Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Utterly Destroys Michele Bachmann Over GOP Lawsuit

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If you thought Megyn Kelly’s interview with Dick Cheney on Fox News last week was a fantastic example of a network host challenging a Republican icon, then you haven’t seen today’s clip of Fox News’ Neil Cavuto just digging into Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) over Speaker John Boehner’s ridiculous lawsuit against President Obama.

It’s really a thing of beauty, and Cavuto is absolutely on-point with every beat. What differentiates this from Kelly’s Cheney interview is that Cavuto is relaying his own thoughts on the lawsuit issue rather than reciting what “the president’s defenders” said.

Here are some of Cavuto’s best digs.

Republican steps in as president and Democrats go after he or she on the same principle, then it gets to be just a political football doesn’t it?

I made the same point earlier. Very bad precedent.

Why now this suit?

It just seems to me that it’s an enormous waste of effort.

Fix whatever’s wrong right now, rather than dragging the other side to court. It just seems to me there’s so much wrong here, this finger pointing, we’re gonna drag your ass to court, we’re gonna do this. Just do something!

Why now after all these years? Someone just woke up today and said, let’s sue?

You’re conflating issues and you’re being silly!

Bachmann called for defunding the entire executive branch, to which Cavuto replied:

Defund the executive branch? Defund?! Think about what you’re saying. Defund the executive branch. If Democrats — [crosstalk] Congresswoman! If Democrats had said to you we’re going to defund President Bush, we’re gonna defund the executive — you would’ve laughed ’em out. I think Democrats would be in their right mind to laugh you out now.

It ended with Cavuto throwing to commercial while Bachmann continued talking. Just awesome. More like this, Fox News.


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  • Oilnwater

    She shares a lot in common with terrorists who wan’t America to fail.

  • Madeline Brashear

    Quick, somebody call an exorcist for Bachman before she starts projectile vomiting green slime all over the place with her head spinning around.

  • milootoole

    Way to go Cavuto. The journalistic equivalent of Boehner sucking up to the other side. You, most certainly, could have been more polite. And Bachmann is right that the biggest stick the Congress carries is the funding power.

    • Madeline Brashear

      They certainly don’t carry any brain power.

  • Dave Corsi

    Problem is Cavuto lost it on this interview. he would ask her a question and then would not let her answer. If he had acted this way with Congresswoman in the Democrat Party or Saint Hillary he would have been strung up by every mainstream news outlet.

    If he thinks the lawsuit is meritless he should have let her answer and then express his counterpoint. Instead he came across as a little boy whose mommy would not get him an ice cream.

    • john doe

      Funny, how you saw this interview in a completely different light than EVERYONE ELSE.

      I suppose that makes you the resident RWNJ

      • Dave Corsi

        Not really. Cavuto may be right about the lawsuit being dumb but he never gave her a chance to explain her point of view.

        • Madeline Brashear

          She explained her point of view, she just didn’t have one that had any basis in reality or common sense.

          • Dave Corsi

            You think Debbie Wasserman is legit?
            Also I think you need to watch it again, every time she starts to respond Cavuto jumps in. Whether you agree with someone or not if you are going to have them on your show, give them the opportunity to answer the question you pose

    • Madeline Brashear

      He had to treat this witch like that, Dave Corsi. If he let her answer she never would have shut up and he’d have only gotten to ask her one question. You have to beat Michelle Bachmann down with a baseball bat and she still won’t shut up making dumb remarks. Did you notice she was still talking after he called for a commercial break? I watched Debbie Wasserman have to almost come to blows with this idiot to be able to get a word in edgeways.

  • Christopher Foxx

    If you thought Megyn Kelly’s interview with Dick Cheney on Fox News last week was a fantastic example of a network host challenging a Republican icon

    You’re being sarcastic, of course. She asked him why should folks listen to him when he’s been so wrong, sure. And then did nothing to challenge his I-don’t-think-that’s-the-case answer.

    Typical Fox playbook. Ask a valid question only to provide the interviewee with a way of dismissing the premise of the question. Fox gets to claim they asked a hard question, while not actually requiring an answer.

  • CL Nicholson

    Hahahaha!!! Did Cavuto skip his daily dose of Substance D from Roger Ailes? Good Lord, I’ve never been happier to sit through a Fox News interview. That includes Shep Smith’s infamous WTF? moment after Gingrich dropped out of the race & Romney claimed they were buddies.

  • BennyIsMyNameBeerIsMyGame

    Well,ain’t that a kick in the nuts…..’fuk is going on with Cavuto….

    • Graham Todd

      maybe he grew a spine?

      • BennyIsMyNameBeerIsMyGame


  • Dot

    The “frustration of the American people”? BS. It’s their frustration, because they lost the last presidential election, and their stupidity. They could care less about the American people. She and her cronies should be prison for treason.

    • Madeline Brashear

      Treason magnified, absolutely Dot.

  • RenoRick

    Never thought I would go through 2 impeachment trials in my lifetime, but that’s where this is leading. The R’s are dipping their toe in the water to see how it feels, and to see if it’s bitten off. It’s fucking 1998 all over again! But hey, both sides do it, amiright?

