The 6 Worst Media Responses To the Elliot Rodger Rampage (So Far)

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For a guy who made his intentions and motivations pristinely clear, it’s surprising how blank a canvas Elliot Rodger is turning out to be for many in the media punditocracy. If you’re someone with a specific agenda who’s made a career out of warning the masses of the threat posed by a particular injustice or societal ill, Rodger is the Rosetta Stone that can make all your previous pseudo-intellectual grandstanding fall neatly into place. Concerned about guns? Rodger proves the need for better and smarter gun control. Concerned about your guns being taken away? Rodger proves there should be more weapons on the street to defend against lunatics. Wonder why there isn’t a more robust mental health care system in this country? “See what happens when a crazy person is allowed to go unnoticed?” Believe white men and their misogynist privilege represents a clear and present danger to women (and everyone else)? Well, you can submerge yourself in a veritable think-piece tar pit for days on that one.

While the blame for this reprehensible crime should be laid squarely at the feet of Rodger and Rodger alone, as he’s the purest example of a lone wolf killer you’re likely to come across, there are of course worthwhile discussions to be had about the environmental factors that might have led to his rampage. But it feels like nuanced takes on the UCSB murder spree are few and far between, overpowered by a cacophony of opportunists determined to plant their flags atop Mount Rodger and claim it as their own. There’s no doubt that who Elliot Rodger was says something about our society because he’s in some ways a product of it, as are we all. But no one is exactly the combination of mind-boggling narcissism, grotesque sociopathy, visceral hatred of women and jealousy of men, and unfortunate access to deadly weaponry that Rodger was. In other words, we can and should address potential issues but Rodger’s behavior doesn’t necessarily prove that it’s time to shut the whole damn system down — whatever that system might be — and start over.

A measured response doesn’t always draw page-views or otherwise get attention the way a knee-jerk or even calculatingly over-the-top response does, however. So, predictably, we get to wade through a lot of pompous media horseshit to get to some clear-headedness on Elliot Rodger, what turned him into a despicable little shit with a monstrous superiority complex and a massive axe to grind against humanity — King Joffrey of Isla Vista, only without the crown — and what allowed him to finally fulfill his fantasies of gaining power over his supposed tormenters and bringing his “Day of Retribution” to sickening fruition. It’s just too easy to try to put the blame for Rodgers on one or another cultural affliction — or to otherwise respond to a contemptible act with a contemptible and offensive piece of commentary on it — in the name of satisfying a personal agenda and being able to say, “Told you so.” And there’s been a hell of a lot of that kind of thing over the past three days. Here’s the worst of the worst (so far).

6. Joe the Plumber Returns To Assert his Constitutional Rights

If you thought #YesAllWomen was the only hashtag to come out of this rampage, try throwing #GunGrab into your Twitter search. As soon as Richard Martinez, the grief-stricken and angry father of 20-year-old shooting victim Christopher Martinez, lashed out at the NRA and Congress for its ongoing promotion and protection of American gun culture you knew what would happen next. Within minutes, Martinez went from being someone whose inconceivable loss and heartbreak made him off-limits to being fair game, a “California liberal” who represented a direct threat to the United States Constitution. The usual suspects began circling the wagons, with idiots like Jim Hoft wondering aloud why the elder Martinez neglected to mention the three people who were stabbed to death in the spree, as if this fact somehow diminishes the more considerable damage Rodger was able to do with firearms and the greater potential for damage his guns gave him.

But it was the triumphant return of irrelevant Tea Party action figure Joe the Plumber, AKA Samuel Wurzelbacher, that really drove the message home. He published an open letter to Richard Martinez in which he came right out and said, “Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.” To his credit, Wurzelbacher acknowledged that he couldn’t really criticize Martinez for speaking his mind in a moment of anguish, but he also couldn’t help but bring the Great Kenyan Satan into the fray by writing, “We still have the Right to Bear Arms and I intend to continue to speak out for that right, and against those who would restrict it — even in the face of this horrible incident by this sad and insane individual. I almost said ‘Obama Voter’ but I’m waiting for it to be official.” Good one.

I’ve never been one of those people who wants to see all guns eradicated. But what guns represented to someone like Elliot Rodger — summed up perfectly by the “Who’s the alpha male now, bitch?” line in his manifesto, written after he was finally able to arm himself heavily — is at least worth being talked about. Gun rights are one thing, gun culture is another — this notion of guns as an extension of masculinity and the use of them as an expression of power. As I’ve said many times before, responsible gun ownership and gun fetishization aren’t the same thing.

And as for Richard Martinez — sorry, but his grief buys him at least a few days’ grace period before you can drag him up on the altar of the cold steel god you worship and begin flogging him.

