This is One of the Craziest Fox News Rants Ever, and It’s Not Hannity or O’Reilly

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Judge Jeanine Pirro’s television career began as the host of a reality courtroom show not unlike Judge Judy or any of the dozens of other knockoffs. But for the last few years, she’s become a regular contributor to NBC’s Today as well as the host of Justice with Judge Jeanine, Saturday nights on Fox News Channel. Frankly, we hadn’t heard of her until this past weekend when she delivered a rant about President Obama and the fiasco in Iraq. Based on the reactions online and in social media, the segment has elevated her within the hierarchy of sociopathic rogues, screechers and former morning zoo deejays in the far-right media.

Pirro’s five-minute tirade had everything: finger-wagging, fear-mongering, misinformation, wild conspiracy theories, the phrase “cut and run” and, naturally, ball-shaming. It’s a cocktail of Obama Derangement Syndrome delivered with laser-like precision directly into the outrage cortexes of typical Fox News viewers, likely inducing octogenarian white-guy erections with tensile strengths not experienced since Don Ameche, Wilford Brimley and Hume Cronyn splashed around in that magical pool in Cocoon.

Let’s [cough] dive in, shall we?

1) They’re coming to get you! Usually when fear is used as a rhetorical weapon, it’s dropped with a little more subtlety than Pirro’s opening hit:

“I told you that you need to be afraid because they are coming for you.”

Yes, you personally. Doesn’t matter where you are or what you do, they are coming for you — clearly because they hate viewers of Jeanine Pirro’s Saturday night show.

2) Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb. And bomb. There was a brief glimpse of sanity when Pirro said she’s opposed to sending ground troops. But this dollop of rationality ended when she went off on a bomb binge:

“My resolution? Air strikes. Bomb them! Bomb them! Keep bombing them, bomb them again and again. And I don’t care how long it takes. Just take out ISIS. Take out their convoys, and take out those troops.”

This would be fine were it not for the fact that ISIS is also deeply intertwined in civilian populations, complicating the air strikes option. Air strikes require surgical caution and planning, not indiscriminate bombing of anyone that looks like the enemy. First of all, there isn’t sufficient intelligence to pinpoint the location of all ISIS forces. Plus, if we take out their convoys, they’ll figure out a way to move in smaller groups. And if the Iraqi security forces continue to bail out of the fight, airstrikes wouldn’t really stop the ISIS advance. Plus, as we’ve witnessed in the past, the Fox News hosts who are calling for air strikes today will surely rip Obama to shreds afterward for doing exactly what they called for.

3) Here’s a great big lie.


“The head of this band of savages, Abu al-Baghdadi, was released by the Obama administration and started ISIS one year later in 2010.”

This whopper has been all over Fox News. The reality is that the agreement to release Baghdadi was signed by President Bush in 2008 as part of the Status of Forces Agreement. In accordance with that agreement, Baghdadi was turned over to Iraqi authorities in 2009 and was further imprisoned in Iraq. Then the Iraqi government — not Obama — released Baghdadi from prison in 2010. Another account, uncovered by Politifact determined that Baghdadi might’ve been released in 2004, five years before Obama’s inauguration.

4) As if Obama was watching her ridiculous show. Next, Pirro shifted into addressing the president directly.

“Now, Mr. President, you may see yourself as a war hero. The truth? There has been a 60 percent increase in radical Islamist terrorism since you’ve been in office.”

It’s unclear which study she was talking about, but the only report we could find that involves a 60 percent increase in terrorist attacks had to do with North Africa, and the increase wasn’t overall for the years 2009-2014, it was from 2013 when there was a 60 percent increase over 2012. If we look at the overall post-9/11 trend for that region, the biggest increase took place between 2001 and 2009 under a different president. Furthermore, other than in 2013, terrorist attacks declined in North Africa from 2009 to 2012. This can’t really be attributed to Obama, but if we’re talking about blaming Obama for the spike in 2013, then he deserves credit for the decline as well, right?


There’s another study by RAND which was recently cited by the always trustworthy Dick Cheney which showed a 60 percent increase in terrorists groups — not terrorism. The study also indicated that this increase was due to weakened governments in the nations where the terrorist groups are forming.

5) And now… balls.

“And you keep letting these guys out! Like the Bergdahl trade and the five terrorists, you didn’t have the balls to try in GITMO or federal court. You were simply clueless. A paper tiger who only knows how to cut and run.”

