Exclusive: The Daily Banter’s Investigation Helps Catch Sandy Hook Memorial Thief (Updated)

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This morning, police in Herndon, Va. recovered the two signs that had been stolen from the memorial playgrounds honoring Grace McDonnell and Chase Kowalski, victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. Police have told us that The Daily Banter‘s reporting on the story was instrumental in catching 28-year-old Andrew David Truelove and bringing the case to a close.

As we reported here last week, someone claiming to have stolen the signs contacted me and e-mailed pictures of the missing panels, boasting that he had taken them and then called the families of both McDonnell and Kowalski to taunt them by saying that their children had never actually existed and the Sandy Hook massacre was nothing but a hoax. I passed along all the information this person had sent me to the police department in Stonington, Conn., which was working the case. I’ve been in contact with detectives there several times since.

It turns out the photos that we received were loaded with metadata, including geotags, which led Stonington to contact Herndon, where many of the pictures were apparently taken. Police there tracked the geotags to the home seen in the photos we posted last week, which was actually a small unit rented by someone named Alan J. Truelove. They obtained a warrant and this morning confronted Truelove, the father of the man suspected of being the actual sign thief, Andrew David Truelove. While the elder Truelove hasn’t been charged with anything, since he denies knowing the signs in his home were stolen, while being questioned he apparently asked the police how they could be sure the Sandy Hook shooting had really happened. So, yes, it looks like he’s a Sandy Hook truther just like his son.

Herndon police told me that when they opened the front door of the Truelove home, the two signs were directly inside, right where they were in the pictures we ran last week.

The younger Truelove, meanwhile, is actually already in jail at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. He turned himself in on May 26th on a probation violation for a separate incident. He’s now been charged with receiving stolen property, with further, heavier charges to follow. Andrew Truelove has an extensive criminal record, much of which is pretty disturbing.

In March of 2012 he was arrested for trespassing on the property of Fairfax High School in Virginia. Before that, in October of 2007, he was arrested and charged in the attempted abduction of an eight-year-old girl walking near the campus of Granby High School in Norfolk, Va. In a statement, Truelove claimed he had simply gone to the school to “seek out school bullies” and “threaten them” with a lug wrench. He claimed he grabbed the backpack of a young girl he found walking past the school but not with the intention of abducting her.

From his statement:

As I approached the field, I noticed a girl (approx. 8), alone, walking away from the field. As I wanted a clear area away from the field to threaten bullies (if I found any), I took hold of the backpack strap (which she had on backwards) and indicated that she should return to the field.

She did so At no point did I touch the girl except as above, nor did I drag or push her. As she approached the field, an older girl (who I now believe was her sister) approached her and escorted her back to the field.

I said to the older girl “Do you know of any bullies around here?” She laughed, said no, and kept walking. This was the last I saw of either girl.

He goes on to cast himself in largely heroic terms, saying at one point that while he was supposedly calling out threats to football players at Granby High School “A large and heavily-built coach approached me, and said ‘I too was bullied’.” The little girl’s mother tells a different story, saying that her daughter was left traumatized after Truelove grabbed her.

It’s also worth mentioning that Truelove claimed at the time to have been under psychiatric care for two years and was kicked out of the University of Virginia in 2003 for allegedly threatening his dorm-mates and some campus housing workers. A psychiatrist who testified at his eventual trial on the attempted abduction charges said Truelove exhibited symptoms of bipolar disorder, including depression and occasional hallucinations. His lawyer told the court, “All of the anger and violence is in Andrew’s mind.”

He was ultimately sentenced to four years in prison but apparently didn’t serve out the term.

Update: The charges filed against Andrew Truelove in Virginia are misdemeanors but police in both Connecticut and New Jersey confirm that he’ll face grand larceny charges for the alleged theft of the McDonnell and Kowalski signs, respectively. Meanwhile, Alan Truelove spoke to NBC in Washington, DC yesterday and alleges that his son had nothing to do with stealing the panels. (This despite the fact that they apparently sat inside the front door of his own home for two weeks.) “They’re chasing the wrong fella,” he said, while holding up a piece of paper that he claims has information about the “real thief” on it. When asked by a reporter whether he believes the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, the elder Truelove was quickly dismissive, saying, “Not interested. not interested in anything you say. I’m not interested in those events.”

Alan Truelove has an interesting history, to say the least. In the 60s he was a somewhat prominent mathematician and statistician — a member of Mensa who authored a maintenance manual for NASA’s Apollo program. But as time went on his need to aggressively promote a conservative nationalist worldview seemed to override his dedication to science. He was eventually kicked out of Mensa after years of drama with the group over his racially charged “research” and online postings. Credit to Matt Osborne for sorting through the elder Truelove’s past for the details.

