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Chez Pazienza is the Media Editor at The Daily Banter. Chez produced and managed daily content for WSVN and WTVJ in Miami, KCBS, KNBC and KCAL in Los Angeles, and MSNBC and CNN in New York. He has two L.A.-area Emmys to his name as well as a Golden Mic. He's been featured in and interviewed by The New York Times, The New York Observer, New York Magazine Online, U.S. News and World Report, The Village Voice, The American Journalism Review, NPR, the IFC Media Project, and Radar and Wired Online. In addition, he's been a regular contributor to Sirius XM's POTUS and Indie Talk channels and is the co-host of "The Bob & Chez Show" podcast with Bob Cesca.

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Billy Corgan Says “F*ck You Anderson Cooper,” Likes Cats in Little Bow Ties

The Smashing Pumpkins singer, who is an extraordinary douchebag, ups the ante in his mostly one-sided feud with Anderson Cooper.

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Eat What You Want and Screw What PETA Says

A question on this Thanksgiving: How much do you care what’s in the food you eat as long as it tastes good?

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MEMBERS ONLY: Budweiser Tastes Like Beer. What the Hell Else Do You Want?

Budweiser tastes like beer. And it gets you drunk. Isn’t that enough?

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Quote of the Day: First Look Media Really Is Screwed

According to a detailed new report, what seems to be going on behind the scenes at First Look Media right now is a perfect example of what happens when people who think the Valley is actually an ivory tower from which to look down on the rest of humanity try to corral a roomful of honest-to-god journalists.

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In Ferguson, There Are Far More Victims Than Mike Brown

I was only in Ferguson for a little while and it was shocking to see places I visited on fire. Imagine what it’s like to live there. To know that this is your home.

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The Ferguson Grand Jury Was Set Up To Fail and So It Did

But even if you’re somebody willing to keep an open mind and consider the possibility that no matter how clear-cut things may have seemed we weren’t on Canfield Avenue in Ferguson on August 9th, this whole process should leave a terrible taste in your mouth.

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BREAKING: Officer Darren Wilson Won’t Be Indicted in Ferguson Shooting

The decision has been reached: Officer Darren Wilson will not be charged for the killing of Michael Brown.

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Russell Brand Is So Full of Sh*t

Last week, Bill Maher took on Russell Brand’s push to get young people not to vote. Now Brand is responding exactly how you’d expect.

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Quote of the Day: Ben Affleck Doesn’t Care If You Like His Opinion on Islam (Even Though You Probably Do)

If Affleck somehow believes that what he said during his now infamous row with Bill Maher and Sam Harris amounted to taking an unpopular stand — one that would “make people unhappy” in the circles in which he runs — he’s out of his mind.

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MEMBERS ONLY: The Matt Taylor #ShirtStorm Fiasco and the Myth of Diversity

“We need more people like Matt Taylor in this world, men and women of all races and cultures who make our planet’s boldest dreams a reality because they don’t think like the rest of us. You give people like Taylor space to be who they are. What you don’t do is cut them down and make them tearfully apologize on national television because their attempt at self-expression offended the Church of the Perpetually Aggrieved on Twitter”

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Seriously, What the Hell Is Going on at NBC?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but somebody just got fired from NBC News in a fashion spectacular enough to make news.

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Can We Please Stop Mining Cosby’s Old Material for Clues To Prove He’s a Rapist?

There are plenty of reasons to think that Bill Cosby might be a rapist. But the fact that media outlets are willing to offer up alleged clues found in old standup routines does nothing but cloud the issue.

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“Newsroom” Notes: The Only Way Out Is Through

This week’s episode of The Newsroom was all about this dynamic: youthful certitude in all its beauty and ignorance coming up against age and experience and the sometimes necessary, sometimes counterproductive prudence that comes with it.

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Quote of the Day: There… There’s Your Tearful Apology for That Stupid F*cking Shirt the Comet Scientist Wore

You may not recognize Matt Taylor’s name but you almost certainly know his accomplishment from earlier this week. Oh, and if you’re a petty little asshole, you’ve been dwelling on his bowling shirt and bitching about it on the internet.

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EXCLUSIVE: Here’s the Defamation Lawsuit Being Brought Against Nancy Grace by an Innocent Man

The lawsuit filed by an innocent Denver man who was branded the Selfie Stalker by Nancy Grace is one-stop-shopping for anyone looking to understand how Grace has made a whole career out of being unethical and reprehensible. Want to see why she needs to be fired by CNN/HLN? Read on.