Video Shows Child Trying To Stop Savage Beating of His Mother, Proves How Screwed Our Culture Is

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There’s a video clip now making the viral rounds that’s genuinely difficult to watch. It shows a woman brutally beating another woman while the victim’s two-year-old son tries desperately to stop the assault by kicking the attacker. The crying boy shouts, “Mommy, mommy!” and kicks the leg of the woman who has his mother down on the ground and is punching her over and over again.

The whole thing happened in Salem, New Jersey on Tuesday and according to police the woman seen doing the beating is 25-year-old Latia Harris, who works at a local McDonalds. They say she accused the victim, 27-year-old Catherine Ferreira, of spreading rumors about her and that’s why she savagely punched her and spit on her, at one point even threatening to kick the child who’s helplessly kicking at her.


There’s no way to know exactly who did what to whom before the above incident, not that anything would really excuse this kind of barbarism, particularly while someone’s young child is standing right there. But there’s one thing that’s unnervingly clear here: nobody watching this attack — and there are several people — is doing a goddamn thing to stop it.

People are laughing, and shooting video, and gathering around to watch, but the only one trying to fight back and stop this violence is a two-year-old boy. He’s surrounded by adults and yet he’s the only one here who knows right from wrong. It’s incomprehensible what the hell would lead somebody to choose creating a YouTube video of one person pummeling another bloody over actually, you know, stopping the person doing the pummeling.

Catherine Ferreira suffered a broken nose and multiple lacerations and is having trouble seeing. Police are now looking for Latia Harris. She’s been charged with aggravated assault and two counts of making terroristic threats.

But she’s not the only guilty one here.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.40.54 PM

Photo: Tim Hawk/South Jersey Times


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  • Laura Dawson

    This is absolutely vile vile vile. What a disgraceful lot of people filming this attack instead of helping the poor lady and her child.

    Also, anyone threatens to kick my 3 year old in the face: it doesn’t end pretty for them.

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  • Christopher Foxx

    It’s incomprehensible what the hell would lead somebody to choose creating a YouTube video of one person pummeling another bloody over actually, you know, stopping the person doing the pummeling.

    I know folks like to say that. “It’s incomprehensible…” “I can’t image how…” etc. It’s a way of distancing, of maintaining the idea that they’d do better were they in a similar situation.

    But it’s really not incomprehensible. It’s all too common, as folks as involved in current affairs as those writing and commenting here well know.

  • Christopher Foxx

    but the only one trying to fight back and stop this violence is a two-year-old boy. He’s surrounded by adults and yet he’s the only one here who knows right from wrong.

    Hate is taught. It’s not something you’re born with.

  • Christopher Foxx

    I count at least 6 adult-sized people, four of which are clearly filming (see 0:35). And not one expressed anything other than amusement.

    I’d have no problem with each of them being charged as an accessory.

    • bbiemeret

      Please Sir Foxx, regale us with tales of your heroic deeds.

      You wouldn’t have lifted a finger, and we both know it. But whatever you have to tell yourself.

      • Christopher Foxx

        You wouldn’t have lifted a finger, and we both know it.

        We do? How do “we” know that?

        Oh, that’s right. you weren’t there on the occasions that I actually have.

        Now, you want to agree or disagree with my opinion on the culpability of the bystanders, go ahead. Fair grounds for disagreement there. But what does going immediately for the ad hominem attacks do for you?

  • dB

    This chick is an animal and will be caged like one soon. To threaten to kick a 2 year old in the face, as well, is just even more disgusting.

  • bbiemeret

    Disclaimer: I did not watch the video, and I don’t know all the facts of the case.

    I do have one point to make in regards to the perp.

    I doubt she beat the woman up for no reason. The level of anger it would take to do that, in front of a child, and knowing your identity is known, is fairly high. I know, I know, violence is not the solution. However, Latia Harris probably has few courses of action to remedy the defamation the victim is accused of. Words have power, and slander can cause all sorts of problems in one’s life. If it turns out the attack was unprovoked, Ms. Harris should be punished accordingly. If it turns out Ms. Ferreira instigated the attack, maybe she should just count her lumps and reconsider her role in all of this. I doesn’t appear that she received anything she couldn’t walk away from. I’m not saying it’s the best course of action, but sometimes it’s the only remedy.

