The End of a Douchebag: Dinesh D’Souza Facing Jail Time

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There are few things more enjoyable in life than watching a genuine asshole get their comeuppance. Dinesh D’Souza, a man who made a career out of smearing President Obama using every dishonest tactic in the GOP handbook, is almost certainly going to jail after pleading guilty on Tuesday to a campaign finance law violation.

D’Souza avoided a prolonged and embarrassing trial, acknowledging that the case brought against him by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was beyond dispute. Bharara charged him with using “straw donors” in order to give funds to Republican Wendy Long’s New York U.S. Senate campaign in 2012. D’Souza pleaded guilty to one criminal count of making illegal contributions in the names of others.

According to the Reuters report: “Lawyers for both sides agreed that under advisory federal sentencing guidelines, D’Souza faces between 10 and 16 months in prison.”

As Bob Cesca pointed out, there is “a delicious irony” in someone who accused the president of being a fraud, himself being indicted for fraud. In his breathtakingly dishonest (and ultimately racist) documentary “2016: Obama’s America”, D’Souza essentially claimed that Obama is an undercover radical, anti colonialist, propelled to success by guilty whites (whom he hates), and is ultimately out to destroy America from the inside. In his book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” (the inspiration for the documentary), D’Souza wrote:

Obama takes on his father’s struggle, not by recovering his body but by embracing his cause. He decides that where Obama Sr. failed, he will succeed. Obama Sr.’s hatred of the colonial system becomes Obama Jr.’s hatred; his botched attempt to set the world right defines his son’s objective. Through a kind of sacramental rite at the family tomb, the father’s struggle becomes the son’s birthright.

D’Souza’s obsession with angry blackness was best reflected in this horrifically offensive and racist tweet during the week of Thanks Giving last year:

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 10.15.30 AM

As if pissing all over the President wasn’t enough for D’Souza, he joyfully dumped on a slaughtered teenager who had committed the heinous crime of wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Happy Thanks Giving!

There’s a possibility D’Souza can pull off a deal and not do jail time, and it’s unlikely he’ll serve the maximum sentence for his crime. This means it’s possible D’Souza can still have some sort of career after the scandal, but he won’t be nearly as prominent as he was before. The fact is, by the time D’Souza gets out of jail or his image recovers enough to get himself back on the talking heads circuit, Obama’s Presidency will be close to an end.

While D’Souza had a career before Obama’s presidency, he built a large following opposing the President at every turn.  His minority status (ironically) propelled him to great heights given conservatives were searching high and low for minorities who would advocate whatever xenophobic/racist/misogynistic talking point they were promoting. D’Souza proved to be a good company man. 

In any other country, D’Souza would be regarded as a half baked conspiracy theorist, brought out to be laugh at on mid-morning television and left to a career hawking his books in white suburbia. But in the era of the big, bad, black Obama, D’Souza was a somebody – an intellectual with ‘ideas’, and a seat at prominent chat shows on mainstream television.

But as the Obama era comes to an end it’s pretty safe to say that we won’t hear much more from Dinesh D’Souza. His credibility is shot, and his racist schtick won’t resonate when he gets back into public life.

His assholishness isn’t a good  reason for him to go to jail, but it does make it all the more satisfying.



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  • Mainstream_Jim

    I really hate what you are doing here. You are purposefully misrepresenting Mr. D’Souza. Oh, and guess what . . . He didn’t do time, he has just published another book exposing The Pres and all his henchmen and left wing wackos for who they really are: Gangster styled criminals. While you losers continue down your road. Enjoy your hateful and disgusting and morally bankrupt “leaders” while they take us down a road to perdition.

  • Don Wagster

    An educated ,intelligent, conservative dark skinned man . He just doesn’t add up.

  • Karole Conaway

    Mr. D’Souza has done nothing but tell the truth about obama! He is not a democrat, he is a communist and his goal is and always has been the destruction of America. Open up your eyes and look around. Check the debt clock in real time and you will see that our debt is over 18 trillion dollars! Unemployment is reported to be 5.5%, but that number only reflects the number of people that are receiving unemployment checks. The number of people that are not in the work force is much higher. The official (reported) number of unemployed people in the US is 8,547,721. The actual number of unemployed people in the US is 17,251,704. Over 25% of the number of people who are employed are working part time. So, if you think Obama is doing a good job, think again!

  • Carl Dodd

    WTF you guys defending OBAMA??…….I don’t get it???? Terrible, WORST PRESIDENT EVER. Look at any pole anywhere…..Most people hate obumer…..Whats the point?

  • kcsummer

    God save us please from retarded but vicious idiots like the author of this media trash. Both he and his hero Obama are hypocrites because while Desouza did commit a crime, it was not one based in hatred or destructiveness like the many crimes of Obama who is purposely destroying this country. I know I will never be able to educate the fool who wrote this because his liberal arrogance and self-righteousness have convinced have blinded him to the truth. But I do know that someday soon, he will be educated anyway, when he is confronted with the facts in the new world being created by Obama. They will not be facts or realities he will like. Obama is a traitor, a hypocrite, a liar and a crook of the highest order who persecutes his enemies like a playground bully. He failed, though, ultimately, to exact the vengeance on Desouza that he so badly wanted. He did not get sent to prison. Obama has thus far escaped prison but I hope that he will, someday, like those responsible for the Holocaust, be confronted for his crimes and punished. People like the author of this piece who take such glee in deriding Desouza who is a very patriotic man who loves America will someday have to eat crow, publicly or in his own mind when he finds out what the price is for supporting a tin-pot tyrant and dictator like Obama who, btw, cares for one person only: himself. He would grind the author of this article up and spit him back out again. Laugh and mock and deride while you can because you are going to be in the same sorry sad boat the rest of America will be in when your rights, which have already have been eroded, are finally done away with totally. Someday he will be under the heal of Obama and I hope his suffering last long enough for him to wallow in the knowledge that he praised and supported the heel crushing him. Mock away, your time is coming.

  • quillerm

    De,Sousa is being committed to a leftist indoctrination center as part of his sentence for daring give more to a political candidate than allowed. His love for America, positive attitude about our Nations contributions to saving the World from fascism, despots and radicalism will be stamped out. By the time he graduates from the lefts Gulag, er.. indoctrination center he will hate America and join the movement to bring it down.

  • Anton Chigurh

    Just like a an Obongo-loving k ike to call D’Souza a d*uchebag.

  • Dick Dorkman

    D’Souza has more intelligence in a drop of his turd than that turd in the White House has in his whole body.

  • anna eidson

    Why is it you leftists resort to name calling instead of countering the arguments he made? You show a perverse – and childish – pleasure in taking the low road. If you don’t agree with him, fine. Say so. Tell us why. But, come one….”douchebag”? That’s the best you’ve got? Pathetic.

  • Susan

    As the saying goes: Time wounds all heels.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    Incidentally, what the fallen college President D’Souza predicted from the U.S. President, Barack Obama, was shockingly prescient. It’s our fault that he tried to vet the candidate and that we did not do. Again, homework, homework, homework. I agree with you that D.D. got slovenly and self-serving, but Why and How may be the story you don’t bother. And not to get your back up but even as slimy a reptile as Sen. Joseph McCarthy largely was right about Communist infiltration of the highest reaches of American government. I wish this were not true. Unfortunately the USSR fell and the truth came out. It’s really nauseating to see how bad it actually had been and how badly our heroes got it wrong. I guess I’m calling for humility and a degree of respect. Otherwise, please never let up.

  • Glenn Gilbert

    I could and probably would welcome your views were you capable of a sentence that doesn’t mangle the language, and of any competent understanding of D’Souza. Were you and I to meet at a street “action” we’d probably be on the same side of the barricade but even were we not, still, I’d hope that we could compare notes quite a bit better than this. D’Souza is almost none of the caricatures you employ in effort to pigeonhole him. He is, and has been, other things; things you might well find even more objectionable. Just try to get it right. I like that you write constantly and fearlessly and hard but you gotta earn it. Yunno? Also, have you ever visited a stranger in jail? Were you ever in jail, I’d try in earnest to come visit you. I’ll try to visit Dinesh too, should push come to shove. I doubt either of you would think to pay me the kindness. You guys are too hard, both of you.

  • V.J.

    Ben Cohen is the asshole in this case, and a hypocrite. High-profile Hollywood attorney Pierce O’Donnell, an ardent Democrat, solicited illegal campaign contributions to the womanizing schmuck John Edwards, and got only 60 days in federal prison.

  • DiMu

    You Democrat morons will be in the dustbin of history long after D’Souza’s contributions to cultural analysis will continue to resonate. Your icons are the flimsiest intellects, the most morally corrupt and the biggest liars we have witnessed in many decades which is why this nation is screaming downhill..

