White House Reporters Give Obama Republican Advice on Immigration Crisis

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As the immigration crisis continues to bring out the best in conservative racists, Republicans like Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) have been offering all kinds of helpful advice to President Obama, like rescinding an executive action that doesn’t apply to the migrants currently caught in the crisis, or doing a border photo-op, instead of actually passing comprehensive immigration reform.

At Thursday’s daily briefing, all of that great Republican advice found voice within the White House press corps, which pressed White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, to varying degrees, on these great suggestions. First, it was ABC News’ Jim Avila asking Josh if, as Issa says, rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals would “send a message,” to the Central American people fleeing murder, that the policy that already doesn’t apply to them doesn’t apply to them. This makes perfect sense, because the best way to cope with an overburdened immigration system is to start deporting DREAMers.

Then, it was NBC News’ Chuck Todd asking why the President himself doesn’t come out and tell these people that they’ll be sent back if they come here, like he already did last week to George Stephanopoulos. Fox News’ Ed Henry wanted to know why the President doesn’t just take Rick Perry up on his invitation, and visit the border so he can fart some magic fairy dust on it, I guess? CBS News’ Bill Plante also wanted to know why the President doesn’t make a run for the border, and like Henry, wondered why the President has time to visit ladies in Minneapolis, but not to fart magic fairy dust on the border.

Earnest, looking alternately bemused and amused by the flood of helpful hints, responded by reminding everyone that the President actually has sent clear messages that news outlets have access to and have reported on, explaining that rescinding DACA “is not going to happen,” and that if he wants any shit out of Rick Perry, he’ll squeeze his head. I’m paraphrasing liberally, of course, but here are the highlights:


Now, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with asking the White House for a reaction to even the most patently absurd thing that some Republican says, but the credulity with which they did so defies logic. President Obama announced DACA two years ago. The idea that this crisis is a result of that policy is a Republican fantasy, and even if it weren’t, as I said, only an idiot would think that “sending a message” was worth overburdening the system with DREAMer deportations, and only an asshole would see ruining DREAMers’ lives as a fair trade.

As for Rick Perry, Earnest was absolutely right that instead of trying to arrange photo ops for the President, he ought to help support comprehensive immigration reform, but failing that, he definitely shouldn’t be abetting Congress in wasting even more time on a roadshow hearing, instead of actually doing something.


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  • Howienica

    I wonder if Obama ever really considered enforcing the law at the border?

    I know.

    Silly question.

    • That River Gal

      I wonder if you can compare the number of deportations during this administration contrasted with the last? Nahh, that would require you to think.

      • Howienica

        It depends on whether you count the “turn-arounds” that no other President except Obama ever counted.

        A turn-around is an illegal alien that never went through the deportee process in the U.S. and was simply made to turn around at the border and return to Mexico.

        Obama counted those turn-arounds as deportees.

        No other President ever did.

        Without those turn-arounnds ( about a million ) Obama had the smallest amount of deportees.

        As Slick Willie said, it all depends on ehat the meaning of is is.

        No surprise on turn-arounds.

        Obama is the biggest liar we have ever had as President.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Typical. The White House reporters are all Very Serious Washington Villagers, and like all Very Serious Washington Villagers, they feel it is always in the best interest for the president to act in a bipartisan manner. And by “bipartisan manner”, they mean “give the republicans everything they want in exchange for nothing.”

    • Howienica


      I see it exactly the opposite.

      Obama has said just the reverse when he said ” elections have consequences. We won”

      Name one issue he has reached out to the Republicans on.


      • http://Matthewryanoverflow.wordpress.com/ Matthew C. Ryan

        Healthcare. Immigration. Environmental policy. Education. The budget and economy.

        They even cooperated, right up until the rubber met the road and a vote or action was required.

        • Howienica

          You hold on to those memories, Matthew.

          You can repeat them to yourself when you are drooling on your bib in the home.

          • http://Matthewryanoverflow.wordpress.com/ Matthew C. Ryan

            No substance back from you as usual, Howie.

      • D_C_Wilson

        Well, let’s start with the ACA, which contained several republican ideas, not the least of which is the individual mandate. Then there was the agreement to extend the Bush tax cuts for another year. The deficit reduction commission, which was a republican idea, but then Obama agreed to it and suddenly they were against it. The sequester was an attempt to find bipartisan budget deal, which the republicans then dug their heels in and refused to take yes for an answer.

        Actually, the common theme of the last 5-6 years has been Obama trying to meet the GOP halfway while the GOP turn against their own ideas.

        Now, let’s name all the times the republicans have reached out to the president.

        Annnnd we’re done.

        • Howienica

          World class Cognitive Dissonance.

          You have raised it to an art form.


          And all I remember is one closed door meeting after another of nothing but democrats.

          Silly me.

          • D_C_Wilson

            You have quite the selective memory.

            So, do you have any examples of republicans reaching out or are you just here to troll?

      • Brian in FL

        Your entire premise is flawed. You fail to realize obstruction was the declared tactic of the Republicans immediately upon Obama being elected. Acting like Republicans simply needed more flowery words from Obama, or more “reaching out” (whatever that means), is beyond naive. Republicans will not vote on things like Immigration Reform because they will be “primaried” by a radical Tea Partier. Just ask Eric Cantor who dared give lip service to supporting a Dream Act lite. If a Republican like Charlie Crist even accepts federal money from Obama to help their state, they are drummed out of the Republican Party. Working with Obama is political death for any Republican lawmaker. This is because the right has completely demonized the President.

        • Howienica

          Wake up.

          The President has demonized himself.

          And his payback is going to be painful.

