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Ben Cohen is the editor of The Daily Banter and founder of Banter Media Group. Ben writes a regular column for the Huffington Post and is a regular guest on the RT Network. Ben covered boxing and Mixed Martial Arts for,, Black Belt Magazine, Boxing Monthly Magazine and Originally from London, England he currently lives in Washington DC.

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24 Hours Left to Save Journalism!

(This article is unlocked and won’t count towards your meter)  Okay, the title of this piece isn’t technically true, but there are only 24 hours left to get 6 weeks of unlimited access to the Banter completely free! Journalism will probably survive in some form or another should the Banter not be able to continue,… Read More

Star Wars trailer

The First Trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is Here, and it is F*cking Awesome

(Co-authored by Bob Cesca) It’s enough to suggest that this won’t be anything like the plodding, awkward prequel trilogy and could potentially capture the swagger and excitement of the original trilogy.

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The Daily Banter Big Sale: Get 6 Weeks Free With A New Banter Membership!

If you have been toying with the idea of buying a membership to get access to everything we do here at The Daily Banter, fear not. For the next 6 days, we are giving you 6 weeks free access. It’s completely risk free – if you love your membership, you can continue, if you don’t, then simply cancel when the trial is up.


MEMBERS ONLY: Why The Biggest Fight in Boxing History Still Has Not Happened

Why has the biggest fight in the history of boxing, and the most lucrative sporting event ever not been made? Ben Cohen investigates why Floyd Mayweather refuses to fight Manny Pacquiao.

the good fight

Why You Should Become a Banter Member. And an Apology (Or Two..)

(This article is unlocked and won’t count towards your meter)

The headline of this piece is a bit of a giveaway in regards to its aim. We want you to buy a membership from us, and this article is supposed to be a way of convincing you to make the leap.

Before you close your browser, hear us out.


Quote Of The Day: Tom Friedman Has Another Solution For The Middle East

After supporting virtually every single one of the military interventions he now admits were a disaster, Tom Friedman appears to have reached a zen like state of wisdom where he now accepts that he knows he cannot know. Except he does actually know….


Bob Marley’s Family Goes into ‘McGanja’ With Private Equity Firm

It turns out Bob Marley’s descendants are not nearly so discerning about the benefits of material wealth as he was, and are cashing in on the spiritual legacy left by the most revered reggae artist in history by selling Marley branded weed to the masses.

Fallon Fox. Image source Champion Fighting Alliance

Joe Rogan is Right, Transgender Athletes Should Not Be Able to Fight Women

Joe Rogan is in hot water for stating that transgender athlete Fallon Fox should not be able to fight women. Rogan is accused of being a transphobic hater monger, but anyone with an understanding of Martial Arts knows the subject is far from black and white and involves the health and safety of women in an already dangerous sport.


Banter Member Update: Slowly But Surely

Firstly thanks to everyone for bearing with us as we switch to the metered member model. Very few of you experienced any problems signing up or getting access, so that’s a good thing. There have been some hiccups in regards to ads showing for pay readers and some trouble accessing it on mobile devices, but not for the vast majority (and rest assured, we’ll fix if for those who have had problems).


Americans Are In An Abusive Relationship With The Republican Party

Over the past three decades, the Republican Party has been responsible for vast increases in poverty and income inequality in America, two disastrous and illegal wars in the Middle East, the complete breakdown of the financial system, holding the country to ransom over the debt ceiling, attempting to roll back women’s rights 40 years, and generally… Read More


Tom Friedman Writes An Incredibly Stupid Column About Nothing Again

Tom Friedman’s latest column at the New York Times is so brilliantly stupid it is worth examining. Why? Because millions of Americans read Thomas Friedman and they should know better.


America’s Biggest Conspiracy: The Myth Of The ‘Home Ownership Society’

America is a proud ‘home ownership society’. The problem is, Americans don’t really own their homes, someone else does and they will take it from you when you stop paying them.

GMO Halloween

Salon Does Not Want You to Enjoy Halloween

Your child will get cancer and die if he/she does not wear hand made sustainable organic cotton costumes from fair trade-approved cooperatives.


Herman Cain Insults Black People, Calls 50% ‘Clueless’

While Cain isn’t exactly the GOP’s brightest hope, he is an African American and at least projects some sort of image of inclusiveness in the notoriously white party. Sadly, Cain is incapable of keeping his foot out of his mouth.

glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Readers Weigh in on The ‘Obola’ Virus

There’s a current theme amongst Glenn Beck readers on the cause of Ebola, and predictably it’s about someone in power who isn’t white…


Attention Feminists: The Oscar Pistorius Case Isn’t About You

Predictably, feminists are up in arms over the outcome of the Oscar Pistorius trial. When will they learn it isn’t about them?

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The Daily Banter Is Moving To a Metered Member System In November

In two weeks time, The Daily Banter will be moving to a paid metered model to ensure our long term viability as an independent outlet. While our recent introduction of the paid membership section of the site has helped enormously, we still are far too reliant on advertising to be sustainable in the long term.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus – Should a Mass Murderer Really be Celebrated?

The Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus is regarded in American culture as the first Westerner to discover the Americas, and he will forever be remembered as a pioneer and a hero. The historical record however, shows Columbus to be a brutal murderer who participated in indescribable crimes against Americas indigenous population.