    I feel bad the boy had to witness that, and it sucks that no one intervened. However, in this day of shoot first, ask questions maybe, it’s not surprising no one wanted to step up and defend a stranger. Sure, the little boy stood up for his mom, and that is commendable, but he is unaware of how quickly and further south things can go. He doesn’t understand that the woman beating up his mom could just as easily be shooting her, or even him. Not a fair comparison.

    Also, in Ms. Harris’ defense, although she threatened, she didn’t actually hit the child. Anger can bring out the worst in us, but she did show some restraint. I only mention this, because that action would have been indefensible.

    • Dee Doppleganger

      It’s not okay to settle it with violence. That’s what little kids do before they are taught better. You can be angry at someone, even confront them, but you don’t give them a beatdown. “Punished accordingly,” and “only remedy” no, rational adults don’t use their fists to punish accordingly. That’s why we have words and thinking skills and the ability to conduct ourselves in a manner that benefits society, not just ourselves.

      Also, a response like “too bad for the kid, that sucks” is problematical. A child can’t process this kind of violence and I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up displaying symptoms of PTSD. At a young age, that can cause a myriad of issues that stretch into adulthood.

      Please don’t reproduce.

      • bbiemeret

        “Please don’t reproduce.”

        Is this how you, sitting on your high-horse of pacifistic superiority, make your point? Is this how you have discussions with strangers? You would have me give up the joy of parenthood, because you disagree with a point I made in a blog comment section? I can see why you’d need to have the opinion you do. A person who says these things to strangers probably gets punched a lot.

        If you wish to make the point that violence is rarely the best option, you’ll get no argument from me. If you claim violence never solves anything, you’re just being naive.

        • Robert Scalzi

          seek professional help – you need it bad

        • Dee Doppleganger

          I’m a vet, that’s as far from pacifistic as you can get. I got a whole belly full of watching idiots risk their careers and lives when someone pissed them off and they just had to make sure everyone knew what an alpha dog they were. I don’t get punched because I am able to relate to people in a manner that ensures violence isn’t the end result of every misunderstanding or disagreement. I get salty, but most stuff just doesn’t bother me, including not getting wound up by comments from strangers, but you took off pretty fast.

          “The joy of parenthood” quote is ironic coming from you, considering that you congratulated Ferriera for having the restraint to not beat the hell out of the little boy. That’s just disturbing.

          But you do you and I will do me. There will just be a lot less face punching in my life.

          • Dee Doppleganger

            My mistake, I got the names confused. Let me restate it, “you congratulated Harris”

          • bbiemeret

            Of course you’re right. Telling people not to reproduce because you don’t agree with them is a great way to relate to them. /snark

            You say online comments don’t bother you, yet you just had to direct a snarky response to my first post, which was directed at no one.

            And I never “congratulated” anyone. I only mentioned that as being completely indefensible. Your hyperbole is telling.

      • bbiemeret

        You may need to re-read my original post. Not that you will agree, but I think you’ve misrepresented my opinion.

        The “punished accordingly” comment was directed at Ms. Harris, not the victim. It was in reference to the law. The “only remedy” comment is with regards to how Ms. Harris may have seen it. If someone spreads rumors about you that are false, you can sue them for slander. Unless you are poor and/or uneducated and/or a 25 year old black woman working at McDonalds. Then you just have to eat it with a smile, I guess.

        And I never said “too bad for the kid, that sucks”. I said I felt bad for the kid. That’s called sympathy. I then said it sucks that no one intervened. More sympathy. I then stated, that in an era where shootings are so rampant, it’s not surprising that no one chose to be a hero. That’s called stating an opinion, based on an observation.

        Say what you will, but don’t misrepresent my position just to make it easier to attack me. That’s called a straw-man.

        • Dee Doppleganger

          No, you were right, the ‘don’t reproduce’ snark was out of order. I misinterpreted your response about her not beating the kid, but the rest of your initial response I just found cold. I could have worded it better and left out the shitty ending. But I still stand with the idea that poverty and lack of education doesn’t excuse violence for violence sake. But! I can see your point with that as well, if you are taught that is the way to deal with things, eh. But you do know better, and the way I read your response was dismissive and approving of what she did.