5. The Washington Post‘s Ann Hornaday Says It’s the Fault of Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen

You knew the popular culture blame game would begin before the last shots had finished echoing off the pavement. Ann Hornaday, though, gets the award for the most ridiculous and maybe most offensive attempt to tie Rodger’s violence to the artistic tropes that permeate American pop culture. Normally it’s violent content people begin examining and wringing their hands over after tragedies like this, but Horndaday inexplicably decided that in this case it was guys like Judd Apatow and the unrealistic worldview they tantalize poor losers like Rodger with that may be the real culprit here.

Rodger’s rampage may be a function of his own profound distress, but it also shows how a sexist movie monoculture can be toxic for women and men alike. How many students watch outsized frat-boy fantasies like Neighbors and feel, as Rodger did, unjustly shut out of college life that should be full of ‘sex and fun and pleasure’? How many men, raised on a steady diet of Judd Apatow comedies in which the shlubby arrested adolescent always gets the girl, find that those happy endings constantly elude them and conclude, ‘It’s not fair’?

And she suggests what exactly? That what may be the driving force behind all art throughout history — desire, unrequited or not, and both male and female wish-fulfillment — be abandoned or approached with newfound caution because you never know who’s going to use it to fuel his inadequacies?

Seth Rogen had a swift response to Hornaday and summed it up pretty well.

4. Fox News Contributor Says Rodger was Probably Gay

Because, of course.


Lest you think Dr. Robi Ludwig is the only hack TV shrink Fox News managed to get an asinine diagnosis out of, Keith Ablow called anyone complaining about guns in the wake of this rampage “reprehensible creatures” who are “willing to sacrifice the lives of Americans to advance their disempowering agenda.” He says guns had “zero” to do with the attack, even though four people were killed with, you know, guns.

3. The New York Post Really Wants You To See the Blonde in the Bikini That Set Rodger Off

It’s tempting to link to the Post‘s predictably horrific front page today, given that being tasteless and offensive is the paper’s bread and butter and its editors really managed to outdo themselves this time. But even though it might be worth it to see just how strongly they imply that a young, beautiful girl pictured reclining enticingly in a bikini — a stuck-up hottie who doesn’t even remember poor Elliot Rodger — is what sparked his hatred of women at a young age, I just can’t feed that kind of shit.

The facts are that in Rodger’s manifesto he rails against a girl he had a crush on when he was 12 but who didn’t give him the time of day. In the echo chamber of rage, entitlement and self-mythology that existed between his ears, Rodger saw her as the Patient Zero that began his life of unjust rejection by women. The Post — and to be fair, a couple of other shitty tabloids — are quietly furthering that nonsense. Put simply, they’re insinuating that a girl who had nothing to do with this rampage, other than being the fuel for a budding sociopath’s rich fantasy life and arrogant resentment, was at the center of it. The image of her in the bikini almost feels like it’s meant to slyly force men to confront the question, “What would you do if the lust you’re feeling right now looking at this picture went thwarted and unfulfilled for years?”

2. Salon Declares That “White Male Privilege Kills”

If there was any response column you could’ve seen coming from a mile away, it’s this one. It’s easy to picture three or four Salon writers actually scrapping over who would write the inevitable “It’s All About the Privileged White Male Patriarchy” piece like sharks fighting over a wounded sea lion. Alas, in the end it fell to Brittney Cooper, AKA “Professor Crunk,” who was in a position to hit all the necessary Salon markers simply by virtue of the color of her skin. (Two days earlier, Katie McDonough was able to bemoan only “toxic male entitlement,” minus the racial component.)

Here’s the salient quote:

This is madness. But it is neither singular, nor anomalous. Every few years, the American public has to watch in horror as some white kid goes on a rampage, killing everything from babies to old people. Yet, neither the press nor the law will understand such perpetrators as monsters or terrorists. Few will have a conversation about white male pathology and the ways that systems of whiteness and patriarchy continue to produce white men who think like this.

There’s no controversy whatsoever in stating that Elliot Rodger was so resentful and so convinced that he was entitled to wealth, power and the complete sexual dominance of anyone he chose — a woman’s own thoughts on the matter be damned — that it led him to kill to assert his authority. What Cooper doesn’t seem to notice, however — or maybe she does and just doesn’t care because, again, nuance doesn’t equal outrage which doesn’t equal page-views — is how neatly the linchpin of her entire argument cuts both ways. The above quote could easily be turned around, and has in the past, by racists determined to make the claim that selective crime and prison statistics prove that black people are inherently dangerous and therefore should be regarded with suspicion. It’s the kind of bullshit racial rationalization that got Trayvon Martin killed.

A blanket statement is a blanket statement, no matter who’s unfortunate enough to end up underneath it.

