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Ben Cohen is the editor of The Daily Banter and founder of Banter Media Group. Ben writes a regular column for the Huffington Post and is a regular guest on the RT Network. Ben covered boxing and Mixed Martial Arts for,, Black Belt Magazine, Boxing Monthly Magazine and Originally from London, England he currently lives in Washington DC.

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Ben Carson’s Syrian Refugee Solution is Seriously Idiotic

The leading Republican contender for the Presidency of the United States thinks he can solve the situation in Syria by creating more potential terrorists and leaving the hard thinking to other people. Not exactly confidence inspiring.


Before You Start to Politicize The Paris Attacks, Don’t

Almost immediately after the attacks, social media was set ablaze with messages of support for France — small acts of kindness that don’t affect much but are not doubt welcome in the wake of such appalling violence.

But of course, merely minutes after the facts emerged about the attacks, activists with pet agendas began to emerge and began spreading their own politicized message through social media.

Obama Diwali

Shocking Video Shows Muslim Obama Wishing Americans a Happy Diwali

Secret Muslim and Communist President Obama finally revealed his true religion when addressing Americans yesterday to wish them a happy Diwali.

polar bear

We Need to Stop Everything Now and Focus on Climate Change

Make time to put pressure on your leaders and remember that while work is important, so too is breathing clean air.


Stop Saying Bernie Sanders is “Too White”

“How Bernie Sanders, the son of two Polish immigrants, who lost half of his direct family to the Holocaust and has worked tirelessly for those who have the least in America can be cast as “too white” is literally beyond my abilities to comprehend.”


If Ben Carson Does Not Believe in Evolution, He is Not Qualified to Become President of the United States

Carson is either an idiot or lying about his rejection of the theory of evolution. Either way it proves he has no place running for the Presidency of the United States.


Quote of the Week: Matt Taibbi Makes the Case for Bernie Sanders

Despite the media’s relentless attempts to distract voters from real issues, Bernie Sanders is amazingly sticking to his script of focusing on matters that, well, actually matter.

palin jenner

Bristol Palin is Right: Shut the F*ck Up About “Cultural Appropriation”

This is probably the only time I have, and will ever agree with Bristol Palin, but I wholeheartedly back her public support of Kylie Jenner’s Halloween Eskimo outfit.


The Republican Candidates’ Tax Plans Are Basically Bullsh*t

Unsurprisingly, none of their plans make any sense or help the majority of Americans.


Climate Change Expert Rush Limbaugh Declares “There is No Climate Change”

If you want to understand the science behind climate change, don’t waste your time listening to actual scientist who almost unanimously agree that rising CO2 emissions are a direct result of human activity. Instead, listen to an obese, pill popping loudmouth who makes his living peddling right wing propaganda on the radio.

SUMATRA ISLAND, INDONESIA - JUNE 27:  A woman walks trough haze as a forrest fire burns bushes and fields June 27, 2013 in Siak Regency, Riau Province, Indonesia. The fires on Sumatra have caused record smog in Malaysia and Singapore. Sumatra has stepped up efforts to fight the fires to relieve the conditions. Eight farmers have been arrested for setting the fires on Sumatra Island.  (Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images)

Indonesia is Burning and Here’s What You Can Do About It

It appears to have escaped much of the western media that right now, one of the gravest environmental crimes this century is taking place in the rain forests of Indonesia


This is Probably the Most Mind Blowing Talk You’ll Ever See on How to Save The Planet

Back in 2012, leading mycologist and author Paul Stamets delivered a speech at the UPLIFT conference in Byron Bay, Australia, on how mushrooms can be used to heal the planet from the devastating impact of human behavior on the environment.


Jeb Bush Is Finished and So Is Establishment Conservatism

Jeb needed a big win last night. It didn’t happen, so now he’s finished.


Join The Banter Team’s Comment Cocktail Party For Tonight’s GOP Debate!

Tommy Christopher will be providing live updates and video clips of the debate throughout the night, and the Banter team will be hopping into the comments section to discuss the madness. So please join us!