  • WaRottie

    “In his breathtakingly dishonest (and ultimately racist) documentary “2016: Obama’s America”

    I saw this film and saw nothing “racist” about it at all. He lays out his views, his evidence and the people who say what they say. What, exactly, was racist? Was it because it wasn’t praising Obama?

  • John MacDonald

    get ready to read a lot of comments from people who really need to avoid political conversation until they have a capacity to maintain civility.

    Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • kdinca

    Obama is no longer a functioning President. He is a criminal with a pen and phone.

    DDs movie further exposes the fraud that is Obama and liberalism.

  • Jacques Shellac

    That’ll teach him not to screw with the Left Mafia’s business.

  • Nick Woodley

    The free usage of profanity in an editorial….huh; you don’t see that in the Times.


    – N

  • Henry Westwood

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  • elSurfeador

    In recent interviews, Dinesh is now appealing for forgiveness as a Christian. The most oft used path of conservatives and the ultimate height of doucebaggery.

  • Steve Smith

    Bend over, grab your ankles Dinesh and take it like the little girl you are.

    • skilletblonde

      Oh don’t disparage the female species here. D”Sousa is the typical cowardly male.

  • Toby91423

    Thanksgiving is one word.

  • johnsawyer

    Among his supporters, being convicted of using ways to funnel money to candidates they favor will be seen as a plus.

  • bobbolduc

    The only reason he’s a GOP celebrity is because he’s not a Caucasian, but if the next President is a Caucasian Republicant, D’Souza will no longer be needed by the haters.

  • Ali Brezin

    I have been immensely entertained by all of this discussion and commentary. As usual our lives are filled with just such entertainment which the powers that be on the so called political philosophical scale of right to left continue to employ using the time tested tactics of divide, distort and distract. We continue to buy into it discussing, fighting and debating amongst ourselves while they go on exploiting us. It all reminds me of Saturday Afternoon Wrestling. jmho

  • carole poole

    ah, schadenfreude

  • Erdman West

    We should make sure everyone knows! !!

  • Stefan Boshkov

    best news i’ve heard in a long time

  • shellgirl

    It’s wonderful to watch this creepy ignorant pimple on the ass of the Republican whore machine go to jail.

  • Cali Curmudgeon

    The phony narrative of the author is revealing: “As if pissing all over the President wasn’t enough for D’Souza, he joyfully dumped on a slaughtered teenager who had committed the heinous crime of wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Happy Thanks Giving!”

    Gee, no mention of what the “slaughtered teenager” was doing, namely, rushing up to and then “grounding and pounding”–into the pavement–someone who suspected him of being up to no good and who followed him at a distance, which, given his juvenile record, he likely was up to no good. Best not to tell the truth about what really happened there.

    And what did the president do about this situation? He chose to in effect pour gasoline on a smouldering fire by claiming publicly that if he had a son he could have been Trayvon Martin, and he would have been Trayvon Martinlike in his youth. Really? The youth at the Punahou Prep School in Honolulu, raised by affluent grandparents? Best not to tell the truth about what really happened there, either, for the sake of “blackness” and “street cred”, even if that sets off race riots.

    One can’t help but suspect, like Mr. D’Souza does, that this president would *like* race riots, based on lies, if political hay could be made from them.

    Likewise, we see that in coverage of this Administration. For example, what happened at Benghazi was not because some guy made a YouTube video no one actually saw, but author Cohen and his ilk no doubt repeat this claim ad nauseam.

    Or is it “xenophobic / racist / misogynistic” to point that out?

    Which is the second aspect of the author Cohen’s phony narrative. Any opposition to the “progressive” (i.e., socialist) agenda is always “xenophobic / racist / misogynistic”.

    Meanwhile, we do have our first president ever to come right out of the New Left “academic” environment. And it shows.

    • GrafZeppelin127

      What spectacularly delusional nonsense. Well done.

    • johnsawyer

      “He likely was up to no good”

      No, it was established at Zimmerman’s trial that, as far as anyone can tell, Trayvon Martin was going back to a relative’s house where he was visiting, after buying some snacks and bringing them back. His turning on Zimmerman is more likely to have been due to his not wanting to lead some unknown stalker back to his relative’s house, where his little brother was.

  • shadowg

    I hope they ship him back!!!

  • shadowg

    I have never been so happy for someone to serve time because he is such a hater. I hope the real men in prison have fun with him.

  • pete

    1. Bill maher isn’t perfect, neither are any of the other people on here.
    2. The dems, gop, liberals, and consetvative nut jobs in this country skew the truth so much i dont believe any of them, and,
    3. This country should considered abolishing all political parties and let candidates stand on there own beliefs, not hide behind the lies of the old organizations.

    • Stu Johnson

      George Washington pretty much believed what you do.Washington makes the case that “the alternate domination” of one party over another and coinciding efforts to exact revenge upon their opponents have led to horrible atrocities, and “is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism.” From Washington’s perspective and judgment, the tendency of political parties toward permanent despotism is because they eventually and “gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual.” What I find the most funny is that this was his response to the creation of the Democratic Republican Party, that was created (by Jefferson) to oppose the Federalists Party, That suggests that the two parties that have our country in a gridlock stranglehold were once on the same page and in fact were the same party.

  • XaurreauX Pont DeLac

    Very little is more lucrative than the ability to make money off of the willfully ignorant

  • CitizenToo

    I would imagine he will get out of prison just in time to display his misogyny after Hillary gets elected, after all, he is a typical GOP huckster and they wouldn’t let such a money making opportunity pass him by, their are plenty of rubes willing to give their money away.

  • ADC


  • macwhirr

    He was definitely wrong about that anti-colonialist part.

  • martinsnapp

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  • Clavell Jackson

    D’Souza was a self loathing brown skinned man who peddled white supremacist fantasies. That was why the GOP loved him.

  • TruDat

    Dishonest tactics!! Oh no, you libs would never do something like that now, would ya?

  • Jamie Rozario

    To be honest, him being Indian, its part of his culture to take up upon your elder. But IN AMERICA, We learn from our elders mistakes and make it better for the future.

    • Nick Woodley

      Where’d you get that crap? Your @$$?

      – N

    • skilletblonde

      No he is an Indian Uncle Tom courtesy of colonialism and Christian missionaries.

  • billcortner

    Big deal. Gloat all you want. What he did was peanuts. The bankers and lobbyists pull off huge financial schemes and never get charged let alone convicted.

  • Greg Scott

    Ironically, he should be out in 2016…

  • phreethink

    “We won’t hear much more from Dinesh?” Dream on. Now he’s a martyr to the cause. He’ll be back and even crazier. He’ll write a prison memoir as a political prisoner of Obama and the “radical” left. And the right wingers will love him even more.

  • James Hendrixs

    only 16 months? stick him in with the rapists to make his experience memorable!

    • TruDat

      Bill Clinton’s in prison!?!

  • hankusmc

    He may be faced with the unexpected while in prison that no one has mentioned. An over controlling “boyfriend” that will start him on a new career when he gets out.

  • Adnull29

    If assholishness was punishable by jail time, we’d need a lot more prisons.

  • gorilla cookies

    I am obviously not a fan of this guy and his dopey movies and bookss, which are a disgrace even by the low standards of today’s “Intellectual” conservatism. But I can’t get all happy that he may (or may not) be headed to jail. It certainly feels like a minor and pretty harmless offense in the scheme of things, and a hefty fine and criminal record should about cover it. This country locks too many people up as it is.

    That said, he is making things far worse for himself by going on TV and proclaiming his victim-hood. If he does get time in the slammer that would be the reason. Everyone, take note of who his lawyer is, and if you are in trouble, don’t use him.

    I have noticed that after some tough-on-crime politicos spend time in the hoosegow, they suddenly turn into overnight advocates for sentencing and prison reform. I have no idea if that will happen here, but if it does, maybe he can do something good with his life.

  • Brian

    And he did it so earnestly as if he really truly believed it all. THAT is what makes Conservatives like him so dangerous. They are truly delusional to the point of criminal negligence and certifiable insanity.

  • openlyblack

    D’Souza is a classic case of Racial Stockholm Syndrome, or bondage–bonding: A psychological phenomenon in which members of a minority racial group
    express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their
    oppressors, sometimes to the point of defending or even emulating the
    oppressor, their tactics and their values…they think by acting against their
    own interests they are scoring points with the oppressors, signaling,
    “See, I’m one of you.”

    • mclarksn9

      Clarence Thomas
      Condi Rice
      “Bobby” Jindal
      Alan West

      • TruDat

        Waaaaaa, they don’t believe our liberal gibberish!