          • bbiemeret

            Fair enough, I can see how you could come to that conclusion. Maybe I worded my comment poorly as well. I don’t approve what she did, but I can see why she may have done it. I’d never beat someone in front of their children, but I have knocked a man out for harassing my wife, asking her if he could eat her pussy, while we were just minding our own business. Words have consequences. Sometimes you walk away, sometimes you don’t.

            Like I said in another comment, where I come from, where I’ve been, sometimes honor and respect are earned at the end of a fist. I don’t prefer it that way, it’s just the way it is. I’m much more inclined to work things out peaceably, but some cats are unreasonable. I’m just not much of a turn the other cheek kinda guy, I guess.

            But I honestly respect your opinion. No snark intended.

          • Christopher Foxx

            I’m much more inclined to work things out peaceably … I’m just not much of a turn the other cheek kinda guy

            Can you see how that looks like you contradict yourself?

          • bbiemeret

            It means it depends on the situation. If someone is reasonable, I’m willing to be reasonable in return. If not, well, you get the idea.

          • spiderbucket

            No, she should not reproduce. Watch the video again and think about what kind of child bb would have if she excuses these actions.

          • cave_mann35

            Yes, he should and likely will even without your permission. What an annoying gnat you are. Someone’s words or opinions on a blog make you think they shouldn’t have children seems about as silly as you can get, but I’m sure you have more silliness for us, right?

          • Dee Doppleganger

            As much as I appreciate a congratulatory circle jerk, I was incorrect in stating it and so are you.

        • Christopher Foxx

          I said I felt bad for the kid. That’s called sympathy. I then said it sucks that no one intervened. More sympathy.

          Say what you will, but don’t misrepresent my position

          You also said “she should just count her lumps … It doesn’t appear that she received anything she couldn’t walk away from”. Not seeing a lot of sympathy there.

          I don’t see anyone misrepresenting your position. You had no problem with someone beating the shit out of someone else because of something they might have said. You blamed the victim and excused the attacker.

          I’ve got no disagreement with your scorn for the viewers who did nothing. But your making excuses for Harris is inexcusable.

          • bbiemeret

            No, I said maybe she should just count her lumps. That implies that I’m not sure what should happen. Which implies that maybe my position isn’t the best one. Which implies that, oh yeah, i’m fallible. Not exactly the words of a sociopath.

            Who are you to be the metric by which we measure what is excusable and what is not? Are you omnipotent, with the power to create fairness and justice for everybody? No, you are not. So I don’t care what you think is excusable.

            Good day, sir.

          • Christopher Foxx

            Not exactly the words of a sociopath,

            And I didn’t call you one.

            Who are you to be the metric by which we measure what is excusable and what is not?

            Never suggested I was any metric. What I actually DID say, in various ways, was that you were blaming the victim, excusing the assailant, contradicting yourself and taking a completely wrong and unsupportable, indefensible position.

            Which, I suspect, you know and which is why you’re now backing away fro it and resorting to personal attacks.

          • bbiemeret

            Just sit down and shut up already. I’m sick of arguing with your derailing ass. You didn’t even comprehend my original comment. Even before my corrections, I didn’t “blame the victim” as you put it. I pretended to be certain of nothing. Based on seeing this sort of thing often, I made the case for the possibility that she may have had it coming. After watching, my initial analysis proved correct. You and several others believe nothing is worth what happened. I disagree. You’re entitled to your opinion, I’m entitled to mine. If you choose to attack my opinion as indefensible, you’re just being a tool, because my opinion doesn’t need your approval. One chick beat the shit out of another chick. OH NOES!!! Civilization is never gonna recover! Give me a goddamn break already.

          • Christopher Foxx

            I pretended to be certain of nothing.

            It’s you were “pretending” now, is it? As I said, you’ve been backing away from your initial comments for a bit of a while now.

            I made the case for the possibility that she may have had it coming. After watching, my initial analysis proved correct.

            What, pray tell, in that video proves that the person lying on the ground getting their nose beaten had it coming? Was it the way the victim was knocked to the ground? The way she never fought back? Perhaps it was the attacker’s threat to the two-year-old in the face? What exactly do you see that “proves” your contention that the abuser was justified?

            Enlighten us.


            One chick beat the shit out of another chick. OH NOES!!! Civilization is never gonna recover!

            Riiight. You know when you resort to claims of ridiculous hyperbole on the other side you’ve basically admitted that you know you’re wrong. If you could counter the other side, you would. The ridiculousness shows you know you can’t.