Also, one minor correction was made to our initial story above. Alan Truelove wasn’t officially placed under arrest on Friday; he was only held briefly by police and questioned. Given that there was more than one agency passing along information, and it was coming from different states altogether, it’s not surprising that small discrepancies would happen.


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  • Philip Camp

    Further comment from Dr Truelove(Andrew’s Dad)
    ‘This guy gets accused of trying to kidnap [erm, “abduct”] a little girl, and his defense
    is “no, I, as a full-grown adult male, was only there to beat some
    other children with a wrench. But only if they were bullying kids
    Regarding this back in 2005 (?) as I said, he was trying to address a small crowd at a High School football practice on the topic of ‘bullying’. He did take a 6” lug wrench (do you blame him?). I assume that if he got around to beating – which he didn’t and I’m sure never would have —– it would not be ‘children’, but ‘full-grown’ high school seniors, e.g. In the event no one was harmed (now or since then) & it quickly blew over. Please don’t embellish. To repeat I don’t condone this in any way. Got that?

  • Kataphractos

    Both of these Truelove pieces of garbage deserve to be lobotomized and then left outside in freezing weather without overcoats, shoes or socks, to fend for themselves, so that nature might work its course.

    • mo up in the northeast

      Why would you want to treat patsies like that?

  • CygnusX1isaHole

    TDB didn’t help “catch” the Sandy Hook Memorial thief as its sensationalistic headline claims, it helped identify him. The word “catch” when used in this context means capture. It’s now known that Truelove was already in jail having turned himself in on unrelated charges. The author buries this fact in paragraph number five.

    Additionally, the author then goes on to blame his sources for his erroneous claim that Truelove’s father was arrested when instead he was only held for a short period of time. The author attempts to paper over his error by labeling it a small discrepancy even though this information was near the top of the article in paragraph number three. (In an extreme rarity for TDB this error was admitted in an update.)

    At the end of paragraph number two the author clumsily plasters on the following sentence: “I’ve been in contact with detectives there several times since.” One can almost hear these words being spoken by comedic actor Don Knotts who played the overcompensating deputy sheriff Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show and evoking huge laughter.

    For a writer who has endlessly criticized Glenn Greenwald for his reporting on the unimaginably complex and important Snowden documents to grossly exaggerate and make so many errors in a very simple story about stolen signs should be sobering and moderately embarrassing.

    • That River Gal

      Maybe Chez can send you a paper lunch sack to breathe into.

  • Change You Can Keep

    Ugh…it was a hoax. I disagree with Truelove’s actions (more so his taunting of his crime) but seriously people the entire thing from start to finish is A COMPLETE HOAX. Good for Truelove, he is heroic in my world. These people are profiting millions of dollars off people just looking to help, the Kowalski family should be jailed, not Truelove. Also the author of this article’s clear smear campaign of Truelove is completely transparent.

    • MikeH

      No proof. No data. Typical troll…

      • That River Gal

        I’m sure he’ll find a youtube video in short order….

        • woodrowfan

          he’s still on the Mall, waiting fore the other “patriots” to show up for the “American Spring.”

      • mo up in the northeast

        A man by the name of Jonathan Reich got arrested for asking questions of Medical Examiner Wayne Carver. What are authorities afraid of? The truth, it would seem

        • MikeH

          Citations, please…

        • MikeH

          Are you sure that he was only arrested for “asking questions”..??

    • That River Gal

      I can only hope you never contribute the gene pool, so that you never suffer the unimaginable pain of losing your child. Grow up, and get your ass to a psychiatrist, stat.

      • dbtheonly

        I’m still trying to figure which was the hoax.

        The cops planted the signs on

        • woodrowfan

          the idea that Sandy Hook was “faked” has got to be one of the stupidest conspiracy theories ever. Think how much effort and how many people it would take to create 20 extended families, not to mention involving the cops, hospitals, emergency personal, teachers, etc. And consider how easy it would be to expose it. Just one cop or EMT or employee of the school could blow it open. Just one.

          Anyone who thinks it was faked has demonstrated a total lack of any judgement whatsoever..

          • mo up in the northeast

            Fire trucks, personnel from Danbury Fire Dept., and a parking lot full of police cars, recorded at 9:13 a..m. 12/14/12. As of 10:00 18 calls had been recorded in requesting ambulances. Sorry, nobody died. Please wake up.

      • Change You Can Keep

        They’re criminals who are pulling on America’s heartstrings to personally profit, and push their anti-gun agenda on America. It is clear as day to anyone willing to put in just a few hours of research. I’m completely confident I’m right, when former State troopers like Wolfgang, who specialize in nothing but school security say the same thing, people should listen.