      • dackmont

        You realize Thomas is a thoroughly mediocre jurist who hates the affirmative action system without which he’d indisputably never, as a conservative, have achieved his present office? Talk about the roots of a guy’s rage…

    • Nick Woodley

      I’m confused. You start with D’Souza and end by describing black Americans in general….

      What gives?

      – N

      • Stu Johnson

        I think he is referring to the token colored folks of the right, You have to admit that the right is the refuge of most of the white supremacists groups. That fact, without going into great detail, bolsters his assertion. As hard as it is for any of us to do, I would suggest that you view it from the perspective that both sides (left and right) are as wrong as they are correct. After all, to use an analogy, the world isn’t just black and white. There are a myriad of shades between them. Now add in the fact that those colors and shades are but .00018% of the magnetic spectrum…well, you get my drift….;)

        • Nick Woodley

          Lol….okay. But I was being satirical with my post, more than anything.

          That being said, I’ve used racial rhetoric before. I won’t deny it.

          I’ve used it here, and it isn’t something to be proud of….but neither is being a delusional apologist or suffering from PC correctness or ‘white guilt’.

          For example, I sometimes use the word n*****, although I never really used to (and indeed despise in people who actually ARE racists of the no-strings attached variety). I use it to describe Uncle Toms, blacks who sell out their race (as do they), and self-advertised ‘victims’ who are bigots themselves against my own.

          This is not your average form of prejudice, although many will never see it that way. I have nothing against the African American community as a whole. Most are equal with whites. Some are superior.

          If any are inferior, it is because they have made themselves so….through their mentality.

          The Left encourages inequality through its demand for ‘social justice’. There will never be social justice. The world is unfair.

          I use hate speech sometimes (just as many people of color do), when I get really irritated….lol….to ironically enough, point out (in my way) the glaring futility of those who would see us all divided under the false guise of unification, which fosters separation and dependency on a government that would take self-sufficiency and freedom away from us all by turning us against eachother.

          And I’ll admit, mine is not the best way to promote equality (lol) but the civil rights era ended almost half a century ago?

          Really. Can’t we just be people?

          – N

          PS. There’s bigots on the Right, and commies on the Left….called forth from the margins, the whole they represent. ;-)

          • dackmont

            Sure the natural world is unfair, but people can choose to cooperate and consciously counter its unfairness (examples: public libraries, fire departments, Medicare).

          • Nick Woodley


      • openlyblack

        Sorry you got confused Nick … next time I’ll use single syllable words and write in crayon.

        • Nick Woodley

          Why don’t you stop eating crayons?

          Then maybe you could make a coherent f***ing post. :-)

          – N

          • openlyblack

            Oh … how clever.

        • Nick Woodley

          You realize that D’Souza is Indian…..right?

          He’s not black. What does he have to do with blacks?

          Unless you want to lump all minorities together and then generalize about their behavior…..which IS racist.

          – N

          PS. Had an appropriate response about the crayons. Hopefully they’ll post it for you soon. :-)

          • openlyblack

            You do realize that I really do care what you thinks or say about anything, right?

            Go back under your bridge …

          • Nick Woodley

            Lol, I do realize that you care.

            See ya.

      • Susan

        I graduated from the same college as D’Souza did at around the same time, and there was a common rumor speculating that D’Souza’s hostility towards blacks stemmed from his experience of being mistaken for one, despite being a Caucasian, on account of his dark skin. This rumor may just be psychobabble, but I think it’s at least as plausible as D’Souza’s theories about Obama’s psyche.

  • Saren Arterius

    You have to be a stupid motherfucker to get caught violating America’s borderline non-existent campaign finance laws.

    • Nick Woodley

      Hey, the US government can make that happen for you.

      • dackmont

        Nah, D’Souza didn’t need any special help getting where he now is. He did that all by himself.

        • Nick Woodley

          I’m not a fan.

  • Dennis

    There’s something a little odd about hoping for the maximum penalty under the law for paying a donor illegally to the tune of $20,000 for reimbursement of their political contribution to a candidate with no chance if winning, just because you’re disgusted by his political views, and being indifferent to former Golfman Sachs CEO and Dem Governor NJ Jon Corzine getting off scot-free after his role in over $1 billion in customer accounts funds gone missing in the MF scandal. This at the near height of public disgust that no Wall Street executives had been prosecuted for anything related to the financial collapse in 2008 and the resulting housing crisis and economic recession.

    More than a little odd, actually. Amazing.

    • Saren Arterius

      That you assume nobody here had a problem with Corzine and/or is unaware of or indifferent to the dynamic that allowed him to get away with it is… quite the reach, at best, but more likely poorly disguised concern trolling.

      • Dennis

        If you re-read what I wrote, you’d realize that I didn’t make that assumption.

        I’m not concern-trolling at all. I’ve seen the glee involved with D’Souza’s charges by many liberal blogs over a $20,000 reimbursement to a political donor to a friend’s campaign. I saw indifference with Jon Corzine over a $1.2 billion misappropriation with MF Global. It makes no sense, even taking into account political biases. Perverse, actually. It’s proof that so much indignation that you read is fake and manufactured.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Corzine is a douchebag and should be serving time in prison.

      Happy now?

  • matureamerican

    I hope D’Souza gets his sphincter stretched to turkey cavity sized proportions in the joint.

    • YellerKitty

      I’m sure he hopes so, too …

    • TruDat

      Typical liberal showing his true homophobic colors.

      • Burt Firks

        Yeah, I’m sure you just love gay people, and are pro same sex marriage and equal rights for all LGBT Americans. For the record, prison rape does not represent respectable gay behavior any more than regular rape is representative of respectable straight behavior. I’m sure a right winger like you probably does not even think “legitimate” rape of women exists, and thinks they are all “lying bitches” or “sluts who were asking for it”.

        • Nick Woodley

          And yet you take no offense at matureamerican’s post.

          Interesting. So you’re only against gay-bashing when ‘right-wingers’ do it?

          – N

  • Katela

    Too bad his bedmates Neanderthals Ann Coutler and Laura Ingraham won’t be joining him.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Ew. That’s a mental image I didn’t need.

      • Peter James

        Yes, it happened.

        And we all let it.

    • TruDat

      Why? Because they disagree with you tolerant liberals?

  • gocart mozart

    The plea deal is for between 10 to 16 months, the Judge will likely sentence him to that range. However, his career might get a boost because now he can claim to be a victim of “Obama Persecution!!!!” Nothing cons love better than playing the victim.

    • David

      He is truly a case of selective prosecution. And what could be at stake here–20K contribution to a losing candidate.

      By contrast, Obama beat Hillary C for the Dem Party nomination with millions of illegal foreign contributions and subsequently placed the nation is a recession that may last another 10 years.

      In the case of Dinesh–a truly great man with impeccable credentials–he faces jail time with an overbearing political prosecution over a matter of no significance–while Obama trashes the nation and runs rough shod over the Constitution and dozens of laws on the books to further his agenda. D’Souza is merely a guy with free speech rights harming no one. Obama has ruined and continues to ruin us all and the laws be damned and the Left could care less.

      • gocart mozart

        “By contrast, Obama beat Hillary C for the Dem Party nomination with
        millions of illegal foreign contributions and subsequently placed the
        nation is a recession that may last another 10 years.”

        None of what you say above is remotely true. If you cared about facts you could check them.

        Clownhall cite proves you are gullible.

        • David

          All of those $190 contributions from Arab countries and Muslim nations and China have been fully documented and this is in complete violation of campaign finance laws and represents only one of many incredible scandals allowed by the liberal media. This neophyte person has been able to hide his past and bury his scandals with complete cooperation from the authorities and the press.

          And poor D’Sousa–a really great guy who simply wanted to help out a good candidate not yet known to the public–pulled a shortcut and now must go to jail. But jail time really seems extreme over such a matter–monetary compensation is correct for a small monetary crime. This is after all, election law. The stunts and real scandals pulled historically by the Dems in cooperation with the unions is a serious scandal and JFK won the presidency through total election fraud in Illinois in 1960–all of this is documented.

          Elections are very far from clean and nice in America. I will not say D’Sousa should not pay a price–he should. But let’s take the opportunity therefore to clean up the process and Dems will have a harder time electing anyone in context of uncorrupted ballots.

          Millions in totally illegal contributions through credit cards and much of it not reported is a scandal. Obama took and kept that money–was told to stop taking it and there is evidence that he continued taking it–Hillary C was out spent because of it and that money stayed there too help defeat McCain who ran a poor but honorable campaign.

          Good guys finish last in America. Liars and cheaters get to run rough shod in the political process which is gamed for hardball and squashes the honest dunce.

          So if you do not like Townhall which cites numerous “objective” sources–if I bring you all the original sources–then who do you insult and disparage? The NYT, the WSJ, governmental sources?

          • gocart mozart

            Do you have a credible citation and no, your crazy uncle’s chain emails don’t count.

