Republicans on Sgt. Bergdahl: Then & Now

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Funny how this works: one minute they’re demanding that President Obama free Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl by “all means available,” and as soon as he does, they call for his impeachment. Let’s take a trip down recent-memory-lane, shall we?


Sarah Palin Then:

“Todd and I are praying for Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl, his family, and all of his fellow soldiers who are putting their lives on the line to defend our freedom and protect democracy abroad,” Governor Palin said. “The capture of Private Bergdahl and the bombings in Jakarta prove that we have not defeated terrorism, and that radical extremists will stop at nothing to attack Westerners and our ideals.” July, 2009

Sarah Palin Now:

“No, Mr. President, a soldier expressing horrid anti-American beliefs – even boldly putting them in writing and unabashedly firing off his messages ( while in uniform, just three days before he left his unit on foot – is not “honorable service.” Unless that is your standard.” June, 2014


Former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) Then:

“Then there is Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl still held by the Islamic terrorist Haqqani network, probably in Pakistan, in the same place where Osama Bin Laden was hiding. This past POW/MIA national day of recognition, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel reiterated a pledge to secure the young Army NCO being held captive, but have there been any actions? Any time, attention, or even mention from the Commander-in-Chief? Nah, no camera highlights in it for him.” December, 2013

Former Rep. Allen West (R-FL) Now:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I submit that Barack Hussein Obama’s unilateral negotiations with terrorists and the ensuing release of their key leadership without consult — mandated by law — with the U.S. Congress represents high crimes and misdemeanors, an impeachable offense.” June, 2014


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Then:

“I would support. Obviously I’d have to know the details, but I would support ways of bringing him home, and if exchange was one of them, I think that would be something I think we should seriously consider.” February, 2014

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Now:

“This decision to bring Sgt. Bergdahl home – and we applaud that he is home – is ill-founded … it is a mistake, and it is putting the lives of American servicemen and women at risk. And that to me is unacceptable.” June, 2014


Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) Then:

“As part of ongoing efforts to urge the Department of Defense to do all it can to find Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl and bring him home safely, Senator Ayotte worked successfully to include a provision in the bill that presses Pakistan to fully cooperate in the search for SGT Bergdahl.” May, 2014

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) Now:

“With 29 percent of former Guantanamo detainees having reengaged or being suspected of reengaging in terrorism, the administration’s decision to release these five terrorist detainees endangers U.S. national security interests. It also sets a precedent that could encourage our enemies to capture more Americans in order to gain concessions from our government.” June, 2014

Jim Inhofe, Republican senator

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) Then:

“The mission to bring our missing soldiers home is one that will never end. It’s important that we make every effort to bring this captured soldier home to his family.” June, 2013

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) Now:

“Well, my response is the president knew fell and well that these are the highest ranking Taliban people in captivity. And that’s the issue. It wouldn’t make any difference who Bergdahl was. […] So they should have turned Hitler loose and that would have been the end of the war. No, that’s on his face, it didn’t pass the smell test.” June, 2014


Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft Then:

Horrible. Obama to Leave US POW to Rot in Afghanistan After Withdrawal

Sgt. Bowe Robert Bergdahl was captured by the Taliban in 2009 in Afghanistan. Four months ago, his family in Idaho received a letter from their son through the Red Cross. He was still alive. But sadly it looks like Barack Obama is going to leave US POW Sgt. Bowe Robert Bergdahl behind.

Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft Now:

Figures. Obama Administration Promoted Bergdahl to Sergeant After He Reportedly Joined Taliban

In August 2010, the media reported that Private Bowe Bergdahl had joined the Taliban and was training jihadists on bomb-making techniques.


Michelle Malkin Then:

“My prayers are with the family of Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier seen on the Taliban abduction video released this weekend. The Jawa Report has the full clip. All Americans should hope and pray for his release from jihadi custody.” July, 2009

Michelle Malkin Now:

“Bergdahl is still scheduled for a promotion. For those who served with Bergdahl, I can only imagine this feels like a slap in the face. Many believe the move, and subsequent WH Rose Garden announcement, was timed to knock the VA scandal — a slap in the face to America’s veterans — out of the headlines. A cruel irony if true.” June, 2014


Oliver North Then:

“Today, I received from the National League of POW/MIA Families, a “Never Forget Bracelet” emblazoned with the name of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. He was seized on June 30, 2009 in Afghanistan and is being held by the Haqqani Organization – a Taliban afilliated terrorist group – in northwest Pakistan. Sgt Bergdahl and his loved ones here at home deserve our prayers and encouragement until he is rescued or released. That’s what we do. We’re Americans.” November, 2011

Oliver North Now:

“Someone paid a ransom. Whether the Qataries paid it, or some big oil sheik, or somebody used our petrodollars, but there was a ransom paid in cash for each one of them, my guess somewhere in the round numbers of $5 or 6 million to get Bergdahl freed. I know that the offer that was on the table before was close to a million.” June, 2014


Rep. Rich Nugent (R-FL) Then:

“Last year, on the fourth anniversary of Sgt. Bergdahl’s capture, on the floor of the House of Representatives, I introduced a resolution in the House calling on the United States to do everything possible not to leave any members of the armed forces behind during the drawdown of Iraq and Afghanistan. Believe it or not, I had members of Congress come up to me and say, ‘I didn’t know we had a living POW in Afghanistan.’ That was shocking to me.” February, 2014

Rep. Rich Nugent (R-FL) Now:

“But what angers me so much about this situation is that knowing full well that there was strong opposition to a prisoner swap in Congress, the Administration decided to go behind our backs and release the detainees without the notification required by law.” June, 2014

Flip… flop… flip… flop…


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  • cdb5556

    sorry, other than McCain’s comments, there is no inconsistencies. Praying for his release, “making efforts to recover” him, urging the army to ‘do what it can” to find and rescue him when everyone believed he was abducted is one thing. Trading 5 terrorist leaders for him AFTER it was clear he was a deserter is something completely different. I am guessing that if ANY of these republicans were asked specifically at the time of the prisoner release if they would approve of the trade, the answer would be no. But nice try, liberals.

  • Nergal

    One: Nobody said “Trade the Taliban Dream-Team for a deserter”. And Two: This was before it came out just HOW he’d been captured, and what he’d been doing while he was being held. To be honest, I’d have assumed that he was dead.

  • ed rosa

    When the story first came to light very little was know about the disappearance of Bergdahl. I remember seeing small kiosk at biker rallys. The closer the time came to release the more information was available and that’s probably when they changed their minds. No conservative in their right mind would support a deserter who abandoned his post and caused his fellow soldiers to be killed. It’s not “flip flopping” it’s called integrity.

  • Abe Noxious

    Obama traded 5 men for him. How many Americans knew the details of his capture prior to his release. I guess if you make your point without all the details it seems sound.

  • BillyBigRig

    You say flip flop… much did you or anyone know about the deserter before the deal that obama made without anyone being told he was going to do it

  • Arnold Di Gregorio

    I found the Libtard’s nest

  • Barryfromkenya

    Then=before they knew he was a deserter. Now= after knowing. Are liberals really that incapable of rational thought?

  • Joseph M. Land Sr.

    / Liberals are so cute…look at them trying to make sense. Awww….

  • Brutus974

    Here is the left version of flip flopping:
    See, yesterday I said I wanted that Prius.
    And today I found out my wife bought one for $200,000 and I don’t like the cost.
    That’s a flip flop in the left’s eyes.

  • Helen Wheels

    And this is the capper to beat all cappers:

    Fitz: 500,000 “Impeach Obama for leaving an American behind in Afghanistan” protest signs found in dumpster behind RNC

  • David Turner

    Congress are nothing but liars, thieves and care nothing about you, me or nothing but themselves and how rich they can get by selling our safety and well being. So you want to give these jerks the time of day? PLEASE!

    Well as far I can tell we did the right thing because the war is over ( well Dummy Bush said it was over a few years back when he dropped in on the navel ship ) but it was not over then but it is now, all we have over there now are trainers and if anyone has noticed our dead rate has dropped 99% over there since we no longer do the searches.

    If you have never had the uniform on well please keep your thoughts to yourself, as for as these so called men who served with this man well I am ashamed you can come out and say what you are saying. He might have lost it with what you men had to see and do over there I know what I saw in Nam was the worse thing I ever hope to see. As for as him deserting well I am very sure he was not switching sides as you paint it, who would ever walk in to the hands of those type of animals?

    As far as him losing it and walking away if he did he was not in his right mind and we as brothers in arm should not hold that against him. Look at some that came home they are not mentally right and never will be, I still wake at nights in a cold sweat and it has been 40+ years so please don’t judge to harshly if you have not walked the walk.

    I think the men who want to come out and blast to the nation about this man being a deserter and traitor are the true deserters and traitors to all their brothers in arms, shame on them one and all.

    As far as congress, well what a joke they are showing off to be once again. Do this ask them how many of their sons or daughters fought in either of these wars = answer 0. They hunt for crap to throw at Obama, I personally don’t think all can be done while he is in office but when it comes to this subject I think he and all who helped in this release did one hell of a job.

