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Bob Cesca is the Managing Editor of The Daily Banter. Cesca has written weekly featured columns in The Huffington Post since August 2005. He has also contributed to AOL’s WalletPop blog and Manhattan Magazine. Cesca currently also co-hosts one of the nation’s top political podcasts “The Bob & Chez Show”.

Top Articles by Bob Cesca


The Bob & Chez Podcast: Crazy Cooter Defends Confederate Flag, New Sarah Palin Video, Crazy Christian Lady is Crazy

Crazy Cooter: Dukes of Hazzard Cast Member Defends Confederate Flag on Fox News; All New and Totally Crazy Sarah Palin Audio; Jim Webb is Running for President; Rand Paul Meets with Cliven Bundy; Steve King Wants to Impeach Supreme Court Justices; Rush Limbaugh’s Butthurt Balm; Crazy Christian Facebook Lady is Crazy; and much more.


WATCH: Stephen Colbert’s Amazingly Hilarious Cable Access Show Featuring Eminem

Stephen Colbert somehow took over a cable access TV show in the southeast Michigan town of Monroe, birthplace of George Armstrong Custer and situated next to Brest Bay where people drive down and “motorboat the Brest” (Colbert’s joke).


The Bob & Chez Podcast: The Most Vile Fox News Segment Ever and Lindsey Graham’s “Girlfriends”

Our Tuesday show. Blow Blow Blow: The Most Vile Fox News Channel Segment Ever; Chris Christie is Running; Donald Trump Fired by NBC; Lindsey Graham Talks About His Girlfriends; Ben Carson is Bored with His Own Campaign; Bobby Jindal Wants to Eliminate the Supreme Court; Farewell, Chris Squire; and much more.


CNN’s Hilarious Dildo Flag Gaffe is Yet Another Example of the Decline of American Journalism

We salute your dildo blindness, CNN. But at the same time, it’s more than a little distressing that, yes, here we are again, with a major news outlet reporting a story before it’s been properly vetted for accuracy.


WATCH: President Obama’s Emotional Eulogy for the Pastor Slain in Charleston Massacre

Wait for it… He sings “Amazing Grace” toward the end.


The Bob & Chez Podcast: SCOTUS Upholds Obamacare, Scalia is Nuts, Chuck C. Johnson Fading Away and Christie is Running!

With Guest Co-host Charles Johnson from Little Green Footballs; Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson’s Continued Descent into Obscurity; Bobby Jindal is Running; Chris Christie is Running; Good News for Donald Trump; Obamacare Upheld by the Supreme Court; Scalia is Insane; Plus, all about Charles Johnson’s Music Career and Entry into Political Blogger; and much more.


WATCH: Bill O’Reilly Explodes When Asked if He Has Any Black Friends

Democratic Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers really jammed O’Reilly in a segment about racism in the United States.


The Bob & Chez Podcast! Confederate Flags, Chez in Vegas, Obama’s N-Word and Much More

Fox and Friends Host Hits a Guy With an Axe; Chez Live from Las Vegas; Obama Says the N-word, Outrage Ensues; Fox and Friends Can’t Say Marc Maron’s Name; Why is the Confederate Flag Still an Issue; Haley Barbour and Lindsey Graham Defend the Confederate Flag; Lindsey Graham’s South Carolina Skeet City; Trump is in Second Place; Gohmert Jokes About Running; and much more.


Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson is Suing Everyone While Totally Screwing Himself

Whatever hell he’s inviting upon himself with these lawsuits simply won’t be hellish enough.


WATCH: All the Times President Obama Has Responded to Gun Massacres

Before you waste your time counting, it’s 14 times. President Obama has stepped up to a podium 14 times to offer remarks and condolences following a firearm massacre. The Huffington Post compiled clips from all of those address, and it’s heartbreaking.

Donald Trump Presidential Announcement

The Bob & Chez Podcast: Trump is Driving the Clown Car, Lindsey Graham Shoots Skeet, and God in an A**hole

“Shooting Skeet” — Donald Trump is Officially Running for President; The Clown Car Has a Driver; Trump’s Announcement Speech; Lindsey Graham Shooting Skeet; Crazy California Politician Blames Drought on Abortion; God is an A-hole; Ben Carson is the Frontrunner; The Rachel Dolezal Controversy; Alex Jones Rants About Hillary’s Voice; and much more.


California Republican Blames Drought Conditions on Abortion and Liberals

Assemblywoman Grove said last week that the drought is being caused by the existence of abortion services in her state. Yes, God is pissed off at California because of abortion, and so the Lord has decided to turn most of the state into the wasteland from the Mad Max films.

Mike huckabee

Mike Huckabee’s Co-Author Was Accused of Child Molestation

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has a child molestation problem.


The Bob & Chez Podcast: Chuck Johnson Banned Again; Doocy in the Box; Duggars in Trouble Again; and Ben Carson Gets Pissed

“Doocy in the Box” — Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson Stalks Twitter Headquarters Then Gets Suspended Again; The Texas Cop Resigns, and O’Reilly Blames MSNBC; Steve Doocy Repeats RNC Talking Points Verbatim; The Doocy in the Box; The Duggars in Trouble Again; Huckabee’s Co-Author Accused of Child Molestation; Ben Carson Derps on Gay Marriage Again; Lindsey Graham is a Ghoul; Abortion Rates Down in Pro-Choice States; and much more.


The Bob & Chez Show Podcast: The McKinney Cop; Lindsey Graham’s Gun; Fox News Defending Awfulness; and a Duggar Update

“Hit Him With A Shank” A McKinney Texas Cop Draws Gun and Abuses Teen Girl; Fox News Channel Making Excuses for the Texas Cop; Sean Hannity Worried that the Texas Cop Might Be Hit with a Shank; Lindsey Graham’s Gun; Bionic Dan Bidondi’s Bionic Italian Deli Summertime Specials; Fox News Also Continues to Spin for the Duggars; Pastor Jeffress Defends Duggars and is Destroyed by Keith Ablow; and much more.


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