Jon Stewart Compares Israel To the Tucson Mass Shooter

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The Israeli government’s assault on Gaza has left the besieged Jewish state even shorter on friends than usual, but when an influential pop culture icon like Jon Stewart is comparing you to the Tucson mass shooter, you know something has gone really wrong.

Israel’s military operations against Gaza, in response to Hamas rocket and terror-tunnel attacks, have claimed more than 1,400 Palestinian lives to date, mostly civilians, while Hamas attacks have killed three Israeli civilians. Revulsion at the innocent deaths has eroded sympathy for Israel, as even the usually unconditionally supportive U.S. government condemned Israel for the shelling of a United Nations school that killed 16. On Thursday night’s The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart stepped up his own critique of Israel’s actions when, in reporting on a ceasefire that collapsed shortly after the episode aired, he made an unmistakable comparison.


“Maybe what happened is the diplomats tackled Israel while they were reloading.

As Stewart, and others, have noted, expression of anything but unwavering support for Israel’s actions is often characterized as being anti-Israel or worse, but when the United States began to gently suggest that Israel might be able to do more to uphold their incredibly strict and rigorous efforts not to kill civilians, while totally having the right to defend themselves, they were being more of a friend to Israel than those who blindly cheerlead, but not nearly as much of a friend as Israel needs. Maybe when we ship weapons to Israel, we should also ship some sighting equipment, because when the death toll is that lopsided, something ain’t right.

Better yet, the U.S. could have come out earlier and more forcefully against the civilian death toll, and perhaps spared Israel the revulsion it now faces, even from a favorite son like Jon Stewart. His comparison, though, illustrates part of the problem with the U.S. and its position on civilian casualties, because this conflict has been replete with explanations of why it is worse to try to kill civilians and fail than it is not to try to kill civilians but succeed wildly at it. Certainly, there is a difference between Israel and Hamas, and there is also a huge difference between U.S. drone strikes and what Israel is doing in Gaza, and so on. But the differences, whatever they are, are not differences of moral superiority.

The most important reason for Israel to stop killing so many civilians isn’t morality, it is that the world has never needed much of a reason to hate Israel, or any reason at all. It is genuinely frightening to watch the world forget this in the glare of IDF flares.


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  • Badgerite

    Israelis themselves are raising moral objections to the current bombing polices during Operation Protective Edge. This article in the Guardian is by a former Israeli Air Force officer, Yuli Novak.
    Breaking the Silence (, a group founded by former Israeli soldiers, gives a broader picture of the human ramifications of Israeli occupation policies over the long term.
    Former Israeli soldier Corey Adwar describes his experiences during routine operations in the occupied West Bank. The article, in Business Insiders, is entitled:
    A Former IDF Soldier Describes The Moment That Changed His Outlook On Operations In
    Palestinian Territory
    And an article by Jeffrey Goldberg, in Business Insider, pretty much sums it up.
    Israel Is Winning Battles But Losing The War (
    The picture that emerges is a country with policies that are not headed in the direction of a two state solution. In short, you just don’t get there from here.
    Which is probably why Abbas tried to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state rather than wait indefinitely for the Israelis government under Netanyahu to get on board.

    • Howienica

      Netanyahu is supported by 95% of Israelis.

      Any questions?

      • Jason

        If it were 100% would it be ok to treat them as intolerably as they treat the palestinians in Gaza?

        • Howienica

          The deaths and sufferings of the palestinians are the fault of Hamas.

          I thought we established that.

          • Badgerite

            Let’s just say the Israelis are cooperating then.
            And cooperating with Hamas in this endeavor of running up the civilian death toll is not a good thing.

      • Peter James

        George W Bush had 70-80% approval rating prior to the invasion Iraq.

        Remind me again how that worked out and how history judges him?

      • Badgerite

        What does that matter? These articles, as well as the website Breaking the Silence, are put forth by former members of the IDF some of whom were high up in terms of positions of responsibility. They were the ones who had to carry out these polices. That is why their opinions matter quite a bit. You want to get what is really going on you don’t do a poll. You go to the people actually involved. On both sides.