    Look at Israel they trades 1000 Palestinian prisoners for 1 of their men so please don’t let 5 for 1 get you down. We just need to keep an eye on the 5 that where traded and if they leave the town before the year is up we need to track them down and take them out for good. Please keep in mind when a war is over both side are to let all prisoners go back to their troops.

    We will never stop others from trying to bring us harm us and these 5 will make no difference in our terror war. So let us not throw stones at this man who has just spent 5 years in what had to be worse then hell itself, he might have mad a mistake that night 5 years ago due to what he might have seen or done but how can we be his judge and jury.

    He will never be the same no matter how you paint it, he will be lucky not to take his own life someday over this. Let God be his judge not us or the shameful men who have made it a point to come out to get their 15 minutes of fam.

    Written by a brother in arm who has been on the battle field and has done things I personally have a hard time living with. War is a nasty thing and I pray you or your loved on NEVER have to fight in another one!

    Thank you and God Bless all of Our Troops

  • maximillio

    All these people are worthless liars.

  • FGT

    Most of these aren’t even close to flip flopping. Holy shit that Oliver North quote isn’t even in the same Universe as flip flopping. You people are completely out of your minds.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      That’s because you’re stupid and ignorant.

  • That River Gal

    Bob or other amazing Banter writers–I’m wondering what you can gather on what seems to the be the utterly fabricated story of soldiers dying to rescue him?

    • Valerie Finnigan

      I don’t think it’s entirely fabricated. There may be some confusion about how and why those deaths occurred, and I don’t blame people who served in Bergdahl’s company for resenting his absence.

      But the allegations that these people died while searching for Bergdahl, as well as speculation that he assisted in subsequent attacks, are currently being investigated.

      Me, I’m just on the side of presumed innocence.

  • bedrockq

    I wish people spent less time talking about what the GOP is saying out of both sides of their mouths more time talking about things that matter….you know…reality.

    • That River Gal

      Agreed, but these tools are getting a helluva lot of airplay.

      • dbtheonly



        The RWMO have taken a position that will, Lord Willing, haunt them for years. I can write the ads now, “Senator Glutz says he supports American troops. But he’s opposed to releasing them from captivity.” Frank Luntz has stated this is a losing issue for the Republicans. Jon Stewart, on Oliver North, was devastating.

        Also I disagree with, “Undecided voters are a myth.” The undecided vote has never been large. We don’t have swings of 60% in US Presidential elections. But I’d guess there’s about 10% of the electorate that can swing either way. & I’m glad to hammer the Republicans with their hypocritical ODS anytime they leave me an opening. And this is a big one.

  • essmeier

    This is, without a doubt, one of the GOP’s most shameful moments ever. The sad thing, however, is that they’re likely to do something even worse in the near future.

    • MadMan

      We can only wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  • Sue Lawson

    I saw this on a t-shirt, “I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I am right.”

    • bryan jackson

      That’s right up there with, “When I want your opinion I’ll give it to you.”

      • Sue Lawson

        Love it!

  • Randi Davis

    I doesn’t matter what method got this man out. If they’d let him walk away, if we had sent in a team to extract him, if hed died there… as long as it happened with a black democrat as president that’s who tales the heat. Any of these scenarios would make the current president a villain. If this happened under conservative leadership, whoever that was would be a hero.

    • noamsane

      Indeed, the inclusion of Oliver North as an Important Person in this discussion bears this out.

      • dbtheonly

        Hey, who knows more about negotiating with terrorists to release hostages?

    • D_C_Wilson

      Remember the propaganda myths that were built around Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman? Only later we found out that virtually nothing about the stories of heroism surrounding them were true. It was years before we even found out that Tillman was killed in a friendly fire incident. If Bergdahl had been captured and then released during the Bush administration, I guarantee that none of those accusations of desertion would ever have seen the light of day. He’d have been hailed as a hero with an entire fantasy story exploited to help further sell the war.

      • dbtheonly

        And photo ops with the President.

        And fawning interviews on Fox.

        And tearful interviews (by Megyn Kelly) about how the family never lost hope in his return.

  • Parabola_Din

    The GOP is filled with little more than mouthfoaming lunatics

    • D_C_Wilson

      Even that’s being too charitable. They’ve become nothing but pissy little children holding a tantrum because they didn’t get their way in the last election, so they’re going to stamp their face and pout and just be disagreeable.

      • Zen Diesel

        I just spent the morning, teasing the trolls over at Politico. All I asked was one simple question, “When did due process and leave no man/woman behind stopped being an American Standard?” Some of the answers were expected, some were downright awful, others were out of this world.

        • maximillio

          Kind of like the hilarious answers you got from Keyboard Commandos who were too busy fighting liberals on the internet to get their hands dirty in Iraq.