        • That River Gal

          Troofers. Sigh.

        • mo up in the northeast

          Thank you. Jonathan Reich got arrested for daring to ask Wayne Carver about that handy little Connecticut bill of 2011 in which the autopsy reports of juveniles are no longer made public. DID EVERYONE HEAR THAT ? GOT ARRESTED. Parents had to post a $50,000 bond- according to local news media person, unheard of .Carver wanted to quit, but the Ct. legislature wanted him to say on Why? What dirt did he have on the legistlature, the powerful, the authorities? They passed the bill to appease this man. Perhaps SRA or molestation had to be hidden from the people of Connecticut, excuse me, Corrupticut

      • mo up in the northeast

        9:13 fire trucks, Firefighter from Danbury Fire Dept. and many squad cars photographed at Sandy Hook Fire Dept. on 12/14/12. Yet, as of 10:00 people were asking where the heck the ambulances were. Sorry, nobody died.

  • kdwald

    This story is my first brush with The Daily Banter, and I had to check several other sources before believing that this wasn’t a lengthier and more serious version of The Onion. The story reads like pulp fiction, and yet, it’s not. Actually, I’m still only half-convinced this isn’t a parody site.

    If it’s not — well done.

    • mo up in the northeast

      You are more astute than you know. I met with police in Stonington. As of May 22, they predicted the investigation could take as long as a year. Miraculously, indeed, the 1st Banter story came out, and then miraculously on May 30 the case was solved. You must know that lots of people get in their trucks in Virginia, and drive to NJ then Ct. to steal signs. Of course it is merely a coincidence that on the night of the Great Sign Caper, May 6th, Wolfgang Halbig was speaking before a mute Board of Education. Police came to the home of this former safe school commissioner from Florida, and threatened him at the behest of those great folks from Newtown Police. Of course Board of Ed didn’t need to speak. The fix was in. Trueloves: either innocent or patsies from the get go.

    • Lauren

      It’s not, and I hope you stick around. They’re pretty awesome. :-)

  • http://twitter.com/devans00 devans00


    What a shame. Two generations of Truelove brain power could have positively contributed to society. Instead it’s consumed with trutherism and conspiracy theories.

    • Frau From Fly-Over USA

      and pedophilia

      • mo up in the northeast

        Pedophilia is what Wayne Carver is good at covering up

    • ninjaf

      Hey, maybe the elder Truelove could confirm (or deny) the moon landing? **crosses fingers**

    • VelvetLlama

      Just another reminder that smart people can be very, very stupid.

    • mo up in the northeast

      please read my comment above.

  • http://vermillionbrain.blogspot.com/ Vermillion

    Yeah, good job and everything, but wait a second…

    This guy gets accused of trying to kidnap a little girl, and his defense is “no, I, as a full-grown adult male, was only there to beat some other children with a wrench. But only if they were bullying kids first.”

    • Aron

      I did particularly enjoy that!

  • AJ Slemmer

    To quote Cartman, “Kickass!”

  • Peabody Nobis

    Great work, Chez! If your actions make the families of those kids feel even slightly better about mankind, then you have performed a noble service.
    You’re a good guy, even without a gun.

  • http://www.osborneink.com/ OsborneInk

    Glenn Greenwald to screech about the injustice of metadata in 5, 4, 3…

  • Gunnut2600

    I am SHOCK! Yes shocked that it was a crazy white guy behind all this. When are white leaders going to stand up against this nonsense?

  • HydroKGB

    Wow. Way to tell the cops! You must have made a great hall monitor back in the day.

    • That River Gal

      It’s hilarious that this is the meme you troofers have chosen to embrace.

      • BumpIt McCarthy

        Standing up for psychotic child molesters is so quaint, I’m sure Hydro will win many hearts over.

  • Mary Broyles

    It does not matter how?? Chez Pazienza is associated with the article. Clearly a person (“Reporter”) that cannot be trusted to keep confidentiality.

    • That River Gal

      This person committed an offensive crime and harassed the parents of murdered children. Hell yes he should have called the cops.

    • MikeH

      I think you are confusing reporters with psychiatrists who have confidentiality agreements with their patients, which I hope you are one…

    • Lauren

      I can’t wait until you commit a crime and tell your doctor all about it, expecting him or her to keep it “confidential.” Because that’s totally how that works.

    • ninjaf

      1. Truelove responded to Chez’s opinion piece (not a news story) about what a POS the person was who had stolen the signs. Truelove should have had no expectation that information he revealed about his identity wouldn’t be handed over to authorities.

      2. Truelove was NOT a whistleblower or confidential source. Those are guidelines outlined with a reporter BEFORE you reveal your information.