If Obama is a “clueless” eunuch for authorizing the Bergdahl prisoner swap in exchange for five detainees, what the hell was Bush for releasing nearly 600 detainees from Guantanamo? We’ve covered this before but it bears repeating: the recidivism rate for detainees released by Bush was 30.5 percent. The recidivism rate for Obama was 7.5 percent. Oh, also, the five detainees turned over to Qatar were Taliban prisoners of war. We don’t put prisoners of war on trial. But why should we expect a judge to know that?

6) Chris Stevens: Al-Qaeda’s Gun Smuggler. Then Pirro pivoted from lying to her audience to dealing in wacky conspiracy theories:

“Here’s the kicker. There have been reports that ISIS was trained by U.S. instructors at a secret base in Jordan to prepare them to fight President Assad as rebels. Since the Benghazi massacre, reports have been that the [Benghazi] annex was a front for a CIA operation shipping arms to the anti-Assad forces through Turkey.”

Where did this hooey come from? World Net Daily, a well-known far-right conspiracy site that no one, other than Pirro, thinks is a serious news source. Also, the thing about Benghazi is a conspiracy theory in which the late Ambassador Chris Stevens is accused of running the guns from Libya to al-Qaeda backed rebels in Syria, namely ISIS. So either Stevens was an American hero killed by terrorists and his death adds significant weight to this particular attack, or he was a criminal gun-runner sending American weapons to al-Qaeda affiliates. You can’t have it both ways.

7) “That despicable video theory.” Pirro moved on to another conspiracy theory about how the president apparently waited for two year before U.S. special forces finally grabbed Abu Khattala, the mastermind of the Benghazi attacks. If you watch the video, Pirro amplifies her insufferable snark with the addition of air quotes and a contemptuous smirk — you know, in a serious rant about how the terrorists are coming for you.


“Why did you wait? Could it be, Mr. President, that if you arrested him sooner he could’ve debunked that [air quotes] despicable video theory. You know the one you all lied about? Can you imagine, you indict Khattala for killing Ambassador Chris Stevens [who was running guns to al-Qaeda, according to Pirro’s source, WND] and he comes in and he says, ‘You dumb schmucks! What video?!'”

Wow, she really walked into this one. It turns out that Khattala already admitted that the Benghazi attacks were in retaliation for the Innocence of Muslims video.

8) Obama is a wimp, apparently.

“You release terrorists, you cut deals with Iran, you dance around with your political correctness while they sharpen their knives.”

On the far-left, Obama is considered to be a bloodthirsty, drone-addicted war criminal who indiscriminately launches Hellfire missiles at children. On the far-right, he’s a flitting dilettante who pals around with terrorists instead of killing them by the bushel. The truth is that in spite of Pirro’s boardwalk caricature of Obama, no president has killed more terrorists than this one — more than 2,000 as of 2013, and that’s just the ones killed in drone strikes — eight times as many as the previous administration. Again, if this is weakness, I have no idea what her standard for strength against terrorists could possibly be, because since the beginning of the global war on terror, Obama is the clear leader in killing the evildoers.

As always, Fox News makes it really easy for people like us here at The Daily Banter. Just about every day, a host at the network says something that makes for almost unfairly easy ridicule. But Pirro has set a new bar for fire-eating, not to mention the most easily-debunkable nonsense per sentence of any Fox News host, past or present.


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  • Freddie Nerk

    She is a kook. The College that gave the law degree should ask to have it returned. And all those who had a judgement against them in her court should get a retrial.

  • bptr

    Fox doesn’t care if it is lies amd nonsense and also doesn’t care how many websites point it out. They know that the ignorant imbeciles who watch Fox will never fact-check because they barely read. A huge percentage of their viewers are retired old guys lusting after the tons of hot babes that Fox provides. They really aren’t bright enough or even care enough to be at all skeptical. However, they do identify themselves as “Conservative”, so vote right in line with whatever the cult con men tell them.

  • bptr

    She is a bitchy Jew lunatic

  • Robert Lukacs

    Another POS for fox news.

  • Proud American

    Seriously Americans? Regardless of who says what and who dislikes whom, think about this: After 9/11, an older gentleman said to me “today’s mosques are yesterday’s trojan horses.” Pretty scary, isn’t it?

  • Paul Rainwater

    she needs professional psychological anger mangement counseling, but the problem is she has too much “agreement” given she is on TV and a “highly functional” crazy person. I would not allow children near this whack job.

  • Jackie Owens

    She speaks 100% Truth.

    • Paul Rainwater

      She is a psychotic and needs professional psychological and anger mangement counseling, but the problem is she has “credibility” from the ignorant people who watch Fox “news”, people actually belive her because she is a “highly functional” intelligent sociopath. She is scary and I would not allow my children near this whack job.

  • Jeremy Derifield

    Somebody managed to get that needle full of Botox right through the bone in her head. This is truly one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard in my life. She is a straight lunatic.

  • Peter James

    Well, what we’ve all learned here today folks, is that this woman is a moron of the highest order.

    We’ve also learned that you apparently don’t need to be a genius to pass the Bar, or to become a judge for that matter.
    You don’t even have to be remotely smart.

  • mike a

    is it just me or do her eyes look in different directions?crazy bachman type eyes.souless shell of a human.

  • Candy Brown

    We’ll will see how you feel about her snarking when your head is taken off and your wife and children raped and murdered by Islamists for not converting to Islam. They don’t care if you are Christian, Jew, Gay, Lesbian, young or old, they will kill you.

    • Jeremy Derifield

      lol!! Candy, it’s gonna be ok, dear. Nobody is going to come over here and chop your head off. I can understand looking up to this walking insane asylum when you have the IQ of a fish and mumble to yourself on the bus but I promise…we’re not going to have to fight them over here if we don’t fight them over there. You don’t have to worry about Slender Man either.

  • Mike Clancy

    She’s a peach !!! Fresh air being spoken, finally!!!

    • Paul Rainwater

      She is a psychotic and needs professional psychological and anger mangement counseling, but the problem is she has “credibility” from the ignorant people who watch Fox “news”, people actually belive her because she is a “highly functional” intelligent sociopath. She is scary and I would not allow my children near this whack job.

  • billy whiskers

    Perhaps we are missing the big picture on media propaganda.
    These statements are made solely for the purpose of denigrating the enemy by
    any means possible. Standards for
    accuracy or even rationality need not apply.

    There is a lucrative market for this, and there is no shortage
    of people who will provide it. Let’s accept the fact that credibility is
    relative. Those who want to hear it will believe it without question.

    As a person who values the truth, I am offended by such
    tirades, not least because they insult my intelligence, but they are not talking
    to me.

    So long as there is a demand, someone will cash in.

  • Sergeant2

    About the only thing she left out was the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor.

  • aynwrong
  • Mary Beth Casey

    Love Judge Jeanine Pirro, she actually makes more sense then the buffoons who sugar coat the news to make the president appear competent.

    • aynwrong

      “Love Judge Jeanine Pirro,” she is exactly like Sarah Palin, with Botox.

      • captkurt

        Absolutely. Apparently, there is a lot of overlap between her fan base an Sarah Palin’s.

    • Jeremy Derifield

      You’re not a very intelligent woman are you, Mary Beth? :( Just because she does everything short of throw her stool at the camera does not make her accurate or brave. It just makes her, and her fans, look like people on the fringes of sanity.

    • Paul Rainwater

      This whack job and needs anger mangement counseling, the problem is she has “credibility” from the ignorant people who watch Fox “news”, she is a “highly functional” intelligent sociopath. She is scary and I would not allow my children near her.

  • Tommy Harlan

    Man fuckin LibTards. She’s right on everything she said. Clue yourself in. These guys are behind the MASS flooding of “children” all ages 12-17, the only exceptions are sick minors, being pushed thru the South borders and flown/bussed to cities in the South, NM,AZ,TX,OK, and who knows where else, all from Countries where boys 12 yrs and up are TRAINED to fight, unlike your well preserved Country club assed up bringing.

    • Bennet

      Relax, Tommy boy. The men in white coats will get you long before “they” do.

    • johanneslabusch

      And here I thought she said every possible idiotic thing there was to say. You came up with more! Doesn’t that make you hate FOX news? Sure, they’re fair and balanced, that much is obvious. But they never tell the FULL truth!

    • Hagbard Celine

      Tweak much?

    • Jezzer

      Tell your doctor to prescribe a different antipsychotic, because whatever you’re on clearly isn’t doing it’s job.

    • Jeremy Derifield

      Tommy, I think Ms. Pirro is SINGLE!! A divorcee in her 50’s and a frizzy haired lunatic who yells at waterbird fowl for all of society’s problems while sleeping in the park? I got a feeling about you twooo!

    • Paul Rainwater

      She is a psychotic and needs professional counseling, only the ignorant people who watch Fox “news” beleive her nonsense, she is a “highly functional” intelligent sociopath and whack job.

  • FDRliberal

    “Judge” Jeannine Pirro is a right-wing, Islamophobic loon who has called for Obama’s impeachment and who once stated regarding Park 51: once stated: “if you’re a student of history, you know that mosques are often built to trumpet their victories.” It’s no wonder she has a secure place within the Fox News family. The fact that this crackpot was once a judge is indeed a scary thought.