        • calvin

          I’ll answer that… when it was discovered he left his position voluntarily and immediately became a traitor. But wait, there was this one little thing called a cover up which is the reasonable MO of this administration. This also may explain why the Republicans have since changed their mind on the issue and are now understanding of the fact that he was, is and always will be a traitor.

  • HollywoodPhoto

    So in some cases we have people making statements at the very beginning when all the facts were not out of how the Taliban came in contact with him, in others we have people stating that we should pray for this soldier and his family while he is in captivity and hope for his release. None of that has anything to do with the President releasing 5 of the most hardened Taliban terrorists to get him back, or of the Presidents law breaking act of not notifying Congress of his intent before the release. How is any of this controversial?

    • D_C_Wilson

      I don’t know. Prisoner exchanges happen at the end of every war. They didn’t use to be controversial at all.

      BTW, can you name a specific terrorist act any of those five have committed? Can you even name one of them? What did you know about them before Rush told you they were the “most hardend Taliban terrorist” evah?

      • HollywoodPhoto

        Dianne Feinstein told me they were bad guys, not Rush. Prisoner exchanges happen with other countries at the end of hostilities, these terrorists aren’t fighting for any country….and the hostilities haven’t ended. They aren’t POW’s, they are enemy combatants…there is a difference. Off the top of my head, I can’t tell you the names of Afghans or American’s these guys have killed…so they must be innocent. How about you join me in asking to declassify their files so we can see if you or I am right about them being “bad” guys.

        • D_C_Wilson

          Wow. So much BS, so little time.

          “Prisoner exchanges happen with other countries at the end of hostilities,

          That would be news to the 591 American POWs who were returned from Vietnam in 1973 even though the fighting continued into 1975.

          “these terrorists aren’t fighting for any country”

          Yes they were. They were Afghans who were part of the Taliban regime before the war began, so they were fighting for the Afghani government. You did know they were Taliban and no Al Qaeda, right? And that those are the same thing, right?

          “They aren’t POW’s, they are enemy combatants”

          They were captured on the battlefield fighting for their government. That makes them POWs. Sorry.

          “so they must be innocent”

          I never said they were innocent. I asked you what you knew about them, which is obviously nothing.

          “or I am right about them being “bad” guys.”

          Wow, so they’ve been downgraded from the “most hardened terrorist” to just “bad” guys. Want to move those goalposts a little more?

          • HollywoodPhoto

            “That would be news to the 591 American POWs who were returned from Vietnam in 1973 even though the fighting continued into 1975”

            – America signed the Paris Peace Accords on Jan. 27, 1973, the end of hostilities as it related to US involvement, hence the release of American POW’s in 1973.

            “They were Afghans who were part of the Taliban regime before the war began, so they were fight for the Afghani government. You did know they were Taliban and no Al Qaeda, right (sic)? And that those are the same thing, right (sic)?

            – The Taliban were never recognized my more than a few radical countries as a legitimate government. The Taliban did not fighting for the Afghani government, they fought for the Taliban. The 5 Taliban in Gitmo that were released were affiliated with Al Qaeda…and at least one of them it is reported had close ties to Bin Laden (Al Qaeda). I’m assuming you meant to say “And that those AREN’T the same thing, right?” Either way, you are wrong.

            “They were captured on the battlefield fighting for their government. That makes them POWs. Sorry.”

            – They weren’t fighting for the government as lawful combatants under the Geneva Convention. They were unlawful combatants as defined and supported by the Geneva Conventions. This administration through Jay Carney called them the same: “We regard the Taliban as an enemy combatant in a conflict that has been
            going on, in which the U.S. has been involved in for more than a
            decade.” Again, you are just plain wrong on the facts.

            “so they must be innocent”

            – So I put words in your mouth, but why ask such a stupid question as to what specific terrorist acts they committed, when both sides of the political aisle who have access to the information we don’t say they are terrorists and 5 of the most dangerous to boot.

            “or I am right about them being “bad” guys.”

            – bad guys and most hardened terrorists aren’t mutually exclusive. If you want to talk about moving goalposts, nothing you stated stands up to the truth of what we now know. Meanwhile, no mention by you of really why all this is really troublesome…the President continues to violate the law. Had he consulted congress as is called for in the law he signed, I don’t think we’d be having this discussion right now.

          • D_C_Wilson

            More no nothing nonsense. We don’t recognize the Iranian government, yet it still exists. The Taliban was the ruling power in Afghanistan, therefore, they were the government.

            And putting words in someone else’s mouth is a really dishonest way to debate. So I bid you, good night.

        • mrbrink

          “They aren’t POW’s, they are enemy combatants…there is a difference.”

