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Oliver Willis has been a blogger since 2000 and has one of the most visited sites in the liberal blogosphere. A widely followed Huffington Post contributor and employee for Media Matters, Oliver is one of the major voices on the progressive Left. As the Boston Globe notes,

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Freedomworks Gives In, Turns To Left Wing Branding

The gang at Freedomworks, the lobbyist group disguised as a conservative advocacy organization, has taken a break from making bestiality-themed videos in order to promote their latest event around tax day. Freedomworks created one of the first Tea Party events, on April 15, 2009 just months after President Obama’s first inauguration when conservatives suddenly discovered… Read More


Desperate NBC Using Paterno Apologist’s Footage For Sandusky “Exclusive” Interview

NBC’s Today has lost the morning news crown to Good Morning America, and if they have to get into the pedophile business, oh well. It was already stomach turning to see NBC touting their “exclusive” jailhouse interview with Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State coach who was convicted on 45 charges of child sexual abuse…. Read More

Sorry, But You Were Dumb For Supporting The Iraq War

On the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War, some people are writing up mea culpas on their war support – some more honest than others – and the proper response is supposed to be an acknowledgement that we all make mistakes and it would have been an honest failure to support the Bush administration’s adventure… Read More

That Time When George W. Bush Got All Those People Killed, AKA The Iraq War

Today is the 10th anniversary of one of the dumbest decisions in the history of the world. George W. Bush – enabled by a compliant Congress of Democrats and Republicans – made the decision to invade and occupy Iraq, which posed no threat to the United States or its international allies. As a result of… Read More


The GOP Is The Creature From Palin Island

In retrospect, the 2010 election may have been the worst thing possible for the right. On the surface, it seemed like a good deal: they got rid of Nancy Pelosi and earned the House’s power of the purse and the power to investigate. But much like their predecessors in the 1994 GOP takeover of the… Read More

Whoops 2013: CPAC’s Bigot Eruption

It wasn’t supposed to go down this way. CPAC had prepared for the inevitable liberal comments about how CPAC was so old, so white, and had tossed in some black and latino speakers into the mix. There was Allen West! Tim Scott! Nikki Haley! All the conservatives of color, assembled in one location. But because… Read More


How The War Party Committed Policy Suicide

For the bulk of my adult life (that is, 1995-present, more or less) it has been accepted wisdom that the Republican Party is the superior standard-bearer on the issue of national security. That isn’t true anymore, and even in the insulated fact-resistant confines of Washington, D.C. that is becoming clear. The 2 ton gorilla in… Read More


Among The Taylorians: My Time With The Cult Of Taylor Swift

Blinding, shocking pink covers the walls of the Taylorian compound in Coral Springs, Florida. According to my guide, the tone was scientifically matched to the exact color that Taylor Swift wore in a 2008 photo shoot. This is how things operate in the world of the Taylorians, a group that claims 1 million “Taylor-strong” members… Read More

VIDEO: Maryland Ride-On Driver Talking On Cell Phone While Driving Bus

I caught a Ride-On driver talking on his cellphone while driving the bus yesterday. The bus was bus # 07-5312 at about 1:20PM headed in the direction of Takoma Station. Here’s video of the guy on the phone: [youtube][/youtube] And a photo. In Maryland, it is illegal to drive and use a cell phone without using… Read More


Pro Wrestling Proves The Immigration Debate Is Over, Somebody Please Tell The GOP

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has a pretty long history of engaging in negative ethnic stereotyping. WWE’s wrestling characters have played up ethnic names and accents – from communist Russians to fight-loving Irishmen – in order to rile up their middle class audience base. This has been particularly true in recent history with Latino characters. In… Read More


The Warlocks Of Centrism Versus That Muggle-Loving Obama

What a magical world the centrist, “serious” journalists inhabit. Unlike our Muggle world, where people don’t have the ability to cast spells to get the outcomes they prefer, our serious journalists – like National Journal’s Ron Fournier – live in a magical wonderland where only a few words need to be said to get things… Read More


Senator Pete Domenici: Yet Another Moral Scold Republican Exposed As A Total Hypocrite

On Wednesday it was revealed that former Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) was involved in an extramarital affair that resulted in the birth of an out of wedlock child with the daughter of a political colleague of Domenici. Domenici was one of the Republicans who, in the late 1990s, clambered atop the moral high horse and… Read More


Excusing Poor Criminals Is Another Brand Of Bigotry

Poverty is not easy in any country. Sure, compared to poverty in other, less well-off nations, American poverty may not be as harsh and we have a series of safety nets in both the private and public spheres. But those safety nets are sometimes hanging by a thread or barriers have been erected barring access… Read More


Russian Meteor? Or Superman Origin?

I’m a big fan of The Mike O’Meara Show, formerly of the Don & Mike Show. On Friday, they did a hilarious riff on the russian meteor, prompted by the musing by co-host Oscar Santana that it was the son of Jor-El. You don’t have to be a Superman fan like me to practically fall… Read More


Why Does Everyone Know Who Lena Dunham Is But Shonda Rhimes Barely Registers A Blip?

First a disclaimer: I am not a regular viewer of Girls or Scandal. I watched the first season of Scandal but it got to be a little too much for my tastes. Girls seems designed, content-wise, to specifically repel me. With that out of the way, I think it’s odd that we get so much… Read More


The Right’s “Liberal Media Bias” Crutch

Some days I get the sense that if a conservative were to play the classic board game, Clue, they would bypass all the likely suspects – Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, etc. – and name “the liberal media” as the guilty party every time. The entire conservative conspiracy about the “liberal media” began as… Read More


How Much Can We Trust A President To Kill?

The drone/targeted killing debate is not as simplistic as either side of it would have you believe. I’m not even sure that there are clear and defined “sides” to this as we usually define such things. I’m largely in favor of the policy, though I believe the administration does need more transparency and possibly more… Read More


Just One Quick Example Of How Dumb Team Breitbart Is

Latching on to the release this morning of President Obama skeet shooting in order to counteract right-wing conspiracy theorists, the idiotic writer/paste-eater Larry O’Connor uncovers a conspiracy! The White House has released a picture purporting to show President Obama “skeet shooting” at Camp David.  An activity he claims he does “all the time.” The… Read More