        • Howienica

          I am a retired Marine Colonel that has been to Israel at least a dozen times over the last 15 years and know at least 20 active and retired members of the IDF.

          I have done my own poll and can tell you that the IDF support Netanyahu and would be tougher on Hamas than he ha been so far.

          • Badgerite

            Hamas? Or the Palestinians? This is what I am saying. When military hostilities break out there is always an uptick in public support. Look at Putin. That certainly does not mean that those leaders are making the right choice. Does it?
            Extremists tend to harden views on both sides. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a sentiment on both sides for peace that can be tapped into as well.

  • Badgerite

    Israel should understand that even if there are weapons or rockets caches stored by Hamas in a school or a hospital, you just leave it. It just isn’t worth it.
    They need to unilaterally pull back and end this. Now. They know where the tunnels are by now, one would think. So finish it up and pull back. Now.
    It is as if both sides think they are near victory. One militarily and the other politically ( in terms of PR). I think both are wrong.

  • D. Alexander

    Am I the only one that sees Netanyahu as a right wing extremist? He is head of the Likud party and was upset that Prime Minster Rabin was having peace talks, and accused him of “being removed from Jewish tradition”. Rabin was assassinated in 1995. He has thumbed his nose at anything this administration or the world has to say and just wants our tax dollars. As one person said, we are the United States of Israel.

    • Peter James

      He IS a right wing extremist.

      He’s their very own version of Dick Cheney on steroids, but with the support and popularity to carry out his war games that Cheney never had.

      • Ryan Small

        Netanyahu’s only wars have been against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Gaza is right next door to Israel firing rockets at Israel. He did not invade a country thousands of miles away that posed no threat to Israel. He originally opposed the peace process but has spoken out in favor of a two state solution since coming into office in 2009. He has expanded settlements but back in 2009, initially announced a 10 month moratorium after coming out in favor of the two-state solution as a sign of goodwill to Abbas. Netanyahu is a mixed bag.

        • Peter James

          They both put troops of their countries in foreign soil or soil that’s technically not theirs under false pretexts (WMD – teenagers kidnapped under Hamas’ orders)

          They both ordered military action that resulted in the disproportionately large number of CIVILIAN deaths of people who had NOTHING to do with the original reasons for the invasions.

          He. Is. Their. Dick, Cheney.

          Stop defending a jackass.
          You only make yourself look like one in the process.

          (That’s assuming you’re not already one, which is not clear at this point.)

    • Matthew J

      No, you’re not.

  • Mr. BD Touchdown Machine

    ” the world has never needed much of a reason to hate Israel, or any reason at all. ”

    This piece goes pretty far out there , bit of a stretch to say Stewart thinks Israel is the Tucson shooter . Not so much of a stretch to identify the authors anti semitism here .

    • JozefAL

      Up yours, Touchback. The “author” of this piece is reporting on what Jon Stewart–A JEW–said about Israel’s egregious conduct.

      Israel, in regards to the Palestinians, has become the very thing that it guilted the world into creating the Jewish State in the first place.

      By the way, the Jews didn’t seem to have a problem with terrorism when THEY were the terrorists trying to get a homeland from the British. Maybe the Palestinians are merely emulating what they saw to be so effective some 70 years ago.

      • Ryan Small

        So what if Stewart is a Jew? So is Chomsky. The anti-Israel people love trotting out Jews that support them the same way Fox News likes black guests that agree with them that racism is dead.

        • Matthew J

          @ Ryan & Mr. BD:
          Criticizing Israel does not make one “anti-Israel” or “anti-semetic.”

          It’s arrogant childishness to say that it is. The truth is, both sides of this conflict want it to continue.

          • Ryan Small

            Criticizing Israel doesn’t make one anti-Israel?

            If all I did was complain about Adam Sandler as an actor, would that make me pro or anti-Adam Sandler?

