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Ben Cohen is the editor of The Daily Banter and founder of Banter Media Group. Ben writes a regular column for the Huffington Post and is a regular guest on the RT Network. Ben covered boxing and Mixed Martial Arts for,, Black Belt Magazine, Boxing Monthly Magazine and Originally from London, England he currently lives in Washington DC.

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Let’s Try NOT Praying About Gun Massacres Until They Stop

Let’s try a new tactic: no prayer calls from political leaders whatsoever until these gun massacres stop completely, or at least go down to the level of every other civilized nation on earth


Salon’s Treatment of Sam Harris is Shameful

A supposedly serious media outlet with a real operating budget, real reporters, and a host of nationally syndicated columnists took out bits of an interview with a highly respected public intellectual because it didn’t like them.

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Republicans Are Trying to Sabotage Paris Climate Deal and Destroy The Planet — Literally

When the most pro science candidate, Jeb Bush, says “I don’t think it’s [climate change] the highest priority,” we can safely say that the Republican party has absolutely no interest in doing anything about saving our planet from disaster. Or in other words, they are actively trying to destroy it.


Behold, The Single Dumbest Comment Ever Found on Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page

While Palin usually uses her facebook page to promote hate and fear, after the shooting in Colorado over the weekend, to her credit she posted a heartfelt message of condolences to the victims. However, the comment thread on the post offered up a frankly terrifying insight into the mind of a Sarah Palin fan.

Ayahuasca journey

How Ayahuasca Destroyed My Ego and Brought Me Back Home

Banter editor Ben Cohen recounts his mind blowing, life altering Ayahuasca experience.


AP Fact Check Finds Ted Cruz to Have “Kindergarten” Understanding of Science

Cruz scored so low on the test that Michael Mann, a Pennsylvania State University meteorology professor who was interviewed for the AP article declared that,”This individual understands less about science (and climate change) than the average kindergartner…That sort of ignorance would be dangerous in a doorman, let alone a president.”


Stop F*cking Up Good Food With Kale

This hipster obsession with kale has got to stop. Why? Because it is goddamn revolting.

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“Poverty Appropriation” Now on List of Behavior Banned by Liberals

Yes, cutting down your living costs is now a form of “cultural appropriation” that is apparently deeply offensive to the poor.


We Must Separate Attacks on Muslims From Attacks on Islam

As Donald Trump calls for a national registry of Muslims in America, Salon type liberals are insisting Islam is a religion of peace. Both depictions of Muslims and Islam are wrong, yet each extreme apparently represents the parameters of debate within which we are allowed to think about a very complicated subject.


Matt Taibbi’s Latest Tom Friedman Takedown is Glorious

If you’ve followed Matt Taibbi’s career for the past decade, you have probably come to wait with bated breath for the latest installment of his epic Tom Friedman takedowns — and his latest does not disappoint.


If You’ve Lost Bill Maher Over National Registry For Muslims, It Really is a Bad Idea

Donald Trump has proposed that Muslims be registered on a national database. If you have lost Bill Maher on anything related to Islam, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be a very, very bad idea.

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NRA Video Going Viral After Paris Attacks is the Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

The NRA released what can charitably be described as the dumbest video in history.


These Are the States That Have Given In To ISIS

Take a look and remember which states decided to stand up to terror in the most effective way possible.


Is The Internet F*cked? Tales From an Independent Media Outlet

Banter editor Ben Cohen spills the beans on what is like running an independent website in the Buzzfeed era


Obama Just Owned Anti-Refugee Republicans Hard

Speaking at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Manila yesterday, President Obama took time out to thoroughly embarrass Republican governors around the nation who are demanding the US stop letting Syrian refugees into the country.

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John Kasich Aims to Revive Crusades With Judeo-Christian Government Agency

One would think that in the wake of a serious tragedy caused by religious fundamentalism, Republican candidates would wait at least a week or so before promoting batshit crazy religious gimmicks designed to reel in evangelist voters.


Here’s Why Students Protest “Micro Aggressions” But Not Their Own Debt

In the past, students in America have protested racial segregation, their government’s invasion of defenseless nations, fought for gender equality and demonstrated against horrific police brutality. In 2015, students are demanding safe places filled with fluffy pillows to protect them from words they might find “triggering”.