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Bob Cesca is the Managing Editor of The Daily Banter. Cesca has written weekly featured columns in The Huffington Post since August 2005. He has also contributed to AOL’s WalletPop blog and Manhattan Magazine. Cesca currently also co-hosts one of the nation’s top political podcasts “The Bob & Chez Show”.

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Here Are the GOP Candidates Who Fox News Might Exclude from the First Debate

One of the most tired lines in politics goes like this: “I’m not a member of an organized political party. I’m a Democrat.” Given the disastrous couple of weeks for the presumptive GOP frontrunner, as well as the over-stuffed clown car, the punchline for Will Rogers’ zinger could easily be changed to “I’m a Republican.”


Sadly, Bill O’Reilly’s Spousal Abuse Allegations Will Only Make Him Stronger

There are days when I feel hopeful about where we’re headed, but that’s not today.

Kerry Confirmation Hearing For Secretary of State

The GOP is Outraged By Hillary’s Speaking Fees, So Maybe They’ll Agree to Help Get Money Out of Politics

With Hillary Clinton’s financial disclosures in the news, it appears as if the Republicans might actually be outraged by the corrupting influence of money in politics — maybe they’ll help the rest of us get the money out of politics.


So, Fox News Hosts Seriously Expect Us to Believe They’re Not Anti-Poor?

As you can imagine, the talking monkeys on Fox News Channel have been rending garments while suffering from terminal butthurt over Obama’s remarks.


Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson Thinks He Knows What Happened to That Amtrak Train

It’s because the engineer is reportedly gay. And because he’s gay, he was probably doing all kinds of bad things that gay people do.


Seriously, is Jeb Bush Really the “Heavyweight” of the GOP Field?

While Bush hasn’t declared yet, he’s bungled his way into several unforced errors in the last week alone, clearly indicating he’s really just another clown car occupant.


Alex Jones Now Says ABC News Had No Intention of Ever Interviewing Him

His audience believes the government is intentionally creating more gay people by poisoning juice boxes, and they’ll absolutely believe that news media and the U.S. government are working together to discredit Alex Jones.

Stephen Colbert

MEMBERS ONLY: The After Party Podcast: Bob and Chez Discuss The Avengers, Joss Whedon, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon

We recap our latest Dan Bidondi clip and Twitter reactions; Bob reviews The Avengers: Age of Ultron; Twitter Jihad Against Joss Whedon; Unfair Criticisms; City Destruction in Man of Steel versus The Avengers; The Captain America Lineup; Stephen Colbert Helps Teachers in South Carolina; Huckabee preached against Monty Python; The new episode of Louie was genius; Weird Dreams; Jimmy Fallon’s Extreme bit was horrible; and more.


Alex Jones Fails to Show Up for an ABC News Interview, Then Insists It’s a Conspiracy Against Him

Conspiracy theory swindler Alex Jones is playing ABC News like a violin — a violin wrapped in tin-foil.


GOP Candidate Ben Carson Seriously Thinks There’s Something Called “Judicial Law”

It’s difficult to tell whether Carson is ill-informed or if he’s doing this to deliberately misinform his supporters.


Hillary’s Poll Numbers Are Way Up, Despite “Homebrew” Email and Donor Scandals

Here we go, folks. Let the 2016 poll watching begin. It only gets exponentially crazier from here.


Rush Limbaugh: Garland, TX Shooting Was ‘Green-Lit’ by Obama

In spite of the “Thanks, Obama” meme’s dwindling efficacy, the far-right continues to go there.


The Five Nearly Impossible Challenges for Bernie Sanders and His Supporters

There’s a definite nobility in voting for candidates who best align with our personal values, even if they have no chance of winning. But our convictions in the voting booth are equally if not less important as having a realistic outlook on the bigger picture, and voters of both parties would do well to seriously consider these factors.


MEMBERS ONLY: The After Party Podcast: Chez’s New Music Countdown, Plus Bob’s Embarrassing Old Radio Tapes and More

The Deejay Show: Chez’s New Music Countdown; Bob’s Old Radio Clips from 1996; Old Radio Stories; Bob and the Canned Ham Incident; Bob and Chez Piss Off Their Sponsors; Racism Isn’t Just in the South; We Play the Bit We Had to Kill for the Free Show; Family Guy vs The Simpsons; and more.


In Defense of ‘Baltimore Mom’ Toya Graham

Until we’ve walked a mile in Ms. Graham’s shoes, and until we’ve faced down the same crisis, it’s unfair to condemn her for what she did. Today, her son is alive and free, and some day, perhaps he’ll be wise enough to thank her for it.


Reality Check: Bernie Sanders Might Be Running, But He’ll Never Be President

I seriously doubt he personally expects to win the nomination. And at the end of the day, what Sanders will want more than anything else is to convince the eventual nominee, and especially the eventual nominee’s voters, to adopt some of Sanders’s positions.

trump hair

Trump, Conservatives Blame President Obama for Baltimore Riots, Looting

Remember, this is the same crowd that’s quick to remind us how Obama has nothing to do with job creation whenever a new jobs report drops. They also insist that Obama has nothing to do with the economic recovery, the record-high stock market, precipitous unemployment numbers or the hunting and capturing of Bin Laden.

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