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Oliver Willis has been a blogger since 2000 and has one of the most visited sites in the liberal blogosphere. A widely followed Huffington Post contributor and employee for Media Matters, Oliver is one of the major voices on the progressive Left. As the Boston Globe notes, ‘When Oliver Willis talks, the blogosphere cares.’

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Attention Reality-Based Community: The Delusional Madness of Bushworld Continues

Former Bush security adviser Elliott Abrams begins his article in Politico blaming Obama for the problems in the Middle East with the sort of rank insanity that led this country for eight sad years under his old boss: “The Middle East that Obama inherited in 2009 was largely at peace.” Let’s just look at Iraq, the country… Read More


What If… Fox News Covered The Marvel Universe?

What if our friends at Fox News were tasked to cover the fictional Marvel Universe? What would that look like? I am the Watcher, and I am asking: WHAT IF… FOX NEWS COVERED THE MARVEL UNIVERSE? THE OREILLY FACTOR: “You let these mutants — muties, really, marry normal Americans and that’s the end of it…. Read More


Bush’s Folly Strikes Again: Iraq And America

George W. Bush’s decision to invade Iraq has cost the world more lives. The ISIS incursion has been enabled thanks to the power vacuum Bush’s invasion created, combined with the inability of the Bush regime to make any serious plans for post-occupation Iraq. The Republican Party’s last two standard-bearers – Romney and McCain – would… Read More


11 Years and Thousands Of Lives Later, Conservatives Are Still Lying About The Iraq War

You would think that after promoting and cheerleading for the Iraq War and the politicians who pushed that failed policy, that conservatives would have found some humility or honesty about the topic along the way. You would be wrong. The conservative movement and the Republican Party are still lying to themselves and everyone else about… Read More


No, Wall Street Journal, Comic Books Are Not Descending Into A Liberal Chamber Of Horrors

An editorial in the Wall Street Journal makes the complaint that comic books are currently descending into liberalism, while conservative themes and ideas are being stamped out. As always when conservatives play the victim, this is not accurate. The editorial is co-written by former Batman writer Chuck Dixon, who makes the complaint that “Batman became… Read More


Wingnuts Think It’s All About Them, Breitbart Edition

On the idiotic, writer Christian Toto links to news that History Channel is working on a new miniseries about the founding fathers. His spin on it is that the network is targeting “the tea party” with this programming, and that it “comes at an interesting time in our political culture, given the Constitutional questions… Read More


Republicans Are Already Handing The White House To Hillary Clinton

One of the most true, bipartisan rules of American politics is this: When the other guy is doing your dirty work for you, let them. There are groups of varying competence on the left already pushing a Clinton presidential run, but none of them has done as much work for a possible Clinton 2016 campaign… Read More

Trey Gowdy

Conservatism Is A Desperate, Sick And Absurd Conspiracy Theory

I can pinpoint one of the most gut-wrenching days of my life. November 2, 2004. I can almost nail the exact moment it became terrible: about 10:30 pm, EST. That was the moment in which America decided to re-elect George W. Bush. I’ve analyzed that moment over and over and over, and I will go… Read More

Ramesh Ponnuru

Watch This National Review Writer Get Caught Lying In One Paragraph

Ramesh Ponnuru is one of the conservatives that the liberal intelligentsia loves to like. He isn’t a James Dobson bible-beater, nor is he a Louie Gohmert reactionary. He’s the kind of conservative who wears a suit, speaks in measured tones, and is still a liar. Check out Ponnuru’s latest for National Review: Whenever somebody says… Read More


We Should All Be Laughing At The GOP’s Benghazi Clown Show, Here’s Why

Liberals laughing at the inept show trial being organized in the guise of the House GOP’s Benghazi Select are causing the right to cry (this is all they do anymore) like stuck pigs. Good. The Benghazi committee is the equivalent of Democrats in 2006 setting up a committee to discuss whether 9/11 was an inside… Read More


Conservatives Have Free Reign In Kansas. It’s Failing.

In Kansas, they can’t (honestly) blame liberals for the state’s economic downturn. They’ve been given a free hand. They were able to enact whatever they wanted, and it has been a miserable failure at a time when other states – including very blue Democratic states like here in Maryland – have been recovering from the Bush recession.


Area Crappy Journalist Wonders: “Why Are You So Ideological?”

An area journalist has been asking you and other people she knows why you’re “so darn ideological.” In between arranging her social calendar and deciding which cocktail parties she’ll go to, the journalist for a political blog on a mainstream newspaper website was completely befuddled by your possession of a system of beliefs and core… Read More


Ron Fournier Cheerled For Bush While Covering Him, Now Tells Press To Attack Obama

You shouldn’t take National Journal‘s Ron Fournier as a serious character. He’s a creature of the perverse D.C. media culture and now basically exists to write trollish articles attacking President Obama in the hopes that Matt Drudge will pick them up and give the insular D.C. publication a little juice at regular intervals (I verified… Read More


The Story of Barack Obama (As Told By Conservatives)

Barack Obama was born in Kenya. His father was the communist Frank Marshall Davis, who taught the young Barack the ways of Communism. And that’s just the beginning…


Did Janet Reno Really Call For “The Prohibition of Firearms” In 1993?

In the middle of a discussion about guns on Twitter a conservative who I am friendly with showed me this graphic with a purported quote from then-Attorney General Janet Reno. In the quote Reno supposedly says, “Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of firearms is the goal.” The… Read More


The Secret Of #myNYPD: New Yorkers Love Their Cops

If you were to use this past week’s failed entry into social media, #myNYPD , as a barometer for how New Yorkers feel about the police, you’d believe that most in the city distrust the cops and that the popular view of corrupt, aggressive law officers was the dominant opinion. You would also learn a lesson… Read More


Please Talk About Me! Bill O’Reilly Thinks Beyonce Is Responsible For Pregnant Black Teens

Bill O’Reilly is a weird guy. In this round of activity, Bill — while playing video of Beyonce writhing on the camera for Fox’s target audience – rails against Beyonce’s influence, as recently highlighted in Time magazine. Oddly enough, Bill chooses in the exchange  – with a black female pundit — to argue that Beyonce… Read More


Media Research Center Would Really Like To Talk Smack About Chelsea Clinton

The right wing Media Research Center would really like to talk smack about Chelsea Clinton, who recently announced that she is pregnant. Here is Tim Graham, the center’s Director of Media Analysis (also race-baiter and ghost writer for founder Brent Bozell) lamenting a Washington Post opinion blog noting that his side of the aisle has been… Read More