          • Peter James


            Now you’re just acting like a child with that childish logic.

            One can’t criticize the clearly wrong behavior of Israel without being anti-Israel or anti-Semitic?

            Come on, guy,….
            GROW UP!!

          • Matthew J

            I would say you didn’t like his acting. I don’t like his acting either. However, I’ve worked on two of his films and though he tends to be a little weird, he’s generally polite and very professional on set. I never witnessed a tantrum or other highly negative behavior — so, will I go see a Tom Cruise movie? Probably not. Would I work on another Tom Cruise movie? In a heartbeat.

            Beyond that, criticizing can be constructive as well as wholly negative. I can criticize someone’s work or behavior and not hate them or be totally against them. It’s partially how we learn.

            For a non-war example, I think Obama made a huge error in utilizing reconciliation for heath care instead ramming through jobs programs to give the economy a faster jump start. I wrote letters, emails and made phone calls to my reps at the time pointing out my thoughts. I also think Obama’s a lousy negotiator — he starts too close to what he actually finds acceptable and then has nowhere to maneuver. Does that make me anti-Obama? No, it makes me a sometimes frustrated citizen who’s going to criticize someone I voted for.

            Back to Israel, I support their right to exist and their right to self-defense. I don’t support the settlements in the Occupied Territories (which is against The 4th Geneva Convention of 1949 that Israel is signatory to) or the destruction of the homes of those they deem supporting terrorism, often with little or no evidence, therefore I criticize. Under the same law, when an occupation goes on too long and there appears to be no attempt by the occupiers to create a process of leaving or some other solution to the occupation, it then becomes legal for the occupied to resist, and violent resistance is recognized as legitimate.

            I despise the terrorism of Hamas and other Palestinian groups — but not every Palestinian is a terrorist. The Israeli government treats them as if they are. Both sides kill civilians, Hamas admits it and Israel says, “Oops.”

            As a result, I criticize the so-called leadership of both sides.

          • Badgerite

            I don’t think that that is true. I’m sure there are various shades of political opinion on both sides of the conflict. But when rockets start flying, more extreme attitudes are empowered.

          • Matthew J

            Of course there are shades of gray. But nothing gets resolved even when rockets aren’t firing — and hasn’t been resolved since 1948.

            Hence my conclusion that both sides, specifically the leadership of both sides, want the conflict to continue.

            It’s Occam’s Razor.

        • Peter James

          “The anti-Israel people”

          How about the “anti-people who kill 8 year old boys on a beach playing soccer with their cousins, because they think those CHILDREN were being used to hide rockets that haven’t killed a SINGLE Israeli civilian since this conflict started”?

          Most human beings with any shred of decency and a conscience suffer no moral dilemmas in deciding which side of that scale to stand.

          Most human beings, anyway…..

          • Ryan Small

            Identify one person who said that particular strike was good? Killing those kids was unintentional by the IDF. They may not do it enough but we know that the IDF calls off strikes when they know that it will result in too many civilian casualties.

          • Peter James

            >>>>”Killing those kids was unintentional by the IDF. ”


            Then why did they conduct similar strikes in locations with children playing either at the rooftops of their houses (LITERALLY 4 days after the one I mention) resulting in more dead children, or on Schools, including UNRWA schools and refuges even AFTER they had been informed of the coordinates of those locations and asked – REPEATEDLY – by the UN staff there not to bomb there because they couldn’t evacuate the elderly and sick who were seeking refuge at those locations?

            And the most recent one was YESTERDAY!!
            This time even resulting in the deaths of UN staff members.

            Defend that shit.

            >>>>”They may not do it enough but we know that the IDF calls off strikes when they know that it will result in too many civilian casualties.”

            And how many is “too many”, exactly?

            Because as we now know, 1,000 (at least) of the 1,700 killed so far is clearly not many enough.

            Don’t you ever get sick of defending this nonsense and this shit?

