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Bob Cesca is the Managing Editor of The Daily Banter. Cesca has written weekly featured columns in The Huffington Post since August 2005. He has also contributed to AOL’s WalletPop blog and Manhattan Magazine. Cesca currently also co-hosts one of the nation’s top political podcasts “The Bob & Chez Show”.

Top Articles by Bob Cesca

Greg Gutfeld

WATCH: Fox News Hosts Hilariously Nominate Fake Planned Parenthood Videos for a Pulitzer Prize

The funniest thing about the proposal is that Greg Gutfeld and his fellow table gremlins on “The Five” were totally serious.


You’re Not Going to Believe the Name of Subway’s Jared Fogle-Themed Kids Game

It turns out Subway had a Jared-themed online game for kids. The name of the game?


Another Reason Why Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters is an Insufferable Douchebag

Watters thinks there should be a second version of arguably one of the most embarrassing and horrifying chapters in American history when Andrew Jackson expelled the Cherokee from Georgia, forcing them to relocate by foot to Oklahoma.


Mike Huckabee Agrees that an 11-year-old Rape Victim Should be Forced to Give Birth

In the ongoing history of the internal battle between Fluffabee and Huckubus, it’s impossible to top what he said on CNN over the weekend for its sheer horrendousness and brutality.


Jeb Bush Needs to Shut the F*ck Up About Iraq

We have to seriously ask whether Jeb Bush is a space alien from the Bizarro universe in which everything bad that happened in the world was actually something good.


Republicans in New Hampshire De-fund a Third of Planned Parenthood’s Budget

Once again, life saving non-abortion-related healthcare de-funded by the Republicans.


The GOP’s Newest Attack on Abortion Rights: Seizing Custody of Fetuses

It’s difficult to think of a better example of the government getting between a woman and her doctor than by attempting to gain custody of a clump of cells growing inside her body.


Steve King: Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Allows People to Marry Lawnmowers

Seriously, is there anyone left among the congressional Republicans with any dignity or self-respect?


More Evidence Proving Louie Gohmert is the Dumbest Man in Congress

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) came up with a magic bullet solution to prove that homosexuality will destroy humanity.

Donald Trump

The Emerging Idiocracy: You’ll Never Guess Who Trump Wants for His Cabinet

The forthcoming Idiocracy appears to be taking shape. And it’s terrifying.


Ted Cruz Wastes Taxpayer Money on Ridiculous Hearings to Undermine the Supreme Court

Not only has the establishment Republican Party begun to embrace kooky conspiracy theories marketed by sideshow geek Alex Jones, but following the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision, party leaders have seriously entertained the idea of hammering out legislation that would alter the future of the Supreme Court forever.


WATCH: Lindsey Graham Completely Destroys His Cellphone in Response to Trump

This was probably the best thing Graham could’ve done because, obviously, hackers likely went to work on his phone almost immediately.


The Fox & Friends Couch Tumors Have a Solution to the Shark Attacks

This is a conversation that actually occurred with complete seriousness on Monday morning’s Fox & Friends regarding the recent spate of shark attacks.

Planned Parenthoood rally at the State Capitol.

That Planned Parenthood Video About Selling Aborted Fetus Parts is a Fake, Because of Course It Is

We can absolutely expect far-right members of Congress to use this as a cudgel to pass more laws against Planned Parenthood and other abortion-service providers.


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