          Ah, but by agreeing to exchange prisoners they(the Taliban)are, in fact, practitioners of the laws of war, which makes their prisoners in U.S. custody POWs and not some vague “enemy combatants.”

          There’s a difference between the Taliban(POWs)and Al Qaeda(“Enemy combatants”). The president’s swap essentially lays waste to any speculation or confusion over who we’re dealing with.

        • Zen Diesel
          • HollywoodPhoto

            Posting the DailyKos’s take as a source isn’t helpful. The krux of this argument centers around whether these terrorists are fighting for a country we are engaged in a war against and therefore fall under the Geneva Convention, or whether they are unlawful enemy combatants that don’t carry a flag, and don’t operate under the laws of war. Those who don’t, may be detained and not considered POW’s to be returned at the end of a conflict, but as our courts ruled, should be given their day in court. Assuming I accept your opinion on this, it still doesn’t answer the question of the President violating the law by not consulting with Congress. Violation of our laws should be addressed first…everything else that follows is just a consequence of Obama’s illegal actions.

          • Zen Diesel

            Jesus H Christ could have sat in on the negotiations and there would still be people unhappy with the outcome. The outrage over this has become laughable, mainly due to so many from the GOP catching hernias flip flopping their position. You got Bill O’Reilly pontificating about how National Security Advisor Susan Rice is a moron, a woman who has more credentials on her fingernail than that clown will ever have. You have an Republican operative rounding up former troops to do the Lame Stream Media circuit. You have the sweetest Senator from SC, whining about impeachment. For all this nonsense, where was this outrage and concern when George Bush released over 500 detainees from Gitmo?

          • HollywoodPhoto

            Nobody is flip flopping positions, the changes have to do with timing, what they knew when they made statements and what they know now, who was released, and Obama’s violation of the law to do it. I don’t care about Bill O’Reilly, but Susan Rice’s talking points always seem to fall apart or change within hours of her making a statement. She does the circuit to spit out crafted talking points and is the fall person for this administrations blunders. Those former troops were required to sign non disclosure statements, why? And not one of them has anything nice to say about Bergdahl…they know him better than anyone else pontificating on this, regardless of who is handling them. Impeachment talk by the whiny Senator is because Obama, once again, violates the law, and will continue to do so with no consequences. Releasing 500 lower level foot soldiers at the behest of the apoplectic left that insisted on it is not the same as releasing these 5 guys. This is more about Obama violating the notification law where all these issues could have, and should have been discussed than anything else. The propaganda win for the terrorists in light of this release being an exchange specifically is very different than releasing lower level combatants back to their home countries because we don’t consider them as big a threat anymore.

          • Richard B

            “An unjust law cannot be justly applied” BTW. “500 lower level foot soldiers” can do more harm to American Boots-on-the-ground than your so called 5 high level guys.

      • Jim Turner

        Oh, is this war over? Has the Taliban stopped terrorizing Afghanistan?

        • D_C_Wilson

          The war is winding down. No one said it was completely over.

        • HaroldCallahan

          The Taliban terrorizing Afghanistan has nothing to do with our war. Our war with the Taliban is over the fact that they are harboring Al Qaeda. The US military does not get involved in every country that terrorizes its civilians. Otherwise we would be fighting in Rwanda, Sudan, Syria, and a dozen other places.

          Al Qaeda in Afghanistan is impotent now. Let’s redirect our limited military assets towards the real remaining trouble spots like Yemen. If this war isn’t over yet, it should by all rights be over ASAP.

          • Jim Turner

            OK, so why not wait until we are out of there to release these guys? I don’t buy that Bergdahl had a health emergency

          • HaroldCallahan

            I think the government officials with access to classified info would know about Bergdahl’s situation a lot better than you would. There are many forms that a health emergency can take beyond physical health deterioration. Maybe he had mental health issues. Maybe the Taliban were about to kill him. Who knows?

            Bush the first could have destroyed Saddam during the first gulf war. Instead we let him off the hook, at a cost of trillions of dollars and thousands of casualties. I think that was a much bigger mistake than releasing five Taliban. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won’t. At least the concept is reasonable. Hindsight is everything.

          • Jim Turner

            Maybe he is transgender and needs an operation?

          • Jim Turner

            Do you actually believe all the lies? At what point are you just being used?

          • HaroldCallahan

            Oh stop it. I opposed the PATRIOT act, hard. I opposed the abuse of government surveillance. As much as you like to blame Obama for this, it all started under Bush. The only justification given for all of these assaults on our constitutional liberties was that we were in danger from terrorists and the information was all classified. Are those all lies too? Guess what, we don’t know. That’s why it’s classified. Compared to those enormous injustices, the “lies” of which you speak are insignificant small potatoes.

