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MEMBERS ONLY: The After Party Podcast: Cosby Allegations, Henpecked Husbands and The Newsroom!

MEMBERS ONLY: New for The Daily Banter members! It’s the totally NSFW Bob & Chez Show After Party — an hour of unscripted, uncensored conversation between Bob Cesca and Chez Pazienza about their personal lives, politics and pop culture.


President Obama To Immigrants: “We Shall Not Oppress a Stranger, We Were Strangers Once, Too”

Obama: “If you’ve been in America for more than five years; if you have children who are American citizens or legal residents; if you register, pass a criminal background check, and you’re willing to pay your fair share of taxes — you’ll be able to apply to stay in this country temporarily without fear of deportation.”


Rand Paul Squandered the Only Shot at NSA Reform For a Long, Long Time

Rand Paul is a slick used-car salesman who’s always on the lookout for opportunistic material with which to trick voters into buying his clown-sized jalopy.


The Republican Lawsuit Against Obamacare Gets a New “Liberal” Attorney

It’s totally bizarre that Jonathan Turley fails to see the constitutional problems commensurate with one branch of government suing another branch.


Rush Limbaugh Accidentally Tells the Truth About Why We Should Hate Net Neutrality

Yes, the reason you should be opposed to net neutrality is because President Obama is in favor of it.


MEMBERS ONLY: Bill Maher and the Far-Left Are Too Easily Conned by Rand Paul

MEMBERS ONLY: As we’ve covered here many times, Paul’s flip-flops make Mitt Romney look like a pillar of steadfast integrity, but for some reason, guys like Maher along with a small faction of the far-left are completely blind to Paul’s serial waffling and doofery.


Ted Cruz Can’t Stop Lying About Net Neutrality. And Here’s a Whopper.

Here’s a crapload of obvious lies from a sitting U.S. senator.


Chris Christie Runs Into The Loving Arms Of The Pork Industry

Iowa pork producers carry greater influence over Christie than 93 percent of New Jersey voters and nearly the entire New Jersey Assembly and Senate.


Alex Jones Totally Lost His Mind Over Net Neutrality

At several points along the way, his face literally turns several shades of purple as he belches through what sounds like the last remaining shreds of his sand-papery vocal cords.


New Koch Brothers Video Totally Bastardizes the Definition of Net Neutrality

If you thought Andrew Napolitano’s description of net neutrality as “Orwellian” was, well, Orwellian, check out the name of this video: Clearing Up Net Neutrality.


The GOP Hates Net Neutrality? Fine, Then They Can Be the First to Pay Up

Unless you’re the CEO of a telecom, abolishing net neutrality and allowing a “closed internet” is suicidal. So, here’s a proposal for Ted Cruz and Andrew Napolitano…


The Midterms Proved Once Again Why Elections Should Be Federalized

State officials have proved in nearly every election why they ought to be stripped of this duty, and to have the entire process run and regulated by a nonpartisan, centralized body to ensure that irresponsible leaders can no longer play political grabass with our representative democracy.


Meet the New Science-Denying Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee

It’s not unlike hiring Pat Buchanan as the new head of the NAACP.


The Supreme Court Is Playing Politics With the Affordable Care Act

The Supreme Court announced today its decision to hear the case of King v. Burwell, which challenges the Affordable Care Act’s insurance subsidies, claiming that the law doesn’t explicitly define the federal government’s role in offering premium assistance to roughly five million lower income families.


InfoWars Goon Dan Bidondi Ran for Office, Received Way Too Many Votes

Should these people be stripped of their voter registrations?



The balance of power and legislative conduct in Washington, however, will remain much as it was before the election, given how the Senate Republicans routinely filibustered or outright blocked Obama administration-supported legislation as well as judicial and other appointees.


Republicans Pick Up Senate Seats in Arkansas and West Virginia; Florida Governor Race Neck-and-Neck

Elsewhere, Charlie Crist’s fortunes rest with voters in Southern Florida where he could pick up enough late votes to defeat controversial incumbent Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL).


Mitch McConnell Retains Senate Seat in Kentucky

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell defeated challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes following a hotly contested race that culminated with a lawsuit by Grimes against the state Republican Party and the McConnell campaign for issuing misleading letters warning of “election fraud.”