  • Mary Broyles

    Good Luck!! With any future employment.

    • That River Gal

      Mary, Mary, if only you had the slightest clue.

  • Mary Broyles


    • That River Gal

      Why can’t truthers ever spell?

      • woodrowfan

        because they’re not very bright..

        • woodrowfan

          heh, I like Treading Water’s answer better!

      • Treading_Water

        Dictionaries and spell check are conspiracies created by ACORN and President Obama to impose Sharia Law on all the oppressed Christians and confine them in Death Camps where they will be forced to enact the gay agenda.

        • Treading_Water

          Oh, and Benghazi also too.

          • That River Gal

            Oh, how I wish I could give you a second thumbs up for the “also too”!

    • MikeH

      What evidence does the sign stealing harasser have against corrupt politicians in relation to Sandy Hook?

    • BumpIt McCarthy

      Thank heaven. I thought she’d never find her caps lock.

  • shadowg

    Why when these scumbags do something stupid the news report them as having a mental illness. It’s time to call them the thugs that they are.

  • sandshark666 .

    Good Job! And thank you. You did the right thing. I hope more people do the right thing.

  • jaydeehess

    Glad he is off the street. Not seeing much support for him or his views. If he is at all typical of the Sandy Hook or Boston Bombing ‘trutherrs’ then its an argument for more mental hospitals.

  • eavesmac

    Pazienza is just covering for the cover story. Sandy Hook was complete fabrication by the communists in order to persuade americans to accept gun control. This man’s claim that it was fake is not the only evidence out there. Time’s up communism; you had your shot. Too little too late to be considered anything other than complete delusion. Oh yeah, I don’t need a tinfoil hat. Right never has to worry about wrong. Wrong always worries about right.

    • http://www.scottcolbert.com/ ScottColbert

      Seek help, you need it.

      • eavesmac

        I live here in New Orleans, Louisiana. Here the local govt. says you can enter a woman’s womb and cut the head off of a living human being at a stage in their life called fetus. Most of the time for convenience. But if you go to one of the live oak trees on St. Charles Av. and cut a limb off of a live oak tree they will throw you in jail. Let this be a warning to you; if you see this situation as right, then I do need help. To eradicate this country of the evil pervading in these dark days.

        • MikeH

          “..you can..” As in, you have a choice to terminate your pregnancy. Thanks for playing.

          What does this have to do with Sandy Hook?

        • Lauren

          Wait, can tourists cut the heads off fetuses in New Orleans? That sounds awesome. I need to change my vacation plans.

        • Hemisemidemiquaver

          “Let this be a warning to you; if you see this situation as right, then I do need help.”

          True dat. I recommend you get some.

        • MikeH

          “To eradicate this country of the evil pervading in these dark days.”- Yeah, whatever the fuck that means.

          But just to get back to the point of this. You are mad that abortion is legal AND that you are losing your rights to own whatever weapons make you “feel free” or emissions standards are preventing you from driving around in whatever vehicle makes you “feel free” or being prevented from smoking cigarettes anywhere you want because that makes you “feel free”, while neglecting that those choices you make effect EVERYONE around you and impedes THEIR freedom. Make sense or do those situations make you feel that you need help as well?

          • eavesmac

            Insults and profanity; must be underage. Sorry, I don’t argue with anyone born after 1980. They only know what they saw on tv, or in communist doctrine public school. Born in 1960, I know what a great america was like, and have watched society hold gender confusion in higher esteem than high achievement.

          • MikeH

            I didn’t insult you, I asked you some questions that you are obviously too afraid to answer, and you referred to me as evil, thats pretty insulting too. In addition to that, you are very presumptuous as to guessing anyones age and what they are confused about (gender confusion? really?)

            Finally, you are an insult to the grieving families affected by this and have offered no proof for your claim to be an elaborate hoax–I’m sorry who is confused again?

            Project much..??

          • That River Gal

            Fabulous. I was born in 1971. Tell me about these guillotine 38 week abortions. With citations. Let’s have a real talk about this.

          • eavesmac

            The people who are for abortion have already had the privilege of being born.

          • MikeH

            You never answered any of my questions I posed in regards to freedoms. You don’t know what you are talking about..

          • eavesmac

            If you truly had wanted my ideas on freedoms, you wouldn’t have picked your pet peeves and thrown them out there. I don’t smoke, emissions don’t bother me, and I don’t believe there is anything that man can do short of nuclear war that would hurt this planet. Young people have been programmed by MMM to believe whatever the bankers want them to believe. Parents parked their kids in front of the tube to get out of the responsibility of instilling some lasting values. So now they just run with whatever pack looks the strongest. When things swing back to the right, like they always do, you’ll do the same.

          • MikeH

            I didn’t say that you did any of those things. I bring them up to define what you view to be the end all of freedoms in the U.S. Of course you wouldn’t care about climate or emissions. That is a very very very convienient conspiracy theory to you.You obviously care very much about availability of guns because the humans actually living here mean little to you..

            MY “pet peeves”? Haha. Looks who’s talking! You come here and without a speck of evidence make ridiculous claims about murdered children at Sandy Hook and their families. You got nothing. For someone who claims that others have no moorings on reality, you haven’t provided anything here except for some very lame trolling. Nope, I’m not buying your ornery old guy who has grown bitter with the kids today routine. I think your mom is calling you to take the hot pocket out of the microwave that you left there 2 hours ago…

          • eavesmac

            You’re guessing again. I know what that’s like. Had my share. I own a construction company here in New Orleans. I went through Hurricane Katrina. Didn’t loose anything, but saw a lot of people who did. I guess my first heads up was called Loose Change; the video on the 9-11 event in New York. Plain as day in the video footage, you can see detonation charges going off. Then building seven fell for no other reason than debris hitting it. I know of a group of 5000 architects and engineers that attest to the fact that jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel. I started there and did my homework by looking off the beaten path which mainstreamers call Conspiracy. But if you don’t believe in conspiracy, what happened then in Dealy Plaza in 1963? Just a short time before JFK had signed a bill to legalize other means of currency to combat the controlling Fed Res Bank. I guess they got him back.

          • MikeH

            Geeze. NOW we get the old “I’m actually quite wealthy” story from the troll. Had that here last week. You must be the same guy. Thanks for playing. Bye…

          • That River Gal

            Can we please have your license number and insurance information? Seriously, you’re a walking advertisement for checking Angie’s List.

          • eavesmac

            Angie’s is in decline. I was a member for a couple years. When it lapsed, I didn’t renew. Here in Louisiana its not really effective. Down here its still traditional marriage, family values, success and happiness. If that offends minorities and deluded females, so be it.

          • That River Gal
          • That River Gal

            Why is the theme from Hee Haw playing in my head as I read your post?

          • dbtheonly

            Don’t dis Hee Haw. I enjoyed it.

          • That River Gal

            That’s not an actual answer. Cite the law. Cite clinics performing head cutting offings. Cite sources.

          • Kataphractos

            Are you mad that your fat, child molesting son just got arrested, and was too stupid to realize that the police can track metadata in a digital picture?

      • Robert Eckert

        His first couple sentences led me to think he was spoofing how the truthers talk. Now I am just shaking my head.

    • Hemisemidemiquaver

      “who was not even the person that committed the crime”

      That’s why the father was charged with receiving stolen property, as opposed to charging him with actually stealing the sign.

      ” Oh yeah, I don’t need a tinfoil hat.”

      OK then.

    • Cantpickausername

      Do you generally use Reynold’s Wrap or store brand?

    • Varek_Raith

      You’re one sick person.

    • Itsatarp

      “This man’s claim that it was fake is not the only evidence out there.”

      Making a claim is not evidence. Simply because someone says something is true is not enough to make it true in the reality based community. The voices in your head do not qualify as evidence.

      • eavesmac

        Is doesn’t take voices to see that if the media are ‘cooking’ stories for a fatter paycheck, they’ve found a loophole in the law where they can present fiction as truth as long as it keeps your little beady eyes stuck to the screen.

        • MikeH

          …which can and will be said for the Alex Jones/Infowars/PrisonPlanet crap that you regularly consume…

  • muselet

    Good on ya, Chez! How does it feel to be a Junior Crimebuster?


  • FarSide2012

    Since when are hallucinations a symptom of bipolar disorder?

    • beulahmo

      Hallucinations are possible with bipolar disorder; however, the hallucinations reported by this person may have been due to a comorbid disorder. When there are multiple psychiatric conditions, determining which of the conditions caused a specific symptom can be difficult, so it’s best to avoid making any assumptions.

    • Lauren

      Bipolar Type 1 can have psychotic symptoms. Also what beulahmo said.

      • FarSide2012

        How many bipolar types are there? I always thought bipolar was bipolar was bipolar.

        • Lauren

          Two, and cases that don’t fit that are categorized as Bipolar NOS (not otherwise specified). Then there’s something milder called cyclothymia that is considered a bipolar spectrum disorder.

  • ShiningStar00

    Hopefully this MFker and his daddy both get worked over REAL GOOD in jail. And I mean REAL good, if you know what I mean and I think you do. Hee hee.

    • Aron

      Rape isn’t funny.

      Never was.

      Never will be.

      • Magic_Stick

        Unless it’s you. I’d find that to be hilarious.

