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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Refuses to Answer “Religious Freedom” Anti-Gay Discrimination Question

A baker or florist that exclusively objects to the “sin” of gay marriage, while serving all other sinner weddings is by definition discriminatory.


MEMBERS ONLY: The After Party Podcast! Millennials vs Gen-X, the Big Star Doc on Netflix, The Feels and Chez’s New Music Countdown

Number 1 Album: Chez’s New Music Countdown; The Big Star Documentary on Netflix was Heartbreaking; The Late Late Show and the Tom Hanks Sketch; Buzzfeed’s Penis Size Video; House Judiciary Committee Uses GIFs to Explain Immigration; We Continue Our Generational Discussion from Last Week; Applause is a Trigger; Millennials Hiding from Upsetting Ideas; The Feels; and more.


Sorry, Indiana Conservatives, There’s Nothing in the Bible that Forbids Selling Things to Gay People

Where’s the biblical chapter and verse that forbids selling pies to gay people?


Ted Cruz is Trying and Failing to Weasel Out of His Obamacare Duplicity

For the last two days or so, Ted Cruz has repeatedly said that 1) as a member of the Senate, he’s required to have an Obamacare policy, 2) in spite of this requirement he was on his wife’s insurance policy until just recently, and 3) Congress is exempt from Obamacare because of an illegal move by the president.


Hack Smear-Merchant Chuck Johnson Alleges John Boehner Told a Racist Joke

Until it’s independently verified by actual journalists, take the following with a grain of salt the size of your head.


The Good, The Bad and The Infuriating Aspects of Ted Cruz Signing Up for Obamacare

On one hand, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) signing up for an Obamacare health insurance policy is fantastic news. On the other hand, it should also infuriate anyone who has an insurance policy due to or via Obamacare.


Obamacare Opponent Ted Cruz is Signing Up for Obamacare (Yes, Really!)

This is the most astonishing Obamacare-related news story — or anything-related news story I’ve seen in a long, long time.


MEMBERS ONLY: On the Fifth Anniversary of Obamacare, Here are Ted Cruz’s 11 Biggest Obamacare Lies

Indeed nearly everything Cruz has said about the law has been evaluated by both and Politifact as being, at best, mostly false.


Donald Trump Wants to Look at Ted Cruz’s Citizenship “Very Seriously”

Get ready, folks. Silly Season has only just begun.


Your Handy Guide to Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is set to ride shotgun in the clown car, announcing his candidacy on Monday. Let’s talk about Cruz by way of a refresher on what he’s all about.


The House Judiciary Committee Explained Immigration Using Animated GIFs

So, yes, good idea. Take a very complicated issue impacting upwards of 12 million people in this country and distill all of it down to animated GIFs of The Office, The Little Mermaid and Britney Spears.


A New Anti-Choice Montana Law Would Treat Women Like Lab Rats

The law would require that anesthesia be administered to the fetus before the abortion begins, even though there’s no hard evidence proving that fetuses feel pain until the third trimester or 27 weeks.


Fox News Channel’s Formerly Invisible ACA “Expert” Revealed and the White House’s Response (UPDATED)

It’s not punditry nor is it flagrantly biased, it’s just selectively worded with topics chosen in order to fit into its far-right agenda.


That Melting Antarctic Glacier Isn’t Nearly Enough to Snap Us Out of Our Climate Apathy

If you’re just now starting to have children, your grandchildren will likely witness this catastrophe, and they won’t be thrilled with the complacency of our generation.


That Story About Hillary Clinton Not Signing a State Department Exit Form is Utter Horsesh*t

Is it me, or are the Emailghazi people looking a lot like Hemingway’s Old Man in the Sea?

19th International AIDS Conference Convenes In Washington

MEMBERS ONLY: Who Really Leaked Hillary Clinton’s Email Information? Here’s One Theory…

Back on February 20, The New York Times reported that Hillary Clinton was in the process of doing what’s known as opposition research — on herself. In other words, Clinton’s advisers hired a team to begin the process of vetting the soon-to-be presidential candidate. This is an absolutely critical matter, one of custom and sensible diligence to determine what, if anything, the press, the Republicans or even a Democratic challenger might dig up and exploit…


Jeb Bush Used His “Homebrew” Email Server to Discuss Nuclear Power Plant Security, Troop Deployments

Should you be outraged by Jeb Bush’s private email account? If you were outraged by Hillary Clinton’s private email, you damn well should be.


Your Handy Conspiracy Theorist’s Guide to Reading All of Hillary Clinton’s Emails

No matter which email server she used and no matter how many personal (or otherwise) emails she deleted, it’s amazingly simple to find out who she was exchanging emails with, and in most cases, it’s possible to actually read the content of those emails. Here’s how.