1. If Only Women Knew Their Place and Rodger Had Access To “Game”

Without a doubt, the worst response of all to the Elliot Rodger rampage has come from someone Rodger was both envious of and felt cheated by. Daryush Valizadeh, AKA “Roosh,” heads up the “Return of Kings” website, which acts as the self-proclaimed center of the Pick-Up Artist (PUA) universe. Rodger hated, literally hated the PUAs, mostly because he couldn’t be one of them in terms of the image guys like Roosh sold to the masses. Certainly, he was just as misogynistic as your average PUA devotee, but he believed himself to be better than them, which made it all the more infuriating that he didn’t reach what was billed as their heightened state of sexual prowess. Still, it was the PUA shibboleth that women are mere “targets” for sexual conquest, bit players in the satisfaction men are entitled to, that compounded Rodger’s rage.

With this in mind, you’d think that someone like Roosh might either do a minor amount of soul-searching in the wake of Friday’s rampage or at least have the good sense to keep his mouth shut. But of course not — not when there’s marketing to be done. And so here we have Roosh lamenting the way men’s sexual needs are denied by those thoughtless women who put their own desires above what’s good for society, and the progressive culture which shuns hetero-masculinity and creates sad little beta-males like Elliot Rodger.

Six lives would have been saved if there was a societal mechanism to steer sexually frustrated males like Rodger into learning self-improvement, game, and masculinity, the very values that are taught here and on many other manosphere sites that inexplicably have been attacked, disparaged, and even sought for eradication by the American media and blogosphere, men’s rights activists, “PUA haters”, and progressive organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center. All these groups are complicit for creating a cultural environment that allowed this massacre to occur. It is them who must accept responsibility for these seven deaths and make the moral change to their ideologies in order to prevent such an act from happening again…

If Rodger came to me, he would have received actionable and effective advice. He would have been exposed to material detailing how socially corrupt American society has become, and how being a beta male provider—his principal strategy in trying to get laid—is no longer useful in achieving intimacy with women who now see men as entertaining clowns that should provide them with excitement, drama, and tension. After these truths would be painfully delivered to Rodger, he would have to make the personal choice to accept them or not, but based on his intelligence level, I have little doubt that he would, as it would match what he saw on campus with what he termed “obnoxious” (i.e. “alpha”) men getting the girls he wanted…

More people will die unless you give men sexual options. Until you give men like Rodger a way to have sex, either by encouraging them to learn game, seek out a Thai wife, or engage in legalized prostitution—three things that the American media and cultural elite venomously attack, it’s inevitable for another massacre to occur. Even game itself, as useful as it is on an individual level, is a band-aid fix upon a culture which has stopped rewarding nice guys while encouraging female whoring to benefit only the top 10% of alpha males, all in the name of societal progress. Game is a tiny release valve on a cultural pressure cooker where meaningful relationships have become sick, fractured, and unfulfilling compared to the time of our grandparents when traditional sex roles existed.

Seriously, somebody punch this asshole in the mouth.


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  • Ty Robert Donaldson

    Someone should of thrown him a bone. Seriously. Just for the boost of confidence and not because he deserves it.

    Would any woman here have done that?

    The one thing I don’t get is as follows: are people saying he should of stayed in his place and guys like him don’t get laid because the way the world works?
    That’s fucked up, no wonder he acted like that. I’m not saying any of this is ok but damn, I mean, damn. The basic thing he needed was confidence. The girls were an excuse. He wanted to kill. He did it because he could.

    The most surprising thing is the lack of rape. Thats the ultimate insult and sign of control and humiliation. Which, I think supports my theory.

    In hindsight the whole plan worked. Everyone knows who he is now.

  • Thom Williams

    My problem with Richard Martinez, and others who go public with their grief, is that they and those who are using people like him during these tragedies KNOW exactly what you just said, and they’re using his grief as a political shield. Until we grow up a little bit as a nation and realize that just because someone is the most upset doesn’t make them the most righteous, unfortunately you have to call out a political ploy if and when that’s what it is. I’m sorry if that’s hard on Mr. Martinez, but if he’s grieving, maybe he should grieve and when he’s ready, make a measured response as he sees fit.

  • devans00

    The Daryush Valizadeh quote was the most offensive thing I’ve read in a long time. The fact that there is a lucrative market for his misogynistic spewing makes me despair for society.

    • Pablo Martin Podhorzer

      You should ask them “why” there is a market. Once you learn the “why”, you can´t stop looking. There is a necessity, and is born of the broken state of relationships in the US. It is not yet the incredible robotic situation of Toronto (Google it, Toronto seems to be a deranged place to look for a relationship), but it is going there.

  • Bijan Sepehri

    LOL #1 is the best response. WHO IS THIS FUCKTARD AUTHOR?

    • Mr0011011 .

      Are you for real? No one owes you sex. Saying that unless you sleep with all guys who want to sleep with you more people will die is utterly ridiculous and BEYOND idiotic.