  • dmkava

    Yep bomb them to death until they ALL DIE! Really I think Fox is taking a playbook from the old studios in Hollywood-LB Mayer and the like. After all, they were pretty conservative and knew how to scare the bejesus out of the heartland. “I’ll get you my little pretty…hahaha”

  • HilaryB

    Can I come out from under my bed now?

  • Jake

    Ah the whole thing makes sense –

    “You release terrorists, you cut deals with Iran, you dance around with your political correctness while they sharpen their knives.”


    • Jackie Owens

      Which terrorists did Reagan release? Reagan was NOT President when he worked to get the hostages freed, which Carter could not do. Tell me, after Reagan bombed Quadratic why did we not hear a peep from him for years?

      • usucdik

        Reagan cut a deal. That much is already fact, even in your mind, so why would he get a pass? Is it just because he tweaked some taxes?

        But the other fact of the matter is why Reagan cut the deal, during a time in which he wasn’t even president. He was trying to get elected. Isn’t it at all odd that on the day of Inauguration the hostages are let go? That was the day the deal was settled. Iran held up their part and didn’t let the people go until Carter was out of office. It was a campaign strategy, plenty of people knew it and have gone on record, and Reagan’s legacy is that of a war criminal, but you still worship the guy.

    • captkurt

      I did not know that mathematics was one of Reagan’s enemies, but it makes sense. He certainly had no regard for logic and reason, so why should math be any different?

  • Peter O’Leary

    Yep well now we know why we don’t go to washed up judges for military advice as if there was ever any doubt. There are thousands of people with more experience in dealing with these sort of things that we can go to for bad advice. Who cares what this nutjob thinks.

  • Scopedog

    You know…for a crazy woman, she’s pretty hot.

    (I kid, I kid! In all seriousness I cannot believe that anyone with a working brain would believe ANYTHING that Pirro said in that clip. But then again….it’s not for us. It’s for the Fox Faithful.)

    • Peter James

      They all tend to be hot over there at Fox.

      And then they open their mouths and your brain melts from the contamination of effusively radioactive stupidity.

  • XaurreauX Pont DeLac

    Fox has a vested interest in its audience’s willful ignorance.

  • Jeff Cramer

    I was in Long Island. The year was 2002. She was trying to run when love for Bush/Cheney were at an all-time high and an midterm election year where Republicans won greatly. All you had to say back then, “I’m on Bush’s team” and you were elected. She lost. That Year. Later, a few years later she tried to run against Hillary when she ran for re-election. She never made it past the primary. Like Palin, she’s a failed politician who criticizes other elected politicians, but deep down, you can tell she’s hurting from the pain that voters rejected her.

  • Rockin69

    No wonder she’s on the Saturday night slot, also know as the Grandparents slot.

  • la bibliotequetress

    So she’s a judge. She’s a person who is supposed to critically listen to testimony. She’s supposed to use reason and logic in her day job. To know and fairly apply the laws of the United States and the state of NY.

    And she parrots verbatim the berserkeries and jeremiads of the same website that created birtherism and advocates that LGBTQ Americans lose their citizenship.
    We clearly need to be more careful about who is appointed to the bench.

  • feloniousgrammar

    Jeanine-uh-cide. Let’s just save all our bombs for Christmas and kill ALL the Iraqis at once—problem solve-ed.

    Or, let’s just drop Rupert Murdock and his crazy minions from a bomber anywhere in the Muslim world and be done with the histrionics and misinformation. It’s gotten to the point that these patterns of speech and emotional wreckage that goes with it is seen by too many as being strong, tough, manly even. Relentless bitching and shrieking is rarely appropriate for most adults, as a policy it’s just pathetic and disheartening.

  • rsmurf

    Crazy bitch.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Someone needs a visit from Nurse Ratched.

  • Kim Williams

    WoW! This chick is out there!

  • Barry__S

    “what the hell was Bush for releasing nearly 600 detainees from Guantanamo?” Were this WWII, the 600 released by Bush would have been the equivalent of releasing 600 of the Hitler youth, what Obama did was released Goebbels, Eichmann, Hitler, Himmler, and Mengele. so, not exactly the same thing

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Bullshit, you are full of!

    • feloniousgrammar

      Aside from the ridiculously small number of GITMO detainees that had anything to do with terrorism, your analogy fails magnificently. Goebbels, Eichmann, Hitler, Himmler, and Mengele were government officials— leaders backed up with the nation’s military, police, law enforcement agencies, etc.