          • Christopher Foxx

            I’m sick of arguing

            I know, I know. You’d rather get violent.

            But, hey, if not being able to use anything but words sickens you, you’re free to leave.

          • beulahmo

            So sorry to interrupt here. I just wanted to make sure you’re aware of this.
            Please excuse the interruption.

          • Christopher Foxx

            I just wanted to make sure you’re aware of this.

            Thank you. Would that I could upvote it more than once.

    • Chez Pazienza

      If you have anything approaching a conscience and possess the ability to interact with the world in a way that isn’t entirely sociopathic, I have a feeling you’re going to look back on this comment at some point and wonder what the fuck you were thinking.

      I’m not engaging you any further on this, just — what you’ve written here is that insane.

      • bbiemeret

        Just curious. Is it my defense of Ms. Harris? I take that to mean that, as an adult, you’ve never physically attacked someone for something they have said. This is very possible, and if so, I commend you. I however, cannot claim such a thing. In fact, there are, to this day, a limited number of things a man in my presence can’t say without at least a fat lip. Maybe that makes me a sociopath, but I ain’t never been Gandhi. I’ve spent lots of time in places where respect is sometimes earned, and maintained, at the end of a fist. Not as final as the end of a gun, so I choose to see it as an acceptable alternative.

        As Chris Rock so eloquently puts it,”I’m not saying he should’ve killed her, but I understand.

        As for the defense of those who chose not to get involved, let me state that anyone who was laughing and entertained by this is a dick. As I mentioned, I didn’t even watch the video, because I’m not entertained by this sort of thing. But shaming others for not intervening is unfair. Asking someone to risk their safety for a complete stranger is asking a lot. Sometimes a hero steps up, far more often they don’t. Is it fair to expect heroism from everyone, all the time?

      • bbiemeret

        Also, amazing how I’m labeled a conscience-free sociopath when I agree with you (see comments from post regarding little Cooper), and when I disagree with you (see above). I guess no matter my position, I come off like a horrible person.

        My skin is thick, so I can deal with it. It just seems a little ridiculous at this point. But whatever, it’s the internet.

        • spiderbucket

          You obviously are a sociopath. Theses skills will serve you well in prison. And no, as an ADULT, I would never under any circumstances beat down someone in front of their child or at all over WORDS. If this is acceptable in your world, I feel sorry for you.

          • bbiemeret

            Thanks for reading my comment.

            Enjoy your day.

          • cave_mann35

            Just because you wouldn’t do it, you expect for everyone to live by your mores and morals? If someone’s defamation caused me to lose my job, my ability to take care of myself, perhaps I would be as angry as she, but to think someone defending her is as bad as she, seems silly at best and foolish.

    • Robert Scalzi

      I’m sorry but you are a heartless nincompoop – it is NEVER acceptable to beat some one senseless in FRONT of a child over “words”.
      I suggest you seek professional help.

      • bbiemeret

        “I suggest you seek professional help”

        Jesus Christ on a cracker, is it possible to share a fucking opinion on this site without being attacked personally for it?

        You interjected yourself into a conversation, just to insult me.

        You are an asshole.

        • Robert Scalzi

          Yup I am and damned proud of being an Asshole – you see that is a term of endearment in my family Thank you for the compliment
          however you are still an imbicile who has no common decency

          • bbiemeret

            Don’t care what your family means when they say it, you know what I mean when I say it.

      • Christopher Foxx

        it is NEVER acceptable to beat some one senseless in FRONT of a child over “words”.

        Uh, it’s never acceptable to beat someone senseless. Ever.

        Without children present? Still unacceptable.
        Because of “words”? Still unacceptable.

    • Aaron Litz

      I can understand the idea that some people could be genuinely worried about being shot by something this obviously violent and unstable, who would beat someone like that over damn gossip.

      However, there was a small crowd of people watching this happen and they just stood around going “ooh” and “ahh” is if it were a fucking WWF wrestling match. No one even said “stop it!” or made any move to help this woman. That is the problem. They were watching it as if it were reality television, a spectacle for their amusement, and that is the problem with society I think Chez was commenting on. That woman could have been stopped without much of a problem by that many people, but instead they chose to stand around enjoying it.

      There is the possibility that this woman has associates who would actually take violent retribution against anyone who did anything to stop her, but I have no idea if that is true.

      That being said, it isn’t a new problem, or one tied to our society. This is the way humans are. People used to gather to watch executions as entertainment, after all (and in some places still do.) Gladiatorial combat was extremely popular. Humans are fairly disgusting creatures and love bloodsport, and that isn’t any new development or unique to our culture (unfortunately no other creatures or cultures are any better.) However, I do believe things like reality television make the human tendency to just accept things like this as an entertainment spectacle even worse, which is just one of the reasons why it is such a disgusting form of “entertainment.”

      People in groups are even worse; they relinquish their individuality and responsibility to the larger mass and start to feel like “if no one else is doing anything to stop it, why should I?” (And in the absoute worst cases they start to join in.) This is why corporations are so disgusting and can get away with such atrocious things; the people involved (legally!) relinquish their individual responsibility.

      • bbiemeret

        I see your point, and I do agree that there is a certain amount of “Springerfying” (see what I did there?) of our culture that lends credence to this behavior on the part of the crowd. Anyone entertained by this is pretty twisted.

        I have intervened when a man was assaulting a woman, and I have intervened when a man was being assaulted by two other men. But man on man, or woman on woman for that matter, are fights I tend to stay out of. I would never stand around and laugh, and/or film it, though.

        • Aaron Litz

          I think Springerfying is a fitting term for it.

        • Christopher Foxx

          I have intervened when a man was assaulting a woman, and I have intervened when a man was being assaulted by two other men. But man on man, or woman on woman for that matter, are fights I tend to stay out of.

          Just trying to understand here. You’ll interfere when things seem uneven (man on woman, two against one)? But not when its a woman on another woman.

          What about when it’s a much larger woman beating the crap out of a woman who isn’t fighting back? Would you interfere there, or figure the larger woman wasn’t doing it for no reason and let it go?

          • bbiemeret

            Notice I don’t intervene when it’s a bigger man against a smaller man. One on one is one on one. You don’t know what the “victim” did, and your idea that nothing could deserve a beat down is a joke. But tell yourself whatever.

          • Christopher Foxx

            I woundn’t make the assumption that a person getting a beat down deserved it as an excuse to cover my cowardice to interfere.

    • feloniousgrammar

      That’s what I was thinking. It looks like there’s a history there and it reads to me like a ‘you’ve fucked with me and mine for the last time’ beat down. Bizarre and continuous meddling and mind-fucking and boundary violating combined with structural violence can drive a person to proper outrage and an actual need to intervene on behalf of themselves and their family. Some people deserve a beat down and when it’s done to preserve oneself and one’s family when no one can or will help, then it’s called “finishing the fight” that may have started with words, but false accusations and death threats are words. There are kinds of words, and they can hurt.

      Women, especially, can push other women too far in strange and underhanded ways so that the bully can look like the victim when push comes to shove and shove comes to beating the piss out of somebody who won’t leave you alone. I say this because this assumed horrible controversy involves two women. And really, who would lament the end of civilization over a couple of men fighting outside of a bar?

      The middle-class fainting couch over physical violence goes so far it tends to look down on self-defense and considers words to be either omnipotent or eternally harmless, which they are not. For someone who can call the police and have a situation attended to, and be listened to, and can afford a lawyer, and good home security, the high horse over all violence is a bit too high.

      Here’s an example:

      One day, when I was eight, our landlord’s daughter walked into our house uninvited, went straight to my newborn brother’s crib, stuck her fist through the bars, then pounded down hard on the baby’s abdomen where the umbilical cord was still attached. Then she turned around and sauntered out of our house as if nobody were there and nothing had happened.

      After calming the baby down and getting him back to sleep, I checked on my mother who was bedridden with complex- PTSD and post-partum depression, then went outside to find the little psycho bitch. She was two years older than me and considerably bigger, but I was justifiably outraged and stronger than she was. So I snuck up behind her, grabbed her ponytail, pulled her down hard, then yanked her from side to side in a fishtailing pattern in the gravel and broken glass on the side of the road for about 10 feet while the little sociopath— eyes wide open with the startling realization that I could hurt HER— had the profound realization that she could not fuck with me or my little brothers without consequence, and the consequence was going to hurt like a motherfucker and might leave a mark, so beating up on my infant brother was now something that wasn’t worth her while.