        • Aron

          Quick, I think somebody hacked your account again! Go jump in the cesspit!

  • Will ……

    Most disturbing in this article is that a photo has information that can trace you from a playground to your home.

    • http://twitter.com/devans00 devans00

      If you really want to know about the many different ways you can be tracked and traced, watch police procedural shows like Law and Order & CSI. Let alone the documentary type shows on crime.

      It’s like getting a technology forensics education without taking classes.

    • http://www.scottcolbert.com/ ScottColbert

      If you didn’t know that, shame on you.

    • Frau From Fly-Over USA

      and not the part of him attempting to kidnap an 8 year old girl. typical.

      • That River Gal

        Yeah! Thank you! HELLO! That’s far more disturbing.

  • http://twitter.com/devans00 devans00

    Yes! So happy this menace to society is off the street. His last name, Truelove, couldn’t be more ironic.

    Glad to see that Truelove’s ignorance of technology, digital photo metadata, is what tripped him up. When will the bad guys learn that law enforcement has a lot of resources to solve crimes. It’s harder to slip something past them.

    Buy the way, when you steal signs from a public park and make harassing phone calls to the parents of murdered children, the police are probably going to be involved at some point. Something to keep in mind.

  • flyinroom

    He is, unfortunately, only one of many who push that stuff about SandyHook and pretty much all the other tragedies that have been occuring. They haunt websites all over the place pushing there “false flag” crap and the mentally deranged of all stripes jump on board and take up the call….

  • Brian Daugherty

    Thank you guys for helping to nail this scumbag. I’m glad scum like him is off the streets. This kind of thing makes my blood boil and my skin crawl.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Chez Pazienza, crime fighter!

    You and the rest of the Banter crew deserve a bow. Now I want his ass hauled up to CT where he has to look the parents of Grace McDonnell in the eye while they show him pictures of the girl he said never existed.

  • Aaron Litz

    Great Job Chez!

    But, but… Evil Metadata saved the day???!!! How awful!


  • Benjamin Eugene NElson

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?

  • Kerry Reid

    So the Daily Banter has already been 100 percent more effective at exposing actual criminal activity than SnowWald. Well done!

    • BumpIt McCarthy

      Yow. :)

    • Aaron Litz


      Dead ON!

  • a.mann

    Looks like right wing Conservatives loss this round

  • http://www.osborneink.com/ OsborneInk

    Good work Chez! We’re lucky to have you.

  • durrant


  • Jason E

    DB Article of the Year! Now when will we hear about it mainstream? This isn’t simple vandalism!

  • mo up in the northeast


    • MikeH

      How do we know you aren’t a patsy who is in on this with The Daily Banter..?

    • Varek_Raith

      That’s exactly what the patsy of a patsy would say.I’m on to you, lizard alien!

  • Margaret Gallagher

    Thank God he didn’t have guns.

  • mo up in the northeast

    Story is bogus

    • Aaron Litz


      • BumpIt McCarthy

        Denial troll.

      • beulahmo

        Hate-addled paranoiac.

    • MikeH

      That’s just what THEY want you to believe, man..

      How do you know. I mean, REEEALLLY KNOW…????

    • Varek_Raith

      Hmm… I need to up the frequency of chem trail formation at your location.

  • James

    Wow, so a raving conspiratard turns out to actually be mentally disturbed? Color me shocked, Batman! Goes to show you what kind of people these idiotic conspiracy theories attract.

  • Jason E

    Virginia is for lovers! For the most part.

    • http://twitter.com/devans00 devans00


    • Robert Eckert

      It is no coincidence that the most famous case from there was captioned Loving VERSUS Virginia

      • Jason E

        Good point! It’s beauty out of struggle.

  • Jason E

    Great news! Where the hell did the “father” think the signs came from? Zero shock that they endure mental issues. It was a safe assumption from the get go. But the calling of the parents is cruelty and you have to be punished for that. Vandalism and theft won’t cover it!

  • BumpIt McCarthy

    Bravo, you guys. There’s obviously a toxic soup sloshing around in his head.

    It’s disturbing how the internet now provides like-minded lunatics resources and support for their hate, but the Internet also allowed you to draw out this deranged man where he could be captured, so there’s that.

    What is really disgusting is the cynical, craven people who don’t have to be on psychotropic drugs, who encourage paranoid thinking for profit, like Alex Jones. He should be shunned by anyone who cares about the utter decline of rational thought, and his advertisers as well.

    Unfortunately, I never bought enough gold coins and survival seeds for boycotting them to make much of an impact.

    Any old hoo, Good On You Guys! Wonder where all the second-guessers are. I bet a few trolls are grinding their teeth~~

  • PaulJmsn

    I could say that “I hope these two go to prison where bad things will happen to them”.