            Doesn’t it eat away at your soul?
            Your humanity?

            What’s wrong with you?

    • Peter James

      >>>>” Not so much of a stretch to identify the authors anti semitism here .”

      Oh, go fuck yourself!

      I’m sick and tired of jackasses like yourself with your hair-trigger “Anti-semitism” claim at the ready in place of an actual argument to defend what Israel is doing, whenever anyone points out the moral outrage of what they’re doing to women and children in Gaza.

      And for the record, he didn’t say that “Stewart thinks that Israel is the Tucson shooter”

      He said that Jon Stewart made a comparison between what Israel is doing with how the Tucson shooter was stopped.

      Get your head out of your ass and learn how the English language works before jumping in with your half-baked accusations and faux out-rage.

    • feloniousgrammar


  • Vermillion

    “In order to be free you had to learn to fight. No one questions that.
    But you’ve overcompensated. You are like abused children who have grown
    big enough to do the same thing to someone else as if it would somehow
    balance the scales. It won’t. If you let the anger cloud your judgment,
    it will destroy you.”

    — Sinclair to G’Kar in “Chrysalis”, Babylon 5

    I don’t know why I thought of that just now.

    • feloniousgrammar

      raises hand

  • Matthew J

    “Better yet, the U.S. could have come out earlier and more forcefully against the civilian death toll, and perhaps spared Israel the revulsion it now faces …”

    Whilst I agree that the U.S. should have come out more strongly about the devastation in Gaza — I really believe that people all around the world think that we have more power and influence in this scenario than we actually do. I see it all the time from people on the street to foreign representatives — “The U.S. needs to do something!” I’d hear it overseas when in the military and later in my travels, I even heard it in Israel, and I just don’t buy it. Yes, we have power, military, diplomatic and economic, but even with all of that, we can’t force Israel and the Palestinians to solve this protracted situation (to put it very mildly). I think our success with the Marshall Plan after WWII effected what the world thinks we can accomplish. Well, we haven’t been able accomplish much since 1948 and that’s not going change anytime soon. At this point, the history of the situation is almost irrelevant. Hamas and the Palestinians have done ugly things and Israel has done ugly things, and all that winds up doing is strengthening the other’s resolve. The solution can only come from them and right now, neither side wants it to end — well, those in power, anyway.

    That said, I do have a nasty streak of “Let’s pull all aid from the area and let ’em fight it out!” I really do. But I think the bloodshed would be appalling if we did. Whichever party in power that would be able to pull off cutting ties with Israel would face a massive backlash at home.

    It is sheer lunacy. Have you ever tried to convince a lunatic of anything?

    • formerlywhatithink

      We could stop giving the lunatic money, weapons and ammunition as a start.

      • Matthew J

        That’s a nice thought — but I fear it’s unrealistic.

        The U.S. is not the only arms dealer in the area, so the arms wouldn’t stop. In fact, if we stopped arms to Israel chances are those supplying Hamas and others would increase their own efforts. If the money were to stop, something may happen, but I doubt that here’s a U.S. politician willing to take the blowback, but they should at least bring up the idea as part of our “big stick.”

        But, let’s say we did — what would happen?

        IMO, you would see a massive increase in violence on both sides. Hamas, et al, would see it a sign of Israel losing allies and step up their efforts to attack Israel. Israel would probably take the aid cut off as an insult/betrayal and if it looked like they would have problems resupplying weaponry, would most likely go on a major offensive to totally subdue their enemies. tens of thousands would die in such a scenario. And that’s just what would/could happen in the Israeli-Palestinian arena. Other countries, Iran, etc., would then most likely join the fray against Israel — increasing the conflict. Increased conflict could then act as a tipping point for an area of the world already massively unstable and create a region-wide war, which would, in turn, threaten the planet’s oil supply and corporate profits. If that happened the U.S., Europe and Asia would have to step in.

