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Louie Gohmert Believes Our Troops Can’t Fight Because of Alleged Greek-Style Gay Massages

Gohmert thinks that because it happened in, you know, 334 B.C., it must be happening now.


PODCAST: Bob and Chez Discuss the White Trash Palins; The Death of Journalism; and the NRA Hipster Douchebag

This week’s show: Audio Recording of the Palin Family Brawl; Expensive Fashion Accessories; Charles Bowen’s Fair-Use Guide for Bloggers; The Palins and Their White Trash Stretch Limo; Remembering Ben Bradlee and Real Journalism; The NRA Hipster; Guns are ‘Bits of Plastic and Metal'; and much more.


The NRA Hipster is Back to Tell Us that Guns Are Just “Bits of Plastic and Metal”

You might recall our coverage of Billy’s previous NRA effort in which he explained how gun classes should be taught in schools.

Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald in Rio de Janeiro

Glenn Greenwald’s Reaction to Attack in Quebec: “It’s Not the Slightest Bit Surprising”

He performs some typically Greenwaldian semantic gymnastics, both blaming Canadian military hubris for the attack, but then insisting Canada’s militarism doesn’t justify what happened.


Bob Cesca: “Hawaii is a State,” Part Three: 10 Recommendations for Your Hawaii Vacation

Considering how grim the previous chapters of this Hawaii series have been, I thought I’d take a well-deserved break from real life with a list of my recommendations for a great Hawaii vacation.


In Defense of Monica Lewinsky (Shame on You, Social Media)

There’s a terrible injustice in the fact that President Clinton is the most popular politician in the world today, while Monica Lewinsky is the cheap punchline to dozens of blow-job jokes.


Sarah Palin Tried To Bully Us With Legal Action and Failed Miserably

On September 21, I logged into my YouTube account to find the following copyright notice…


During Ebola Scare, Ted Cruz Rejects Obama’s Surgeon General Nominee for Being “Anti-Gun”

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are relatively new to politics, so perhaps they don’t realize that the surgeon general can’t pass legislation, and therefore is incapable of implementing an assault weapons ban.


Bob Cesca: “Hawaii is a State,” Part Two: Renting in Hawaii With Dogs (Conclusion)

The following is the conclusion of Part Two in Bob’s multi-part series about real life in Hawaii.


PODCAST: Bob and Chez Discuss Shep Smith’s Ebola Monologue, Rick Scott’s Hissy Fit and Robo-Snowden

On this week’s Bob & Chez Show, the guys discuss Shep Smith’s fantastic Ebola monologue; the news media’s irresponsible Ebola hype; Chuck Todd and the Kentucky Senate race; Rick Scott’s freak-out over Charlie Crist’s fan; the New Foo Fighters documentary; Glenn Greenwald’s “Nothing To Hide Challenge”; the New Snowden Documentary; Snowden On A Stick; and much more.


Ted Nugent’s Illiterate Death Threat Against President Obama

Who the hell are “Pilosi” and “Bloomburgh?”

Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn

Mitch McConnell Continues to Slither Under the Radar: Repeal Obamacare — Except for Kentucky

McConnell wants to keep the Kentucky marketplace, financed through the ACA and the federal government, but he also wants to rip out the entire law — “root and branch.”


Guess Where Sean Hannity Wants to Build Another Border Fence

During a “special edition” of his show the other day, Hannity was asked by Bob Beckel if he also supports a fence along our northern border with Canada.


Glenn Greenwald’s “Nothing to Hide” Challenge is Pretty Damn Stupid

During his TED Talk presentation last week, The Intercept‘s Glenn Greenwald issued a challenge: If you defend the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities by insisting that you have nothing to hide, then you should send all of your usernames and passwords to Glenn Greenwald, allowing him to publish anything he finds particularly juicy.


Jim Crow Voter ID Laws are Slowly Disappearing — Without Any Help from the Activist Left

Democrats and the activist left have managed to achieve several victories in the last several weeks — while almost entirely ignoring the issue itself.


The Unforgivable Hysteria of the News Media’s Ebola Coverage

There’s an arguably more serious pandemic in the United States and it’s reached new depths of awfulness and depravity. It’s not a virus, but it might as well be. To quote Jon Stewart, it’s hurting America and, specifically, inciting unnecessary panic. This is, of course, the news media’s handling of the Ebola story, in which… Read More


The Edward Snowden Teaser Trailer is Here, and It’s as Melodramatic as You’d Imagine

It might as well be the trailer for the next Jason Bourne movie.