    But I won’t.

    What I DO hope is that when these two come to trial, some of the relatives of the Sandy Hook victims will be there in the courtroom. I would want to see if these… creatures have the guts to look the families in the face.

  • feloniousgrammar

    Well done! Bravo! You’ve been a great citizen.

  • Debra Bragg Boehm

    Put him in the database….NO GUN SALES TO HIM!! He sounds like a real creep. They should check his computer thoroughly for child porn, any you tube videos and for all things posted on social media!

  • Henry_Moody
  • undsoweiter

    Good job, guys. So it was metadata that caught em, huh? How ’bout that?

  • mikebank

    His father is a truther also…

  • Miranda

    While the elder Truelove hasn’t been charged with anything yet, since he denies knowing the signs in his home were stolen, while being arrested he apparently asked the police how they could be sure the Sandy Hook shooting had really happened.

    So the younger Truelove was raised in crazy. He never stood a chance. Well here’s hoping both Trueloves (what an ironic name) end up in general population.

    • feloniousgrammar

      Lot’s of people are raised in crazy, get chances, and take them.

    • Junoh315

      In prison he’ll get all of the Truelove he can get. ;)

  • QuadCityPat

    Can’t say enough about how great this is. Well done Chez or is it Chaise?

  • CW Wade

    Right on! Great Job! Glad to see this hoaxer where he belongs. He may have a past worth looking into … http://hamptonroads.com/node/359621

  • j hentai

    well done!

  • Xeknos

    High fives, all around. TDB just gained a level in badassery.

  • Chris Carr

    Being found out by Geo-tagging has some irony to it :) Well done Chez and The Daily Banter

    • Junoh315

      Why would he have a smartphone if he was so afraid of conspiracies? O.o

      • Mino Re

        obviously had no idea how they work

  • Sarigar

    Great, this psycho lives practically next door to me. Maybe they’ll put his fat ass in jail and leave him there this time, instead of letting his timer tick down til he goes on a rampage at a local school.

    • feloniousgrammar

      Yeah, there’s something about denying a mass shooting that says “I’ll show you a real massacre” sotto voce.

  • http://ramonasvoices.blogspot.com/ Ramona

    Excellent! You didn’t have to get that involved but you did. So proud of you guys here at the Banter.

  • exfl

    So glad this guy got captured. I wonder if anything he has done yet is sufficient to compromise his second amendment rights?

  • NW10
  • Matthew J



    Seriously … If I saw in a work of fiction a character such as these guys given such an ironic surname I’d groan and roll my eyes.

    Reality — goofier than you can imagine.

    And, by the way, nice work, there, son.

    • feloniousgrammar

      I’m wondering if he introduces himself and signs documents with his full name. If so, I doubt that had any part in his criminal identity; but I kind of wish news reports didn’t use the full names of the strange criminal types, because it lends an air of menace to people who use their full names, but aren’t criminal.

      • Aaron Litz

        It’s kind of a customary consideration (I know there’s a more proper term for it but I can’t think of it right now) for innocent members of the public with similar names. The police and media announce that “John Xavier Doe” was arrested for whatever infamous crime, rather than just “John Doe,” because there are presumably a lot fewer “John X. Does” out there to get associated with the criminal that there are plain “John Does.”

        Just imagine how many Lee Oswalds there were out there, as opposed to how many Lee Harvey Oswalds. It would even still be really awkward to have to live with a name like that.

        I regularly go by Aaron M. Litz or Aaron Michael Litz online, but haven’t been compared to an assassin because of it… yet. :P

        • Robert Hibbert

          The author of “The Gift of Fear,” whose name I can’t recall at the moment, suggested that rather than refer to these cowardly killers by their their full names all the time, the press might add, “John Xavier Doe, known in childhood by the nickname ‘Stinky,'” to steal their dignity. I wish the press would adopt that.

          • Aaron Litz

            That just might help a bit. :)

            Remove the mystique around these kinds of characters such that no one would want to emulate them.

    • Junoh315

      I can imagine that being in one of those smut novels. “The name is Dr. Truelove but you can just call me Dr. Love.”

  • Christopher Foxx

    A psychiatrist who testified at his eventual trial on the attempted abduction charges said Truelove exhibited symptoms of bipolar disorder, including depression and occasional hallucinations.

    I’m thrilled this guy is under arrest. His calling the parents was a vile, vile act and, as someone commented to your original article, the photos he sent with the fuck you finger were specifically designed to offend. I’ve got no sympathy for the guy. And yet…. I can’t help but find my disgust is tempered a bit with the realization that he needs help, too. And he’s probably not going to get it.

