Conservative Blogs Trash Steven Sotloff As ISIS Sympathizer: ‘Reap What You Sow’

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The tragic, sickening murder of journalist Steven Sotloff has prompted a chorus of grief and anger from Americans, but a very different reaction from the Islam-hating corner of the right-wing media. While Sotloff’s colleagues have praised his courageous reporting on conflict-torn Middle-Eastern countries, conservative journalist Charles Johnson (not that Charles Johnson) decided to dig up some of Mr. Sotloff’s tweets, and twisted them to portray Sotloff as a “friend” to terrorists, while describing Sotloff as a “typical left-wing journalist” who tweeted about Mitt Romney’s debate performance.

The fevered Islamophobic likes of Debbie Schlussel and Bonnie Benstock-Intall took things a step further, using the occasion to launch sickening attacks on the late freelancer. Schlussel, a conservative media figure with a lengthy list of media credits, penned a lengthy, smear-laden blog entry with all the sensitivity of a burlap condom:

The newly-beheaded Steven Sotloff lost his head long ago. He was an Islamopandering schmuck who learned Arabic, bragged about loving “Islamic culture” (an oxymoron), loved HAMAS and ISIS, and was an Arab Spring Breaker (my name for all the reporters hanging out in the Middle East cheering on various Muslim rebels and their disastrous consequences). Everything he did was part of his vocation: serving as an apologist for jihad and supporting not just Muslims, but the most extreme Muslims he could find, especially the terrorist variety.

She followed that gem up by falsely claiming that Sotloff “converted to Islam.”

Echoing Schlussel’s sentiment that “You play with snakes, you get bit. And, sometimes, beheaded,” conservative blogger Bonnie Benstock-Intall headlined her hateful anti-Sotloff rant “REAP WHAT YOU SOW: Steven Sotloff, Jewish grandson of Holocaust survivors with American-Israeli citizenship, held a “deep love for Islam.”

I’m not including a link, because Benstock-Intall included an explicit photo of Sotloff, post-execution, featuring the cation “How do you like the Islamic world now, Steven?”

These people obviously don’t represent the views of most conservatives, but just as the immigration crisis revealed the sort of intolerant hate that modern conservatism attracts and tolerates, these folks represent a teeming, writhing ecosystem underneath the same rock.


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  • whatthe46

    what raised these parasites?

  • Dave Be

    There really does seem to be a large minority in this country that has an extremely bloodthirsty hatred of all things Islam. The same people crow about freedom of religion, but only as it applies to Christianity. I don’t understand how people think being beheaded on video is just desserts for anything.

  • Emily333

    How can we get the Christian extremists and the Muslim extremists together so they can have a go at each other?

  • UnsaltedSinner

    This isn’t surprising. If American special forces had somehow managed to rescue Sotloff or Foley, Fox News would now be debating whether Obama should be impeached for ordering an operation to save these journalists who obviously didn’t deserve to be saved.

  • Kathy Mcferrin

    Debbi Schlussel has been spewing this kind of hatefull nonsense for years..I used to love to listed to her on the Howard Stern show..that’s where she belongs..not on any actual news venue! She is an idiot..and how cruel to make the comments she made about Steven Sotloff.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Schlussel torched her last shred of credibility when she tried to label the Virginia Tech shooting an “Al Qaeda op” before the bodies even hit the floor. She is nothing but a shameless bigot peddling fear for profit.

  • OsborneInk

    Charles “not that Charles Johnson” Johnson is swiftly becoming the worst person on the internet. How does someone who gets caught paying for fake stories remain relevant? By finding new ways to offend us with his ugly, stupid extremism.

    • feloniousgrammar

      This is the same Charles Johnson who said that Michael Brown committed second-degree murder as a minor? He poisons the well professionally or as a hobby?

      • OsborneInk

        This is apparently how he makes his living now.

  • HilaryB

    Respectfully, Tommy, I think this does represent the views of most conservatives. It doesn’t matter what blog or site I visit; the comments from conservative posters echo the same sentiment.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Hypocritical dirtbags. They attack everything about the Muslim faith from the comfort of their own homes, but not one of them would ever show a ounce of courage to go to the Middle East and report about what’s unfolding over there, the way Steven Sotloff and James Foley did.

    • JozefAL

      In fairness, these pieces of slime (the “hypocritical dirtbags” of whom you write, that is) wouldn’t know what “reporting” is if it came up and slapped them in the face with a brick two-by-four.

      • Nicholas Russell Harris

        I volunteer to do the brick slapping. . .

  • NW10

    Let me get this straight: Obama is bad because he allowed Sotloff to be beheaded and has no plan, but Sotloff got what he deserved because he “converted to Islam”?

    Yet another one of the many reasons I’m not a right winger.

  • undsoweiter

    Doesn’t represent the views of anything human, that I can see. Maybe a vulture or a maggot.

  • Jason E

    Is she unconcerned about what she’ll reap? Throwing red meat to rabid angry dogs can be dangerous.

  • judi

    FUCK the RW assholes….
    ( too subtle ??????)

    • Kathy Mcferrin

      Not strong enough! :)

    • M D Reese

      Aw–tell us how you really feel! (I think you got it just right)

  • Felonious Grammar

    Christ in a clam shell.

    • Aaron M. Litz

      Perfect response. :)

      My gawd. My GAWD. Are these people running in some kind of competition with Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Ayn Rand, and Fred Phelps for absolute vileness? (The latter two continuing their competition alongside Demogorgon from the lowest layers of the Abyss, of course.) Because I think they just jumped from near last place to at least the middle of the pack with this putrescent moral abortion of journalistic abomination.

      • Nicholas Russell Harris

        I caught the D&D reference in there. . .


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