  • Harry_Hogfart

    Why is every one ignoring the truth, he was ashamed of his tiny asian penis, That is the issue the country needs to work on banning dinky dongs and widdle wangs

  • anonymous

    I tend to agree with the thought that Roger was a very closeted homosexual. I have been reading his manifesto for my abnormal psyche class and had to watch the videos and all I can say is he really seemed to be struggling with his sexuality. He talks about how much he despises women, as well as how much he would like to sleep with a woman, but all of his closest relationships were with men. I don’t think he couldn’t “get women” I think it was more of the fact that he couldn’t pick up on the cues when they were interested because he didn’t honestly feel anything back. Yes, I do understand that he was mentally ill, and our class went through the personality disorders and discussed the possibilities of Avoidant personality disorder as well as narcissistic personality disorder, which he seemed to have a lot of traits. I think most of his rage did come from his inability to come to terms with his sexuality. I am not saying it is dangerous to be gay, I am simply stating that it is dangerous to suppress your true identity for so long, because no matter what the truth comes out.

  • TheHumanBeingAndFish

    I try to link to this article via Facebook, but when I do so, a GIGANTIC photo of the perpetrator appears. I don’t want this, I object to that. Is there any way to get rid of that?

  • Rebochan

    “With this in mind, you’d think that someone like Roosh might either do a
    minor amount of soul-searching in the wake of Friday’s rampage or at
    least have the good sense to keep his mouth shut.” – A person who previously had the joy of never hearing anything about Roosh and is still under the mistaken assumption he is in possession of a soul

    I’m so sorry that you’ve now had light and hope stripped from your soul through contact with Roosh.

  • villemar

    I am too nauseated to check but I’m sure that the Infowars crowd has already shoehorned this indecent into their batshit “gun-grabbin’, Illuminatty” false flag cosmology. Expect Bidondi to be in SB pestering locals if he hasn’t done so already.

    But whether it be complete psychotics or just good old-fashioned narcissistic sociopaths; that’s what our culture has devolved into. Psychopaths and sociopaths exploiting other psychopaths and sociopaths. This is the cancer in our society that has emerged since we decided collectively to place our own infantile narratives over objective reality.

  • Jaym Esch

    “What would you do if the lust you’re feeling right now looking at this picture went thwarted and unfulfilled for years?”

    That scenario (being involuntarily celibate) has been true for me for 17 years, with little hope of change due to my age and interests, combined with societal constructs.

    I suffer depression. I suffer a meaningless life. I will live a shorter life (people alone scientifically die much earlier, via scientific studies).

    Yet I don’t have a remote desire to kill others despite my suffering. However, I also don’t have a gun handy, to tempt me to think, ” oh, hell, screw it”. Course, I can go get 12 guns easier than I can get access to mental health care. It took 8 years for me to gain access to a psychologist for my anxiety disorder. I wonder how many guns someone can get in 8 years?

    Conservaderps keep whining about their 2nd Amendment rights… Full background checks, and biannual mental health checks for all owners does not nullify, change or otherwise impact a sliver of 2nd Amendment rights. It’s not a gun grab. It’s common sense.

    But, there will be no changes due to the pro-NRA crowd. Mass deaths and instant deaths from guns will only increase in count, with no defense against such events. Having a gun strapped to everyone’s side doesn’t help, and will only compound the problem with more innocents losing their only existence.

    The only recourse is to stay home, and stay away from even small groups of people. The terrorists didn’t win. The NRA did. America is not safe because of them.

  • both ben and jerry

    I agree with most of this article, although the reference to Holy Saint Trayvon Martin, Lamb of God, Son of Obama, was a bit unnecessary. (You know, other people got shot that year too, but who cares.)

    However, “punch him in the mouth” (referring to Douche Valideza, or whoever) for submitting a radically contrarian argument into the debate? Might doesn’t make right. Fight words with words, and debunk his argument. It should be easy to do so, if what he’s saying is so wrong

    • villemar

      You wouldn’t appreciate this article because you too are a complete sociopath that must shoehorn your ideology into every tragedy.

    • CL Nicholson

      I agree with most of this article, though the reference to Holy Saint Trayvon Martin, Lamb of God, Son of Obama, was a bit unnecessary.

      Hmm….11 words and 58 characters before you decide to go full troll. Congratulation sir, you were able to show a semblance decorum for approximately 14 seconds of typing.

  • condew

    There are really very few humans capable of independent thought; to look at the facts first hand and form a logical conclusion. Just look at all the people trying to interpret this event by quoting their favorite, unrelated internet post that supports all their own, personal biases.

    Excelent article, Chez.

  • CL Nicholson

    Also, may I note that this kid was clearly mentally ill. Yes, there are arguments of misogyny and white male privilege, but they’re merely coincidental. You could replace “women” with “Jews”, “Martians” or “Tabby Cats” and Elliot Rodgers would still be just as insane and would have more than likely gone on a killing spree. To quote Chris Rock – “Whatever happened to plain old crazy?”