    • feloniousgrammar

      Sociopaths are great at having opportune bouts with mental illness. I want to see him in prison, people who are vulnerable should not have to be locked up with this predatory asshat.

      • Aaron Litz

        Even so I still feel a twinge of sympathy for him, because if he genuinely has problems he needs real help that he obviously hasn’t received. Some of these people I read about and think “there but for the grace of good caring parents go I.” And judging from the words of his father, his delusions were only reinforced by his parents and he got no help for his problems from them; had he competent parenting, his problems might have been mitigated enough that he wouldn’t have turned out like this.

      • http://trololololololololololo.com/ derpatron5000

        Sociopathy is a mental illness.

    • Jon Hendry

      Even if he gets help, he seems like the type to stop taking his meds and relapse. It’s not like his father is likely to help with that.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Big congrats to you and the Banter, Chez. Go have a beer on us.

  • Christopher Foxx


  • D. Alexander

    This guy is not only a thief, he is a suspected pedophile. Congrats to daily banter.

  • GOVCHRIS1988
  • Grizzle

    I’m proud to be a Banterite!

    Excellent work, Chez. Really.

    On a side note, for crying out loud I live in the town next to Herndon, VA. Would have loved to meet this guy to give him a piece of my mind…

  • woodrowfan

    so where are the tinfoil heads who claimed that the photos you posted were fake??

    • Lady Willpower

      I assume they still believe that, and that the guy they caught is “just a patsy.”

    • http://twitter.com/devans00 devans00
    • Junoh315

      I’ve got tinfoil in my kitchen if they’re too afraid to talk without wearing one. :|

    • Robert Eckert

      Obviously the police in Connecticut and Virginia are all part of the conspiracy, and may even be secret reptilians.

      • eavesmac

        They aren’t involved at all. Its total fabrication. Just like the Jon Benet Ramsey case 14yrs ago. No culprit. Just like 9-11; no culprit. Just like Waco; women and children burned with no wrong doing (suspected adultery) like Cigar Bill. Just like Columbine; no culprit.

        • Robert Eckert

          You are making so little sense I cannot even figure out what you are trying to say.

          • Aaron Litz

            I think he’s joking (I hope he’s joking.) I pray to Yog-Sothoth he’s joking. He has to be joking….

            I don’t think he’s joking. :(

            As I was saying, about people who need mental help…

  • glogrrl

    Seems as if his name should be changed to Truehate!

  • repugnicant

    Well done.

  • Draxiar

    Bravos all around!

  • Al Iriberri

    I tried to come up with something more profound but my fingers just want to type” “Fuck yeah!”. Great work helping the police track down this scumbag. I hope that in some tiny way those families find relief knowing the guy that added to their torment is in custody. Excellent news!

  • Dot

    I certainly hope there are no guns left in the possession. Yes, I know they can go out and buy illegal guns, but they both now should be on a list of those who can’t buy legally. We don’t need a repeat of what happened.

  • Lauren

    …Man. Good work, team.

  • RepublicansSUCKS

    Well done Chez and keep the heat on the bastards

  • That River Gal

    Excellent work, Chez. This guy is nuts.

  • Peter James

    And this is why I always look at conspiracy theorists (of any vein) with a suspicious eye.

    Well done Chez.

    Bad enough having to deal with the loss of a child they way those parents lost theirs at Newton, but to have to put up with the antics of a proper loon like this just takes it over the top.

    • sallie matthews

      OMG. for the love of black baby jesus…it’s NEWTOWN

      • bbiemeret

        Normally, I’d berate you for berating Peter on his misspelling, but instead you get a +1 for the black baby jesus ref.

        • sallie matthews

          I lived there for many years. My kids went to SHS. I take it personally. BBJ is the man..or the baby :-)

  • Janie Garbo Goss

    Why does his history not surprise me? Well done, Mr Pazienza.

  • bbiemeret

    Way to go Chez! Gettin’ all Perry Mason on his ass, convicted by his own hubris! Well done old chap, well done.

    • bbiemeret

      On a side note, what a maroon!

      • Rebecca McRee

        Was that intentionally spelled that way in order to communicate with any truther morons? The ones who may be *trying* to read this page? If so, kudos! Truthers… The poor things. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  • Sebastian L. Jackson


  • Da Dorq

    THIS IS AWESOME! Great work Chez and the Daily Banter!! Chalk one up for the good guys! Now, I hope they string this *&^%#@ up by this thumbs (after due process, of course)! So, he not only steals kids’ signs, he actually tries to steal kids. What a sleazebag. I hope his jail stay is long enough to where people forget he ever even existed. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

  • Scott D’Agostino

    Hallelujah, this fucker’s off the streets.


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