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Chez Pazienza is the Media Editor at The Daily Banter. Chez produced and managed daily content for WSVN and WTVJ in Miami, KCBS, KNBC and KCAL in Los Angeles, and MSNBC and CNN in New York. He has two L.A.-area Emmys to his name as well as a Golden Mic. He's been featured in and interviewed by The New York Times, The New York Observer, New York Magazine Online, U.S. News and World Report, The Village Voice, The American Journalism Review, NPR, the IFC Media Project, and Radar and Wired Online. In addition, he's been a regular contributor to Sirius XM's POTUS and Indie Talk channels and is the co-host of "The Bob & Chez Show" podcast with Bob Cesca.

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Quote of the Day: Fox News Has Your Obama Impeachment Conspiracy Theory

It’s always entertaining when Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros tries to think, sort of like watching a kitten try to get its head out of a jar it somehow got stuck in.

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Is It Time To Start Worrying About Ebola?

Raising awareness is different from raising fears. That’s important to keep in mind as you watch or read the mainstream media coverage of the growing Ebola crisis in Africa. What’s also important to keep in mind: the mainstream media thrive on fear.

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Here’s How To Protect Yourself from the NSA by Looking Completely Ridiculous

On the one hand you’ll supposedly fool the facial recognition software you can’t see. On the other, everybody you can see will stare at you.

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Lashes Out at Jon Stewart, Looks Really Foolish Doing It

If Stewart isn’t a real journalist and Cuomo is, who has more of a responsibility to behave like one rather than just “pretending?”

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Quote of the Day: Turning Away Immigrant Children Is What Jesus Would Do

Texas State Rep. David Simpson tried to tell a roomful of his tea partying constituents to exercise compassion in the debate over thousands of immigrant children who’ve recently come across the border. Guess what kind of reaction he got.

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WATCH: CNN’s Chris Cuomo and RT’s Peter Lavelle Go At Each Other on Live TV Over Russia’s Role in MH17

This morning on CNN’s New Day, RT presenter Peter Lavelle got into an explosive 11-minute-long shouting match with anchor Chris Cuomo. Cuomo took Lavelle to task about not only Russia’s continued deflection and Putin’s refusal to crack down on the pro-Russia, government-aided rebels who were more than likely responsible for the shoot-down, but also about what he claimed was RT’s refusal to be actual journalists and question the line they’re being fed by the Kremlin.

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Quote of the Day: Dangerous Idiot Jenny McCarthy Wonders Whether Hillary Clinton Is Gay

Jenny McCarthy: Come for the anti-vaccination crusading; stay for the irresponsible implications.

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Religious Nutjob Ken Ham Says We Should Scrap NASA Because Aliens are Going To Hell Anyway

The search for intelligent life in the approximate vicinity of Ken Ham’s house continues.

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Surprise, Surprise: Greenwald Was Wrong About Why NBC Pulled an Egyptian-American Reporter Out of Gaza

So, between Greenwald’s theory and the one that takes into account the way television news actually works and sometimes doesn’t work, which do you think wound up being correct?

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UPDATE: NBC News Puts Egyptian-American Correspondent Back In Gaza

Just days after abruptly pulling him out, NBC has announced that it’s sending correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin back to Gaza.

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RT Reporter Quits Over Pro-Russia Spin on MH17 Disaster, Says She’s Tired of Lying

Another RT personality has quit — in part because of yesterday’s Malaysian Airlines tragedy and the Russian reaction to it. Earlier today, Sara Firth handed in her resignation at RT and announced that she was leaving, saying on Twitter, “I’m for the truth.”

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The Shooting Down of a Malaysia Airlines Flight Is a Disaster That Will Be Felt Far and Wide

It’s difficult to overstate just what the shooting down of a passenger plane full of innocent people means for the conflict in Ukraine — and really the world.

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Microsoft’s “You’re Fired” Memo Is Like Something Out of “Office Space”

You know that infuriating call to Comcast customer service that’s making the internet rounds right now, the one where the guy attempts to cancel his cable and is met with nothing but nine-minutes-worth of painful, frustrating obstinance? Well this is like that if it ended with the guy getting fired.