      You seem not to understand power.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      …Goebbels, Eichmann, Hitler, Himmler, and Mengele.

      Absolute, complete and utter nonsense.

    • Hagbard Celine

      Are you ignorant or lying?

  • Barry__S

    Judge Jeanine is not one to mince words. She is spot on

    • IronChefSandwiches

      Exactly! If by “spot on” you mean meandering babble containing not one shred of truthful information.

      • Jezzer

        Maybe he means a shameful shit spot on journalistic standards.

  • captkurt

    The Fox News idea of Fair and Balanced: We have blonde bimbos spewing hate AND brunette bimbos spewing hate. Any questions?

    • feloniousgrammar

      … and a whole lot more bimbos with dicks.

      • Matthew J

        That’s a “mimbo” isn’t it?

        • Peter James

          ….or a “Himbo”…..

    • Jackie Owens

      LOL Like Keith Olbermann?

  • Dr. Dolph Lundgren

    What a vile woman. She is a horrible human being.

  • Badgerite

    Dr. Evil had more credibility.

  • CL Nicholson

    Woah, just Google searched this woman & man, this piece isn’t even the half of her crazy. Anyone who abuses their power to catch a cheating spouse is a real whack job.

    • dbtheonly

      What happened?

      • CL Nicholson

        Here’s the Link.

        Long story short, this woman, a judge & prosecutor, was under investigation and subsequently dropped out her race against Hillary because she was using her connections to spy on her cheating husband. Again, like her Borg mother, Sarah Palin, this woman abused her authority over petty family drama. Uh, yeah, that’s a little nuts.

        • dbtheonly


        • Peter James

          I’m stunned to learn that her husband was cheating on her.

          I mean, why would he ever want to step out on THAT?

          Some men are just never satisfied when they have a good thing at home….

          (/snark off)

          • Susan Johann


  • Doug Cool

    Sick sob’s at FUX

  • Mumbles

    Actually, she’s been circulated among the lunatic right-wing for a while. She’s mostly hyped by the same folks that insist that Trayvon Martin was looking to score drugs, and that the police recording of Zimmerman chasing him, meant that Martin attacked Zimmerman.

    And if you look her up, all of her rants are the same. A corny, over-the-top delivery, combined with a complete ignorance of basic facts. And, of course, sitting in the middle of a studio, on a stool, in a short skirt, as is typical for Fox News.

    I respect her hustle. The people that make me shake my head are the ones that listen to her nonsense, and take it to heart.

  • Matt Petersen

    So much conjecture and flat out lies that it is pitiful. Problem is these people don’t care anymore whether they are telling truth or not. There is no such thing as journalistic credibility (not to say this whack-job is one) anymore. They only care about what they can make people believe. Throw enough mud abd hope something sticks, this is their strategy. It is pathetic, but everyone on the right will believe this garbage without a shred of doubt.

  • Rolf

    My Dingbat Radar just went haywire.

  • muselet

    I wouldn’t have thought it possible if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes: this Jeanine Pirro person spoke, fairly rapidly, for five and a half minutes and never said a single thing that was true, not even accidentally.

    Quite an accomplishment, even for a Fox News presenter.


    • j hentai


    • Mike Clancy

      Are you kidding me ??? Everything she said was true !!! You’re a leftist nut-job… Join the World and see what is really happening !!! Russia is again raising hell… Middle East Crazy !!! American Progessive’s Out of Control and 4.5 active gang members on our streets comitting acts of terrorism…

      • muselet

        Everything she said was true !!!

        Challenge accepted (this one time only).

        I’ll simply use Bob’s blockquote above (which is an accurate transcription of the video):

        Why did you wait? Could it be, Mr. President, that if you arrested him sooner he could’ve debunked that [air quotes] despicable video theory. You know the one you all lied about? Can you imagine, you indict Khattala for killing Ambassador Chris Stevens [who was running guns to al-Qaeda, according to Pirro’s source, WND] and he comes in and he says, ‘You dumb schmucks! What video?!’

        I direct your attention to a June 17 article in the New York Times:

        On the day of the attack, Islamists in Cairo had staged a demonstration outside the United States Embassy there to protest an American-made online video mocking Islam, and the protest culminated in a breach of the embassy’s walls — images that flashed through news coverage around the Arab world.

        As the attack in Benghazi was unfolding a few hours later, Mr. Abu Khattala told fellow Islamist fighters and others that the assault was retaliation for the same insulting video, according to people who heard him.

