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Ben Cohen is the editor of The Daily Banter and founder of Banter Media Group. Ben writes a regular column for the Huffington Post and is a regular guest on the RT Network. Ben covered boxing and Mixed Martial Arts for,, Black Belt Magazine, Boxing Monthly Magazine and Originally from London, England he currently lives in Washington DC.

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Republican Party Now So Ridiculous Conservatives Are Not Worth Debating Anymore

Banter Editor Ben Cohen debates conservatives over the human trafficking bill in the Senate and the success of Obamacare, and comes away with the conclusion that conservatives are no longer worth debating if they defend the Republican Party.


Here is What The Student Loan Scam is Doing to America

Americans currently owe $1.6 trillion in student debt and that figure is expected to rise t0 $2 trillion in 2022. Study after study has shown that this debt is not only unsustainable, but a severe drag on the economy. People in severe debt don’t spend money, don’t start business and are always looking at ways to cut costs – in other words, the exact behavior that leads to recession. So what is the purpose of this insane system?


Florida Banned Use of ‘Climate Change’ Because Florida is F*cking Stupid

Florida, the state where it is legal to shoot unarmed black people, real life cannibal zombies eat peoples’ faces, and grown men shoot themselves in the balls because guns, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the state officials are not allowed to officially acknowledge climate change because it is ‘not a true fact’.

U.S. President Obama and Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu shake hands while they hold a joint news conference at the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem

Noam Chomsky: Netanyahu, GOP’s Real Objective is to Undermine Obama and Destroy Peace

What exactly is Netanyahu’s agenda, and why does it coincide so closely with the GOP’s political ambitions both at home and abroad?


MEMBERS ONLY: Who Stole My City?

“I had friends from all walks of life and honestly don’t remember them by way of ethnicity or social class. At that age, it was all about who could do Michael Jackson dancing the best, and who was the fastest runner. I’d go to my mates houses or flats after school for tea (biscuits and Ribena usually) and didn’t really get any sense that I was different to anyone else. South London was a slightly dangerous, yet fun place to grow up where you genuinely felt like you were part of a community.

Fast forward 25 years and my hometown of Clapham is a very, very different place.” Read more… 


An Open Challenge To The Media: Can You Stop Using These Irritating Clickbait Headlines?

If you get most of your news from your Facebook feed these days, you probably get the feeling that you’ve no idea where the articles you read actually come from anymore. Regrettably, this is entirely by design and completely predictable outcome given the digital media’s obsession with getting clicks. The problem is now so bad that… Read More

greenwald vs bbc

Glenn Greenwald Smears The BBC And British Television Regulator With Comically Inept Journalism

At the risk of canonizing The Daily Banter’s reputation as a perpetual Glenn Greenwald debunking outlet, The Intercept’s latest article is so rife with comical school boy errors it would be irresponsible of us not to unpack it for the farcical piece of nonsense it is. In Greenwald’s latest screed against vast and pernicious western governments, he decries… Read More

bill oreilly liar

As Bill O’Reilly’s Lies Expand, So Does His Audience

Disturbingly, as O’Reilly’s lies get bigger and bigger, so too does his audience.


Rand Paul Provides Dumbest Blue Print Ever to Beat Hillary in 2016

The scandal that clearly wasn’t a scandal will apparently provide enough ammunition to take down the Democratic front runner for the 2016 Presidential election. Welcome to the world of Rand Paul…

U.S. President Obama and Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu shake hands while they hold a joint news conference at the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem

Why Netanyahu’s Grandstanding to Congress Will Irreversibly Damage Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu will speak before a joint session of Congress next week after being invited by House Speaker John Boehner. Netanyahu will use the occasion to bang the drums for a confrontation with Iran over its nuclear program and shame the Obama administration for negotiating rather than dictating terms for an agreement. To say that… Read More

Social soup kitchen in Athens

MEMBERS ONLY: Why Germany Should Remember History As It Starves Greece

Germany is taking Greece to the brink of destruction, creating poverty, famine and political extremism. Austerity is not only creating a humanitarian crisis, but seething resentment and unrest – two things Germany should acutely be aware of.


There is No Liberal Media in America

As the war rages on between Bill O’Reilly and reality (or ‘guttersnipes’ and ‘far left zealots’ as O’Reilly likes to call them), the American news media is coming under greater scrutiny for its role in informing the public. Can we trust the media? Do they have an agenda, and is there, as O’Reilly implies, a… Read More


Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao: Biggest Fight in History Now Official!!!

Finally, the two biggest stars in boxing (if not all sports) are finally set to fight in what is guaranteed to be the biggest and most lucrative fight in the history of boxing. After years of waiting, excuses, mishaps and failed negotiations, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will do battle most likely at the MGM… Read More


Liar Bill O’Reilly Probably Lied About a War Story, Has History of Lying Anyway

If Bill O’Reilly had a modicum of shame, he would have kept himself well away from the Brian Williams saga. But then he is the Fox News network’s major star, and you don’t get on Fox by having any shame.

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Shouting Match With Conservatives on Washington’s Marijuana Laws, AP History and Malcolm X

Traditionally in America conservatives haven’t been crazy, but the modern Republican is a totally new breed. The toxic combination of underfunded public schools, relentless Fox News propaganda, and the cynical culture of anti-intellectualism has resulted in a truly terrifying generation of non-thinkers.


MEMBERS ONLY: The US Broke Iraq and Now it Can’t Fix it

What happens when you invade the wrong country for the wrong reasons, fail to stop a civil war by refusing to rebuild it properly, then start bombing neighboring countries? If your answer is: “A complete and utter nightmare,” you’d be right.

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UK Conservative’s Tax Dodge Advice Video is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

What do we make of political leaders in already deeply unequal countries explicitly giving out advice to the wealthy on how to game the tax system?

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New York Times Journalist David Carr Dies in the Worst Month For Media Ever

In what is quickly becoming the worst month for media ever, the New York Time’s David Carr has passed away at the age of 58. If you needed reminding just how bad February of 2015 has been (and we’re only 13 days into the month as of time of publishing), here’s what has gone down so far: