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Kojo is a human rights lawyer and writer living in London. He has represented refugees, the homeless and Louisiana death row inmates. Filled with excessive anger on account of being short, black and from the north of England, Kojo directs this anger into hate-filled polemics against the Tories, The Royal Family and The Black Eyed Peas. This led to him developing a freelance writing career alongside his human rights work, including founding his own politics and culture magazine 'The Job Centre.' He still dreams of becoming WWF Intercontinental Champion one day.

Top Articles by Kojo Koram

Inmates from a La Fourche parish jail on a work release program fill giant sandbags in Port Fourchon

The True Capital of Prisons

In the murky swamp waters of Louisiana, there lies an experiment that has been cooking up for the past 20 years. Created and conducted without the public’s consent, it is an experiment, which if successful, could serve as the prototype for other states and other countries.


UK Politicians Are Still Clueless on Drug Policy

While US politicians are responding to changing opinions on recreational drug use, UK politicians are still stuck in the Dark Ages.

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Uruguay Pulls Out Of The Drug War: How Long Until We All Join Her?

Uruguay passed an unprecedented bill that legalizes and regulates the production, distribution, and sale of marijuana for adult consumers. While other countries have claimed they want to end pointless ‘War on Drugs’ policies, thus far only Uruguay has taken the lead. Who’s next?

The Music Festival of the Near Future

It’s festival season again but the anesthetized, corporate extravaganzas of today are a pale imitation of the bacchanalian Woodstock or Isle of Wight festivals of yesteryear. Watch the video below and ask: is this what awaits us in the future? [youtube][/youtube]

Traditional Gay Wedding in Africa

I love being from Africa but the motherland definitely needs to loose some of its more homophobic tendencies. This video gives me hope for the future. [youtube][/youtube]

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Drones: For or Against? Time for Everyone on the Left to Decide

Much of the left are increasingly happy to publicly savage Barack Obama and his administration, creating a division between themselves and those on the left who still have faith in the President. The topic that seems to marks the demarcation line between these two groups the most is Obama’s use for unmanned predator drones. For some, it is a necessary evil that the President must use to face off the persistent threat of terrorism; for others it is a a fundamental betrayal of Obama’s hope and change promise.

The Real History of Rap

For years, critics of hip-hop music have accused it of being a materialistic and misogynistic creation of modern urban communities. However in the video below, UK wordsmith Akala uses another narrative to explain the emergence of hip-hop. Watch if you are interested in historical and spiritual roots of this culture, which are shown to be… Read More


In Defense of the Rolling Stone Cover

The Rolling Stone Article on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was not a sympathetic to the suspected terrorist, yet it has caused a huge amount of controversy. The magazine was not saying, ‘isn’t it beautiful to be a terrorist?’; it was saying, ‘even a terrorist can be beautiful’.

The Truth About Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling is often dismissed as a myth by the right-wing. In this video, secret recordings are taken to show the reality of how the police use their ‘stop and search’ powers. [youtube][/youtube]

This is how you respond to a tabloid trying to ‘bodyshame’ you!

In the UK, right wing tabloid The Daily Mail revels in exposing the body of female celebrities whenever possible to either objectify or shame them. However, they chose the wrong celebrity when they tried to mock singer Amanda Palmer for a wardrobe malfunction at Glastonbury festival. Rather, than bury her head in shame, this was… Read More

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Zimmerman Was Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Trayvon, Like All Black Men, Was Not.

In a case of terrible poetic injustice, it was the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ that allowed George Zimmerman to go home to his family – the very same principle he denied Trayvon Martin. The truth is, in America, all black men are guilty until proven innocent.

You Want To Know What’s Happening In Egypt? Ask This 12-Year-Old.

If the translation is right, this must be the most articulate and politically astute 12-Year-Old anywhere in the world. Amazing.[youtube][/youtube]

Of Course Race Has Nothing To Do With The Zimmerman Verdict

In the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin murder case, there have been right-wing commentators who have tried to edit out the racial aspect of the ‘not guilty’ verdict. It was simply a matter of law they say, in fact those who focus on the race of Zimmerman and Martin are the true racists as they… Read More

Cornel West on ‘Learning How To Die’

In this clip from Astra Taylor’s 2008 documentary ‘An Examined Life’ Dr Cornel West talks about how philosophy is about “learning how to die.” The whole documentary is excellent, one of my old favorites but Dr Cornel West steals the show for me. Check it out if you want to challenge your “unarticulated presuppositions.” [youtube][/youtube]

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An American President’s Plane is Forced to Emergency Land… Don’t Worry, it’s Only a Latin American President.

Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane was forced to land in Vienna because of concerns he may have been carrying Edward Snowden. If this had happened to the President of the United States, it would most likely been grounds for war.

Religion v Atheism – Short Debate

A five-minute debate between Andrew Brown and Daniel Dennett. Both are atheists but Dennett was one of the infamous ‘new atheists’, who, along with the other ‘three horsemen’ Hitchens, Dawkins and Harris, has made atheism fashionable in the recent years. Brown is a lot more skeptical of the thoughts of the new atheists. [youtube][/youtube]

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Rock ‘n’ Roll is now about Brands instead of Bands

First off, I must start by emphasizing how huge a Rolling Stones fan I am. I spent much of my late teens trying to figure out if I could force my afro into the Brian Jones hairstyle. It never worked surprisingly enough. This article is a critique on what the band has become today, not… Read More

Barack Obama ‘humbled’ by visit to Nelson Mandela’s Robben Island jail

25 years ago, the idea of a Black U.S. President visiting a Black governed South Africa to pay homage to the victorious anti-apartheid struggle would have seemed hysterical to many. How things can change. [youtube][/youtube]


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