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Ben Cohen is the editor of The Daily Banter and founder of Banter Media Group. Ben writes a regular column for the Huffington Post and is a regular guest on the RT Network. Ben covered boxing and Mixed Martial Arts for,, Black Belt Magazine, Boxing Monthly Magazine and Originally from London, England he currently lives in Washington DC.

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glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Readers Weigh in on The ‘Obola’ Virus

There’s a current theme amongst Glenn Beck readers on the cause of Ebola, and predictably it’s about someone in power who isn’t white…


Attention Feminists: The Oscar Pistorius Case Isn’t About You

Predictably, feminists are up in arms over the outcome of the Oscar Pistorius trial. When will they learn it isn’t about them?

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The Daily Banter Is Moving To a Metered Member System In November

In two weeks time, The Daily Banter will be moving to a paid metered model to ensure our long term viability as an independent outlet. While our recent introduction of the paid membership section of the site has helped enormously, we still are far too reliant on advertising to be sustainable in the long term.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus – Should a Mass Murderer Really be Celebrated?

The Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus is regarded in American culture as the first Westerner to discover the Americas, and he will forever be remembered as a pioneer and a hero. The historical record however, shows Columbus to be a brutal murderer who participated in indescribable crimes against Americas indigenous population.


A Basic Lesson in Biology: Why Our Economic System is Decimating The Planet

MEMBERS ONLY: While we have green energy commitments, panels on climate change, and policies to prevent the decimation of wildlife, there is an elephant in the room that few leaders are willing to acknowledge.

It’s a truth so obvious that it cannot be mentioned given it undermines the entire basis of Western capitalism and the philosophical paradigm we’ve been living under for the past 500 years.

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Fox News Host’s ‘Boobs on the Ground’ Joke Reminds Us That Conservatives Shouldn’t Do Comedy

There’s nothing like some good old-fashioned sexism to get your audience rolling on the floor unable to get up because they’re so elderly.

godfrey youtubeready

Full Length Banter Podcast: Godfrey and Ben Uncut!

BANTER MEMBERS ONLY: Check out the raw and uncut podcast Ben Cohen did with Godfrey recently. We discuss it all: Godfrey’s background in comedy; working with the likes of Dave Chappelle, Robin Williams and Joan Rivers; whether Obama is a weak President, being black in America, and how British accents help you be more successful.


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The Daily Banter Podcast: Comedian Godfrey Talks Robin Williams, Joke Thievery and British Accents!

In the new Daily Banter Podcast, Ben Cohen speaks with comedian Godfrey to discuss what Robin Williams was like in person, British accents, and whether President Obama is a professorial weakling or a Machiavellian Jedi. Check out the preview!

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Apparently YouTubers Love Sexual Assault

Once again, YouTubers fail to restore anyone’s faith in humanity.


Charles Krauthammer Wins Asshole Quote of the Week

Real-life talking corpse Charles Krauthammer has seriously attacked President Obama for being narcissistic know it all.


The Daily Banter’s Campaign to UnF*ck the Internet!

With the explosion of sites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and all the other viral content mills flooding the internet with side-boob photos, annoying clickbait headlines, and listicles about cats that look like Miley Cyrus (and no, that is not a joke), we felt it was finally time to do something about it.

Jay Carney McCain

CNN Doubles Down on Insider Hackery by Hiring Jay Carney

If you needed more proof that the corporate news media is one giant factory of nepotistic nothingness, the recent hiring of former Obama press secretary Jay Carney by CNN should hopefully dispel any myth of its relevance.

Head-in-sand (1)

Dismantling Conservative Lies About British Healthcare

David Hogberg, a Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research made some egregious claims about British health care in comparison to the US system.

Ben Cohen RT

Ben Cohen vs Conservatives on Medicare, ISIS Strategy and Eric Cantor

Banter editor Ben Cohen went on Thom Hartmann’s show last night and got into an almighty bust up with conservative David Hogberg PhD, Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research, and Scott Greer, Associate Editor at The Daily Caller.


BuzzFeed is Getting Into Social Gaming. Internet Is Officially F*cked.

After raising $50 million from Andreessen Horowitz, internet giant Buzzfeed has decided to get into gaming in an effort to further ‘reshape’ the industry.

Apartheid: The Tyranny of Racism Made Law

A White Person’s Guide to Having a Black Friend

As a quick starter, it is important to understand that your potential black friend a) doesn’t want to be a rapper b) didn’t only get into college because he/she played basketball, and c) probably doesn’t have a criminal record.


Tom Friedman Proves Again That He’s The Most Overpaid Columnist Alive

You can always count on Tom Friedman at the New York Times to take incredibly complex events and create dangerously simple analogies out of them.


Here Are 7 Causes More Important Than Animal Rights

The members of PETA and other animal rights groups are dedicated to stopping animal suffering in the world — and this is (on balance) probably a good thing. However, they are convinced that their cause is more important than any other on the planet, and this is not ok. Here are 7 causes that almost certainly trump animal rights: