Rush Limbaugh: Robin Williams Died Because Liberals Are ‘Never Happy’

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If you’ve blocked a lot of cold-blooded bastards on social media in the last 24 hours or so, you’re not alone. Considering how the untimely death of Robin Williams has touched so many of us in a way not experienced since perhaps the deaths of John Lennon or President Kennedy, there were bound to be cranks and assholes who think they’re above it all — attacking Williams and those of us who are rightfully mourning his loss and remembering how he touched our lives.

And, of course, Rush Limbaugh is one of the assholes. But unlike many of the more dickish commenters and Twitter trolls, Limbaugh included Williams’ depression in his disgusting rant today, illustrating how grossly ignorant he is about the disease.

What is the left’s world view in general? If you had to attach, not a philosophy, but an attitude to a leftist world view. It’s one of pessimism, and darkness, sadness. They’re never happy, are they? And they’re animated in large part by the false promises of America because the promises of America are not for everyone. As we see each and every day.

Limbaugh noted Williams’ allegedly declining career and “financial distress.”

He had it all, but he had nothing. Made everybody else laugh, but was miserable inside. I mean it fits a certain picture — a certain image that the left has. Talk about low expectations and ummmm general unhappiness and so forth.

He went on about “survivor’s guilt” and the deaths of three of Williams’ friends: John Belushi, Christopher Reeve and Andy Kaufman.

Robin Williams felt guilty that he was still alive while his three friends had died young, and much earlier than he had. He could never get over the guilt that they died and he didn’t. Well, that is a constant measurement that is made by political leftists in judging the country.

How the hell does Limbaugh know this? He doesn’t. He’s making it up in order to wedge it into his agenda: liberals are sad, pathetic, guilt-ridden Debbie Downers. And so liberal Robin Williams killed himself as a consequence of his liberalism. You’d think Limbaugh, himself an entertainer and an addict, might understand at least part of Williams’ struggle. But such empathy doesn’t fit with Limbaugh’s reality-damning mission to be the world’s most popular blight.

I don’t mind saying, I hope the Limbaugh’s Karma itches. A lot.


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  • KaintGetRight

    What I can’t believe is that there are human beings who actually listen to this subhuman piece of societal fecal matter.

  • PM

    Liberals ARE always miserable and always into “who’s a victim” in every scenario. They constantly teach self guilt…oh they’re a horrible bunch. I should know….I WAS one.Never again!

  • hilldomain

    Robin Williams was an idiot…on camera but he was still an idiot and not at all funny. Who is mourning him? maybe those who personally knew him but please dont act like you were close to a man just because you saw him in a movie.

  • Concerned stock holder

    Everyone I know loved Robin Williams. He was real. Rush is some unloved puppet victim. I feel sorry for him when the people holding the strings cut him off.

  • Bert

    Jeez, every time you think Rush couldnt stoop any lower to throw raw meat to the right wing Neanderthals, he outdoes himself. Rush, I a liberal. I am happy. But I will be happier when you are dead.

  • Greek Boy

    When tea baggers attack people like RW it says nothing about their victim but scads about themselves. Wish RW. we’re still here to roast America’s dickhead laureate.

  • defiant1

    How the hell does anybody know, but you have to single out Limbaugh rather than any other media person to drive your point home. The only asshole here is the one writing this foolish article which could apply to anyone in the media talking trash. You just proved a huge point about liberals………

  • Al Waishard

    Rush has the audacity of being right 99% of the time, shame on him.

  • Et Ceterus Paribus

    I guess Rush will have to laugh all the way to the bank while the LibTURDs and Progressives wallow in self pity and the world “is mean and unfair.”

  • mfh

    I am by no means a liberal. I am also not a Republican. I do lean more conservative. Limbaugh sucks and I cant stand him, he only talks to the extreme right, like the DailyKos talks to the extreme left.

  • Mike McMonagle

    One of the worst things about being human is that we have have to share the label with Rush Limbaugh whose fame is based around his ability to be toxic and intentionally obnoxious.

  • jenny blais

    I am not a Democrat. I am also not a fan of Limbaugh. He does not speak for the vast majority of non Demos in the same way those two trolls that tortured Zelda do not speak for most of Robin’s fans. Thjs is a horrible tragedy that we All are vulnerable to. This has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with being human. Limbaugh is a arrogant fool to say these things. He should be ashamed because this is beyond the pale.

  • Русская мафия уборщик

    I could kill Rush Limbaugh and feel good about it

  • Jann

    I’ve heard this ass say many stupid, uniformed things in the past…….but this…..surpasses it all.

  • Talkingtree

    I don’t know how rates of depression or unhappiness compare between differing political views overall, but if Rush’s fans were happy and satisfied with their world, they wouldn’t be his fans would they? They tune in because they’re angry, not because they’re happy.

  • blitz

    Uh huh, liberals are the “miserable” ones. Yeah, because WE’RE the ones bellyaching every year about the “War on Christmas”. Yup. Wait…

  • steinbeckian

    Maybe he’s right, in that the general conservative mindset is to willfully ignore all the things that are wrong in the world, buoyed by the belief that if they can’t see it, it doesn’t matter, and coupled with the notion that Jesus is coming back next week anyway so who cares if we take of others or the world around us?

    Whereas liberals acknowledge things that are eventually going to make us all a lot more miserable, like climate change. Which is depressing. So yeah, if your prescription for happiness is to simply ignore what you don’t like, and if you can do that fervently enough that your mental omission supplants reality, then yeah, you’re less likely to be depressed. Ignorance is, after all, bliss.

  • wpm327

    What is dishonest about what he said?

  • ZucchiniBlossom

    Because there are evil ugly fucks in the world, that’s why liberals are never happy.

  • Betty Crabb Robison

    Rush Limbaugh is so juiced up on oxy, he gets to say anything. Rush will die and no one will care.

    • Tommygun

      Maybe you won’t care. I’ll be buying drinks for the house.

  • Dave Yaeck

    What? What? I’m sorry Rush, I can’t hear you under all your insignificance.

  • jjamele2

    Caller to Limbaugh’s show: “I heard he killed himself because he was depressed at the idea of being forced to be in the Mrs Doubtfire sequel. I have to find the money to put my kids through college and pay the mortgage, I have REAL problems, but I’M not going to kill myself.”

    Yes, because it’s 2014 and the concept of Depression as a medical condition still hasn’t sunk in for these thick-skulled morons who haven’t even figured out that the best reaction to not understanding something- if you refuse to learn- is to just shut the f– up.

    The caller then proceeded to bleat something about “when we meet our maker.” Uh huh. Your “makers” are your mother and father, moron. You don’t have any other “makers” you are going to meet when you die. You’ll just be DEAD. Like I said, it’s 2014- Grow up already.

    • blitz

      Add to that he never really got over that nasty second divorce, and he’d slipped back into alcoholism, and he was in financial trouble.

  • Patrick McClintock Martin

    You suck

  • Joel Armstrong

    lol, geez the guy’s a real dink.

  • captkurt

    Insensitive to liberals? The only thing Rush indicates here is an insensitivity to humanity and the human condition. I wonder what it’s like to worry that people aren’t paying enough attention to you? So you have to remind everyone that you are still here, need to be paid attention to, and are still a piece of shit. Then you can bask in the glow of your fan base who responds with “We’re pieces of shit too, fuck yeah! Everyone needs to pay attention to us too!” If I can hope for anything, it’s that Rush and his following will continue to distance themselves from the rest of the human race, and will eventually fade away into nothing. I just wish this was happening at a faster pace.

  • Kerry Reid

    I know what my reaction will be when Limbaugh kicks off — it will be stolen from Moms Mabley. “They say you shouldn’t never say anything but good about the dead. Well, he’s dead. Good.”

    • sidsolo

      Who’s death did you mourn? Stalin,Hitler,Ho Chi Minn, Chavez, Arafat, and every despot that ever lived.

  • Donald Ryan Mccoy

    Keep talking Rush, all you do is show the world all that is wrong with the republican way of thinking. I think you do more good for democrats than harm.

  • Egretfour

    somebody put this guy out of our misery

  • John Imsdahl

    Remember when Rush Limbaugh got busted heading to a popular gay sex tourism destination with 4 other men and an unprescribed bottle of Viagra?

  • Badgerite

    World to Rushbo. Who asked you?

  • leslie

    Mr. Limbaugh you’re the personification of a horse’s ass!

  • Dennis

    “And so liberal Robin Williams killed himself as a consequence of his liberalism.”

    Again the ‘so’ word used unfairly, inaccurately, and dishonestly.

    If you check the transcript, Limbaugh didn’t say that. Didn’t conclude it. It’s a stretch to claim that he implied it, even. He was asked a question about how the media is covering Williams’ death, and how much politics plays a part of that coverage.

  • spiderbucket

    To me, this is indicative of so many assholes in the world. They should THANK GOD that they do not understand what Depression is like.

  • BamaBonzz

    At the first sign of depression this fat fuck raids the maids pill bottle. He has had his head up his ass for so long I am amazed that those in the media still have to comment on anything he says. I will gladly do the jail time just to bitch slap this fat puke as hard as I can, and hopefully break his fucking jaw in the process.

  • dsmith

    Limbaugh could substantiate his statement by pointing to happy right
    wingers such as GW Bush, a man responsible for hundreds of thousands of
    deaths due to his neocon inspired “pre-emptive” wars. A man who wrecked
    this nation’s economy by turning a blind eye towards Wall Street. A man whose insane decisions (He was the decider) have set the stage for barbarians to pillage, rape and torture Iraqis…and yet in spite of all of the disasters he created… Bush remains as
    unaffected and as jolly as he was during the height of Katrina.

    • azza007

      Hey mook — if you prefer to blame GW for Obama’s disasters— a poor foreign policy— an idiot that can’t lead — than step back a little further and blame
      serial rapist Buba (Clinton) for never having any balls going after anyone during his term — Obama seems happy that the barbarians are pillaging , raping and torturing the Christians in Iraq — look how long it took him to help, reluctantly that
      is. Liberal don’t like anyone — they hate everyone and everything — they only love what they can control –lets say pretend to love what they control — you know they
      love plantation nigger, as long as they stay on the plantation and vote for them.

      • dsmith

        Nice talking with you.

      • Bosma

        Your cavalier use of the n word indicates a lot of happiness within you. I’m being sarcastic of course. Why are you conservatives so angry and evasive (calling Clinton a serial rapist while neglecting to disclose his pursuit by serial rapist, your word, newt Gingrich)….

        • azza007

          Very happy indeed — and not angry at all – – if you play the blame game than go to the source — had they mentioned Gingrich I would have addressed that — but Liberal can’t converse — angry –you see angry Liberal rioting in Ferguson Mo. — or was that peace and love — show me conservatives rioting ruining private property —
          All ways remember Chicago Demo/Commie convention — our Liberal mayor and cops beat the crap out of the Liberal students —
          that darling is what liberalism is all about — we watched it on the teli and laughed our asses off.— Liberal hate liberals —

          • Bosma

            You sat and watched people get beat up by authorities…and laughed? You sound sad, angry and hateful. I feel so bad for you conservatives. Compensating for your evil by laughing at violence…

          • azza007

            Mayor Daley was a corrupt mayor with a corrupt police department– the liberal hippies got what they deserved — obviously you are sad and angry and hateful –because this goes on daily in the city of Chicago and what to you do to help out ??? Liberals always put on a good show — Look at the OWS — Obama –even the liberal House and Senate backed them up as wonderful — as they shit in their pants or pulled their pants down and shit in place where they stood — robbed and raped — Bosma are you calling this a peace and love festival — Let me remind you most violent crimes are caused by liberal lunatics —

          • Bosma

            Point any guns at federal agents lately? And you got away with it too. All you had to do was sputter use of the N word. You like that word so much don’t you? Why so angry?

          • azza007

            Actually grew up in a city were its a normal word –american word —
            and never used it — I’ m recuperating after surgery got linked to this site just passing time — but you obviously have a torn up your ass –about a N word — that letter means opq rst uvw xyz — it forms a
            complete sentence —

          • Bosma

            I’m also recuperating from surgery too! Im so glad you’re having that “torn” up your ass taken care of. You must be under a lot of sedation right now, you shouldn’t this be writing so many comments on left leaning blogs.

      • Tommygun

        Bitter bigot says wha-?

  • guy

    You rarely see “liberals” moaning about the president destroying the fabric of our society (except maybe when one fabricates a cause for war or tortures people without trial), or crying conspiracy when scientists discover something inconvenient for energy conglomerates or fundamentalist Christianity.

    If any person is unhappy about daily life in America, it’s the staunch conservative.

    • Kerry Reid

      Right-wing Christianist Fox viewers are so fucking miserable they have to make up a nonexistent war on Christmas.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    where does rush actually imply that robin williams’s death is due to liberalism? From these examples, all i gather is that rush thinks liberalism attracts sad people, and that Robin Williams fits the description of a liberal because of his sadness. Are we certain that Rush is not putting depression as the cause, rather than the effect, of liberalistic views?

  • Sam Paris

    Rush Limbaugh isn’t a human being. Rather, he’s an articulate humanoid; a physical manifestation of an obese, booze powered, ranting American artificial ego – the types which thrive on the misfortunes of other for profit, fame and self-aggrandizement.

  • SAM78

    These comments do nothing but prove his point. It’s pure hatred. My most liberal friends are the most miserable people I know, driven by jealousy, hatred, and revenge. More often than not they can’t tell me why. They scream for tolerance, but attack anyone that has a different option than theirs. I didn’t read one comment here discussing why he or what ever he is quoting is wrong. Williams committed suicide because he was depressed. Most accounts credit this do drug and alcohol abuse. If everyone is so heartbroken and angry for the loss of there beloved where is the outrage and anger against drugs and alcohol? Can you imagine what would be happening in the country if this was due to a gun crime? Yet Robin Williams is just the latest in a very long line of amazing celebrity talent that has succumb to substance abuse.

    I’m also going to point out that every couple comments degrade a social class. “I hope he comes out of the closet” If he turned out to be gay that would be funny? “Trailer parkers need to be vindicated” Poor people are stupid? Attacking him for having multiple wives? (Robin Williams had three) What are you trying to prove?

    As long as people let people like Rush Limbaugh, Rachael Maddow, Glen Beck or Ed Schultz keep this country polarized government bureaucrats and their cronies are going to get what they want and the US citizens and going to pay for it. These comments and website are a perfect example of “Useful Idiots”.

    • matilda9

      Nice attempt, but Rachel Maddow and Fat Fuck are two different species.

      If you know anything at all about Rachel, she is no hate monger. Even if she has different politics from somebody, she is respectful,and fair and doesn’t ambush people.

      And I think it’s pretty obvious who the miserable people are these days. Have you seen any video lately of the frothing-at-the-mouth, screaming and spitting wing nuts at the border?

      • SAM78

        That’s a stretch for Maddow, I watch her quit often. The last thing I’ll do is argue about the wing nuts, they’re out there. As for the “rest of us” I fall left of center and the reason I made that comment is that most of my friends are liberals. I’m far more likely to have to put up with some Debbie downer George Bush ruined my life crap than if I’m around my conservative friends.
        The gun thing had nothing to do with how he did it, I said gun crime. As in murder, senseless shooting etc. (not a suicide)

        • matilda9

          Well if you have friends that are whining about GB then maybe you should get new “friends”.
          My experience is listening to absolutely batshit, ludicrous and irrational Obama Derangement Syndrome. Totally off the reservation.
          Actually, every wingnut I know is an asshole anyway so I just avoid.

        • YourMom

          You need to hang out with a better class of liberal. My liberal friends aren’t whining like that. They’re well-informed and rational.

  • 1bestdog

    Fat punk ass pedophile horin pos loser….

  • andy

    Is that why teabaggers get addicted to downers, too?

  • Pete J

    says the guy that spews three hours of hate every day

  • Jeane Thompson

    Rush is jealous. He knows that the world will not mourn his passing or honor his memory in the way we are doing for a truly great human being, Robin Williams.

  • MjrMissConduct

    If only Rush would die.

    Well, there is time, these things do happen in threes. *crosses fingers and toes*

    • Dennis

      Nothing brings out the Daily Banter comment porn here like a hyperbolic headline about Rush Limbaugh once again being insensitive to liberals.

  • RCD

    anyone preoccupied with someone else’s opinions doesn’t think very highly of their own. why do you people worry about what entertainers say or do, or base your opinions on Bono or Sting’s latest rant? Sheeple.

    • matilda9

      Difference between “preoccupation” and disgust.
      Bono or Sting’s latest rant? Huh? Not surprised that you would use their names though, I just read over the weekend about these hip new young people (lol) that the GOP has recruited for outreach to young people.

      And they mentioned Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots. Great musicians to be sure, but they are from the NINETIES!!! That should really connect with Millennials, ha ha. I have two voting Millennials and they were BORN in the nineties.

      It’s almost as ridiculous as the “outreach” to women that the GOP is reportedly doing. And all I’ve heard of is more mandatory vaginal ultrasound laws and the elevation of embryos to people – with the same rights as a woman.
      You can all keep being smug and convinced that any relevant percentage of Americans think like you. You may take over the Senate this year. Enjoy it because it will be decades before you win another national election – if the GOP survives at all.

      • RCD

        GOP? Where did that come from? Because people should think for themselves and rely on their own ideas, thoughts and feelings? I never mentioned politics at all. I used two outspoken progressives as an example to counter-balance the threads concentration on conservative celebrities. Individualism and freedom of speech were once the backbone of the Democratic Party and has been lost in a cloud of communal groupthink and PC speech police. Predicting future elections is also idiotic. Assumption is the greatest of all f*&^k ups. Arrogance is a close second.

        • matilda9

          Sure. You weren’t referring to political parties. Ok. And I said “might” – not a prediction. Might.

          And if “assumption is a f**k up – then why would you pull the names of two “outspoken progressives” out of your ass and ASSUME that any rant of theirs would have an ounce of relevance to me? The thread’s so-called “concentration on conservative celebrities” was referring only to Rush Limbaugh and nobody else. Because I am responding to actual comments that he made. And save the PC groupthink bullshit. There is nothing PC about finding this human POS offensive. Calling the fact that I object to his words “PC” is actually what I call arrogant. And “group speaky”

          • RCD

            I never assumed that you would be influenced by anybody. I used them as an example, that’s all. You should try being a little more cordial to someone who is being the same. Have a great day! BTW…I did see the post before your edit. “Calling the fact that I object to his words “PC” is actually what I call arrogant. Fuck off.” Come on…you’re better than that.

          • matilda9

            LOL. I at least realized how juvenile I was being!! I’ll be cordial if you stop being snarky. Deal? I’ve had coffee, I’m human again….starting my day with a major attitude adjustment!

            Have a good day yourself!

  • h1ren

    Rush Limbaugh can burn in hell… That’s my only wish for him!

  • That River Gal

    I’m bookmarking this. When that disgusting monster dies and those who rightly despised him make comments and are called out for it, this will one of a million things to throw back.

  • Jonathan Chavez

    Oh goodie. I can’t wait to read this nonsense on comment boards everywhere as it gets regurgitated by his ignorant listening base. His crass knows no boundaries. Mr. Silver Spoon who had to buy TWO Palm Beach houses and connect them with a walkway that could support his FAT ASS in order to have more space for his ego.

  • mellowjohn

    to paraphrase robin from the memorial service for bill graham, “what the hell. robin williams is dead and rush limbaugh doesn’t even have a cold!”


    This guy is a real piece of …!

    You know what this is?

    This is Frickin’ JEALOUSLY!

    This low-life WISHES he had the love

    & respect that Robin Williams had & has.

    Deep down he knows the truth.

    If HE were to die,

    no one would Frickin’ care!!!

    No one would have anything good to

    say about the pitiful piece of CRAP

    he was.

    Some may celebrate the fact that we

    are rid of his daily Hate-Filled


    He is just a sickening excuse for a

    Human being!!

    • defiant1

      And your hate-filled words are not nice either, lady!


        As a rule, I don’t name-call, I don’t cuss.
        I really try to have a civil discussion, a
        back & forth between adults. I have NEVER
        advocated to have Rush taken off the air,
        quite the opposite. But something about
        THIS compelled me to say what I said. I make
        no apologies as they are my true & raw feelings.
        So, coming from a Rush fan, calling my words
        ‘hate-filled’, I guess that’s some kind of back-
        handed compliment, eh?
        ThanX! for your feedback!

  • slappymagoo

    So I guess what Limbaugh is saying is “Ignorance is bliss.” And who better to tout the virtues of ignorance than Limbaugh himself?

  • Aaron M. Litz

    Rush Limbaugh is a fucking disgusting piece of shit.

  • bobnebel

    At times like these it’s best to take a page from the “Animal House” script: “Don’t get mad, get even.” Handle this one ‘Colbert-style,’ folks. Don’t let this snake oil salesman get you to match your own outrage with his.

  • Mr Beau

    Sad man who is so small to politicize the death of someone who lost his battle with depression. At the end of the day he has to live with himself and we all know this type of meanness doesn’t go away it hangs in your heart and mind.

    • defiant1

      And you can say this about many other media people who have done the same thing, for others are exploiting Mr. Williams which is very disrespectful. Do they know the difference between exploitation and tributes.

  • Ted40

    Limbaugh is a drug addled buffoon who speaks while chewing on a mouth full of marbles, Or worse.

  • Allyson Aynesworth

    Rush Limbaugh is an example of a “Mama’s boy”. An adult child of a smother mother who has repressed social and emotional development, and will never grow up, but feels entitled and “special”. There are many Republicans with these same characteristics of emotional immaturity from learned helplessness of codependency, especially George W. Bush, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney. They can be recognized by their Narcissistic and “bullying” behaviors. They function in their personal lives like “little dictators”, and usually have a spouse who is Borderline. Adult Children (ACoA) are common now in government as well as corporations. It would be helpful if more people educated themselves about the ACoA Trauma Syndrome. Robin Williams would like that.

  • FDRliberal

    I’m wondering when Rush’s latest marriage will fall apart and collapse. Usually his unions last between 4 and 9 years, depending upon the amount of disgust the money-grubbing partner can tolerate.

    • Ted40

      Its a marriage of convenience, obviously. I give it 1-2 more years,

      • matilda9

        God, if it isn’t for convenience God help her. That would come with a very high price tag. But I doubt he even “likes” girls. Or adults.

  • muselet

    Rush Limbaugh really needs to shut up.


  • bardgal

    The Projection of the TEAGOP has reached an epidemic. They’ve lost all contact with reality. It’s mind-boggling to think some (most?) actually BELIEVE the stuff they spew.

  • judi

    I hope beyond hope that this man rots in hell!!!!!!!!

  • xServer

    What a despicable excuse for a human being. I can only imagine how terrible it must feel to live in Limbaugh’s hateful skin.

    • Jay Jorgensen

      …or to be an ignorant clone who listens to his hateful spew and believes it to be so.

  • neyney

    Limbaugh is right. Eat it libs!

    • FDRliberal

      Neyney the goober is still bitter that his clown party has won exactly one presidential popular vote since 1990.

    • Ted40

      The assumption is that the drug addled fat boy is right about anything. Limbaugh kicks up a little dust, and that’s all he does and then its off to the DR. Viagra anyone?

    • matilda9

      Oh so only liberals suffer from depression? Does that mean that only winger nut jobs are law breaking drug addicts? Or “special tourists” that take mysterious trips to,tropical,islands to meet a certain um, TYPE of new friend?

      • YourMom

        Only conservatives wear diapers to visit their whores. Oh wait… that one’s true.

  • Da Dorq

    Says the man who makes a living complaining about everything under the sun. It’s easy to be “happy” when you’re completely detached sociopath without a bit of human empathy anywhere in your oxycontin soaked Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man body.

    • Sarcastic Bimbo

      May I suggest that a giant, frozen, clump of leaked airliner shit fall on him and kill him. Not hard enough to kill him outright, but, maybe pin him to the ground at the bottom of a giant crater that the clump created, and as it melts it is still heavy enough to keep him pinned, and melts slowly enough to eventually drown him and he knows what is happening to him the entire time.That. Would. Be. Awesome.

      • dxironman

        what a tolerant liberal you are. may I suggest you go take your meds or whatever narcotic it is you self-medicate with you insane, ugly, sorry excuse for a woman?

        • Sarcastic Bimbo

          Where in my reply to Da Dorq did I imply that I am a liberal? I just think that Limbaugh is a waste of human skin and a shining example of just how callous and viscious the human race has devolved into being and believe he should be treated as such. If you live your life piling verbal shit on anyone and everyone, you deserve to die in such a manner. JMHO

          • defiant1

            Just your humble opinion is quite sick, your mind must be very dark and dank to wish such horrible things on someone you hate. Get some help.

          • KaintGetRight

            Wow! You agree with Limpbaugh and call her dark, dank, and sick? You’re laughable.

          • defiant1

            Wishing anyone to die because of what they say is disturbing. Laugh all you want, how sad….

        • Greek Boy

          Anyone who doesn’t cater to his prejudices is automatically a liberal. HE substitutes this process for listening, thinking, and above all learning. Of course he learned these simple tricks from Rush Limpdick himself

      • defiant1

        Your thoughts are quite sick, you need to see a good therapist or psychiatrist. You haters are truly dangerous! Some of these comments are truly pathetic and disturbing. What spawned such hate?

        • Greek Boy

          Are you listening to yourself? You grand master hater on this forum. People who disagree with you are not necessarily haters or mental deviants. I can only conclude you are some 12 yr old troll.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Robin Williams will be remembered as a comedic genius and a brilliant performer. I can’t help wondering how people will remember Rush Limbaugh when he kicks it.

    • Hans Meyer

      “Robin Williams will be remembered as a comedic genius and a brilliant performer. I can’t help wondering how people will remember Rush Limbaugh when he kicks it.”

      Take heart: Most people remember Charlie Chaplin. Like Robin Williams, he was a comedic genius and brilliant performer who left a life-long body of artistic work.

      Outside of a few historians and political junkies, few remember Father Coughlin.

      • matilda9


      • Uncle Benny

        Father Who?

      • Greek Boy

        Yea Charie Chaplin was one twisted dude. Could you imagine what he would have done as a stand up act?

  • Hans Meyer

    “But such empathy doesn’t fit with Limbaugh’s reality-damning mission to be the world’s most popular blight.”

    “The definition of evil is the total lack of empathy.” – Gustave Mark Gilbert, US Army officer, author and professor of Psychology (1911 – 1977)

    • Aaron M. Litz

      Right on.

  • cablejunkie

    trailer parkers need to be vindicated.

  • formerlywhatithink

    Piece of shit.

  • 624LC .

    Any time that fat fuck wants to keel over mid sentence on his show, he is free to do so. Then we can go on about his death being a symptom of the greed of conservatives…while we are stifling giggles.

    • dxironman

      Another tolerant “liberal”. Your president is busy playing golf with those “greedy billionaires” you vilify and you’re too stupid to care. Jokes on you I guess.

      • 624LC .

        You and the rest of the shut ins and dumbasses listening to Limpfat will always be on the sidelines in this country. That, I am happy to tolerate.

        • dxironman

          And you and the dopes who get your news from failed comedians will remain out of touch with reality. “Limpfat” that sounds like something Jon Stewart would come up with if he didn’t have a room full of writers.

          • 624LC .

            He’s fat and limp. Not my fault. Speaking of dopes, keep getting your propaganda from fauxNews, m’kay?

          • dxironman

            still using the term “faux news” is a great way of letting people know how simple-minded you are. thanks for making it so easy.

          • 624LC .

            I think that if you use a term like “simple-minded”, you should be looking at a mirror. Then it makes sense. I wonder why trolls like you feel the need to defend the indefensible all the time. Sad use of your time.

          • KaintGetRight

            Using terms like “faux news” is a great of calling it exactly what it is FAKE NEWS for idiots who want to ingest bullshit, lies, and propaganda over truth, facts, and credible journalism.

          • dxironman

            Yeah you look really intelligent with your duck face photo there.

          • gman

            pretty clear mommy is your only writer

          • Concerned stock holder

            Were you ever up there on stage with people paying attention to you? You are just a five and dime worm tongued troll. A Pawn.

        • defiant1

          And you, mister 624LC are what is helping destroy this country….such a sad person you are!

          • 624LC .

            And you are day late and a dime short. Go back to listening to Limpfat.

      • gman

        bush at this point had in his presidency had taken 4 times the amount of vacation time misinformed again moron

        • dxironman

          Silly liberal still falling back on the “well Bush…” (lack of) argument LOL. I bet you think your already disgraced failure of a “progressive” president is still doing a good job in your eyes. How truly blind and stupid you are.

          • Greek Boy

            The rate at which you call people names and belittle their ideas is only rivaled by your own ability to think.

      • Concerned stock holder

        Joke is on all the worm-tongued liars who sell their soul just to be a pawn in someones game.

      • KaintGetRight

        Yeah if he was a KKKonservative he’d be off starting wars with countries who AREN’T a threat to us while sending OTHER people’s loved ones off to die for oil, profits, and no bid contracts for cronies.

    • defiant1

      What a slimy human being, a hateful one-minded smart one! Glad I don’t know anyone like you……what a sad and terrible thing to say.

      • 624LC .

        What a waste of space you are. Thank god I know no one like you. Go back to listening to Limpfat – maybe he will do an impression of someone suffering from Parkinson’s again. That should make you happy.

  • Razor

    It’s hard to be happy in a world without Robin Williams and with Rush Limbaugh.

    • Ted40

      Take some comfort in knowing that Limbaugh, for all intense and purposes, has been brain dead for years,

      • Uncle Benny

        Yeah, but his mouth is still running at full speed, with no detectable brain function.

      • dxironman

        If there was any liberal in the media as intelligent and talented as Rush I’m sure I’d be as pissed off and angry as you are. You hate anyone that tells the truth about the drug addicts and degenerates that make up the majority of the “left”.

        • gman

          another fox news watcher i guess judging how misinformed you are about Rush being an addict and by the way noone is pissed about anything morons like you or rush say we pity idiots like the 2 of you

          • defiant1

            what a terrible attitude, you said nothing meaningful about Robin Williams, only thing showing is your hate and anger. How sad!

        • Jay Jorgensen

          You do know he’s a pill popper and who knows what else, how do you think he lost 400 lbs., exercise??
          What a fucking idiot.

        • M Wayne

          Do you ever listen to yourself?
          Keep hating your neighbors and fellow citizens because you are
          told to.

        • Greek Boy

          Typical tea bagger, first they fuck up the world, then accuse anyone who objects of being negative.

          • dxironman

            you sure sound pissed off Greek Boy. Didn’t you just say you’re above name-calling then you resort to using the term “tea bagger”. Way to show your lack of intelligence. Tell me who is fucking up the world right now? It’s that insane, inept administration you put in power. Failed just like every other liberal government in history. You know I’m right, just listen to how angry your replies are.

          • Greek Boy

            I am not above name calling. Tea bagger is a name you people picked for yourselves. Typically you were too lazy to pick up the urban dictionary first. Kind of like how you go off half cocked and start random wars all the time. Hasn’t happened in the last few years. I wonder why. As for fucking up the world, how about refusing to compromise and filibustering everything and holding your breath and stamping your foot when you don’t categorically get everything on your agenda. Then blame the president when no legislation gets passed. Pathetic.

          • KaintGetRight

            You’re nothing but another disgruntled idiotic right-wing turd. Conservatism represents every evil humanity has ever overcame and still have to overcome. In fact name ONE, JUST ONE conservatives policy that’s EVER contributed to the GOOD of humanity or the common/greater good… JUST ONE!

        • DG

          It’s been 4 months and nobody can refuse what you said, only insult you. Much like what Uncle Rush always tells us about liberals. They don’t live on logic, only emotion.

    • Al Waishard

      if you can’t take it…well you know what to do.


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