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Bristol Palin: Sarah Palin’s Speech Didn’t Suck Because Martin Luther King, Jr.

There aren’t enough MLK quotes on record to have rescued that train wreck.


Rand Paul Flip-Flops on Drones Again: They Should Be Legal But He’d Shoot One Down Anyway

Rand Paul’s chief liability is his consistent lack of consistency, and this new statement on drones falls perfectly in line with his record of obvious flip-flopping on the issue.


Conservative Smear-Merchant Chuck C. Johnson Continues to Destroy Journalism, Target Rape Victims

What makes Johnson especially vile is that he’s completely unaware of his awfulness.


Lance Armstrong: Screwed When He Lies, Screwed When He’s Honest

The headlines circulating the internet today have totally stripped the 1995 context out of Armstrong’s doping quote to the BBC, and made it sound as if Armstrong said he’d dope again today or into the future.


MEMBERS ONLY: The Real Reason Why Anti-Obamacare CEOs Are Allegedly Cutting Employee Hours

If this theory is accurate, it’s difficult to point to another chapter in history when major billion-dollar corporations decided they didn’t like a president or his policies and therefore manipulated the lives of workers in order to push back against the White House.


Ted Nugent Still Thinks Obama is a “Subhuman Mongrel”

One year later, he not only stands by the insult, but said in an interview that it was “too delicate.”


Your Handy Guide to the Most Epic Sarah Palin Speech Ever

We’ve assembled here a selection of the most incomprehensible moments from the speech to serve as evidence that not only would she be a fantastic candidate in the forthcoming Republican presidential primaries, but that she might also be suffering from either Syphilitic dementia or brain worms.


Fox and Friends: Obama’s Plan for Free College is a Terrible Idea Because College Sucks

This is exactly the same incomprehensible flanking maneuver used by Erick Erickson when we tweeted that Obama’s sending more women to college where they’ll be raped on campus.


What Is The Daily Banter? Part 6: The Unexpected

It’s easy to produce comfortable, party-line clickbait and crowd-pleasers, it takes nards of iron to stand apart and to be unpredictable — to entertain, inform and essentially challenge our readers.


Why Do Republicans Keep F*cking Up Their State of the Union Responses?

Following Tuesday’s night’s address there were three more GOP response disasters.


Obama’s Penultimate State of the Union: Swagger, Successes and Not Screwing It All Up

Having accomplished many of the goals he established for the nation six years ago, Obama carried himself with a confidence and swagger we’ve never quite seen from him in the past.


Irony: English-Only Supporter Joni Ernst’s GOP Response Will Include a Spanish Version

The party that doesn’t want Spanish translations on ballots (or anything else for that matter) is airing a Spanish-language response to Obama’s remarks.

Barack Obama

MEMBERS ONLY: Are You Better Off Today Than You Were Six Years Ago?

Am I better off than I was six years ago? Hell yes. While I was responsible for a great deal of the heavy lifting, does the president deserve a nod for this? Absolutely.


Bill Maher Erroneously Defends Rush Limbaugh Against “Baby” Liberals Who “Don’t Get Free Speech”

Contrary to Maher, petitioning Limbaugh’s sponsors to drop his show is just as much an exercise in free speech as Limbaugh referring to the president as a “little black man-child.”


John Boehner Posted a Buzzfeed-Style List of Animated GIFs and America Just Died a Little

That’s right, the man who’s third in the line of succession for the presidency posted a series of Taylor Swift gifs — and on an official dot-gov website no less.


Few 2016 Republican Candidates Have More Business Experience Than Obama in 2008

Comparatively, only three of the top-tier GOP candidates have more experience in these areas than Obama, while most have the same or less experience.


Fox News Pundit’s Unhinged Rant Against Muslims: “We need to kill them. We need to KILL THEM.”

Judge Jeanine Pirro is a parody of a parody of a cable news screecher, but this format of reciting 8th-grade-level writing as Hannity-esque performance art is what passes for discourse on too many shows across all of the cable news networks.


MEMBERS ONLY: How Larry Flynt and the Supreme Court Allowed Me to Mercilessly Satirize Dick Vitale

No other nation in the world protects satire from legal action. Not one of the leaders who pretended to march in Sunday’s rally in France represent nations where satire is protected speech. This makes living in America a vital component to what I and so many others do for a living.