    In college, I nor most of my friends were actual campus playboys and walked back to our dorm rooms to drown our sorrows in pot, NWA and PlayStation. None of those guys ever thought of harming a woman nor did they wrote a 140 page manifesto on how he hates women and wants to kill sorority girls,

    To me, tacking all of these culture touch points and political causes like the victims at UCSB are a friendly game of lawn darts is what ticks me off the most.

    As someone who has had bouts of depression and has seen the results of untreated mental illness before his eyes, this part sticks out most to me. As a society, we don’t have sufficient mental health services in this country, as a culture we don’t seek out treatment for our issues and quiet frankly, the only time we talk about mental illness is when someone snaps & start shooting people. That’s like people not named Jenny McCarthy ignoring vaccines until there’s a flu outbreak.

    • formerlywhatithink

      He was seeing multiple therapists as well as having been visited by police. Yes, mental health is a concern, but to me, the bigger concern is the easy availability and attainability of guns in this country.

      • CL Nicholson

        On this week concur – I was just making the point that all of the idiotic memes posted in the media kind of ignored the fact that he was, well, crazy – for a lack of a better term.

        • Badgerite

          And it isn’t as if, had he gotten all those women, he would suddenly have been a happy person. Something was wrong deep inside of that kid that kept him from experiencing the normal happiness of living that most of us take for granted. He looked around for causes for his general unhappiness in life. He settled on all the women he didn’t get. That wasn’t the cause. I believe it was reported that he also mused about killing his step mother and his brother. In his own mind, the world had somehow let him down because he couldn’t feel the happiness he had felt as a small child.
          He was lashing out. As you point out, the who he was lashing out at hardly mattered. They were just a convenient explanation to him for his inability to feel the happiness he had felt as a child.

        • j hentai

          crazy, and in possession of legal guns. surely, if i was severely disturbed and wanted to sit a driving test, i would be prevented from doing so, but if i wanted a gun, i could buy on with very few or no questions asked.

    • Days of Broken Arrows

      Good points. I know someone with bipolar disorder who goes on about God and some sort of “plan” when she’s not taking her meds. Totally paranoid and delusional It could as easily be women, Jews, the government, whatever, she’s upset about. It’s sadly ironic that feminists would deem a man not getting proper mental health care as “entitled.” This mentality spills out into our society and is a reason we have a White House Council on Woman and Girls, but no proper care for veterans, most of whom are men.

    • Mr0011011 .

      Sorry, but no. It is such a cheap way out to call every shooter mentally ill. Yeah, he was a bit loopy, but saying he has this that or another stigmatises law abiding, good people who suffer from mental illnesses. The fact that he seemed to believed he was owed sex and attention isn’t schizophrenia or whatever they are trying to label him with.

  • Synclavius

    I couldn’t stop thinking, while reading that Salon piece, “but he was half-Asian, right?” “Am I missing something here?” “Was his Asian half just innocently along for the ride? Like, “hey crazy white half – what are you doing over there?” None of this is to say that white men in this country don’t have alot of splainin’ to do what with the centuries of oppression and privilege and all. But as a white man who tries to live ethically why is it right that I just have to take being lumped in with a bunch of lunatics (who are, in fact, just a subset of white men).

    • aceshigh

      It appears to me that Cooper is trying to be intentionally provocative by saying “white men have a lot of problems” the same way that conservatives say that “black culture” is to blame for all of society’s ills.

      The problem is that, while she thinks she’s being clever by giving conservative white men a taste of their own medicine with a devilish little twinkle in her eye, she’s just making matters worse, and giving them license to be even MORE openly vicious towards the black community the next time a high-profile crime involving a black person is involved.

      However, you and I, as white men, are not seen as being part of the white race the same way that black people are seen, first and foremost, as BLACK. The dynamic simply isn’t the same, so on that front, I do think she makes a point.

      • Synclavius

        In the liberal circles I tend to run in Iumping me in with all the crazy white men is quite common, and I am generally not allowed to take offense. The subtext is “all those privileged white men are horrible oppressors (of course I’m not talking about you [except I really am, since by virtue of the color of your skin and your gender you automatically have it better than others])”. While that is demonstrably true, is there some point that we as a species can progress past where it is no longer useful for me to just accept the fact that I happen to look like a bunch of jerks.

    • CL Nicholson

      I think white male privilege played a part, but a very small one. Frankly, this kid was nuts & would have been better served with time off and a few months in psychiatric care. If this guy wrote about how he hated treats and sea turtles, would Greenpeace write a think piece? One could argue that misogyny is a large part of this kids problem. But I think plenty on the Left as well as the right, over simplified a massacre (again) to fit their political memes.

    • Days of Broken Arrows

      The Salon piece conveniently ignores the minority mass shooters. Give the African-American Web site The Grio some credit. They did an article on this a while back and concluded the percentage of Af-Am shooters matched the percentage of blacks in the general population. This piece is much more honestly reported than the posturing Salon article. “”

  • la bibliotequetress

    Good piece. Thanks for compiling it. You have better anger control than I do.