      She could have run crying to her parents, but I’d beat her to the door knowing that I’d describe to them what she did, and that her father would not have dreamed of defending her. Her father also didn’t defend the girl’s mother when that psycho bitch finally pushed my mother too far by dropping her daughter off at our house for the umpteenth time for my mother to watch without asking, then telling my mother that she was going to have to fix something different for lunch because B didn’t like tuna fish.

      My mother pulled that woman into the street so fast it looked like she hit a wormhole on the way there. Then she let her have it. The landlady probably had about 40 lbs on my mother, but my mother was stronger. All the other women in houses around ours came out onto their porches cheering her on, and shouting, “Hit her for me!!!” There are lines that are not to be crossed, and using a fist on an infant is one of those lines. A landlady treating all the young women in her neighborhood like persona servants, over and over again, is crossing another kind of boundary too many times.

      Violence can be the only fucking solution for someone who repeatedly acts without a fucking care for what their targets are saying or for common decency or for maintaining fair and sane boundaries. People who let bullies and predators hurt them and theirs are contributing to violence and exploitation by doing nothing. Violence can be the only fucking solution for someone who repeatedly acts without a fucking care for what their targets are saying or what social norms are and always, somehow, gets away with it, when their victims always, somehow cannot get others to respect their boundaries.

      Maybe the woman getting the punches in is the bully, but I think it’s a mistake to assume that and emote about it without an understanding of the situation. There really isn’t any reason to get in an uproar over this. And what exactly are the bystanders supposed to do? I’ve heard people talk about this as if it were a breach of protocol for bystanders not to break up a fight or intervene in a beat down. I’ve never heard that said in reference to two men in a contest.

      The punching woman, also did not strike, glare at, speak to, scream at, or in any way attack or respond to the little boy and his kicks. Also, the toddler didn’t kick the punching woman because he was taking responsibility. As an old African saying goes, “He doesn’t have brains yet.” And the woman he was kicking had brains enough not to treat him like a threat.

      • bbiemeret

        Thank you for taking the time to post this. I feel better knowing I’m not out there solo on this.

        Since making my initial comment, I’ve decided to watch the video. In it, I can hear the woman say “I told you before”, and “You almost made me lose my job”. The “victim” doesn’t seem to be innocent in all this. Harassing someone at work, and possibly getting them fired, in this economy? Hell yeah, them’s fightin’ words! Maybe Ms. Harris has kids to worry about as well. I’m not saying it was smart, but I can understand.

        I think maybe the fact that it’s a big woman beating up a smaller woman, makes people automatically come to the defense of the smaller woman. Visually, it kinda looks like a big, black man kicking the shit out of a small, white girl. That would be horrific. Good thing that ain’t what it is.

        • Christopher Foxx

          Good thing that ain’t what it is.

          What it is, is less than a minute of video with distorted sound. Yet folks are filling in a hell of a lot of backstory to support their preferred view of what’s going on.

        • Christopher Foxx

          Harassing someone at work, and possibly getting them fired, in this economy?

          I get how precious a job can be, and how apparent threats to one can be scary.

          But there are ways to respond to someone who harasses you at your workplace that don’t require beating the shit out of someone in a park. There are ways to deal with a threat to your job that don’t require breaking someone’s nose.

        • feloniousgrammar

          Glad you could can relate.

          As a small girl, I waited for a boy who rode on the same school bus to toward me for his third attempt and second win by pulling up my dress, exposing my underwear, and laughing a very loud phony laugh, while looking around to see if some of the others boys would join him.

          Then he’d practice some withering glances to let some other girls know that they might be next. It was if he were in an early program for boys in grade school to get training for the smugness and their overvaluation of doing whatever he wants to any girl as if that were the cornerstone of growing up to be a real rapist and that’s what girls are for.

          I was supposed to blush and feel shame. It took me one punch to finish it for good— I knocked him backward into the stairwell so fast and hard that no one ever tried to pull my dress up for the rest of my public education and beyond. AND I never saw the whole “What time is it?” (It’s dress up time!” heh heh heh) game again.

          I know I didn’t end the game worldwide all by my lonesome— it would be silly and crazy to think that; but it makes a real clear statement when a kid won’t let themselves be bullied, and doesn’t give a shit what any one thinks about that. Victory doesn’t even require a person to prevail— letting the primary bully know that you’ll make you effort to hurt something on him/her is often enough to let key people know that is not going to be easy is enough to for those bullies to drop your name off the free victim list. I did that in the face of nearly universal opposition because girls should be “lady-like” which seemed to me to mean being a handmaiden, a breeder, and a punching bag for no reward, just punishment. No.