        Now, I freely admit the NTY’s report doesn’t name any sources. Regardless, clearly Khattala had heard of the video, so Jeanine Pirro’s statement above is incorrect. Therefore, your assertion is incorrect.

        Have a nice rest of the evening.


        • Jackie Owens

          NEVER Under ANY circumstances quote the Leftist/Communist New York Times. That isn’t even an argument.

      • Sean Jones

        4.5 active gang members on our streets committing acts of terrorism… so 4 gang members and a paraplegic? Im confused, how do you get half a gang member? Is this more of that new FOX math?

      • Jeremy Derifield

        I think there’s an Amber Alert out for you, bro. You’ve wandered away from home again and gibbering nonsense. Find your mom.

      • Jeremy Derifield

        But in all seriousness, half of what she said was NOT TRUE and actually, right there in print, with links and everything…debunked. So…facts are not true? Then why do we even call them facts!?
        This is a troubling revelation. Facts have been BS this whole time, guys!

    • Jackie Owens

      What did she say that wasn’t true? Oh, BTW did you know ISIS found and stole chemical weapons in Iraq? Yeah! HOW can that be!!!? There were NO chemical weapons remember? Or did MSNBC, NBC, CBS & ABC lie to you?

  • Synclavius

    Of course, the tragedy is that many of our fellow Americans believe everything she said is 100% accurate and truthful, that we are the deluded ones, and there is no way they are every going to change their minds.

  • MidwestMet

    Although this is going into the wayback machine, one of professors back in Chicago was John Mearsheimer. In his class, he lectured about the futility of bombing civilians, and air campaigns in general. He pointed out that air campaign advocates say that if you bomb a country enough, then the people you are bombing will rise up against their rulers. He said no, the people will just blame the people who are actually bombing. During WWII, we bombed the hell out of Germany & Japan, often deliberately choosing civilian centers, but it did not put a dent in their ability to fight until the bitter end. We dropped more bombs on Vietnam than in all of WWII, and they still kicked us out.

    It is the same in other countries. Israel bombed the hell out of Gaza in 2008, killing 300 kids. But Hamas is still in charge. Israel’s air campaigns in Lebanon were extensive, but not enough to do any lasting damage to Hezbollah.

    Or, look at our reaction after 9/11? Sure, some people wanted to have a discussion about misguided foreign policy that gave rise to Islamic extremists. But the immediate reaction was to direct our anger at the groups that attacked us.

    Politicians like air strikes because they are considered less risky. But they don’t seem to notice they are less effective.

    • Will Mack

      Your professor may have been correct but that does not mean that bombing the hell out of country can not result in defeating them.Japan and Germany are obviously examples.Vietnam is a different story because it was not an all out,kill or be killed,war.A nuke on Hanoi would have changed everything.

      • MidwestMet

        Germany was beaten by the Soviet Army, at a cost of 20 million Russian dead. It was not due to US/British air campaigns. 2 out of every 3 German soldiers killed in WWII were killed on the Eastern Front.

        Our firebombing campaign on Japan killed hundreds of thousands, but they did not surrender. After Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Tokyo’s calculus changed – surviving bombings are one thing. To have your country rendered uninhabitable is something. What is also over looked in the West, is that after Hiroshima, the Soviets finally opened a front against Japan. They captured tens of thousands of soldiers that Japan stationed in Manchuria – soldiers that would no longer be available to defend the homeland from a potential US invasion. Nuclear bombs may have changed the costs, but it was seeing thousands of troops captured by the USSR that convinced Tokyo to surrender.

        There was a good reason we did not nuke Hanoi – because Beijing had nukes by then. If we nuke our ally, even if Beijing opted not to nuke the U.S mainland, they could have nuked US forces in South Vietnam.

        • JozefAL

          Not to mention US allies like Thailand and the Philippines and maybe settling their “civil war” by dropping one or two on Taiwan. How fast do you think the US would’ve been able to fulfill its agreement to defend Taiwan when its major military bases in the region were dealing with nuclear fallout?

        • feloniousgrammar

          And I’d like to mention, very much, that nuclear strikes in order to
          “win” a conventional war is a morally indefensible thing to do and an environmental threat of great proportions globally.

          And using nuclear weapons to start a war with the expectation that it would solve the problems that conventional wars do (or don’t) is insane.

          • dbtheonly


            This is real late but a conventional war is, by definition, non- nuclear.

            At least 30 years ago, the thought was that any war that went nuclear was probably result in the extermination of civilization, if not humanity entirely. Launching a nuclear war in the hopes that the other side won’t be able to retaliate was mocked in 1964 by the movie “Dr. Strangelove”.