  • raina

    Michele Bachmann is the very definition of batshit insane. Her eyes! Shudder.

  • Evangeline

    Bret Hume acted “different” on O’Reilly.Bill was denigrating the children coming across the border. Hume accused Bill of being cold-hearted. Then says what would you have the WH do, shoot children as they try to cross over? He sounds compassionate. WTF?

  • villemar

    That’s got to be the derpiest derp face I’ve ever seen of Bachmann. She is completely psychotic but this pic is the fullest window I’ve seen of her total psychosis thus far.

  • aynwrong

    Like I said earlier on a different site: we have just witnessed the moment when “Bullshit Mountain” erupted into a volcano.

  • nathkatun7

    Unbelievable! Cavuto finally recovered his senses! Poor Boehner! He probably doesn’t know that of all the Presidents since Groover Cleveland, President Obama has so far issued the fewest Executive Orders.

    • Hooverville Follies

      Yeah, but GROOVER Cleveland? I never realized he was that cool.

    • Madeline Brashear

      He probably doesn’t know that but he doesn’t want Obama to be allowed to issue any executive orders at all and he doesn’t want the House to do any work at all. They’ve been on a 6 year vacation except for their made up scandals and kangaroo court investigations.

      • nathkatun7


  • bbiemeret

    Fox News appears to be Dr. Frankenstein, slipping in amongst the villagers and taking up a pitchfork against his own creation.

    • aynwrong

      I’m having difficulty telling the difference between the monster rampaging through the village and the angry mob with torches and pitchforks.

  • Jake

    Two things.
    1. She says cut the Executive branch because if they don;t have money they won’t have power. That statement reveals much about the Republican party’s entire philosophy.
    2. More than one Fox Network presenter has gone after a Republican recently. Unthinkable a few years ago. Remember one thing. Rupert Murdoch switched from the Conservative Party to the Labour Party in the UK and delivered Parliament and the Prime Minister role to Tony Blair. Stranger things have happened.

    • dbtheonly


      Just remember Fox “News” has “gone after” the more radical/bizarre/indefensible Republicans. Fox’s commitment to RW Republicans remains unbroken. But they reflect the Tea party/Republican split that has ocurred.

      • Jake

        I think Fox News will do and say whatever their paymasters tell them to – heard any anti-Saudi Arabia stuff on Fox recently? Not since Al-waleed bin Talal bought a chunk of NewsCorp.

    • nathkatun7

      “She says cut the Executive branch because if they don;t have money they won’t have power.”
      This was an amazingly dangerous statement! Does this deranged Congresswoman not understand that the Executive branch is one the three
      co-equal branches of the Federal Government under the Constitution? I understand Michel Bachmann has a law degree? My question is which law school awarded her a degree?

      • JozefAL

        Surprisingly, the Wiliam & Mary School of Law. (Fun factoid: She graduated in 1988–the same year as Eric Cantor.)

        • nathkatun7

          That’s surprising.

        • Norbrook

          Must have been something in the water that year.

      • hunner

        Michele Bachmann has a LOW degree.

        • Madeline Brashear

          Michelle Bachmann has an even lower IQ

      • Madeline Brashear

        Sears and Roebuck allied Law School

      • Madeline Brashear

        She thinks the House Tea Publicans can rewrite the constitution the way they want it because they have the “Power of the purse” and can buy any version they want.

  • mellowjohn

    she’s blowing her audition to be a faux news regular after she leaves the house.

  • Da Dorq

    Wait. What just happened? What universe am I in? Is this some alternate reality where Fox News is responsible and reasonable? Well, I guess it’s not surprising to see that Michele Bachmann is a raving, goggly-eyed loon no matter what universe it is.

  • Jason E

    Sing along: You can’t hide those crazy eyes. And your smile is a thin disguise. I thought by now you’d realize, there ain’t no way to hide your crazy eyes!

    • Christopher Foxx

      She’s definitely deluded and irrational. Sure, I’ll go with crazy. And I get the eyes thing. But I’m always opposed to attacking someone for their physical characteristics. It’s childish, stooping to their level when we like to claim we’re better than that, and wholly unnecessary given the vast amount of legitimate criticisms one could make about her.

      • Jason E

        You stick with the high road! I’ve got the low road covered. I’m surprised you even read my comments.

      • Madeline Brashear

        That is a legitimate criticism. It’s just physical evidence of her demons showing themselves. She can’t help it when t hey take over her ugly face. But that’s just what she gets for entertaining them. The best thing anyone can do for her is get her an exorcism.

  • Peter James

    Also, …

    HOLY CRAP!!!!

    Dick Cheney getting his ass handed to him by Megyn Kelly.
    Republicans getting called out for their hypocrisy and double standards by Cavuto.

    What is going over there at Bullshit Mountain (TM)?

    Looks like Warden Ailes has fallen asleep at the wheel and the inmates have taken over the asylum,

  • Peter James

    Way to go, Marvin the Martian.

    “I claim this can of whoop-ass for Mars”

  • Jason E

    Those crazy eyes give me a chill every time. Has Fox finally realized they need to go back to the Chamber/Business wing of the party? It may hurt in the short term, but it may save the party.


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