          The manifestations and disguises of violence won’t just evaporate or become as simple as people who have the luxury of thinking that it’s simple tend to think it is. A critical mass of people declaring that violence is a problem that is beneath them isn’t going to put a dent in it.

          The biggest bullies I can think of are the parents of a guy I used to work with who was bullied every time he went to school from first grade through high school in a rather well- to-do neighborhood in a major city. By the time he got to high-school an adult finally intervened at school when several jocks had put my fellow worker on a bench with a mounted circular saw that was spinning, because the machine was on and they knew it.

          You know why that happened? Because his bully parents forbade him to defend himself and to consider his body as his own and something he had a basic right to draw boundaries around and maintain. Allowing one’s physical self to be treated like community property by force is not healthy or “good” for anyone.

          Had the parents of those kids gone to those parent’s house and workplace to beat the shit out of them, verbally abuse them, and make a daily ritual of bringing friends over to join in the humiliation of these “peaceful” people, then that couple wouldn’t have practiced passive resistance, any more than they knew what it is and when it’s appropriate to use it. Evidently, however, they thought that their child had nothing better to do.

          Ghandi told a farmer who asked him if he could use violence against a criminal who broke into his house and threatened his family. The sage said, in so many words, ‘OF COURSE! What do you think? That we should all lie down and let the psychopaths take over in the name of peace?!’

          • spiderbucket

            The fact that you can type, use a computer, type and compose sentences like a reasonably intelligent person when you have these views is scary.

          • feloniousgrammar

            Ask someone to rub your belly. Ahhh, the cold, cruel world is such an insult to you.

          • dbtheonly


            Lord Willing you didn’t get into trouble for slugging the guy on the bus.

    • Mumbles

      No, wait.

      I’ll freely admit, I’m not a good person. Beatings like this were a standard way to take care of disputes when I was growing up in the 80s. I’ve known multiple people who were shot and killed over minor disputes, and have been beaten in the street for no apparent reason, while adults stood around and gawked. So I’m very jaded.

      And so, I understand what is happening in this video. It’s something that has been going on for a long time, and is hardly the effect of Youtube or WorldstarHipHop or whatever.

      But, at the end of the day, there’s no reason to beat up a person in the street, and threaten to beat up their infant kid, over a job at McDonald’s. I mean, I consider myself to be pretty rough around the edges,, and I honestly am not at all shocked or disturbed by the video Chez posted, but even I know that this isn’t how to settle matters.

      • bbiemeret

        If it’s your only means of survival, a job at McDonalds can mean everything. You wouldn’t defend your lively hood at the end of a fist? I would.

        • Mumbles

          And how well did she protect her job in this instance? I’d say, not well at all – she’s supposedly fled the state, she certainly lost her job, and she’ll likely end up with a felony record – which does not help in finding a new job at all. This is bad, for everyone involved.

          • bbiemeret

            I never said it was smart. Foresight can be the first thing out the window when threatened or angry, or both.

        • spiderbucket

          You are still defending this woman. I’m sure she has had no priors and this is just a one time lapse of judgement. We will see how you defend her when it comes out.

        • feloniousgrammar

          The saddest and most desperate scenario I can think of is both women being single mothers who are both fighting in their own styles like their lives and their child’s lives depended on it (because in most senses it probably does) and for either of them to get or keep the job they have to blow the manager.

          Their are enormous edifices of structural violence that most primitive violence may arise from, and be sadly logical for the poor, uneducated, and battered. And, at some times, when dealing with certain kind of bullies, hitting back is the only way to remove the target from the backs of people who are just minding their own business and wishing no on harm.

          I don’t the story behind this, don’t care, and find no supportable reason to judge anyone. Had I witnesses it— and this happened in the town I live in— I would hope that I would watch carefully and without opinion, and that I would have called the police and given them the most factual information I could with the most precise speech I could muster. And that I would stick around to assist the woman and son AFTER the rage filled woman left and if they liked, I’d offer to stay with them until the police and an ambulance arrived.

