ken Starr of the Obama administration once again bungled his case, hectoring IRS commissioner John Koskinen about emails from Lois Lerner that are the new squirrel in the horrible, botched investigation into the IRS. It is yet… Read More


Attention Reality-Based Community: The Delusional Madness of Bushworld Continues

Former Bush security adviser Elliott Abrams begins his article in Politico blaming Obama for the problems in the Middle East with the sort of rank insanity that led this country for eight sad years under his old boss: “The Middle East that Obama inherited in 2009 was largely at peace.” Let’s just look at Iraq, the country… Read More


What If… Fox News Covered The Marvel Universe?

What if our friends at Fox News were tasked to cover the fictional Marvel Universe? What would that look like? I am the Watcher, and I am asking: WHAT IF… FOX NEWS COVERED THE MARVEL UNIVERSE? THE OREILLY FACTOR: “You let these mutants — muties, really, marry normal Americans and that’s the end of it…. Read More


Bush’s Folly Strikes Again: Iraq And America

George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq has cost the world more lives. The ISIS incursion has been enabled thanks to the power vacuum Bush’s invasion created, combined with the inability of the Bush regime to make any serious plans for post-occupation Iraq. The Republican Party’s last two standard-bearers – Romney and McCain – would… Read More


11 Years and Thousands Of Lives Later, Conservatives Are Still Lying About The Iraq War

You would think that after promoting and cheerleading for the Iraq War and the politicians who pushed that failed policy, that conservatives would have found some humility or honesty about the topic along the way. You would be wrong. The conservative movement and the Republican Party are still lying to themselves and everyone else about… Read More


No, Wall Street Journal, Comic Books Are Not Descending Into A Liberal Chamber Of Horrors

An editorial in the Wall Street Journal makes the complaint that comic books are currently descending into liberalism, while conservative themes and ideas are being stamped out. As always when conservatives play the victim, this is not accurate. The editorial is co-written by former Batman writer Chuck Dixon, who makes the complaint that “Batman became… Read More


Wingnuts Think It’s All About Them, Breitbart Edition

On the idiotic, writer Christian Toto links to news that History Channel is working on a new miniseries about the founding fathers. His spin on it is that the network is targeting “the tea party” with this programming, and that it “comes at an interesting time in our political culture, given the Constitutional questions… Read More


Republicans Are Already Handing The White House To Hillary Clinton

One of the most true, bipartisan rules of American politics is this: When the other guy is doing your dirty work for you, let them. There are groups of varying competence on the left already pushing a Clinton presidential run, but none of them has done as much work for a possible Clinton 2016 campaign… Read More

Trey Gowdy

Conservatism Is A Desperate, Sick And Absurd Conspiracy Theory

I can pinpoint one of the most gut-wrenching days of my life. November 2, 2004. I can almost nail the exact moment it became terrible: about 10:30 pm, EST. That was the moment in which America decided to re-elect George W. Bush. I’ve analyzed that moment over and over and over, and I will go… Read More

Ramesh Ponnuru

Watch This National Review Writer Get Caught Lying In One Paragraph

Ramesh Ponnuru is one of the conservatives that the liberal intelligentsia loves to like. He isn’t a James Dobson bible-beater, nor is he a Louie Gohmert reactionary. He’s the kind of conservative who wears a suit, speaks in measured tones, and is still a liar. Check out Ponnuru’s latest for National Review: Whenever somebody says… Read More


We Should All Be Laughing At The GOP’s Benghazi Clown Show, Here’s Why

Liberals laughing at the inept show trial being organized in the guise of the House GOP’s Benghazi Select are causing the right to cry (this is all they do anymore) like stuck pigs. Good. The Benghazi committee is the equivalent of Democrats in 2006 setting up a committee to discuss whether 9/11 was an inside… Read More