          • Jim Turner

            Obama railed against the surveillance but doubled down on it while claiming the most open and transparent administration. The guy is a serial liar and nothing Bush or anyone else ever did can change that.

          • HaroldCallahan

            Maybe, just maybe, Obama as president saw the classified info that he didn’t see as candidate, and the info was compelling enough to change his mind?

          • calvin

            That would infer that he attended those meetings…. as we would later find out, he did not

          • Valerie Finnigan

            People who know him do.

          • Jim Turner

            What does knowing him have to do with it? It’s not him that is telling this lie

          • Valerie Finnigan

            People who know him know how he looked when in peak health. He wasn’t always that pale and thin.

        • Richard B

          When does defending one’s country against occupation make a person a terrorist? The Taliban had no beef with us until we invaded their country.

          • Jim Turner

            Occupying? Like we want their shit hole country? Do you have any idea what savages these people are?

          • Valerie Finnigan

            Not true. The Taliban did indeed allow Al Qaeda to train and prepare for 9-11 in their communities, after all.

    • Randi Davis

      These men will meet quick ends via black ops methods once they are released. Even republicans aren’t so stupid as to believe that these guys will make it very far. The problem here is that this was accomplished by the current administration.

    • MadMan

      would support. Obviously I’d have to know the details, but I would
      support ways of bringing him home, and IF EXCHANGE WAS ONE OF THEM, I
      think that would be something I think we should seriously consider.”
      February, 2014 John McCain.

      • HollywoodPhoto

        I’m not a McCain fan. He is more of what is wrong with government and politicians than what is right. But the over riding issue for most on both the left and right is Obama administration lawlessness. Obama did not notify congress as he should have. Had he, there would have been a discussion of whether these 5 terrorist leaders were the right swap or in the final analysis whether it should have been done at all. McCain’s key words being “Obviously I’d have to know the details.”

        • bryan jackson

          I only hope that they prosecute Obama for his lawlessness is starting this illegal war..err…ummm…could you please remind me, who was it that started it again?

  • Demerkrat

    Go figure that these guys felt differently about Bergdahl before they found out he was a dirty rotten deserter.

    • BumpIt McCarthy

      Congress has known he walked off base since 2012, when the administration presented BB’s case to them.

      McCain was for the exchange, UNTIL Obama got it done.

      Leave ‘Em Behind GOP! Every soldier wants to hear that he can be abandoned on the word of his squad-mates with whom he didn’t drink beer.

    • D_C_Wilson

      They knew the circumstances of his disappearance before he was released. It only became an issue because their ODS compells them to piss on anything Kenyan Usurper does.

    • Valerie Finnigan

      Nobody found out he was a “dirty rotten deserter” yet. Well, maybe the reintegration team has, but they aren’t talking yet. Wait for a court martial before convicting, please.

    • MadMan

      So McCains comment just a couple months ago was made with info he would not have had but somehow got in that time? Where did he get this new info? I’m guessing he just put his finger in the political bullshit and pulled it out with his new opinion. Nothing has changed in that time except the right wing lies to discredit the President. All these lying teabaggers are a disgrace to this country, the military, and the soldiers.

  • Jim Turner

    If Obama went out onto Pennsylvania Ave. and shot 10 kids dead, the left would say that Bush killed more.

    • That River Gal

      And when faced with the fact that major players on the right are reversing their opinion simply because Obama did what they want—while calling him a traitor–makes you deflect with an off topic comment.

      • HollywoodPhoto

        There are a few issues here.
        1. Republicans that called Bergdahl a hero that we should be doing everything in our power to get back before finding out he was a deserter
        2. Republicans that said they prayed for him and his family and hope he comes home safe regardless of whether he was a deserter
        3. Republicans upset about the specific release of what everyone calls some of the worst terrorists at Gitmo, for any reasons, including the exchange for a deserting soldier or for one captured in battle.
        4. Obama’s violation of law in moving forward with this without notifying congress. (The whole conflict wouldn’t be an issue if Obama had first followed what was required of him by law)

        The only reversals of opinion have occurred when you consider the context and timing of the above issues. The left seems to want to claim the right is against this swap simply because Obama did it, ignore and try to lump statements made in the context of the 4 specific issues highlighted above, and you find out the real reasons for the reversal of opinions.

    • mrbrink

      If Obama withdrew all of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, taxed millionaires, cut the deficit, regulated Wall street swaps and derivatives, expanded healthcare for millions of people, expanded gay rights while promoting more women and minorities than every previous administration combined, while presiding over the country during a time when there is more legal marijuana being openly bought and sold than any time in American history and doing so while right wing psychopaths are trying to cut the country up into little pieces so they can fit inside Lady Liberty’s vagina– you’d still say he’s worse than Bush.

