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Chez Pazienza is the Media Editor at The Daily Banter. Chez was a producer for WSVN and WTVJ in Miami, KCBS, KNBC and KCAL in Los Angeles, and MSNBC and CNN in New York. He has two L.A.-area Emmys as well as a Golden Mic. He is also the co-host of "The Bob & Chez Show" podcast with Bob Cesca.

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F*ck You, Phil Anselmo, You Contemptible Bigot

Now more than maybe ever before, racism of the kind Phil Anselmo has always casually exhibited can be seen for the gruesome and unacceptable anachronism it is. It was never right, but now people know not to put up with it and they’re willing to make that clear to those who still cling to it. Anselmo isn’t the victim of PC culture here. He didn’t make some crass joke or toss a “microagression” at a hypersensitive college kid. He shouted “white power” and gave a Nazi salute.

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The Numbers Show Bernie Sanders Won’t Win, So What Will His Faithful Do Then?

This isn’t an opinion. It’s math. The thing about reality is that it’s always there and you’re subject to the constraints of it whether you choose to believe in it or not. Barring a political deus ex machina of statistically inexpressible proportions, Bernie Sanders just isn’t going to be president. But given that this election is bigger than any one person — or any one grudge should that person not win — will Sanders’s rabid fanbase vote for someone they’ve spent months utterly demonizing?

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If You’re Liberal and You Think Hillary Clinton Is Corrupt and Untrustworthy, You’re Rewarding 25 Years of GOP Smears

Obviously, Clinton carries with her more than 25 years in the white-hot public spotlight that Sanders doesn’t — despite his career in the Senate — and over that length of time people have been able to form opinions of her and they’re ones not likely to change at this point. What you know about Hillary is what you know about Hillary. There aren’t a lot of surprises. Maybe you figure this is bad for her, but in truth it can be argued that this is a positive rather than a negative because there’s nothing the Republicans can throw at her that we haven’t already been fed to death. And when you take a step back and look at Clinton objectively — which is admittedly difficult for many, even, or maybe particularly, on the left — that’s exactly the point. Hillary Clinton’s reputation is largely the result of a quarter century of visceral GOP hatred.

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Oregon Militant LaVoy Finicum Isn’t a Heroic Martyr, He’s Just a Dead Idiot

LaVoy Finicum promised to seal his own fate and that’s exactly what he did. He’s not a martyr and he’s not a hero. His death is tragic in the sense that it was completely unnecessary and could have been easily avoided by Finicum himself. But that wasn’t what he wanted. What he wanted was to be remembered as the guy behind “Finicum’s Charge.” What he wanted was to die rather than be taken into custody — and that’s what he got.

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Republicans Refuse To Admit Their Planned Parenthood Witch Hunt Turned Up Nothing

In a rare moment of sanity for Texas, a grand jury there has refused to indict anyone associated with Planned Parenthood in the wake of a series of undercover videos that purported to show agents of the organization dealing in the organs of harvested fetuses. In a pretty surprising move, though, who that grand jury… Read More

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Patton Oswalt Had the Best Response To Sarah Palin’s Incoherent Endorsement of Donald Trump

Patton Oswalt didn’t allow Palin’s fusillade of oratory gobbledygook to turn his brain to mush and leave him standing there in a puddle of his own urine, like it did me. Last night, he took to Twitter to “quote” Sarah Palin’s endorsement address — while tweeting directly to her — and the result was pure magic.

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Damn Right New York Values Are Different… and Better

The offended can tie themselves in knots to try to prove Cruz wrong about New York City. They can slam Cruz for his slight. But honestly they should be reveling in his criticism, knowing full well that if Ted Cruz says there’s something wrong with you, you must be doing something — in this case, everything — right.

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Quote of the Day: Paramount Pictures Is Sad You Didn’t See “13 Hours” Because You’re Too Partisan

Paramount is lamenting the underperformance of 13 Hours and blaming liberal audiences for not giving it a chance. Maybe it shouldn’t have made and marketed a movie that was 100% conservative fan service then.

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Bernie Sanders Isn’t Going To Be President

The numbers say so, the history of the American electorate says so, and Nate Silver says so.

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Meet the Brilliant Trolls Who Were Thrown Out of a Trump Rally for Calling Him “Boring”

Turns out the whole thing was a comedy bit — and one the guys behind it captured on video.

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WATCH: An Oregon Miltia Idiot Throws a Tantrum Because People Are Sending Bags of Dicks

If you needed proof that the nationwide mockery is really getting to these clowns, here it is.

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Thank You, David Bowie

A dying man was David Bowie’s final incarnation, his final character, and like so many characters before it — he played it perfectly.

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The Cynical Marketing of “13 Hours” Is Already Giving Conservatives a Benghazigasm

Paramount Pictures knows what it’s got on its hands — because it planned it that way — and so it’s making sure to hit all the notes in its promotion of 13 Hours that will instantly harden and dampen the bad-touch-areas of not only Fox News’s acolytes but Fox News itself.

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Quote of the Day: …And Here the Bundy Militia People are Completely Unarmed

What we got here is a complete lack of self-awareness.

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Gun Absolutists Have a Problem With What Obama Did Today? Tough Sh*t.

President Obama did the right thing today. Period.

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The Militia Idiots in Oregon Deserve To Be Laughed At (But Never Forget One Thing)

The fact is, as dumb and pathetic as these clowns are, they’re heavily armed.

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The American Right Is Now a Terrorist Organization

The situation in Oregon is just further proof of it.


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