          There is a lot of wisdom in making efforts not to make bad situations worse. Any intervention at that point could have enraged that woman more, bring deadly weapons out in response, and put the child in more danger— a child that more than anything to see adults taking care of his mother and protecting her while she’s incapacitated. Of course, the child doesn’t know that, but a responsible adult who is beneficial in crises, makes priorities that take care of the weakest and most vulnerable.

          Were I to be walking like a penguin toddler at the time (MS remission) I would probably toddle a distance from the scene which is out of the danger zone but afforded me the view of the child. And I would be a witness, not a judge.

          Some of the frightening words in American Justice is “jury of your peers”. Were I to be on trial, I would want a jury of people smaller and much more linear in their thinking than I am. I would want a jury of people trained in logic and rhetoric, and I would want them to believe that it’s better to let 100 criminals go than to execute one innocent person. I would want them to feel humbled by the experience.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Your words, with the willful ignorance behind them (you refuse to watch what you’re opining on), the gross lapses in logic (violence is not the answer, but as long as the victim can walk away a violent attack on them is OK) and complete absence of empathy wound me. They hurt me greatly.

      I think I’ll come over to your house, break your nose and possibly fuck up your eyesight for good. I’ll threaten your kids, too. Oh, I won’t actually lay a finger on them and that will make it all OK.

      And you’d be cool with that, right? Because it will be something you said that instigated it.

      • bbiemeret

        Yes, Mr Foxx, oh mighty arbiter of what is right and wrong, I would be cool with that. If I said something about you that caused you problems in your life, and you wanted to fight me over it in front of my son, come on over, I got something for you. Good thing I don’t talk shit about other people. The only people who seem to want to fight me are anonymous cowards on the internet..

        I did end up watching the video, and it only reaffirmed my suspicions. The chick had it coming. The “violence is not the answer” part of my comment was just me being facetious, something I am likely to do at times. I have a twisted sense of humor, no doubt. But plenty of things are solved with violence. The police solve shit with violence everyday, so does the military. And sometimes, we have to police ourselves. I’m not claiming to like it, but I choose not to deny it. If that’s not the way it is where you live, great. But convince yourself you know something about me or where I come from at your own peril.

        • Christopher Foxx

          Good thing I don’t talk shit about other people.

          An easily proven lie.

          I did end up watching the video, and it only reaffirmed my suspicions. The chick had it coming.

          The video starts with her getting clobbered and she spends the rest on the ground getting yelled at and beat. And from this, from seeing only her getting berated and beat up, you determine it’s entirely her fault?

          And that’s not talking shit about someone else?

    • spiderbucket

      My God. There is NOTHING that anyone can SAY that warrants this, especially in front of a child. What would it take for you to be disgusted by something like this ? YOU are an animal as well.

      • bbiemeret

        Thank you for taking time to read my comment.

        Have a nice day.

    • Kitty Smith

      Oh my fucking god. Just fuck off. You’re blaming the victim for a violent assualt.

      • bbiemeret

        Thank you for taking time to read my comment.

        Do have a nice day.

    • spacegod

      STFU. And no, your edited comment is devoid of clarity.

      Just full of hate and ignorance.

      And you seem to be proud and revel in your metal shortcomings:
      “Disclaimer: I did not watch the video, and I don’t know all the facts of the case.”

      Go away.

      • bbiemeret

        Thanks for taking the time to read my posts. Have a good day.

        • spacegod

          Thanks for taking the time to be an idiot.
          Go away now.

  • Draxiar

    The human race is capable of such beautiful things and at the same time so many horrors.

    • captkurt

      That’s the human condition in a nutshell.

    • bbiemeret

      “Laughing at ourselves is possible when we are able to see humanity as it is – a little lower than the angels and at times only slightly higher than the apes”

      Tom Mullen

      • dbtheonly

        Given the film & the lack of anyone attempting to stop the beating, I’d give the edge to the apes.

  • la bibliotequetress

    How did this end up on YouTube? Was it ever turned over to the cops, or did the person filming it just post it?

    • Robert Scalzi

      Yes – read the article again

      • Christopher Foxx

        Yes – read the article again

        A video of the attack (seen below) was posted to Facebook, where it was copied by Salem police

        That suggests it wasn’t provided to police, but they had to go fetch it.

  • Jason E

    Proves how screwed up our culture is? Proof, is that what we need? Culture is corrupt, children are courageous.

  • Jason E

    That cray!


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