    As much as Salon has found too many Bogeyman under the bed lately, a sizable number of Rodgers posts on and other sites vent his rage that the white women who he “deserves” as a half-white man, are with men of color. I wish I were making that up.

    For example:

    (Hattip Anna,Fake Robot Gamer at Queereka, who had the stomach to weed through and save a bunch of Elliot Rodger’s posts here:

    I haven’t read the Salon piece yet, and it may go off in a whack direction, but I actually can’t quibble with calling Rodger’s wrath a product of white privilege, as much as it’s a fucked up self loathing version of white privilege.

  • Razor

    While you can’t blame X, Y, or Z specifically for it, they certainly combined to create the Voltron of assholes. A quick glance at any MRA or PUA website will pretty much echo exactly what this kid was saying, he was just the entitled piece of woman-hating shit who was crazy enough to do it. And I’m sure mental health advocates cringe at the word “crazy” being used, but I sincerely hope that no one with a 100% healthy mind would kill 9 people because no one would touch his cock. But perhaps that’s naive.

  • bortli

    You are being ignorant. This ‘Roosh’ guy speaks more truths than you can immagine. I’ve never been in contact with any of this Return of Kings site, but I’ve read the article because of all this fuzz. And once you’ve seen that truths for yourself, you cannot do other than agree.

    • dbtheonly

      “This ‘Roosh’ guy speaks more truths than you can immagine.”

      Spoken like a true believer..

      “I can imagine quite a lot.”, Han Solo.

    • Jezzer

      Doosh V doesn’t “speak truths.” He hands a lot of bitter bullshit to sad, damaged people who are already eager to hear their shameful, ignorant misogyny confirmed.

  • NW10

    Milt Shook at makes an excellent point in how we shouldn’t use this guy’s name or picture, and continue to make him and others like him famous for their mass killings. Just a thought.

    • swift_4

      That might have been the case if you had one deranged shooter every once in a while. When you get a new one every other week, they all blend together. It’s not the individual who is “inspiring” the next mass murderer. It’s in our culture.

      • dbtheonly

        God help us, I think you’re right.

        • swift_4

          There is a simple solution to most of our problems. It won’t be easy, but it’s simple.

          If you wonder why something broken in our country can’t be fixed, and trace the cause to it’s root, you will find some corporation or special interest group blocking progress. And they do that by holding Congress hostage.

          We can’t get any kind of reasonable gun regulation because the NRA owns Congress.

          So the solution is simple. Cut off the money. Publicly financed elections. No private campaign contributions. Imagine if you had a government that wasn’t worried about financing their next campaign. Right now, eight out of ten Americans favor some common sense gun regulation, like solid background checks. But it will never pass because the NRA will throw truckloads of money against anyone who votes in the interest of the people and not the gun manufacturers.

          • dbtheonly

            I like the idea, but aren’t you up against “free speech” constitutional problems?

          • swift_4

            Well, only an idiot thinks the ability to express ideas and currency are the same thing. The fact that the big money behind the Citizens United decision even used “money=speech” as their argument shows their utter contempt for the Constitution.

            So that’s part of the public relations difficulty of it, not an actual obstacle. Money and speech are not even remotely the same. If they were, I’d be free to buy a missile launcher, or another human being. Because “speech” is free.

          • dbtheonly

            Money does not equal speech but it certainly enables it. And you are going to decide where & how to restrict my speech on a political issue. Dangerous ground.

            I stand on the street corner & tell people to, “Vote for Cohen”.
            I stand on that same corner & hand out flyers saying, “Vote for Cohen”.
            I have those flyers printed up.
            I put a “Vote for Cohen” bumper sticker on my car.
            With approval I put them on my friends’ cars.
            I pay to put an ad on the public busses.
            I buy time on the radio to go & tell people to “Vote for Cohen”.
            I record myself & pay to have it run multiple times.
            Ditto TV.

            You may call it idiocy, but where do you derive the authority to tell me how I can’t spend my money supporting my Candidate or cause?

          • swift_4

            Dangerous ground? The only people whose speech is enabled are the very wealthy. The vast majority of Americans want some sensible gun regulation, like good background checks. But it can’t even be debated in Congress because the vast majority of Americans can’t come up with enough money to influence Congress.

            So I think “the line” should be drawn at contributing directly to campaigns, and running advertisements. You can do whatever you want to your car and property. As for where the authority would come from, it would come from a law. There are plenty of laws that prevent people from buying things.

