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Alyson Chadwick is a political/news junkie and New Yorker transplanted to Washington, DC. Her career has included work on five presidential cycles, both sides of Capitol Hill, the 2012 Democratic Convention, Clinton White House, United Nations and multiple local and statewide campaigns.

She is also a sad Met fan, which could be the most redundant sentence ever.

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The Top Political Fails of the Week

Our guide to the biggest flops in politics of the week. So much failure, so little time….

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Top Political Fails Of The Week, Epic Shutdown Edition!!

Our guide to the biggest political flops of the week – epic government shutdown edition!

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Top 5 Fails of the Week: Obama’s Credibility on Syria, Sarah Palin and Allah, & Bush’s Premature Mandela Eulogy

Our guide to the biggest flops in politics last week: Obama’s Credibility on Syria, Sarah Palin and Allah, & Bush’s Premature Mandela Eulogy!

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Top 5 Political Fails of the Week: Weiner Paying Supporters, Pat Robertson’s Special Gay Rings & Alan Keyes’ Liberal Vaccine Conspiracy

With so much failure it was hard to narrow it down to only 5, but this is our roundup of the worst in politics last week:

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Top 5 Political Fails of the Week

Our break down of the biggest political fails of the week, including Bob Filner, Ted Cruz, another budget crisis and some Chris Christie flip-flopping.

GOP Crazy, the NJ 2013 Senate Race Edition

Newark Mayor Cory Booker sailed to victory in the Democratic primary last week, which surprised no one though about four people voted and that’s always a bit sad so now he is on to the general which will be on October 16, 2013. So who is his GOP opponent?  So glad you asked!  I feel like I… Read More

Where’s the Birther Outrage Now?

Senator Ted Cruz‘s Canadian birth certificate. How will the birthers react to this? After what seems to be an eternity of hearing about President Obama’s birth certificate and the repeated allegations that he was born in Kenya, I have to wonder why I am only hearing crickets when it comes to Senator Ted Cruz’s birthplace.  Unlike Obama, Cruz has… Read More

RNC Plays to its Base and Votes to Boycott Any Debates on CNN or NBC

So much for expanding their base.  The Republican National Committee (RNC) voted unanimously today to boycott any debates held on NBC or CNN because of two movies on Hillary Clinton’s life.  CNN is working on a documentary and NBC will air a fictional miniseries.  The kicker is that it looks like FOX will produce the miniseries. You can watch RNC Chairman Reince Priebus explain… Read More

Mayor Bloomberg Asserts Owning Poodles Lowers Crime

Ok, no, he didn’t.  His assertion the Stop, Question and Frisk law has been instrumental to the city’s crime rate is equally as absurd.  The data simply doesn’t back him up on this.  The mayor gave a press conference this afternoon about today’s ruling that the law is unconstitutional. At that press conference, the mayor cited some impressive… Read More

GOP Strategist Blasts Steve King on MTP

Republican strategist, Ana Navarro slammed Congressman Steve King (R-IA) this morning on Meet the Press over his stance on immigration and wanton racism.  It’s nice to see people from his own side do that. She said: “Well, first of all, I think Congressman King should go get himself some therapy for his melon fixation. I think there might… Read More

My Advice for Anthony Weiner

I have been thinking about what counsel I would give Anthony Weiner about what would be his best move, politically (Other than stop sending pictures of yourself to women you don’t know.  I mean you practically have to be brain damaged to believe them when they say they will delete them.  Did we learn nothing from Monica’s blue dress?). I am… Read More

We All Deserve a Distraction

This is the least intellectual thing you will read this week and I am sorry.  Personally, this has been an amazingly rough week for me.  But then we have the news.  Anthony Weiner.  Ariel Castro.  Beyonce’s new haircut!  It’s been chaos.  Chaos!  So I went back to where the internet made sense: cute videos of… Read More

Mr. Weiner, Please Go Away

I want to write something positive about Anthony Weiner. Really, I do. First of all, I agree with him on almost everything. He is the kind of liberal I like. He is fearless. Secondly, I have worked with his wife, Huma Abedin, and have nothing but respect and admiration for her. If she can forgive… Read More

Washington, DC Is the Least Honest Place in the US

Washington, DC is not a popular place.  That’s not really new.  For years I have been told that people “inside the beltway” are disconnected from the ordinary, hard working Americans that live outside of it.  New polling data released this week shows Congress’ approval rating sits st 12 percent.  Not only do 83 percent of people think… Read More

Steve King Doubles Down on Immigration

Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa-Crazyville) does not like immigrants.  Moreover, he doesn’t like the children of immigrants.  He thinks they are all drug smugglers. [youtube][/youtube] To their credit, the GOP leadership also finds these comments reprehensible.   Both Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor denounced King’s comments as “hateful” and “wrong.”  Read about that here.  

After Trayvon

It was a normal day. Courtney had left work and was picking up her husband.  Being the parents of two adolescent boys, they were expected and needed at home.  As she waited for Russell, her husband, a police officer drove by and gave her a double look.  He drove by a second time and looked surprised… Read More

Why New York Is Better than Texas

Like many Americans, I get my news from the Daily Show. Ok, not really but I didn’t know Governor Rick Perry was on a tour to steal businesses from other states like California, Illinois and New York until I saw the Back in Black segment the other night.  If you missed it, you can watch it here: That’s Lewis Black‘s take but as a New Yorker I… Read More

And We Return to the Crazy Wing

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) thinks President Obama needs to be “spanked” and that his “magic wand should be taken away.”  What?  He’s had a magic wand all this time?  Shouldn’t he have used that to get some legislation passed?  Watch the madness here: Meanwhile, up in Alaska, Sarah Palin looks to be about to run for the US Senate in 2014.  Just as… Read More


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