        Is this the only scenario? No, not by a long shot. But I guarantee that it’s one of the ones discussed at high levels. This, and other scenarios, plus a degree of bureaucratic inertia, keeps our aid flowing.

        As I said, part of me agrees with you, pull back and just let ’em fight. I just don’t think it would work in reality.

    • Badgerite

      If Israel’s borders were ever to be overrun, I think there would be a massive blood letting not only of Jewish Israelis but of the Arab Israelis as well. They would be labeled collaborators and treated as the enemy.

      • Matthew J

        I agree.

  • formerlywhatithink

    The US, after it’s mild “rebuke” about civilian casualties, gave more ammunition to Israel. How about the government tell Israel “no more weapons, no more money, nothing…and for fucks sake, stop killing.” But that would take some backbone.

    From a post that was removed after criticism on the Time of Israel website:

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clearly stated at the outset of this incursion that his objective is to restore a sustainable quiet for the citizens of Israel. We have already established that it is the responsibility of every government to ensure the safety and security of its people. If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?

    Read that last line again, then think of the Holocaust, then just shake your head in utter disbelief.

    Why are we giving so much money and weapons and kissing Israels butt, no matter what they say or do? The insanity has to stop and the first step is to cut off the flow weapons, ammunition and money which is used to buy more weapons and ammunition.

    • Da Dorq

      Shorter Netanyahu: The only good member of Hamas is a dead Palestinian. Just in case.

    • Ryan Small

      You believe the US should base policy on the postings of obscure Israeli bloggers? Bold stand.

      Let’s put this in perspective.

      An obscure Israel blogger justifies genocide on Times of Israel. Times of Israel takes down article and dissociates itself with him immediately (they have an agreement with various journalists and bloggers that allows those bloggers to post content directly on ToI, w/o pre-authorization) He later apologizes and calls for a peaceful resolution to conflict. Outrage, justifiably so.

      Hamas calls for genocide in charter. Meh.


      Timmy didn’t mention in the article that it was Hamas who violated the ceasefire and kidnapped an Israeli, with Israel not yet violating it.

      • JozefAL

        Um, that’s NOT quite the way I heard it first reported. What I heard was that the ISRAELI ARMY was out blowing up more tunnels AFTER THE CEASE FIRE WENT INTO EFFECT.

        Maybe THAT was why Tommy “didn’t mention” it. Because you’re spouting the Israeli Army’s propaganda.

        • Ryan Small

          I’m not sure that Israel did blow up any tunnels in those 2 hours but that wouldn’t have violated the terms anyway.

          “‘During this time, the forces on the ground will remain in place,’ said the announcement, which means that Israeli troops can continue destroying the labyrinth of tunnels in Gaza that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said are the prime target of the operation.”


          The UN blamed Hamas. This one is uncontroversial.

        • formerlywhatithink

          JozeAL, as friendly reminder, here are accepted talking points when talking about Israel:

      • Peter James

        >>>>”Hamas calls for genocide in charter and the calls for destruction of Israel are ubiquitous in Palestinian media. Meh.”

        Probably because Hamas can’t do much of anything to make that a reality.

        Outside of lobbing rockets that rarely ever hit their targets.

        Israel has upwards of 300 Nuclear warheads.

        And the “kidnapped” Israeli soldier?
        Turns out he wasn’t kidnapped.
        Turns out he died in a firefight between IDF and Hamas fighters, – you know, like normally happens when you go into someone else’s land and try to kill them – and they didn’t find his body to confirm his death until recently.

        Just like the three kidnapped and murdered Israeli teenagers who were the whole supposed reason this war started in the first place and the reason it’s still going on according to some quarters.
        Turns out Hamas didn’t order that one neither.

        A war based on lies.

        Now where have I seen that one before?

        • Ryan Small

          The Palestinians can’t make genocide a reality and Israel won’t make it a reality. The rhetoric on the Palestinian side nonetheless affects the way they act. If in the 1990’s, you didn’t have a wave of terrorist attacks, Netanyahu wouldn’t have been empowered and Shimon Peres would have continued the Oslo peace process in earnest. The 2nd Intifida had the same affect on Israeli psyche. Hamas’ violent and completely irrational impulses are what’s causing the most recent round of fighting.