  • a.mann


    • Zen Diesel

      She is a cute tankful of unleaded crazy.

  • Brenden Donaldson

    fox beat the war drum harder then anyone when the war started…the rewriting of the history books before.

  • Ned F

    So, I guess it’s OK to “Criticize the Commander in Chief during Wartime” now.

    • Zen Diesel

      It’s only OK if the CiC has a lot of melanin in his skin.

      • Christopher Foxx

        Or a (D) after their name.

        • Zen Diesel

          That is so true.

      • Jackie Owens

        So happy to hear Bush was never criticized! LOL Liberals are mentally ill.

        • Zen Diesel

          Lol, Regressives are criminally insane.

        • KD

          You absolutely did completely miss the point there. See the POINT??? No, you missed it.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep saying it over and over again until it starts to sink in: What we are watching on that YouTube video embedded above, what Bob is describing in this article, is an IMPROV ACT. It is nothing more or less than a scene in an elaborate, ongoing, endless, perpetual, well-funded, well-orchestrated, non-stop 24/7 production of improvisational theatre, in which the performers get to make up the story as they go along and perform it for the audience. The person called “Jeanine Pirro” that we see and hear on the TV screen, whose words Bob is relaying to us, is an actress, a character in a play. This is not a real person saying real things. She’s an actress in character doing a performance piece.

    Whether the audience knows that it’s watching improv or not is irrelevant, as long as the money keeps coming in. Of course, most members of that audience do not know, realize, or really care, that they’re watching improv; they think they’re watching The News. They then become unwitting (or in some cases, witting) performers in that aforementioned improv act, not just its audience. It’s The Truman Show in reverse. The audience is Truman.

    This is not to say I don’t think it’s important to keep pointing out, reviewing and dissecting the verbal and intellectual detritus that this traveling improvisational-theatre troupe, and its actors like Ms. Pirro, produce on a daily basis. The fact that its audience doesn’t know they’re watching improv makes that critical. But we must start consistently calling it, and treating it like, what it is. We need to put “Fox News” in quotes or italics the same way we’d put the name of any other fictional television program. We need to start calling the “Fox News” Improv Channel. We need to start referring to people like Pirro, O’Reilly, Hannity, Kelly and the rest as “Fox News” performer [X] or “Fox News” actor/actress [Y] or “Fox News” improv trouper [Z].

    Thankfully, the audience for the “Fox News” improvisational-theatre production does not appear to be growing, and may in fact be shrinking. But as long as it’s there we need to call it what it is.

    • dbtheonly

      Disagree. It’s not an Improv Act. Everything is scripted. The Characters know what to say & how to say it.

      • GrafZeppelin127

        Improv doesn’t mean unscripted. Improv means you perform and interact with other actors based on scenarios and background information that’s given to you. Some of it is scripted word-for-word, some of it isn’t. The fact that “[t]he [c]haracters know what to say & how to say it” doesn’t mean it’s not improv. Improv is the best way to describe it.

        • commonsensecanadian

          This is how the TV series “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is done. No script at all, just a scenario invented by Larry David for each scene.

      • D_C_Wilson

        Actually, I think the Improv Act analogy is correct. Most Improv Acts are based on a bunch of formulas that are prepared in advance. Sure, the dialogue is spontaneous, but the parameters are set up in advance. Even when it looks like the audience is helping to “make things up,” they’re really still following a formula. If you ask the audience to give you something like, “a celebration,” odds are pretty good that someone is going to shout out a wedding, so everyone can get their wedding formula ready.

        It’s the same with Fox. Everyone is told to stick to the defined parameters (Obama is weak on terror), but they’ve got the freedom to improvise their own dialogue around that parameter.

        • dbtheonly

          DC & Graf,

          Given the daily talking points memo (as shown on Out Foxed) & the repetition of key phrases (as often mocked by Jon Stewart); I don’t see Fox as “free form” entertainment. But reading off a literal script is further that I ought to go.

          • GrafZeppelin127

            That’s why improv is the best analogy. It’s not a fully-scripted play but it’s not “free-form” either (improv is not “free-form”). As someone downthread pointed out, it’s like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The writers have a specific story, scenarios and ideas in mind, they give them to the actors, and the actors improvise the dialogue and the scene based on the parameters that they’re given.

          • Jackie Owens

            Key phrases like YES WE CAN? HOPE & CHANGE? Republicans hate children, clean air, the poor, blacks, Asians, Latinos? Key phrases like that?