          • KeepsItRealGurl

            Tons of people in America own guns, even liberals do. Everyone tries to blame the NRA because it simplifies the situation. Pointing the finger at one entity makes a lot of people satisfied for some reason.
            We can’t possibly blame the total decline of morals and ethics, blaming cRap music that explains how they will carry out acts of revenge and how awesum it is dealing drugs and killing rivals and ‘keeps it reel gurl’ life in da streets, ya feel me. Don’t forget movies/tv shows that show peoples heads exploding now instead of old movies that didn’t show gratuitous violence. Video games they look real and have more violence then ever before to younger and younger kids. Moderation no longer exists because parents are too busy and telling the kids to go play games watch internet/tv happens all the time. But we can’t say anything about that because it hits way too close to home, right? Remember how the left decided we didn’t want or need morals and ethics like our parents did? Because we thought all that stuff was for old people who didn’t know what they we’re talking about. People waking up and spending time with their kids also wouldn’t hurt. I could go on and on about how know it all lefties think they have it all figured out, but they don’t.

          • swift_4

            The NRA contributes mightily to the tens of thousands of gun deaths in America. The first thing to understand about the NRA is that they aren’t a gun owners group. That’s what they say. They are a gun MANUFACTURERS group. That’s why the solution for every gun problem is always more guns. Afraid of crime? Get a gun. Gangs with guns? Give the police military grade guns. School shooting? Arm the teachers.

            I am not pointing my finger at the NRA because they’re easy. I’m doing it because they are a huge part of the problem. Any time anyone in Congress wants to do even the most simple, common sense legislation surrounding guns, the NRA is there to stop it. And they’ve stopped it by throwing hundreds of millions of dollars into elections. Take the money out of elections, and you will see reasonable gun legislation at the federal level, and individual states can make it more or less restrictive from there, based on their constituents desires.

            Because as it stands now, even a bill requiring a check to see if a person might be a felon or mentally ill doesn’t pass. Because of the NRA.

      • NW10

        Yet what purpose does it serve to plaster this guy’s mug and name all over the media as if he’s a celebrity? It’s not just a cultural thing.

        • swift_4

          It doesn’t serve much of a purpose to put his name and face up there. Although in this case he left a message that could be helpful in understanding his particular motivation.

          The trouble is, people are attracted to horror. They slow down to look at an accident on the highway, even though that causes more accidents. More people will watch a story about a mass murder than they will about someone helping a lot of people. It has something to do with our fear response. So our news has devolved into disaster porn. Because disaster porn turns a profit. Hard news doesn’t.

    • Razor

      This one is particularly egregious because the media has been showing his video and reading the manifesto, but most of the time, it’s hard to just ignore the perpetrator of a major crime. People naturally want to know who murdered 10 people and they have a right to that information.

  • aceshigh

    Andrew O’Hehir…one of the few people on Salon that Chez claims to like…had an interesting take on the Rogen/Hornaday dustup:

    I can’t say that he sold me on Ms. Hornaday’s point of view, but he did make a few good points that weren’t clear just based on Rogen’s understandably angry reaction.

    • Neddy Merrill

      This bullshit, blaming so-called degenerate art, for the ills of society is a lazy and ignorant concept.

      • aceshigh

        That’s not exactly what O’Hehir or Hornaday are arguing…they’re FILM CRITICS, after all…but your kneejerk rant is much appreciated.

        • Neddy Merrill

          Here is some of Ann Hornaday’s rant “…it also shows how a sexist [degenerate] movie monoculture can be toxic for women and men alike.”

          Edited to add; I call her statement lazy and ignorant.

  • Jason E

    Freedom of the “press”? Speculation + eyeballs – the ability to give a shit x money / the ability to give a shit = pain + fear x confusion

  • aceshigh

    Fuck this country. Seriously.

    • Jason E

      Hang in there Aces!

  • nomoremister
    • Chez Pazienza

      Kincannon was technically the worst of the worst, but I couldn’t bring myself to give him any more attention. It’s what he wants. He’s not even a media figure as much as he is a troll. Any outrage aimed at him would just prove he’d succeeded in what he set out to do. Fuck him.

      • swift_4

        Good point. Ignore the trolls. Focus on the media who reach a mainstream audience.

    • Lady Willpower

      T**d K*******n is just a worthless shitheel of a troll. It’s not even worth mentioning his name. He clearly doesn’t care if decent people like him or not, he just wants attention. Don’t give it to him. He’s always been awful and will continue to be so.

  • CL Nicholson

    Hollywood, Closeted Gay Man, Rape Culture, gun rights? Throw in rap music, atheism, fundamentalism and gluten and you’ve got the Power Rangers Megazord of stupid political outrage memes. Shorter version – the American Media and Political Class is convinced that the UCSB shootings isn’t the results of a rampant gun gun culture ….but a game of 6 Degrees of “Taxi Driver”.

  • Neddy Merrill

    Asshat Todd Kincannon,”No idea how my son will die, but I know it won’t be cowering like a bitch at UC Santa Barbara. Any son of mine would have been shooting back.”

    • Dee Doppleganger

      “Cowering like a bitch” tells me that man has never had a gun fired at him. It’s a tossup as to whether he would cower or shit himself in fear.

      • HilaryB

        I suspect the latter.