          Again, Hamas was the one that broke the ceasefire resulting in that soldier’s death so I’m not sure why him being killed instead of kidnapped changes things. Unless you’re making the bigger point that Palestinians are morally permitted to kill Israelis in general because “they’re stealing their land”?

          The timeline of events is as follows. Three Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed. Israel cracked down on Hamas members in the West Bank. Hamas fired rockets in response. Israel bombs Gaza in response. The invasion of Gaza was a result of the rockets, not directly due to the killing of the teens.

          Secondly, the people who killed the three teens were part of what the media has reported as a more extreme, rogue element of Hamas. Hamas praised the act. That’s pretty close to Hamas doing it. If an IDF soldier kills a Palestinian civilian without pre-authorization from higher ups, I bet you’d blame it on IDF rather make the nuanced distinction you expect Israel to make.

          • Ryan Small

            The other thing to mention is that it doesn’t take a modern military to cause a lot of death. The tunnels that Israel is trying to dismantle would have allowed Gaza terrorists to infiltrate inside of Israel civilian areas, an example being a kibbutz they were found infiltrating, and kill a bunch of unarmed civilians. Prior to this operation, Israel didn’t know the extent of and locations of all the tunnels.

          • Peter James

            >>>>”The tunnels that Israel is trying to dismantle would have allowed Gaza terrorists to infiltrate inside of Israel civilian areas,….”

            And how many CIVILIANS have died as a result of them?
            THIS YEAR.

            In round figures please, and with some proof (cite some non-Israeli, independently verified source).

            I’ll wait for your response which I’m sure you’ll provide in no time.

            THIS YEAR.
            Figures (round numbers)
            Sources, Links, PROOF!

          • Peter James

            >>>>”The Palestinians can’t make genocide a reality and Israel won’t make it a reality. The rhetoric on the Palestinian side nonetheless affects the way they act. ”

            Don’t give me that SHIT!

            How many countries in the middle East have had people chanting “Death to the Great Satan” – referring to the United States?

            Does that mean we should go bomb the living shit out of them despite the fact the can’t make that a reality?

            Like I said before GROW UP.

            And at some point, Israel will have to grow up as well.

            >>>>”Again, Hamas was the one that broke the ceasefire resulting in that soldier’s death so I’m not sure why him being killed instead of kidnapped changes things. ”

            BEcause it was the IDF that made the point of his being allegedly kidnapped as the reason why they were resuming hostilities to ensure his retrieval and then even when they found out he was dead and how they still continued, only this time giving the REAL reason, which is that they had to finish destroying the tunnels.

            THEY broke the ceasefire and you have NO proof – ZERO – none at all, that it was HAmas that broke the ceasefire.

            You’re just pulling it out of your ass.

            WE do know for a fact that despite the IDF claim, that that soldier wasn’t kidnapped.

            We also know for a fact that he died in a gunfight between IDF soldiers and Hamas militants which easily could have been started by IDF for all we know outside of the IDF propaganda channels.

            Anthing outside of this lies between the realms of speculation and cooked up propaganda and lies from the side that hasn’t been shy about lying, right until they’re caught in their lies.

            >>>>”Unless you’re making the bigger point that Palestinians are morally permitted to kill Israelis in general because “they’re stealing their land”?”

            No actually, I’m making the BIGGER point that any human being on this planet is allowed to kill someone who comes into their land (and here I mean GAZA) to kill them.

            REmind me again who is on who’s land in this war?

            How many Hamas miliatiamen are in ISrael?

            Now tell me how many IDF soldiers are inside GAZA?

            Are you going to sit there and tell me that if MExicans crossed the border and started killing Americans indiscriminately, that Americans wouldn’t have the right to kill them in defense of THEIR land?