      • calvin

        He is! Deal with it

    • Richard B

      Illogical logic. The world still remembers all the bad things Hitler and Nazis did in the 1940s…So, the junior Bush years (2000-2008) should never be forgotten.
      PS. Don’t go to wars on a credit card. Bad for the economy.

  • Jim Turner

    There is before, when the lie about his capture was still the prevailing thought and after, when we knew he was a deserter. This is not complicated. I used to be a big fan of Lance Armstrong; now I’m not. Get it?

    • That River Gal

      When did we find out about him “being a deserter”. Please show your work.

      • Jim Turner

        When his platoon mates risked their careers to call him a deserter

        • BumpIt McCarthy

          They are being repped by a professional Republican publicity firm, so their careers are hardly at risk.

          Reports from other soldiers indicate that Bergdahl’s squad was undisciplined and regularly violated rules, and other squads knew they were f-ups. Do we know the truth? No, but every soldier, or person for that matter, has rationalizations of his own.

          We don’t skip due process and let the enemy behead our soldiers.

          • Jim Turner

            We skip due process when it is inconvenient for Obama. They will cover this up as much as everything else and people like you will go along with it.

          • Jim Turner

            Do we “know” that Bergdahl served “with honor and distinction”? Did we know that the Benghazi attack was caused by a video? Obama is very quick to rush to judgements that suit his agenda, but slow to come to much more obvious and accurate conclusions when they don’t.

          • Randi Davis

            Oh please. The exact could be said of anyone on the other side.

          • HollywoodPhoto

            Did Obama violate a bill he signed about giving notification to congress or not? The Tea Party i’m afraid is the only group holding their side accountable, and frequently calls the establishment GOP out on their bullshit. I suspect they will continue to do this if a Republican ever gets back in office as President. Where is the Tea Party on the left that holds this administration accountable?

          • Richard B

            By the time a Republican become the POTUS again, most of the tea party members will be dead and gone.

          • Richard B

            “Rush to judgement”…I believe that to be the Republican mantra.

          • Jim Turner

            Clever, but seriously, where is the careful consideration before blaming a video or saying the Cambridge police “acted stupidly”, etc, etc?

          • KPMcGeezer

            I hadn’t heard that. I did hear that he was disillusioned with military service and that led to his alleged desertion, and that could be a contributing cause.

        • Leota2

          You mean the one who was asking for money to talk or the one who had to clean up his social media accounts because they were full of racist crap?

    • D_C_Wilson

      That he walked off his post has been known for years now. Rolling Stone reported about it at least two years ago. There was no new information that came out about his circumstances between they time they were demanding his release and the time they all changed their minds. The only thing that changed was that the Kenyan Usurper accomplished something, which means they have to tear it down.

      • Sandra Lasser Levitz

        Wasn’t that the late Michael Hastings’ article? There was much more involved than simply that “he walked off his post.” Of course “Kenyan Usurper” says it all as to your mindset.

        • D_C_Wilson

          Does no one understand sarcasm any more?

        • Sandra Lasser Levitz

          Oh wait, was your last line sarcastic? Sorry, then, but you still have the wrong take on the article in question.

          • D_C_Wilson

            Fair enough. I over simplified things by saying he walked off.

    • Richard B

      In a war zone, most soldiers are not in full control of their faculties…They just obey orders. Period.

      • Jim Turner

        OK, but I don’t get your point

      • Sandra Lasser Levitz

        Surely you’ve read “Catch 22” or seen the film…for a better explanation.

  • undsoweiter

    What with questions about Bergdahl’s service, the legality of the negotiations and quality of the exchange, it’s obvious that the only logical choice is to give Bergdahl back to the Taliban.

    • Demerkrat

      Toss in Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid and Holder while you are at it.

      • undsoweiter

        Let me show you something, Demerkrat.
        The above comment was sarcasm.
        The one below isn’t.
        “You’re an idiot.”
        See how that works?

      • Richard B

        No sense of humor! “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

  • Draxiar

    “Yeah that thing that we criticized you for not doing…why did you go and do it? It was the wrong thing to do”


    Why isin’t Oliver North in Jail? TRAITOR !

    • D_C_Wilson

      His conviction was overturned on a technicality.

  • That River Gal

    Keep digging, Bob. I have a feeling we’re going to need more “go to” posts in the coming weeks.

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    This is an amazing post. Thank you so much.