          • David

            The citations are in part in the article I cited. This kind of brain dead–“give your Sources” denial game is simply bad faith. And it ignores the basic point–if D’Sousa shaved the intent of election law and is rightly made to pay a price–so what? But jail? This is not warranted.

            All my points stand. Elections are routinely shaved in this country–the activities of the unions are scandalous and not monitored and this entire process is set up with bias and scandal on its face.

            Trash and burn–is the style of the hate mongers on this blog. D’Sousa’s videos are pointed and this is why he was targeted. He is surely not low life and anti-intellectual like Michael Moore but note how Michael Moore is allowed to say and do whatever he wants with Bush in the White House. Not a lot of free speech with the Right being targeted at every turn in this administration with the man with no past in the WH. This might bother a liberal with integrity but no–today it is all the fashion to simply trash and smash.

  • joseph2004

    His minority status (ironically) propelled him to great heights given conservatives were searching high and low for minorities who would advocate whatever xenophobic/racist/misogynistic talking point they were promoting. D’Souza proved to be a good company man.

    That’s right, not only is he guilty of violating a donations law with his $20K (not $200K or $20million – but $20K) total donation that ends him in hot water, but he’s also guilty of being another person of color who is nothing but a tool for conservatives. He’s a hapless dupe who ought to know better than to have dared to have an opinion of his own, a political philosophy of his own, that runs up against the leftwing progressive (and quite racist all by itself, obviously) orthodoxy. No, he’s not technically “black,” but he is brown, and he’s conservative, and he’s off the liberal reservation. And it’s the color of his skin that makes it so .

    Man oh man, it’s just so depressing, Ben, but predictable, how liberal progressives denigrate any person of color who also happens to be conservative. It’s like you’re just waiting to make the point.

    Yep, Dinesh D’Souza, is, apparently, in all its worst of connotations, stickered on his back, an Uncle Tom. That appears to have be your main point.

    Good going.

    • Benthedailybanter

      I’m not calling him an Uncle Tom. He’s not an African American, so it’s not appropriate. I’m calling him a racist asshole, and not a very bright one at that. It’s incredibly ironic that he states Obama became President through white guilt, when it’s abundantly obvious that he became the Right’s minority poster child, just like Bobby Jindal and Michael Steele. Not their fault obviously, but let’s call it for what it is.

      • Tzameti

        “He’s not an African American, so it’s not appropriate.”

        Really? And it’s “Thanksgiving,” not “Thanks Giving.” Not very bright yourself, are you?

        • Benthedailybanter

          Well, I’m British, so I’m not overly familiar with Thanksgiving. But thanks for the correction.

          Did you have a point, or do you just quote people’s articles and say “Really”?

          • Tzameti

            Yeah, this should be obvious, but “Uncle Tom” can refer to people in different ethnic groups. Equivalency.

          • Stu Johnson

            Jeez, you must iron your underwear and double bag your garbage…

          • Benthedailybanter

            It’s very specific to African American culture, so wouldn’t make sense for someone from India. Also, I was calling him a racist in general, not towards his own people (which is what calling him an ‘Uncle Tom’ would infer).

            Still struggling to understand what your point was.

    • D_C_Wilson

      That’s right, not only is he guilty of violating a donations law with his $20K (not $200K or $20million – but $20K)

      If I robbed a bank and only took $20K instead of $200K, I shouldn’t go to jail? If he broke the law, he broke the law. The amount involved isn’t a mitigating factor.

    • Peter James

      >>>”Yep, Dinesh D’Souza, is, apparently, in all its worst of connotations, stickered on his back, an Uncle Tom.”

      …..or that he’s a deplorable human being who uses his minority status as cover to convey his racist “theories” about the president while also pissing on the memory of a murdered teenager.

      But thanks for playing the “Completely missing the point” game, in your childish attempt and taking a cheapshot at Ben

  • Jelperman

    Oliver North and Charles Colson were convicted of more serious crimes and their careers did better. Right-wingers have no shame.

    • Treading_Water

      And David Vitter got a standing “O” upon his return to Congress after surviving the liberal conspiracy to expose his fetish for hooker provided diapered “O”s

  • Michael Rappaport

    I would be very happy to see him serve only one month as long as it is in the general population at a real prison, not some stupid Club Fed.

  • j hentai

    the question is will he be stripped of his right to vote?

    • gocart mozart

      The answer seems to be voting rights rescinded while in prison, right to own a gun for a min of three years.

      • j hentai

        funny that. if he was poor black or latino, no voting rights, no gun rights. not judging just commenting.

        • gocart mozart

          Actually, it depends on which state you are in. In douchebag’s case it’s federal law and my link is to what the federal law is.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    I wish I could feel some schadenfreude towards Dinesh D’Souza’s comeuppance. But something tells me he’ll end up doing easy time (if any) in a minimum security prison, where they send white collar criminals. Then once he’s released, he’ll be greeted as a symbol for the right as a champion of liberty and a beacon of hope against the evil Obama liberals. All the while, doing lucrative speaking engagements, book deals, and a show on Fox News.

    • bbiemeret

      I don’t care where he goes, someone somewhere is gonna wipe that smug look off his face, I guarantee it.

  • vp

    The best was when Bill Maher had him on as a guest.. He let Douchbag go on and on about Obama. Then Maher asked him if he could ask a question….”Did you ever meet him?” A deer in the headlights like you wouldn’t believe. The crowd went wild.. That was excellent.

    • Dennis

      Bill Maher has a conservative guest on, delivers a prepared zinger, and his crowd ‘goes wild’.

      Wow, when does that ever happen?

      Nice catch, vp. Thanks.

      • Jay

        Maher isn’t afraid of brain-dead conservatives and he is about 100 times smarter than most of them. He invites them to appear on his HBO show, and he routinely performs at venues in Red States. More interesting that evening VP recalls was the moment when he reminded Dinesh that Maher lost his job at ABC when he agreed with something Dinesh said. The cowardly D;Sousa never spoke up for Maher as he was pilloried the network. D’Sousa is like a conservative in that he is a scumbag like most of them.

        • Dennis

          He brings one conservative on most times, and 2 liberals on his panel, along with him. And his audience. If you want to brag that he brings on conservatives, fine, but don’t overstate it dishonestly.

          Maher dug his own grave with ABC and that show. He wasn’t fired for agreeing with D’Souza, it was that along with what he said with it, that we were the cowards lobbing missiles from 2,000 miles away.

          • vp

            Just to show you that you don’t have an idea what you’re talking about…. It is the 15 or 20 minute interview he has with just him and a conservative guest. D’Souza nor any of the other conservatives he makes an idiot out of are not on the panel outnumbered by liberals.It is always the one on one interview he has with a conservative as I stated in the beginning which is what D’Souza came out all proud and left with his tail between his legs. Hint…… Next time watch the show so you won’t be embarrassed when you reply to a comment.

          • Matt Petersen

            So what? He brings on 2 libs & 1 Conservative. How is this different than ANY FOX “News” panel show on their network? Most of those don’t even bother having someone on that is liberal because they don’t want their opinion heard, & IF they do they are either not allowed to speak or are ambushed by their other guests with nonsense, lies & rhetoric. “Fair & balanced” MY ASS!

          • glogrrl

            Just like the “liberal press”on the Sunday shows, except they have two Republicans to every one Democrat. It’s only fair that libs get a chance to gang up on conservatives.

          • Razor

            He frequently has multiple conservatives on his show. There’s no other “liberal” show on TV that has more conservatives on it than Maher’s. And it’s almost to a fault since all he can get anymore are the craziest of the crazies and the douchiest of the douches.

          • Nick Woodley

            Razor, he CHOOSES those people to represent conservatives as being lunatics.

            Damn, man lol. You really don’t get that?

            – N

          • Razor

            The crazies are the only ones who will go on his show. And yes, I’m including Darrel Issa.

            But then again, are there any non-lunatic Republicans left? Go on, I’ll wait.

          • Nick Woodley

            I’m an Independent, so I don’t give a damn what you say about the Republicans….

            But if you’re defending this administration, then you have an enemy in me.

            Choose your words carefully.

            Go on; I’ll wait.

            – N

          • sockbunny08

            I’ll defend it but I don’t really care if you’re my ‘enemy’. Get real, Nick.

          • Nick Woodley

            Lol, I don’t give a damn if you defend anything.

            You have no value to me as an opponent.

            Long life. ;-)

            – N

          • sockbunny08

            Love your passive aggressive smiley face and signatory initial. Self-righteous idiot who ‘thinks’ Fox has credibility. <That right there.

          • Erdman West

            Nick do you own a gun ? What does your threat mean? Would you shoot an “enemy”?

          • Nick Woodley

            So, you’re a plant. I got it. We’re done.

