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This Year’s CPAC Speakers: Three Generations of Stupid

This year, whether by design or coincidence, CPAC successfully covered all its bases by featuring dumbstupids spanning three generations. Who were these multi-generational representatives of the increasingly marginalized far-right brand?


Reporter Ken Silverstein Confirms What Critics Have Said About ‘The Intercept’ From the Beginning

If journalist Ken Silverstein’s tell-all article published today in Politico Magazine is to be believed, critics of The Intercept have been vindicated.


Bill O’Reilly’s Latest Whopper Lie is Also His Most Bizarre Lie So Far

Probably the best thing about all of this has been his reaction. It’s like a slow-motion version of his “do it live!” meltdown.


Following Pro-Secession Remarks, Ron Paul Says the Black Caucus Was Only Anti-War Because Food Stamps

It’s unclear what else he could say that’d make him look more like an 1850s era fire-eater, short of announcing that it’s a business’s right to purchase slave labor because libertarianism and the free market.


MEMBERS ONLY: Snowden’s Fans Made It Really Hard to Be Gracious About ‘Citizenfour’

Even in victory, it’s as impossible for these people to be humble and gregarious.


Larry King Tweeted His Most Bizarre Series of Random Observations Ever

I hereby nominate Larry King to be the Mayor of Twitter.

Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnell

It’s Okay for MSNBC to be the Liberal Network, But for God’s Sake Own It

The key to the problem isn’t the existence of a liberal network, it’s the existence of a liberal network that isn’t entirely sure whether it wants to be liberal in the first place.


You’ll Never Guess How Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson Attacked a State Department Official

Rather than addressing Harf’s point and countering it with an opposing argument — or even hectoring her for hating America or whatever horseshit gets passed off as rational discourse from the right these days — Chuck Johnson took a different approach.


Republicans in Oklahoma Seek to Replace History Classes with GOP Speeches, Ten Commandments

The bill is the culmination of efforts by a former high school teacher, Larry S. Kreiger, along with anti-Common Core activist Jane Robbins, who believe the test for being accepted into A.P. history classes presented “a consistently negative view of American history that highlights oppressors and exploiters.”


NYT Reporter James Risen Still Believes Obama is the “Greatest Enemy of Press Freedom”

Yep, Risen’s cheese has permanently fallen off his cracker.

Barack Obama

MEMBERS ONLY: My Personal Obamacare “Horror Story”

It all worked out in the end, but the colossal dose of irony here is that I’ve invariably supported the Affordable Care Act since the beginning, spending nearly all of 2009 and 2010 posting literally hundreds of items about it.


Don’t Panic: There’s Probably Not NSA Malware on Your Computer

You might not have heard about the latest revelations about the National Security Agency (NSA) because the banner headlines lasted all of five minutes.


There’s Another Anti-Gay State Law That’s About to Pass and It’s Utterly Baffling in Every Way

Interesting, isn’t it, that states’ rights Republicans don’t want the big bad federal government telling them what to do, but it’s okay for the state government to tightly regulate what’s going on at the local level.


Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson Wants His Sources to Pay a Fee for Submitting News Tips

Just when you thought hack-fraud Chuck C. Johnson couldn’t become a greater hack-fraud, he’s gone and totally one-upped himself.


As Marriage Equality Expands, Say Hello to Anti-Gay “Jim Crow” Laws

Here we are again, staring down the barrel of what’s arguably one of the most familiar and yet ludicrous justifications for bigotry.


Twitter Inexplicably Slow to Suspend Sandy Hook Truther Who Harassed Slain Teacher’s Family

As one of the top-shelf social media platforms, it has an obligation to its users to act more quickly and to take harsher action in the face of increasingly frequent cases like this. Especially ones this egregious and obvious.


Brian Williams Stupidly Gave Far-Right Pundits More Fuel to Indict the “Liberal Media”

Brian Williams failed to grasp that by lying from the perch of what ought to be an unimpeachable anchor chair, he would potentially toss the entire “liberal media” under the conservative entertainment bus.