Seth Rogen Smacks Down Nancy Grace, Speaks for the Entire Nation

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It’s always a good day when someone with some cultural clout decides to set his or her sights on Nancy Grace. Back in January it was comedian Jim Norton, who spent a good hour ripping Grace to shreds on Twitter, and last night it was Seth Rogen. If you’ve been watching Grace lately or following her overworked social media accounts — and I can’t in good conscience suggest you do any of that — you know that her latest ridiculous soapbox issue has been weed legalization. She’s already endured plenty of mockery for her many smug rants about the dangers of marijuana use, but last night after a series of increasingly unhinged tweets fired off from her official account, Rogen fired back — and succinctly and powerfully said what millions of us are thinking and would love to say to Nancy Grace’s face (just before spitting in it).

Here was Grace:

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.21.47 PM

And here was Seth Rogen’s flawless response:

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 10.30.46 PM


Forget its bizarre obsession with Flight 370 and its abuse of the phrase “breaking news,” CNN forfeited its privilege of being taken seriously a long time ago. It did it when it hired Nancy Grace, and the more time that’s passed and the more monstrous, reckless, irresponsible and generally unconscionable transgressions against journalism and basic human decency she’s racked up, the harder it’s been for CNN to separate itself from the decision to provide her a forum.

As long as Nancy Grace is employed by a CNN network, the organization as a whole should never be considered anything more than a blight on the cable news landscape. Any attempt by the network to be viewed otherwise needs to be met with swift repudiation. CNN can keep Grace around if it wants, but the trade-off is that it can then never call itself a respectable news outlet — and its managers need to get that though their heads once and for all.


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  • Kristin Wells

    Nancy Grace is the dumbest a**hole on CNN. Ignore her, if I have the TV on and her show comes on while I am out of the room I get the remote and change the channel as quickly as I can so as not to contribute to her ratings.

  • doug

    Gee…another…really witty remark by Seth Rogen. Sure glad he’s around to make comedy safe for brainless boy-men.

  • Barry__S

    marijuana doesn’t kill people, people kill people

  • Cheryl Nash

    I used to watch CNN a lot, but Nancy has disgraced CNN reputation. John Stewart is much more entertaining and intelligent.

  • Davina Belden

    The mentally deficient using mental illness as an excuse to bash Cannabis. A little bit of research goes a long way in making yourself look not quite so asinine. Oh wait, might lose viewers if they came off smarter then the tea-pee’rs that watch them.

  • Barbara Striden

    Grace is revolting, but as putdowns go, I don’t see Rogen’s tweet being particularly clever.

  • angellgirl

    She is a fool, but his response was hardly inspired. I was honestly hoping to see that he’d said something insightful. He is capable. But no. Nothing to see here.

  • Schneibster

    She makes shit up.

    Simple as that.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Maybe somebody should sneak a few pot brownies into Nancy’s dressing room.

  • Da Dorq

    Yeah, because no one ever got drunk and killed anyone! Only pot causes people to do that, apparently

  • BigShinyNosehair

    Logical fallacies are to Nancy Grace what conspiracy theories are to Darrell Issa …. Neither can complete a sentence without one.

  • Julie Boyd

    CNN– AKA, Ted Turner’s Tax Write-Off.

    • D_C_Wilson

      To be fair, Turner sold CNN to TimeWarner ages ago. He can’t use it as a write off any more.

  • Mr. Loverman Shaba Ranks

    To be honest Nancy has never had anything in her mouth that she didn’t already force in there herself. I’d assume weed and dick are particularly evil to her.

  • timpundit

    Please. When CNN’s HN hired Glenn Beck is when they hit rock bottom. Nancy is simply a symptom of that awful decision.

  • DL

    Meh, I’m baised, I think booze is the worst of the “legal” stuff out there.
    Firewater make Hulk smash.

    Going after pot as a violence inducing substance is humorous in the respect that the pot smokers I grew up with had a hard time getting up off the couch for another bowl of Capt. Crunch. That was the worst of it.

    Nancy Grace is trying to wage a dishonest argument, if someone is going to call her out on how obviously stupid it is on the face of it, I say more power to them.

    • Guest


    • merl1

      The only thing I ever hit when I’m stoned is the couch.

      • Grizzly Adams

        I hit the bong a few times when I was stoned

    • HilaryB

      The only time I’ve seen someone get a little crazy is when it was laced with something else.

      • Richard Head

        you`ve never seen that— nobody laces weed… its a myth

  • Gunnut2600

    I must admit…from time to time…I enjoy watching her show while stoned. I imagine its like watching Colbert doing lines of coke and then getting REALLY into his character.

    Its the accent…that she way over emphasizes. And her cloths. Like a really bitchy extra from that old show “Designing Women”.

    Now the one thing I would never try to do is acid and then watch her. Fucking A…I think I would be able to see the forever…and that frightens me…

    • JozefAL

      Please. Nancy Grace wouldn’t be able to stand her own ground against Bernice Clifton much less Julia Sugarbaker. (Especially in the episode “Killing All the Right People” when Bernice is criticized by one of the firm’s clients as “not being all there” and pointing at her head, to which Bernice responds with something along the lines of “As long as we’re talking about not being all there” and points towards her breast–a reference to the client’s having had a mastectomy. Of course, Julia’s tirade against the client is just as delicious: “If God was giving out sexually transmitted diseases to people as a punishment for sinning, then you would be at the free clinic all the time!”)

    • Paul Shepardson

      Nancy is ridiculous I think she needs a toke or 6 maybe she would shut up and quit making an ass of herself #livinginabox# unfortunately its my tv

  • Art__VanDalay

    This is nowhere near as bad as the alliterative #BoxesOfBabies hashtag she was tweeting with last week regarding that psycho whose home they found all those dead babies in. That was a new low even for her.

  • celto loco

    Seth Rogan speaks for nation? What, Canada? you know he’s not an American right? He may be speaking for OUR nation, but not yours….

    • Art__VanDalay

      Lighten up Francis.

    • thomas

      He married an American woman and lives in LA. So I guess he can speak for both of our nations.

    • Bubble Genius

      You’ve lost the right to be smug and judgmental when you failed to spell Seth Rogen’s name correctly. Besides, you Canucks also gave us Bieber, so fuck you.

      • celto loco

        I spell his name wrong cuz he’s a hipster goof and doesn’t deserve the respect real men get. Fuck any tight pants wearing beardo fags. And you like Beiber, we threw him away. So I guess it’s y’all who’s the clowns. No one likes him here man. Y’all LOVE HIM. And FUCK YOU, you internet clown. Say shit like that to my face son. see what happens…….

    • Grevis Watts

      Awe.. Somebody is mad that Seth like the good ol’ U.s of A better than Evil ol’ Cana-DUH!.. LOL Im just fucking with ya

      • celto loco

        Not really, forgot I wrote that. I just hate guys who pretend to be Yanks when they are ashamed of where they come from, like Jim Carrey. He grew up down the street from me, but no one in my town has heard of it. Like it’s a secret. Pathetic if you ask me, but anything for a dollar! US dollar, that is……..

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Me thinks Nancy Grace was watching Reefer Madness and figured it was a documentary.

    • Draxiar

      HA! RM cracks me up every time.

      • ranger11

        Play faster!


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