  • D_C_Wilson

    “Someone paid a ransom. Whether the Qataries paid it, or some big oil sheik, or somebody used our petrodollars, but there was a ransom paid in cash for each one of them, my guess somewhere in the round numbers of $5 or 6 million to get Bergdahl freed. I know that the offer that was on the table before was close to a million.”

    Yeah, Ollie, it’s not like you wouldn’t know anything about paying ransoms for hostages you fracking criminal traitor!

    • FDRliberal

      The fact that a clown like Ollie North can say something like that without being laughed out of the room exposes the cultist nature of the hate radio audience. They just don’t care.

      • maximillio

        The fact that a clown like Ollie North remains unjailed is a testament to the deep corruption of our social order. That man should be in a filthy jail cell until the day he dies.

      • Sandra Lasser Levitz

        Much like the forum Dick Cheney is still seriously given by the media.

  • That River Gal

    I’m reading online that republicans are purging their twitter accounts like mad.

    • FDRliberal

      The 1984 style memory hole is currently stuffed with Tweets by the right-wing mouth breathers. Luckily we have this special thing called a ‘screen shot’ to illustrate their ludicrous hypocrisy.

    • maximillio

      Yep. That isn’t stopping me from treating every Republican with the most scathing derision when they have the gall to speak up on this issue. They should all shut the fuck up immediately.

      • Barryfromkenya

        Will you admit how wrong you were when the 5 released terrorist turn up with ISIS?

    • Arnold Di Gregorio

      Like Killery did LOL

  • reggid

    To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, the problem is that Republicans have pretended to be stupid for so long that they no longer need to pretend.

  • HilaryB

    I read a post on another site stating that the 5 people that were “traded” were due to be released next year anyway. Of course, if it’s true, the GOP will never admit it.

    • BumpIt McCarthy

      They are not able to return to Afghanistan for a year, are being monitored by the big bad intelligence network, and hostilities will be largely wrapped up in a year, rendering their value largely symbolic…but they’re infinitely precious to wingnuts.

  • RenoRick

    Why don’t we ask G. Gordon Liddy about his feelings on this?

  • Brutlyhonest

    I agree with john mccain: We should leave pows to rot where they are. Who knows how loony they might be after imprisonment?

  • D. Alexander

    Notice we have heard nothing form the Idaho Reps or senators. This is just a part of the Republicans anti Americanism and their extreme hatred of the president.

    • nobodobodon

      At least one tweeted how happy he was, and then deleted that tweet as soon as the official talking points changed.

  • RobertSeattle

    President Obama is PRO-OXYGEN. I expect the GOP to react accordingly…

    • D. Alexander

      President Obama is pro breathing.

      • dbtheonly

        “President Obama favors MORE Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere!”

  • missliberties

    Priceless. The GOP hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  • Da Dorq

    This just reinforces the notion that the right doesn’t consider our troops to be an end unto themselves, but as a means to an end and not just as the means to wage war on foreign enemies, but as a means to wage political war by using our soldiers as props to be exploited for right-wing gain, or more importantly, the destruction of Obama, or the best of all possible worlds, both. And they will brazenly take a completely contradictory position to one previously held, even one spoken in the same breath, in order to do it. I detest these louts.

    • stacib23

      You mean, like they are pro-lifers until it comes to the death penalty?

      • JozefAL

        Or “pro-lifers” only until the baby exits the vagina. After that, “You’re on your own. Good luck. Probably sucks to be you.”

        • That River Gal

          Yep, I only call them pro-birth. Everything else they support is most certainly pro-death in the extreme, and indifferent to suffering at the very least.

      • Joseph John DiAscro III

        I’m Christian. I’m pro-life. I’m pro-death penalty.

        “But if there is any further injury, then you shall appoint as a penalty life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.…”

        Exodus 21:23-25

    • Joe Huang

      This is so obvious that it begs the question, but you’re absolutely right! I just hope that the naive ones in the military will awaken to this fact. The Right-wing screams its head off, but what have they done for the military or in combating terrorism? Who got Bin Laden, and now the mastermind of the Benghazi attack? How much you want to bet not that Obama decides to send some troops to reinforce the Baghdad embassy, the Right-Wing are going to say that’s a mistake and we should pull out ? :-)

    • Jim Turner

      The five released terrorists will be responsible for many deaths.

  • Grant Beaudette

    Republicans later made a statement clarifying that by “every effort” they meant killing people.

    • That River Gal

      Only the brown ones who talk funny, though.

  • Saren Arterius

    Oliver North accusing someone of illegally paying off terrorist groups to free hostages is just… I actually can’t even get mad, it’s just so awesome.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Now be fair, Bob. This isn’t flipflopping. They are being entirely consistent in their core belief that everything Obama does is wrong.


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