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Ben Cohen is the editor of The Daily Banter and founder of Banter Media Group. Ben writes a regular column for the Huffington Post and is a regular guest on the RT Network. Ben covered boxing and Mixed Martial Arts for,, Black Belt Magazine, Boxing Monthly Magazine and Originally from London, England he currently lives in Washington DC.

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Vladimir Putin

Russian Youth Poll Shows Hitler More Popular than Vladimir Putin

Russian website ‘The Insider’ has reported on a rather disturbing political poll by the network “VKontakte” on the attitudes of Russia’s youth.

David Brooks

Why America Needs to Stop Listening to David Brooks

In a neat, 800-word column, Brooks divides the world into responsible rich people and irresponsible poor people, and postulates that inequality has nothing to do with the wealthy rigging the economy to maintain their wealth, but more to do with failed policies towards poor people, who just breed and won’t work.

The US tops the chart for inequality

Astonishing Statistics On Wealth Divide Revealed Ahead of Davos

As the World Economic Forum starts in Davos, a recent report from the charity Oxfam highlighted the astonishing global wealth divide that now exists between the super rich and super poor.

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 5.46.02 PM

You know what? Go and F**k Yourself, Vladimir Putin.

“We are not forbidding anything and nobody is being grabbed off the street, and there is no punishment for such kinds of relations. You can feel relaxed and calm [in Russia], but leave children alone please,” – - Vladimir Putin telling gay people that they will not be arrested at the Winter Olympics, as long as they stay away from children.


Glenn Beck Comment Porn: Michelle Obama Birthday Celebration Suggestions

It’s Friday, Banter readers, thus it is time for our regular installment of ‘Glenn Beck Comment Porn’. In this week’s edition, we look at a delightful comment thread on The Blaze where readers weigh in with their own suggestions one how to celebrate Michelle Obama’s 5oth birthday party

S.E Cupp

S.E Cupp Shows Ignorance on Economics, Gets Schooled by Real Economist

On Wednesday’s edition of CNN’s Crossfire, former Clinton administration Secretary of Labor Robert Reich (a real economist) got into a lively debate with conservative host S.E. Cupp (not a real economist). Cupp, whose credentials in economics include having a degree in Art History and being a guest on Fox’s Hannity, challenged Reich’s assertion that raising wages and supporting unions would boost the economy.


7 Signs You Are an Internet Troll

Whether in the comments section of a website or on Facebook and Twitter, trolls find a medium to attack others without fear of reprisals. The anonymity of the internet makes an ideal playground for their unrestrained aggression, providing these trolls with an endless supply of victims who will respond to their baiting.

So who are these internet trolls?


Astonishing Photo Shows Precise Moment When Bolt of Lightning Killed Woman

Newspaper photographer Rogério Soares caught a tragic, yet stunning moment with his camera on the coast of São Paulo in Brazil, capturing the precise moment when 36-year-old tourist Rosangela Biavati was struck by a lightening bolt while she ran towards the ocean.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.02.39 AM

NYC “Devil Baby” Prank is Absolutely Genius

In what appears to be a very clever marketing trick for an upcoming movie ‘Devils Due‘, animatronics experts rigged up an incredibly frightening looking baby, put it in a pram, then let it loose in New York City. The results are absolutely hilarious, and f**king terrifying: Sadly, the movie looks, well, crap. Perhaps they should… Read More


What do Pierre Omidyar, Glenn Greenwald and Glenn Beck Have in Common? A Very Shady Business Model

An email correspondence between Glenn Greenwald and a fan has revealed that his new site, ‘First Look Media’ is essentially a more sophisticated version of Glenn Beck’s gold flogging site, ‘The Blaze’.


Quote of the Day: Ariel Sharon the War Criminal

Sadly, Sharon’s legacy was simply more extremism, culminating in the ascent of Benjamin Netanyahu – a politician whose sole purpose in life is to perpetuate war and colonize what is left of Palestine.

Sharon is being hailed as a hero by the Israeli and American press, but the truth is that he was anything but.

Tracy Anderson: Full of sh*t

Tracy Anderson Diet Plan So Absurd, Doctors Issue Anorexia Warning Over it

While Tracy Anderson’s exercise claims are ridiculous her dietary claims are so dangerous they prompted the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and eating disorder charity ‘Beat’ to issue a public warning last week that followers of her plan are at risk of developing an eating disorder.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 1.24.19 PM

UpBuzzViralWorthyFeed: Super Brain Beagle Gets Chicken Nuggets Out of Oven

As part of our continued efforts to plague the internet with ridiculous videos in a new column we’re calling “UpBuzzViralWorthyFeed”, we thought you might want to see a beagle get some chicken nuggets out of his owner’s oven. Why is this deemed “UpBuzzViralWorthyFeed” material? Just check out the measure the dog Lucy takes in order to get her nuggets


Glenn Beck Comment Porn: Obama Birth Certificate Assassination Edition

In this week’s ‘Glenn Beck Comment Porn’ we look at Beck reader comments on the footage of the plane crash that killed the Hawaii official who released President Obama’s birth certificate. Let the craziness commence!!


Arianna Huffington’s ‘The World Post’: Exactly What the World Doesn’t Need

Arianna Huffington’s new media company ‘The World Post’ is about as exciting as its name. Here’s why the world doesn’t need another platform for the rich and powerful to present their ‘bold ideas’.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 6.11.43 PM

Unique New Zealand Public Service Ad is Brilliant and Shocking

This is probably one of the best public service ad on killing your speed ever created.

gates obama

Robert Gates Confirms Obama’s Real Middle East Motivations: Getting the Hell Out

While people may think that Robert Gates ‘exposed’ the President on his true motivations towards Afghanistan, he has in fact shown the President to have an accurate understanding of just how disastrous US intervention in the Middle East has been.

Andrew Seston gets arrested for being twice the legal limit

WATCH: Police Officer Pulls Driver Over, Then Gets Arrested Himself for Being Drunk

Last April, Police officer Andrew Seston pulled over Irfan Mehrban after suspecting him of being high on cannabis. Mehrban smelled alcohol on Seston’s breath, and called the police himself, resulting in the following astonishing scene that Mehrban recently posted onto YouTube