      • JozefAL

        Does it have to be “either , , , or?” Couldn’t he cower AND shit himself in fear?

        • j hentai

          i know i would.

    • aceshigh

      Jesus fucking Christ…I want this Kincannon fuck’s head mounted on my wall.

      I’m so pissed off I can’t see straight. How FUCKING VILE do you have to be to say shit like that??

      • Dennis

        More Daily Banter comment porn.

        I don’t know what your infatuation with violence is. Cutting a guy’s head off and mounting it on a wall sounds gruesome and disgusting to me, but whatever you’re into. Don’t understand either why you’re allowed to promote it here, even if you do plead hyperbole.

        • WhittakerWalt

          That’s the thing that upsets you the most? Why don’t you go and yell at Todd Kincannon for being a heartless creep? Why don’t you give him shit for being such a lousy representative for conservative thought?

          • Dennis

            Kincannon’s tweet is no more representative of conservative thought than aces high’s is for liberal thought. Both of them feel they have to say something provocative to get noticed.

            Of the two, aceshigh is calling for someone’s murder.

          • WhittakerWalt

            aceshigh is clearly not meant to be taken literally. Kincannon appears to be for real. Also he has almost 25,000 followers, so I think he speaks for more than just himself.
            And aces high’s comment might be extreme but it’s a reaction to a truly awful statement from a terrible person.
            Kincannon’s statements were essentially making fun of innocent dead people.
            Which one do you have a bigger problem with?

          • Dennis

            You’re justifying an awful comment based on it being a reaction to what YOU believe is a worse comment. And you want me to do the same thing. Sorry, not doing that. Kincannon doesn’t know if anyone cowered in fear, so it’s you who takes him literally. Quite frankly, it’s because you choose to. So does aceshigh.

            Yours is kind of a bullshit way to argue a point.

          • WhittakerWalt

            I don’t understand the way your mind works.

          • Dennis

            Well, I guess then we have something we both agree on about each other.

            I don’t agree with Kincannon for a tweet he made in which he meant to make it provocative. On any event like a mass murder in which guns are involved, it’s a given someone somewhere will say something provocative like that in defense of his Second Amendment rights. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. No matter what I think about guns, I’ve never owned one and I’ve never thought about getting one for my kids in college, I’d never ever consider saying something like what he said about the victims. It was an asshol-ish statement. I understand the angry reaction, but his statement isn’t representative of conservatives. You said that, it isn’t true. But no matter how angry it makes you or aceshigh feels about it, it in no way justifies a comment calling for his head, literally or figuratively.

            Do me a favor, agree to come back here in a few days and let me know how you think about both Kincannon’s and aceshigh’s comments.

    • Dalai_Rasta

      If Kincannon had just left out the word “back”, he’d have been a bit closer to the truth.

  • Dee Doppleganger

    The response from Joe The Plumber almost made me rage stroke. Yes, you fucking self centered piece of shit, Obama and Seal Team Six are coming to take your guns away because a grieving parent asked “Now can we talk about gun violence?” Jeez, wait until the corpse is cold before you start fucking it in the name of gun rights.

    The PUA stuff I just find repugnant. He’s nothing more than another tragedy necrophiliac.

    • CL Nicholson

      Stone Cold Steve Austin’s barely educated doppleganger is still around? Huh, wonders never cease. Its no surprise this guy thinks he’s a gun-toting Clinton Eastwood character. This is what our conservative media culture has produced, an illiterate buffoon raised to the level of political rock star because he mouthed on ignorant question to a Presidential Candidate.

  • Ainslie
    • Curtis Tyree

      Seriously? No one is claiming he’s a victim. He’s pointing out the fact that she’s trying to make movies and the actors and directors the scapegoats. Neither Apatow nor Rogen has claimed to be a victim of the shooting, they’re claiming to be victims of shitty writing.

    • Art__VanDalay

      True, he isn’t a victim. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have right to defend himself against such a bullshit accusation. That ThinkProgress piece was terrible.

  • Lauren

    Dr. Cooper would have more of a point if it weren’t for the fact that Rodger wasn’t white, and actually had a lot of internalized hatred over the fact that he was Eurasian, and it fueled a good deal of his rage. Everybody else on this list is just a jerk. Brilliant breakdown as always, Chez.

  • That River Gal

    I’ll sign up for punching the asshole in the mouth.

    • The Gloomy Historian

      It always surprises me that these guys never target the PUA type scumbag. After all, that is who emasculated Rodger. He even wrote on [web site name redacted] how much he hated the players for stealing all the “hot, white chicks.”

    • Albus Dumbledore

      Lol everything he said was spot on. What’s to disagree with?

  • Neddy Merrill

    And the NRA is absent because they have had the good sense to stay quiet (so far).

    • j hentai

      they have paid and unpaid muppets to do their bidding. once the waters are thoroughly muddied, then they can come in and sweep away any objections (as usual).


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