            So where the fuck do you get off implying that Palestinians don’t have that same right as human beings?

            >>>>”The timeline of events is as follows. Three Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed.”

            Don’t leave out the important FACTS here which are that those Kidnappings were NOT sanctioned by Hamas, despite initial ISraeli government claims, and which has now been verified, and also the fact that 3 Palestinian teens were abducted and killed in retaliation.

            Or did you “forget” that fact.

            Don’t also leave out the FACT that a Palestinian American Teenager, and cousin to one of the teens killed was brutally beaten by Israeli police for the crime of protesting his cousin’s death.

            Again, DID YOU FORGET THAT FACT?

            >>>>” Israel cracked down on Hamas members in the West Bank. Hamas fired rockets in response.”

            Yes, in response to ISrael’s aggression based on LIES – (that they ordered those kidnappings which turned out to be complete fabrications)

            >>>>”Israel bombs Gaza in response. The invasion of Gaza was a result of the rockets, not directly due to the killing of the teens. ”

            Rockets fired in response to ISrael shelling them over a LIE (that you conveniently left out) and then giving the pretext of the kidnapped teens to justify it.

            And for the record the Rockets have killed ZERO Israeli civilians.


            >>>>”Secondly, the people who killed him were part of what the media has reported as a more extreme, rogue element of Hamas. ”

            Even the UN is now pretty much confirming that at a minimum, at least 1000 of the 1,700-1,800 now dead are WOMEN, CHILDREN, THE ELDERLY, and the SICK/DISABLED.


            Remind me again how defenseless women, chidlren and old people can possibly comprise, as you put it, the “more extreme rogue element of HAmas”

            I will ask you again,…
            What the fuck is wrong with you?
            As a human being?

            >>>>” Hamas praised the act. That’s pretty close to Hamas doing it. ”

            But it’s NOT!

            That’s the point.

            They’re not the ones hlding and pulling the trigger that’s resulting in the deaths of women and children, you dumbass.

            And you know it.

            Which is why you tried to twist that sentence like that to make it seem like they are.

            “pretty close” is not the same as the peopel doing it.

            >>>>”If an IDF soldier kills a Palestinian civilization without pre-authorization from higher ups, I bet you’d blame it on IDF.”

            You mean like the four 8-10 year old boys who where playing soccer on a beach with their cousins and killed because apparently they were somehow “hiding Hamas rockets”?

            Or do you mean the two children who were killed on the rooftop of their house a few days later after THAT?

            You’re going to have to be more specific in your defense of the killing of innocent children and then trying to blame them for their own deaths.

            You’re a pathetic human being (if we can even call you that).

          • Ryan Small

            Sorry, I can’t have a discussion with someone as angry as you. That one post had two or three non sequiturs and straw men.

            Here are your links though:

            “U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon blamed Hamas on Friday for violating the cease-fire in Gaza and demanded the immediate and unconditional release of an Israeli soldier reportedly captured after it started.”


            “Palestinian shelling has killed three civilians in Israel.

            Israel has confirmed that 64 of its soldiers have died in combat.”


            “Meanwhile, Israeli media were reporting Monday there was an attack in Jerusalem by a tractor on an Israeli bus that killed at least one person. Police described the incident as a “terrorist attack,” indicating Palestinian involvement. In 2008 a similar attack carried out by an East Jerusalem Arab left three Israelis dead and 30 wounded.”

        • feloniousgrammar

          And the “kidnapped” Israeli soldier? Turns out he wasn’t kidnapped.

          I’m pretty sure I saw this addressed in an article in Haaretz when this operation began.

          I respect people working on restraint and looking toward peace and tolerance in Israel and in Gaza—- Jews and Muslims, Israelis and Palestinians.

    • D. Alexander

      Netanyahu was the strongest and the most vocal voice Prime Minister Rabin and the peace process.

    • Howienica


      In another week, the rapists and terrorists of Hamas will be through.

      Let Israel finish it”a work.


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