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Rush Limbaugh: Saying “No” to Sex “Means ‘Yes’ If You Know How to Spot It”

This has to rank among the top two or three most vile things he’s said.


MEMBERS ONLY: The Ugly Side of Football and How Fans Continue to Let The NFL Get Away With It

America’s Sport is polluted with lies, cheating and crime — and more than its share of assholes. Yet it’s been, up to this point, immune from serious damage.


PODCAST: Bob Cesca and Chez Pazienza Talk ISIS, Michael Moore and a New Dan Bidondi Tape

Bob and Chez discuss Obama’s no-win situation with ISIS, Michael Moore’s latest emo lament, 9/11 video replays and the new tape from InfoWars stooge Dan Bidondi.


Michael Moore Thinks Obama Will Only Be Remembered for Being the First Black President

Michael Moore is really, really disappointed in Obama. Why? I don’t think Moore even knows. He’s just disappointed.

Maher 726

Bill Maher Gets Suckered, Says He Might Vote for Rand Paul Because Clinton is Too Hawkish

Clearly he’s been suckered like so many others — not realizing that Paul is an empty suit.


Fox News and the House GOP Look to Bush/Cheney for Advice on Iraq

It turns out the Republicans do remember things that happened before January 20, 2009. Too bad they only remember all the wrong things.


The New Apple Watch and Why We Need to Stop Over-Sharing Our Lives

Ask yourself whether you really want to be a self-produced reality show micro-celebrity, broadcasting everything including your heartbeat — and paying a hefty fee for the service.


Obama Tops Reagan on the Economy, But He Still Can’t Get the Word Out

Based on the leading economic indicators, President Obama’s record on the economy is actually much stronger than Ronald Reagan’s record.


Megachurch Pastor Has Bizarrely Offensive Ideas About Women and Penises

A feminist blogger has uncovered a series of rants by Pastor Mark Driscoll that are considerably more offensive than his “pussified” remark.


The Major Obama Success Story No One Seems to Remember

It’s a success that can’t be emphasized enough, yet too many people seem to forget where we were just a little more than six years ago.


PODCAST: Bob & Chez Discuss ISIS, Phil Robertson’s Foreign Policy and Rand Paul’s Flip-Floppery

On this week’s Bob & Chez Show, the guys discuss all things ISIS, including the Duck Dynasty Foreign Policy, Rand Paul’s flip-flops and Glenn Greenwald’s tasteless reaction.


Rand Paul Flip-Flops Again on ISIS, Now Says Iraq and Turkey Should Do All the Fighting

Now he’s backpedaling on his flirtation with intervention. Surprise, surprise. Let’s review.


Greenwald Responds to Beheading of Journalists by Tweeting Jokes About the U.S. Response

Set aside whatever you might think of Greenwald, and this alone is crass and unforgivable.


SHOCKER! Rand Paul Flip-Flops, Now Supports U.S. Military Intervention in the Middle East

New rule: if you happen to agree with something Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) says, wait five minutes and he’ll say the exact opposite.


Cenk Uygur is Worried That the iCloud Hacker Might Give “All Other Hackers” a Bad Name

Yes, because we wouldn’t want the otherwise stellar reputations of hackers to be unfairly dragged through the mud.


Republican Peter King Reveals His Inner Fashionista on Obama’s Tan Suit

We shouldn’t be surprised that a subculture that routinely plays dress ‘em up in cowboy/redneck/fake-military regalia would eventually reveal itself to be inhabited by poncy fashionistas.

President Obama Makes Statement In The Briefing Room Of White House

Please Feel Free to Shut the F*ck Up About Obama’s Tan Suit

You’d think he walked into the press room with his fly wide open and a streamer of toilet paper stuck to his shoe. It’s just a tan suit, people!