          • Nick Woodley

            You’re going to learn the hard way which tactics NOT to employ.

            Then you’re going to learn harder. ;-)

          • newsmom4968

            what an adult conversation this has turned out to be…

          • Nick Woodley

            Yes. I’m always astounded by the great thinkers here, myself.

            – N

          • Jeff

            I support it. What are you going to do about it?

          • Nick Woodley

            You’ll find out when the war starts. :-)

          • kcsummer

            Indeed. I am an independent as well – the “party system” is a dog and pony show, I don’t trust anyone based on what party or platform they espouse while they campaign because very few politicians can be counted on as speaking honestly. But there is no bigger example of a profligate liar than Obama, whose every word has been a lie except for the one promising to fundamentally change America – but that was a lie of deception because he did not say that he was going to change America by destroying it. Anyone not drunk on Obama kool-aid who has reasonable intelligence and a desire to investigate the truth sees Obama for the dangerous, evil, destructive anti-American profligate liar he is. He who laughs last.

          • fifthdentist

            Maher has had on David Frum, I believe more than once, and I know P.J. O’Rourke on multiple occasions. He’s also had on David Stockman.

          • kcsummer

            The crazies are the ones lapping at the bootstraps of Obama whose heel will one day crush all of you – I feel sorry for most of Obama’s victims but not for people like you – you have it coming

          • Razor

            Obama’s heel will crush me? Would you care to explain how exactly this will happen? By all means, please go deep into detail as you pull directly from your ass.

            Commenting on a five month old post, proving my point about crazies.

          • Erdman West

            They represent their party.

          • sockbunny08

            No, they don’t.

          • Nick Woodley

            Well said.

          • vp

            I’m agreeing with you %100 percent. I don’t know what I said to make you think otherwise. I hate Fix News with a passion. Look at my avatar.

          • Nick Woodley

            And that should mean something to me because….

          • vp

            It shouldn’t mean anything to you because it wasn’t directed to you.

          • Nick Woodley

            But I watch FOX News. ;-)

            Lol, it’s no big deal if you don’t trust them. I just believe the network has some credibility, despite the fact that they’re corporately owned and in the tank for the GOP.

            I never thought I’d say that….but I believe it’s true.

            – N

          • shadowg

            You are watching a different network because fox news has zero credibility.

          • Nick Woodley

            I don’t argue with retards. There is nothing produced by the DNC or its subsidiaries (NBC, CBS, ABC, and most of CNN) that is intended as an honest discussion with the American people.

            Stop eating paste, and you’ll learn that info ads for dog food are likewise not viable propaganda.

            – N

            PS. Feel free to call me ‘racist’ anytime, welfare baby.

            Someday pretty soon, it’s likely my kind will be stepping on your face. I hope you like the taste of rubber, and cement. :-)

          • shadowg

            You are the only one that know if you are a racist. Please make sure that your face is not the face that will be stepped on.

          • Nick Woodley

            Yes, I worry about if I’m racist constantly. Lol….thank you for not judging me.

            It does look like you can speak my language though, regarding faces.

            We shall see.

            – N

          • sockbunny08

            My, my. You are a Republican.

          • Nick Woodley

            I’ll survive both your parties.

            You will not.

            – N

          • sockbunny08

            And a Sovereign-Citizen Survivalist. LOL.

          • newsmom4968

            wow. this is increasingly adult. i think you’re all up to 9th grade now…

          • Nick Woodley

            Really, brah? ;-)

          • Nick Woodley

            I don’t watch the other networks.

          • Erdman West

            They are owned by a Saudi prince and a corrupt British tabloid king.

          • Nick Woodley

            Thank you. I learned that two years ago.

            Anything else?

            – N

          • Jim

            The Fox liberals are shills.

          • Tom

            Damn..his actions are called fair and balanced on you guys network.
            and..Bill was fired because he correctly stated the terrorists who crashed the planes into the WTC were not cowards but they were insane. Just like the insane right idiot who murdered a doctor while he attended church.

          • Nick Woodley

            He was fired for saying they were insane????

            Source, please.

            – N

          • sockbunny08

            He was fired for saying they weren’t cowards. You really are a Fox Noose viewer. Ever look anything up yourself, FFS?

          • Nick Woodley

            Excuse me….

            Are you stupid? Or can you simply not read?

            I was challenging Tom’s assertion that (in his words) “Bill was fired because he correctly stated the terrorists who crashed
            the planes into the WTC were NOT cowards but they were insane.”

            I then asked if he was fired for being INSANE.

            I never debated their not being cowards. I don’t think you can fly a plane into a building and be a coward; nuts maybe….but not a coward.

            Brush up on those comprehension skills, ‘pal’. You lost this one pretty heinously.

            An embarrassing (and unreasonably hostile) post, on your part.

            They’ll never delete it here, but if I were you, I’d at least try….maybe they’ll take your name off and it can be anonymously attributed to a ‘guest’ (shrug).

            – N

            PS. There are many paper tigers to attack here on these boards; some more fearsome than others.

            I am not a paper tiger. If you’re hunting me, bring plenty of fire….and make sure it readily burns.

          • sockbunny08

            Also, Maher was ‘let go’ when he insisted the hijackers were a lot of bad, bad things, but that they were not cowards. He was correct.

            That’s what happened, not what you remember happening.

          • Nick Woodley

            I don’t ‘remember’ anything of the sort.

            I didn’t watch the interview, nor am I familiar with the case. I simply asked a question of what someone else alleged was said, on this forum.

            He never answered me, by the way. So I must have insulted him somehow (or he was lying). It’s strange he didn’t support his assertion.

            The burden of proof ALWAYS lies on the claimant.

            Of course, he was a liberal. I’m not a big fan of FOX News (I know they have a supposedly right-wing agenda), but I don’t need a GOP propaganda station to clue me in on the fact that you guys lie like breathing, are thoroughly degenerate, and right now….are ruining my country and have been for years.

            Who are you, sockbunny08? Are you Tom? The guy who couldn’t answer a simple question?

            First you come on, days later, deflecting from the issue by lying about what I said RIGHT THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE NEXT TO YOUR INSIPID POST. Now you’re planting ‘memories’.

            Why all the rancor? ‘Go home’ and sleep it off.

            I’d suggest a coma.

            – N

            PS. I’m going now, to rip you apart on your last entry. Ciao. :-)

        • vp

          Thank you.

      • vp

        It happens all the time and it’s great. And there’s no need to thank me.

        • Dennis

          I didn’t thank you. I saw that segment. Occasionally he brings a conservative on for that interview segment, I never said otherwise. But it’s his show and his liberal sycophant audience filled with folks like you that cheer with every ‘zinger’ Maher delivers. And that gives you the impression Maher killed it. That’s why I’m telling you it’s nothing to boast about, advice you won’t heed or consider but it is the reality, and many liberals have said that as well for why they don’t care for him or his show. I’ve seen him have his ass handed to him by both liberals and conservatives for pointing out something he was wrong about or clueless and he doesn’t take it well. He gives out that same deer in the headlights look. His defense mechanism is to make an unserious crack, wait for the audience to laugh, then change the subject, because it is his show.

          As much as you might love him and that style, remember this, he’s friends with Ann Coulter.

          • sccmstl

            As has been noted elsewhere, Ann will sleep with just about anyone who will put up with her foolishness.

          • Dennis

            Aside from your misogynistic statement, you have no idea who she’s slept with. Neither has anyone your cowardly referring as having been noted elsewhere.

          • Stu Johnson

            Ann Coulter is a hate monger. She is proof that exceptional cognitive skill does not always equate to intelligence.

          • Dennis

            How many best sellers have you written, Stewie?

          • Stu Johnson

            None. Does that mean that the crap she spews isn’t filled with childish insults aimed at people who don’t agree with her isn’t hate?
            By the way, you should wait to call me Stewie when you are standing in front of me. I find it a great insult to be called by a bastardized, misspelled version of my name. I’m sure you meant it that way. You should thank god you are hiding behind the internet doing it.

          • Nick Woodley

            So it’s fair to call her a slut….right? ;-)

          • Stu Johnson

            Nope. And I didn’t.

          • Nick Woodley

            Well that’s fine, lol….not that I care much.

            I have read your other posts though, and concerning your apparent lack of any moral ethos or true, intellectual integrity….

            I can call YOU a whore. ;-)

            – N

            PS. So if she was a slut, and I’m not saying she isn’t….but if she was:

            How would you know?