  • MaryJane Mccarthy James

    Chuckie and the rest of the fake reporters are scum who have sold their souls for the BIG BUCKS.

  • http://www.twitter.com/@BribarianUS Th1rdeyeUS418

    Didnt read past the first lines. Keep on racebaiting libbaby, you’re the whole reason there is a crisis today.

    • villemar

      And yet libtard communists like George W Bush, John McCain, and Eric Cantor; merely by expressing a desire to address immigration reform, all got shut down one way or another by the whines and fits thrown by angry teabag nativist screamers. That sure helped.

    • philhockey22

      Who’s racebaiting?

    • Sabyen91

      Grow up, child.

    • Gone baby gone


    • 624LC .

      Are you sure you could have read more without help?

    • D_C_Wilson

      If you had read further, you might have seen that there was no race-baiting in this piece.

  • Reverend Bacon

    Of course it’s racist to want to keep out disease, unemployment, housing shortages, overpopulation, crime, and other burdens on the taxpaying citizens.

    Why doesn’t Mark Zuckerberg invite them all over to his house? Better yet, let him buy them a country somewhere else.

    • philhockey22

      Just because you can’t afford as house doesn’t mean there is a housing shortage.

      And last I looked…middle class white ladies are spreading plenty of disease by not vaccinating their kids. A fat, lazy white dude baked his kid in a car, and rich white guys are sending their tax money to tropical islands.

      • courtbt

        And don’t forget the white, middle class Christian families that are having lots of babies (what’s the latest Duggar count these days? 19 original children plus three grandchildren?)

        • Reverend Bacon

          In other words, we have plenty of problems of our own. It’s not like we can afford to import tens of millions more of them. California alone pays about $30B per year for the privilege of having illegal aliens in their midst. Liberals are so generous with my money.

          • Varek_Raith

            We do have plenty of problems here.
            Problems you and your party don’t want to do anything to fix them.

          • 624LC .

            Seriously, what money do you have? You want yell at someone, hillbilly, ask your stupid GOP party where did all billions go to fund a useless war and whose stupid policies cause the 2008 crash. Or better still, go fuck off and use your time to shovel Cheetos in your mouth while creating another sign with misspelled words. Go on, git!

          • Reverend Bacon

            To you and Varek: you have borrowed well from the Alinsky playbook. You can’t refute anything I say, so you find someone you think I might agree with on a few things, and you try to refute them. This is called an ad hominem attack. “You like dogs? Gosh, Hitler liked dogs too. You Nazi you!”

            One of the many things Bush and Obama have in common is that they both captured the title of the absolute worst president in recent history. Bush took his title from Carter, and Obama grabbed the title from Bush. I voted for each of them once, and the only reason I did was because they were unknowns who I thought couldn’t be worse than their opposition. I’m certain I was wrong about Mr. Sotero.

            FWIW, the only misspellings I see was in your post. Not in mine. I guess we know who the hillbilly is now, don’t we? Non-responsive, bellicose, and illiterate is no way to go through life, son.

            The responses of you, philhockey, and courtbt show that your thinking is flawed on numerous other levels. But to my original point: how does saying “enough is enough, we can’t afford to be the world’s charity fund,” make one a racist?

          • 624LC .

            Alinsky? Really? You sound like you are channeling every wingnut white radio host with your babbling. Since you seem to be okay about the waste of money that your tax dollars were used by the previous administration, you really have no room to talk. As desperate as you are to link bush and Obama, it will not stick and you and reactionary ilk will be standing by the sidelines of history while the closest one of your GOP psycho presidential candidates gets to the White House in on a tour.

            Let me know if I spelled anything wrong, hillbilly.

          • Reverend Bacon

            Yes, you spelled, “Ad Hominem” wrong. You still try to link me to the GOP, which I assume makes you think it’s an easier argument. All of the cultural Marxists use ad hominem attacks; it’s in your playbook. If you weren’t such a synaptic pauper, you’d understand how silly that makes you look, and you’d cower in shame. Instead, you simply call me names.

            Incidentally, how could you possibly infer that I was “OK” with the waste of my money by Bush 43? How do you think he earned his title?

            In fact, I’d like the entire 100 trillion dollars back that the liberals have cost us over the past 50 years, and I’d like the several hundred billion that Vietnam cost us, and the 2-3 trillion that Bush 43 spent on Iraq. That won’t happen, so let’s just say enough is enough. Deport them all- every deportation saves far more than it costs.

          • http://Matthewryanoverflow.wordpress.com/ Matthew C. Ryan

            Virulent anti-immigration FAIR group put the number at $25 (not 30) billion dollars, when the government put the number much lower, especially when taxes collected for services that will never be collected are taken into account.

  • D. Alexander

    I have long said that they could get rid f the entire first row of the press corp, and then maybe it will be relevant . Does anyone remember that front row ever asking Bush’s press secretary about what Democrats said day after day? The media is absolutely useless with only a few exceptions such as Rachel Maddow, and I like Ed Schultz for his stand on unions and American workers. .Blogs such as Think Progress and Daily Banter are good and Media Matters is exceptional at catching all the crap out there and calling them out.

    • cablejunkie

      u nailed it

    • Howienica

      Since the press corps. ( or is that corpse? ) seems to be finally asking real questions of the Obama administration maybe it’s time to cut of the press conferences completely.

      I mean who do these reporters think they are anyway?

      • D. Alexander

        Evidently you have not been listening to these asinine questions that they have asked. That is so sad.

        • Howienica

          So your answer is to censor them?

          • D. Alexander

            Your answer shows how dense you are.

  • cablejunkie

    whata swarmy bunch


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