          • dbtheonly

            Referring to Polluters as “job creators” is a better example. But really, Stewart has done it often enough. He finds the Fox “phrase du jour” and then shows up to a dozen Fox talking heads repeating it verbatim.

        • Jackie Owens

          Any clue why Fox out rates EVERY cable news channel? I’ll let you answer that with some witty retort that will make no sense whatsoever

          • dbtheonly

            Because Fox panders to a specific political demographic. That demographic watches Fox to the exclusion of news shows.

            Someone said Fox still loses to both Broadcast News & Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

          • D_C_Wilson
    • KD

      Extremely well put. I try to make this argument to some of my knuckle-dragging acquaintances but I always seem to fail. The “debates” will never be won as long as you’re debating with someone who turns on this drivel and actually believes it. Viewers of this “News” do not like to think independently, they like to be spoon-fed their political views. And that’s why this kind of “News” will forever be popular in America.

  • cablejunkie

    wow,i am dizzy and drunk

  • Jason E

    Fair and balanced? Fact free and venomous!

  • DrLearnALot

    She seems nice. If snarling hate was propane, you could grill a thousand hamburgers on her teeth.

    • Robert Scalzi

      you just won the Internet with that comeback today !! that was classic.

    • ThorsteinVeblen2012

      Might computer started smoking half way through the clip.

      Wasn’t she in one of the demon possession movies back in the eighties?

      • Cthulhu0818

        As the demon.

    • Mike Clancy

      She, calls it, as 200 million of us see it !!! This Administration needs to go !!!

    • Jackie Owens

      You have never watched Ed Schultz? Keith Olbermann? Rachael Maddow?

  • Toolymegapoopoo

    I know that Bob is just doing his job, but ignoring insignificant trash like this is the best way to go. I now know who this schmuck is even though I began the day having never heard her name. I guess since it is clear that the crazy rises to the top over at that network there can be some value in documenting the steps of their lunatic vision quest. I just wish we didn’t have to do it.

  • CL Nicholson

    Ah, Rodger Ailes has an all new Barbie doll for the retiree home crowd. What’s scarier is that this deranged Avon lady was a judge, someone in New York thought she was sane enough to preside over people’s lives. Well, like her spirit animal, Sarah Palin, she maybe a lunatic but at least she’s pretty.

  • Draxiar
  • woodrowfan

    what’s pathetically sad is how many people will believe her because they’ve been brainwashed by Fox.

    • formerlywhatithink

      What’s really sad is that the rest of the news media doesn’t say shit and refuses to hold Fox “news” accountable for this crap. I know there are some people who hold the attitude that criticizing Fox is a waste of time and won’t change anything, which is exactly why Fox keeps pushing these lies: they know no one in the news business will hold them accountable for it.

      • Sean Richardson

        As much as I would love to see Fox News get called out more, having one news channel report on another news channel sounds like even more of a circle jerk than the current state of the 24-hour news networks.

        • formerlywhatithink

          It’s not so much as them not calling them out as it is other news media treating Fox as a legitimate news agency with valid viewpoints, no matter how fact free their rants may be.

        • nellcote

          “even more of a circle jerk than the current state of the 24-hour news networks.”

          Is that even possible?

        • GrafZeppelin127

          That’s part of why Fox does it. (1), to keep the other networks so busy debunking and outraging and the delusional nonsense spewed on Fox that they have no time or resources to report actual news. (2), to keep the audience feeling victimized and heroic by pointing to other outlets and saying “Look! All they do is attack Fox!”

      • pamelabrown53

        Hah! How in hell can they hold Faux accountable when they’re unwilling to hold themselves accountable?

    • Sean Jones

      the part that really angers me is that they are listed as an entertainment channel, they went to court and fought for their right to lie based on the fact that they are an entertainment channel not a news channel. Yet they get to call their show news.

  • nomoremister

    Well, it’s nice to know that Roger Ailes had some really good jerkoff material this weekend.

    You’d never heard of Pirro. Here in New York we remember her as the Republican who was supposed to beat Hillary for Senate in ’06, until she dropped out after polls showed she couldn’t win.

  • FlipYrWhig

    If what was happening at Benghazi was the arming of the evilest terrorists ever, shouldn’t the Fox News crowd be cheering on the brave groups that disrupted the dastardly plot? They’d be Obama-foiling counter-terrorists, no?

  • ranger11

    Those are some really weird facial expressions.

    • nomoremister

      “Those are some really weird facial expressions.”

      Mandatory Fox plastic surgery does that to all of Ailes’s male and female on-air bimbos.


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