          • Stu Johnson

            Never called her any name except hate mongerer. I don’t practice misogyny. I can hate what her message seems to be and still not have to degrade women. I guess that’s a by-product of my lack of morals. That I have a hard time with the negative effect of the blind faith , angry patriarchal, religions from that “holy land” has on the rest of us over their entire history is from viewing it from not having a dog in the fight. What I believe is common for a great deal of Atheists and Agnostics. While a great deal of us (I am Agnostic) that are particularly pre-occupied with calling other people stupid, I think what you believe is your own business.I believe that religions embroiled in geo-political affairs is an affront to my liberty. Or do I not have the right to my own beliefs as an individual? I mean, I’m just a law abiding, working class, tax payer. Not a member of a tribe, church, hate group, political party, sewing circle, bowling team, labor union, gun club, Not any kind of deviant, love my dog, my wife, my kids and grand kids. Abhor violence, especially against women, kids, and animals. So go ahead, your holiness, judge me with your beliefs (which is pretty much God’s department in ANY religion) and I’ll lose a lot of sleep….

            And yes, you can call me what you like…HERE. I won’t waste time with personal insults. . .

          • Nick Woodley

            God, man. I really don’t give a crap about Ann Coulter.

            I don’t know hardly anything about her, except that sometimes I agree with what she says, but still find her annoyingly elitist.

            I don’t like the elites, liberal or conservative.

            It’s nothing personal. Let it go, lol….

            – N

            PS. You’re an agnostic? Good. At least, that’s not bad.

            That just means you’re a thinking person and not one who operates off of blind faith.

            Don’t take the Hell stuff the wrong way. I may have misread you, somewhat. That’s mainly how I talk to the atheists, because they claim to know things as much or more than the Christians….and they’re so damn arrogant about it.

            It’s also what I say to f*** with people when I think they think I’m being some kind of zealot. I really don’t come here to talk religion myself. (My God….I’m not doing that, lol. Sorry.)

            And I’m not being judgmental, or self-righteous. Of course people can believe what they want. I’ve spent most of my life as an agnostic. Some days I still am. ;-)

          • Stu Johnson

            Jeez, now I feel like an asshole for what I just typed, responding to your previous comment. Funny how, once we try to understand each other, we come to find out we are not as different as it appears from our comments here. Even where we disagree, it is our common wish for a better civilization, that we are arguing over. Yeah, I came to my beliefs through thorough study of different religions.I’ve spent most of my life searching for meaning that would explain a lot of things that don’t make sense on the surface.But yeah, please accept my sincere apology as well;

            The good thing is that we’ve gotten pass the shit-slinging and are communicating like people, I really agree with your characterization of most atheists. It’s almost like it’s the chosen philosophy of people whose entire aim in life is to prove they are as smart as their mommy told them they were as a child, Why I am an agnostic is that in my study of religion, I’ve run across too many people that seem to know the mind of god. As complexly beautiful and at the same time overwhelmingly vast the universe is, the insignificant part of it that I am puts the mind of god way above my pay grade.

            Please ignore my insults as well, it’s the petty, materialistic and fearful side of me (nobody’s perfect) that make me do that.

          • Nick Woodley

            No problem.

            In my opinion, people hate what they fear….and yet at the same time they want approval, and self-affirmation.

            So ironically, they think they can achieve support and community by bashing the metaphorical Hell out of others’ beliefs.

            It’s understandable, I suppose, from a human perspective….

            We are a war-like species, just as God claimed/was purported to be in the Old Testament.

            I get why people aren’t down with the New Testament PR.

            Often, in my mind, when I try to believe….

            I see God as a high-functioning schizophrenic. ;-)

            – N

          • Stu Johnson

            To be quite honest, Jesus taught me a lot about compassion. I wish the world what follow his example when it comes to loving one another. I mean me too. I’m not a big fan of Paul. I think it’s his bureaucrat beginnings and his resentment towards women. John of Patmos showed who he was with Revalations, which reads like a texbook case of delusional schizophrenic withdrawal from reality.

          • Nick Woodley

            I agree. Revelations is decidedly….off.

            – N

          • Stu Johnson

            So Nick, how about this? I’m gonna spend more time not insulting people. I have been a real jackass at times in the past. I also will try to avoid black and white, red or blue, left and thinking, then I’m gonna sing kum by yah… enjoyed every second of our conversation. :)

          • Nick Woodley

            Well allright, if you’re being legitimate.

            I’ll probably just keep on insulting people, though.

            It’s more fun. ;-)

            – N

          • sockbunny08

            You had me until you ‘agreed’ with Nick and ALSO generalized about Atheists. You haven’t met, and never will meet “Most Atheists”. It is arrogant to tar a vast swath of people with your unfounded generalizations. And Nick with his insecurity over “elitists”; er, what does that mean; someone with a Masters or a PhD – just what? Anyone is only elite if you let them be; it’s really your state of mind.

            At any rates, thanks for giving me a chuckle. Guess that makes me elitist. I’m glad Dinesh is out of circulation.

          • Stu Johnson

            The fact that I “had you” at all, wasn’t my intent as far as being here. In the 55 years of my life, I have had the chance to converse with a great many people who believe (or don’t believe) a lot of things. I have been at various stages of “agree or disagree” with them. I’ve found that an open mind receives more knowledge than a closed one. Is everything black and white with you? I mean, if I disagree with what Nick says, then I should hate him? I don’t know about you, but I think there is way too much hate in the world already.
            I don’t know who you are (you don’t use your real name as I do) but you should work on your reading comprehension.I never once typed “most atheists”, and, in fact. the term I used was “a great many” and that was from reading posts by a great many Atheists on the internet who constantly made fun of others for their beliefs. And once again, you attribute the word “elite” to me when I NEVER typed the word. But their are elitist in this country. People who control the conversation with the backing of the wealthiest among us could be considered elitist, as they have louder voice backed by money.. Ann Coulter would fit that definition. Dinesh would also.
            In closing, I find it very humorous that you seem to attack me for “agreeing” with Nick; The dialogue between he and I began when he accused me of saying something (calling Ann Coulter a whore, when I called her a “hate monger”) I didn’t and, in your condemnation me, you do the same exact thing, attribute things to me that I didn’t say. As for how many Atheists I have met, well I haven’t kept count. But unless you are older than 55 years old, it would be safe to say that I’ve met more than YOU have, as I have been ALL OVER THE WORLD in my adult life. And in all that time and over all the miles I traveled, one of the most important lessons I have learned is that you learn a lot more by talking to people who think differently than you do.One of the biggest problems we have in America is that “we the people” (You, Nick,Me) are constantly told by the elites (regardless of letters before and after their name) of different political factions have convinced us that other Americans that think differently from us are the enemy. And for some reason, far too many people are falling for that bullshit that is weakening our society and distracting us, while our freedom is being eroded. Now feel free to respond with more of your condemnation of me for the fact that my life experience is different than yours, and since you don’t know me, something you couldn’t have a clue about.

          • sockbunny08

            Talk about reading comprehension! You typed, “I really agree with your characterization of most atheists.” See the phrase “most atheists” there that you typed? See Stu? YOU DID TYPE IT.

            I was agreeing with you until you exposed yourself in the misery-loves-company kind of way by agreeing with Nick’s specious and superficial generalizations, adding some of your own. Just like your claim you never typed what you actually did, it’s easy to see in your comments.

            You spend an awful lot of typing energy slamming me, with little or no substance. Speak for yourself and what you ‘are told’ by ‘elites’. I could ask you exactly what freedom(s) you have lost but I have had that conversation too many times, with no response that holds water, to do it again.

            If you don’t think this country has polarized electorate, I suggest you pay attention.

          • Stu Johnson

            Well. You win. And yes, I do agree that, most Atheist that I see in debate with Christians seem to operate from the premise that they automatically know more about Christianity then the Christians do. That may be due to the fact that they believe all of Christianity is false, and therefore they know the main fact that solves the debate. I see it all the time. It’s almost as offensive to me as the Christians who think I am lost, just because I “haven’t made the Lord Jesus my personal savior and submitted to the will of a god that I don’t think exists. And just like the Christians, very often, Atheists often think I’m superstitious because I accept that god may be something that defies all of my ability to understand, given my insignificance considering the vastness of the know universe. If that makes me some kind of jerk to you, then you are extremely judgemental and can take that somewhere else. If I am supposed to hate Nick because I vehemently may disagree with what he says, then the people who would oppress us have already won and not a thing that any of us have to say makes any difference. If you are going to tell me what I do or don’t know, I am speaking from REAL LIFE experience where my opinions come from. Over half a century of it, If you think that means nothing, then you must be very young. Without a doubt, I’ve met more atheist then you could imagine, and unless you were born into one of these religions, I’ve met more Buddhists, more Bahais, and more followers Of Meher Baba, as I have explored all of those faiths since I rejected the Christianity of my parents 40 years ago.
            Now please, go ahed and tell me where I am wrong. You know, you really don’t have to respond to EVERYTHING you read in a thread. It seems to me that you are just looking for someone, ANYONE to argue with. Please find someone else.

          • SSchus87

            The only problem she has is finding someone who will agree to sleep back with her….

          • vp

            I know that and that’s good that you can be friends with someone with an opposing opinion.. I have several. I’m not a liberal by the way. I’m an Independent but I side with the left on most but not all issues. I just like Maher’s style of comedy however he would be much better without the filthy language he uses. My parents would enjoy him but they won’t watch him for that reason.
            Other than that his satire is excellent along with Stewart and Colber.(sic)
            As far as conservative comedy, I like to listen to Limbaugh and Beck. Beck was much funnier when he had his tv program on Fox.

      • Stu Johnson

        And you are suggesting that no one but Maher prepares what they will say on tv? Or do you mean to just support that this criminal douchebag?
        I can understand why you might think like that. The crap that people on the right say would lead one to believe that they give no thought to what they say and are making it up as they go along. Or they are knuckle draggin’, racist, servants of the oligarchy that pulls their strings. Probably a little of both.

        • yeshivaforum

          knuckle draggin’, racist, servants of the oligarchy that pulls their strings? Do you viciously hate millions of people in this country you never met because you guys disagree? That’s so sad

          • Stu Johnson

            You people on the right think that everyone is one of you and NOTHING could be farther than the truth. But you, yeah I visciously hate YOU. Not people like you. YOU. Wanna’ do something about it? I wish you’d try.

          • yeshivaforum

            Even sadder

          • Stu Johnson

            No what’s sad in income equality. What’s sad is the misogynistic marginalization of women. What’s sad is the lack of opportunity for people born of poverty. What’s sad is working class people priced out of access to reasonable healthcare. What’s sad is a country founded on religious freedom that is constantly under assault from fanatics who believe it is a Christian Theocracy.
            What isn’t sad is my right to believe what I see by judging the things happening to and around me. That you lead with your religion (your screen name suggest that) shows that you don’t have the required empathy or respect for others to do anything but call everyone else haters. And then you are surprised when your attitude inspires the same hate you put out there. By calling me a hater and “sad’ , you in no way are refuting the fact that politicians are bought off by wealthy special interest and no longer have the interest of average citizens. only trying to deflect the conversation from that truth.

          • yeshivaforum

            You make all these assumptions about me and lump me into some negative prejudged category you’ve already decided without knowing anything real about me. I see why you’re so full of hate. Everyone falls into boxes. Of hate. You seem very bitter and angry. I don’t know what to say. I don’t accept any of the hateful things you think about me though. I’m sad for you.

          • Stu Johnson

            And yet, you know enough about me to deem my thinking wrong? You only see things from your inexperience.Do you have a mortgage? Have you been priced out of healthcare most of your life? How hard was it for you to feed your children as the grew up? How much anxiety do you feel about the world your grandchildren will grow up in? I have looked at my grandchildren in their cribs and felt that anxiety, have you? How would you feel seeing your child sick with a high fever, and know that the trip to the doctor means you most likely won’t have money for a bill? And you say you feel sad for me? Bullshit.
            Yes I’m angry. I played by the rules all my life. Honest. law abiding , working class taxpayer. And guess what? The dishonest, crooked liars , I have seen in my community are now the rich and influential people who run things. They too wear their religion like a badge of honor. Don’t insult me by saying you feel sad for me. You support the folks that want to further erode my way of life and yet I somehow, am unreasonably filled with hate? You tell me that I don’t know you. Fair. I can only judge from your comments. But if you prefer the anonymity of a screen name, leading with a word that identifies your religious beliefs will always create the preconceived notion that you are a fanatic. You call me out for making assumptions about you, when your reply to a comment that wasn’t directed at you in the first place, assumed that I hate millions of people because of my beliefs founded in being over a half a century old.

          • Stu Johnson

            Membership in your tribe seems to preclude any understanding of others. Don’t waste anymore of my time, you should get busy oppressing others in your homeland. I mean, you Zionists went there and evicted some of the poorest people from their lands so you could bulldoze their homes and herd them into camps (I guess it’s retaliation for what Hitler did) and proving yourselves no different than any other narrow minded oppressors. I think what Hitler did was an atrocity, how is what the Zionists are doing any different?

          • tony

            Listen how ignorant you sound with all this HATE! It’s ugly and exactly how they want you act! SMH….. It’s obvious you’re buying into the bullshit! WAKE UP!

          • Jan Civil

            Do you always cherry-pick statements in order to come away with a straw man you can beat up? Are you always trolling remarks in this quality? That seems sad.

        • tony

          I am so sick of the left – right argument it makes me want to puke! The people on the far right are trying to reenact 1776 and the people on the far left seem to call every Republican a racist and other childish names.

          Your comment is ridiculous and has zero substance! It sounds like something a 10 year old says on the playground to another kid! Really??

          Are you really that ignorant to not notice that there isn’t a left or a right? It’s designed to divide the people with irrelevant views while pushing the same agenda. Why do you think war is getting worse? Why we haven’t shut down Guantanamo Bay? Obama has lied about numerous promises, however; I’m intelligent enough to recognize it’s not Obama – It’s the ones that funded his campaigns that got him in office.

          It’s a dictatorship by committee! Let me explain –

          Our economy crashed because of a housing bubble that popped. This would of never happen without the provisions made to the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 that loosened lending requirement for obtaining a mortgage. This encouraged the “sub-prime” mortgages by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that ultimately crashed our economy.

          After 9/11, the Bush Administration used the Twin Tower attacks to start wars for oil and sign the Patriotic Act into law – which will ultimately take all of our civil liberties.

          The Patriotic Act concentrated the power to the executive branch for our current president. This law allowed Obama to sign the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) that gives the federal government authority to detain American citizens without due process (4th Amendment Right).

          The signing of unconstitutional laws starting way before Clinton too. We, the people, need to recognize the game being played on us. They want us divided and fighting amongst ourselves so they use racial topics, religious topics, meaningless political topics like gay right or abortion, financial class, republican or democrat, and so on. The ones that try to unify the people with love get crucified in public – Jesus Christ, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King JR and more…

          We need to turn off the T.V and stop listening to all the propaganda designed to divide us. The power is the people as long as we UNITE and stop putting ourselves in this box or that box while blindly believing the politicians that claim the box we put ourselves in!


          • Stu Johnson

            Thanks for the lecture but what does it have to do with my comment, which is mostly in response to someone suggesting that it was somehow nefarious that Bill Maher prepared what he was going to say in an interview on television? What it sounded like was typical right wing condemnation of anything that someone they perceive is a liberal says or does. So why don’t you glve them the same lecture? There is far more of that going on than anything else. Though I am actually an independent, because I disagree with the angry and obstructionist tea party caucus in the congress, because I disagree that freedom of religion should be reserved for Christians only, and because I disagree with the moronic assertion that stricter gun laws are the same thing as having our guns confiscated, I have been called every disgusting foul thing in the world. Unlike my comment, which had no profanity, racial or homophobic insults and while not friendly, stuck to generalized characterizations of an ideology that I disagree. And then you end your comment with a very confusing endorsement of 3 of the most liberal influences of the past 2000 years. While you may not know it, Jesus healed the sick, fed the poor and did not judge, but loved everyone. He taught that judgement was the province of God alone. Those things are incongruous with modern American conservative thinking.
            Martin Luther King fought for the very things in our government that the Tea Party would erase , that are designed to undo the institutional racism this country was founded on. While, at the time, there were many racist white politicians, in both parties, who very wrongly fought against King, within 10 years of his death, they all were members o f the Republican party.
            President Kennedy was (like every Democratic President in my lifetime except for Carter) a centrist, populist president. He took on the Federal Reserve, which no other president in my lifetime ever did. It is most likely the reason he was asasssinated. But great strides in education and the social safety net.Those things are the very things the right are against.
            In closing, what’s it to you? I was commenting about something someone else said. Unless you are one of those pathetic troops who has more than one profile so that it seems more people agree with them, I wasn’t talking to you to begin with.
            You’ll notice that, unlike you, I didn’t infer that you were childish or ignorant as those are personal insults. The height of cowardice is to hurl personal insults on the internet.

          • tony

            I agree and disagree with you because to call yourself an independent you have to TRULY see that both sides are played against the middle. To call every TEA party member “ANGRY” is like saying every liberal wants justice for all. It’s apparent you still don’t see the game being played on us.

            Go study history a little harder! Do you think Adolf Hitler said
            ” all Jews get on the train because you’re now getting exterminated” ? NO! It was done through strategic conditioning and coercion! The proposal fro stricter gun laws has nothing to do with cracking down on guns. Rather, it has everything to do with getting legal gun owners to register their guns so they have a list of gun owners to go get when the time comes. Hitler did the same thing with Jews. He had them all “register” and wear the star of David so they could be recognized. He then demonized them with media propaganda to get the society to hate them too. Then when the time came to gather them up, not only did he have a list of them because they registered, the population was OK with the mass extermination because of the propaganda!

            The same play book has been used throughout history – Stallon, Genghis Khan, etc…

            Please wake up and stop with the Right – Left paradigm and look deeper than what main stream media is telling you! WE HAVE TO COME TOGETHER!

    • Nick Woodley

      Well, I’m sure if he had met Obama, and had the privilege to bathe in his messianic glow….he would have sounded different.

      Pressing the flesh with the son of dog actually has that effect on people.

      – N

      • vp

        Shame on him. Let him sit in the hoosegow for a few months. Maybe he’ll think of doing that the next time he writes a fiction novel about someone and passing it as a non-fiction.

        • Nick Woodley

          Oh, it’s not that.

          I despise this monkey because I don’t think he went far enough. I think there was truth to find, and he failed because he didn’t try.

          But, people like good old Dinesh don’t care about truth.

          He never really intended to do a full expose on Obama.

          He just wanted the money, and maybe to help Romney win (for the money). He was taking advantage of our American system.

          And the Indians are just as anti-imperialist as Obama is alleged to be.

          Don’t worry, though.

          I’m not going to talk about what I think about Obama this time….just my frustration lol, at jokers like D’Souza.

          And by the way:

          Ask yourself why the right doesn’t have anybody like Michael Moore….no investigative journalists like that. No one who can efficiently find answers, find truth.

          There is plenty out there, against both ‘sides’.

          I’m a conservative independent, and I’d like to know where the people are that know the meaning of….all of this.

          Where are they hiding?

          – N

          • shadowg

            “I’m not going to talk about what I think about Obama this time.”

            How worse can it get. You called him a name other than his actually name, but you are not going to talk about him this time.

          • Nick Woodley

            Okay, then he’s the biggest nigger to sell out his race, and ‘his country’.

            You happy, shadow?

            – N

          • shadowg

            Nick: You are showing your true self. Yes, I am happy because I refuse to stoop to your level. Obama will not see your post and I am sure he has been called worse. The name calling does not change anything. It only proves how stupid the person is that think it does.

          • Nick Woodley

            Just as long as you understand it’s not racist, then we’re good. ;-)

    • quillerm

      Maher delights his low information crowd with the same old vile, four letter word dialog that smears anyone that isn’t a card carrying anti-American liberal. He is the perfect example of a atheist self loathing loser out to corrupt as many kids as he can for the liberal cause.

  • Jason E

    Its Howdy D’Doody time, it’s Howdy D’Doody time!

  • mellowjohn

    lovely picture.
    i’m sure i’ve seen it before… in an old copy of “Mad” magazine.

  • Jason E

    Hey Dinesh, the 80’s called and they want their campaign finance fraud back. So in an era where anyone can donate unlimited cash anonymously, he chooses to do it the old fashioned way? And he does it for a friend who got trounced by Kristen G. That’s rich!

  • merl1

    I’m pretty sure that the sainted Founding Fathers were also anti-colonial.

    • Neddy Merrill

      Maybe not so much, if colonial is taken to include subjugating native populations.

  • TrollBaby

    It’s very satisfying that he will be in prison, but he will be back, just like every vermin infestation.

  • BumpIt McCarthy

    I agree with the consensus here so far: Is he Fineshd? If only. Wingnuts will equate his prison term to MLK and Mandela in one.

    He’s been a marvel of projection from the beginning. He’s obsessed with colonialism (his Goan family did quite well under the Portuguese) and was turned in, never forget, by the cuckolded husband of his mistress, awful Ann Coulter wannabe Denise Odie Joseph III, while professing to be a morally superior Christian.

    Perhaps Denise will wait for her newly separated jailbird sweetie, to whom she was engaged while being a newlywed herself, but perhaps she’ll find a less encumbered, if not less married, wingnut star to lust after. Newt’s not exactly available, but he’s never been exactly NOT available….for some weird reason she hasn’t taken her FB page down, so scroll and enjoy!

  • cablejunkie

    just think g.gordon liddy or scooter libby

  • trgahan

    “…and left to a career hawking his books in white suburbia.”

    He’ll be back. White conservative suburbia (and ex-burbia) will need a library’s worth of non-researched, deceit-filled, revisionist “history” books making up…er detailing how noble, self-sacrificing Teabagger’s, billionaire “job creators,” faux-libertarians (all of whom will self-identify as Republicans again if they win 2016), neo-confederates, and Clive Bundy successfully defeated Obama’s nefarious plans.

    • buricco

      There’s enough of that from David Barton already.

  • aceshigh

    Right-wing scumbags are never down for long…some wingnut welfare outfit will throw a few million his way as long as he does what he does best: baselessly smear the left without merit or conscience.

    • gocart mozart

      Hillbilly heroin didn’t hurt Rush. See also, G. Gordon Liddy.

  • D_C_Wilson

    D’Souza will be back. Being a convicted criminal hasn’t stopped G. Gordon Liddy or Ollie North (conviction overturned on a technicality) from having lucrative careers. The far right is already treating him like a martyr who was railroaded by the Evil Kenyan Atheist Nazi Muslim Pino Commie Usurper. So long as he continues to bash democrats, the fact that he plead guilty to fraud will mean nothing. By 2016, he’ll be on the talk circuit peddling conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton.

    • merl1

      and that’s why he got caught on purpose, to be a ‘victim’

      • Nick Woodley

        I believe the gubmint caught him, merl.

    • Stu Johnson

      And not a very good “Evil Kenyan Nazi Pino Commie Usurper” at that. Unless you think Kenya is a little-known Hawaiian island . Unless you think opting for a market based alternative to socialized medicine ( what the far left wanted) that was devised by Heritage Foundation is communism. How someone can be a Muslim (worshipping the god of Abraham) and an Atheist at the same time is beyond me. How they say this crap with a straight face is a real head scratcher.

      • Nick Woodley

        I can’t believe there are people as stupid as you are….that think that the Allah of the Koran is the same as the biblical Hebrew Yahweh.

        I’m scratching my head right now, contemplating exactly how your mentally deficient parents arranged to breed.

        – N

        PS. Enjoy Hell. :-)

        • Stu Johnson

          um hmm, dam me to your pit….whoo that’s about as scary as some kid insulting my parentage over the internet…haha..

          • Nick Woodley

            Laugh it up man. Lol, jokes on you. :-D

          • Stu Johnson

            Yeah. some asshole is insulting me over the web about his belief in an imaginary invisible angry, misogynistic god and the jokes on me,….what a moron! You are a pathetic excuse for a human being, a coward, a simpleton, and a hate filled waste of space.

          • Nick Woodley

            Np. You’re not the only one, lol.

            I have that same dread often.

            – N

        • Stu Johnson

          By the way, what I meant by that is that the people that became Muslims eventually, were also the children of Abraham.Most people in that part of the world were to some degree. I would suggest that Allah isn’t the culprit. Mohammed is. Every story from the Hadith (literal meaning : tradition), stories of the sayings and deeds of Mohammed, ends the same. By sundown he had made a treaty with some other group or village and broke bread with them. Then he got up early the next morning and slaughtered the men and enslaved the women and children, It is precisely for that reason that Muslims don’t like their holy texts to be translated form Aramaic,

          • Nick Woodley

            Yes. Pardon my earlier rudeness….

            But understand that ‘Allah’ is not a name of God.

            It does not appear in the Bible; not once.

            – N

          • Susan

            As a point of clarification, the Koran is written in Arabic, not Aramaic. Allah in Arabic means “the god” (I.e. the real god, the only god..)

            The term “Allah” may not appear in the Hebrew Bible, which is written in Hebrew and Aramaic, but it is strikingly similar to, and cognate with, one of two major terms used for god in the Hebrew Bible, Elohim, ( the Hebrew word for a god, ‘el,corresponds to the Arabic ‘al; ) is the plural form of the ordinary word for a god, with its use in the plural being sort of a “divine we”– the plural usage in Hebrew here has essentially the same sense as the Arabic’s usage of the definite article

    • vp


    • shadowg

      We know Oliver North took the fall for someone else. If they would have locked him up he had plenty to tell. America would have had another Nixon.

    • Nick Woodley

      Around about the time she’ll be losing the election and possibly facing charges for Benghazi, pending processing by the Republican Senate after the departure of the Muslim usurper. :-)

      – N

    • Alexander

      No way. D’Souza will not be lionized by the right once Obama is out of office. His usefulness as a brown skinned minority who rails against the president will be over and thus his reign. You watch. He will fade to obscurity as fast as he came into prominence.


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